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February 13, 2006

The Freezing Artist

february 127.jpg
This is the progress on Metro II. It's supposed to be blurry, and it's just not right now. I will have to let the paint dry and blur it when the structure of the image is a bit more permanent.

Here's a happy note: My Brown Cows are going to be published in the Sows Ear Poetry Review! I'll let you know when it's out!

Why oh why is the weather so cold the moment I get my groove on for painting? I remember freezing in Jeff's shop when I created my first great run of post-scholastic art. literally wearing those fingerless mittens to get through the evening. In my garage there is one outlet. it is across the room from my easel. I need an extension cord so I can have a good light. Unfortunately I have chosen my light over my warmth. I was painting for 2 hours last night and when I finally came in ohmanitwassoooooooocoldbluuuuuurrrrrr. I have a new large piece I want to start so bad, but it's too cold, waaaaay too cold. I get the gumption tonight since I bought an adapter thing so my heater can get plugged in now. *grin* warmth. It makes Santa Barbara seem really nice.

But ART, let me tell you, Joel was itchin' to get out of the house this Saturday sice he's been tied up to his books the past couple. We went to a few galleries around town having activities for kids. The first was practically over and was a mad-house of "washable" tempra paint. The second, we missed entirely. The third had a cool kaleidescope for the kids to make. It was great while it lasted. Joel let Josiah take it to his nap with him and now it's in a million pieces all in the carpet. Joel spoiled our whole family and we went across the street to the Thai restaurant for lunch. Yuuummm.
february 114.jpg
Josiah slurped down the Coconut milk soup and had a good time hamming it up with the host. But in between all the kid activities I got to actually look at some art! Wonder of wonders. I am terrible at researching, studying and knowing about current art in my area or anywhere for that matter. Going to the High every Thursday has made me a bit more connected. So we snatched up the latest Atlanta Gallery Association Mag for their ATLart[06] event at the Aliya Linstrum Gallery which had some pretty colorful landscapes done with pastels on suede. Kinda Cool. The Twinhouse Gallery had a beautiful show by Mr. and Mrs Hollingsworth. Joel thought their work was boring, but I thought it was classic. Still life of empty paper bags. Very beautiful in it's simplicity. I call it Pottery Barn art. Trinity Gallery though had a kick butt show by Bryce Hammond.
He's an old school graffiti artist in the line of Basquiat but has moved further into painting. His masked lines, text written with marker, spray paint, and the end of his brush throughout is lovely. And his subject matter was awesome too. Joel was so kind to let me cruise through there. It made me feel awesome about what I have been doing for the past 2 years with my art. And it challenges me to take it up a notch in clarity, drawing skills, and researched symbolism. I wish I could've bought one on the spot. There were some for under $800. Hah! I long for the day I can just buy art.

Ari M was so kind and lovely as to come to my aid on Friday and watch my precious snot-faces for a few hours while I joined my art class. I showed the progress I had made on the two Metro pieces and everyone, including Robert, responded very well. Robert was pleased because no one paints like I do in that class. I guess KSU just doesn't produce that many good abstract painters. I got alot of questions which is always nice. And some notes too. It's just funny because there is very little left for me to be taught as far as my personal style. I think that's what being 29 and getting my undergrad means. I've been producing without a professor and now that I have one, I want to talk to him as a peer. I guess that's alright. After my first meeting with him where he was a little abrupt with me, I vented, and then decided that I was just going to paint whatever the hay I wanted too. So as I diligently work my fingers frozen and my hands painfully dry, I know that I am doing it. I am doing what I am put here to do. Not to make stuffies, not to make cards, not to make my daughter cute felty shoes even. But to become a fine artist, a painter, one who galleries will desire. Cheers.

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