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May 14, 2009

Time Card

There is never a convienent time for sickness. And my overtime hours are never planned, they just happen. After a long day when I feel exhausted I try to figure out why I feel this way, what did I accomplish? Well, starting last night,
8pm bedtime, 8:30pm go to Walmart for groceries, 10pm return, 10:30 clean disgusting upstairs bathroom, 11pm sit down next to my husband and feel my eyelids getting very heavy, 11:25pm off to bed, 2am Tessa wakes up, 2:45am Tessa is restless so we snuggle up together. 4am I put Tessa in her own bed. 4:30am Eden calls for Papa, she says she has to throw up. 4:45am Eden doesn't throw up. 5:50am Tessa wakes up, I pull her into bed with me. 6:30 Josiah wakes up. 6:45 Eden wakes up and says she has to throw up. Does she throw up? It's questionable, Joel says. 7:05 Joel gets Josiah's breakfast. 7:15am I carry Tessa and and Eden's "day bed" dowstairs then go back up and carry Eden downstairs. 7:25am make Josiah's lunch, strap Tessa in her seat 7:35-7:50am make Tessa's breakfast, give Eden some dry Cheerios in a bowl, feed Tessa breakfast, tuck in Josiah's shirt and put his belt on for him. Finish feeding Tessa and then she gets really upset. Put on Josiah's shoes, rescue Tessa. Give hugs and kisses to Joel and Josiah, put on a movie for sick Eden, nurse Tessa and put her down for a nap. 8:30 make my breakfast.
Now, the rest of the world can go to work. All I want to accomplish today is to see my Eden feel better.

family | By katiek | 9:11 AM


Oh Katie, I'm so sorry. And here I was feeling bad for myself because P-rock got up 4 times last night. Virtual hugs to you...


Posted by: jerah at May 15, 2009 12:16 AM

Poor Eden, at least she gave me enough warning yesterday to dash her to the toilet. Her cute little apron came in handy. That's a sweet picture of Tessa.

Posted by: Linda at May 14, 2009 12:44 PM

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