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December 26, 2006

better than barfing

I am the unstoppable Mom. I mean all mom's have to be somewhat unstoppable. Mom doesn't get a day off. I remember those Robitussin ads where mom is in bed and dad is helpless. I feel kinda like that. Right now Joel, the kids, my parents, my brother his wife Sarah and their baby girl Joanna are all at the CDM. I thought I was getting better and yesterday I did the combo of pain relief and herbal cold/flu ward off tabs. I was a feverish zombie through 2 episodes of Project Runway and stumbled up to bed shivering and zonked. Great fun was had no matter what. Joel stayed up til almost 3am playing with his new Creative Zen. Josiah and Eden try with all their might to share the toys they were given.
dec06 250.jpg
Eden and Joanna in their matching hats
dec06 256.jpg
Josiah on an adventure with his new binoculars
dec06 259.jpg
Ah Munna Eachoo!! Threadless T for Jos
dec06 260.jpg
Eden in her tap-shoes

dec06 265.jpg
Here I am with my present. Joel and Cat got me a painting from my fellow KSU student Michelle Scott. She did a whole series called for a show "About Face" and I think they are very good. Quite a surprise, it's really beautiful.
dec06 266.jpg

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