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June 11, 2009

Big Ole Girl

nude step2.JPG
There are some things I love about this progress and some things that still make me go -ick- but that's part of the process. Proportions must get worked out still. I always find it amusing when I do a figure how I can add or take away pounds with the mere application of paint. What's that Big Pregnant Mama? You don't like your thighs? I can help you out, but it'll be forever! You'll be immortalized in paint on canvas! Anyway, it's a rush to paint this big girl. And the colors are so intoxicating. I do need to clean my pallete and brush off more often. Her face gets a bit grey and overworked. I had to get the values down first and then I can go back and put colors down that make the mood work better. If I can keep myself from just working on the figure all the time I will get to the background. I'm going to cut a form out to create a pattern, like wallpaper almost, on the background. I also want to paint curtains perhaps and a chair. Plants of course are already popping up, and details of what kind of plants will have to be decided. I wish I could spend every morning working on her, but instead I have to will my tired legs and blurry eyes to stand and work for a few hours at night until my husband starts turning off lights and goes to bed. I listen for when his toothbrush turns off then I know. Work day is over, until the babe wakes me at 3am.

fine art | By katiek | 9:19 AM


I love this one and your colors are intoxicating , one of the things I love about your work although I still think I have the best thing you've ever done:)
Ooh, if only a brushstroke were all it took to fix these thighs.

Posted by: Linda at June 15, 2009 10:44 AM

This is beautiful!!

Posted by: Susie Moore at June 11, 2009 10:59 AM

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