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August 29, 2008


Two weeks til Clothesline and I have 5 pieces I still want to finish. Thankfully, I plan for them to be sketchy, lose and maybe fun experiments with painting with wine and/or tea. I think I need to make the brown houses a bit darker to show which way the sun is hitting. This one was harder than I thought. Glad it's done, time to move on quick quick!!

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August 27, 2008

Eden's Day

First Day of School at the New City Pre-K. I knew Eden would have a blast! She knows plenty of the kids in there! I got this quick pic as the Greens were coming toward her. You can see her anticipation. Right after the shutter clicked there was much waving going on! She was already covered in marker from her hour layover between taking Josiah to school and going herself. I wonder when it will get boring to take Josiah to school for her. She still loves it!

At home we resumed our normal play...


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August 26, 2008

Anointed Day

Sunday evening I was prepared for MONDAY the first busiest day of my semester. I'm just not sure what MONDAYs will become this semester. I give over the security of taking Josiah to school to his Papa (which is fine, I just always like to know what's up) and picking up Josiah to my faithful friends and neighbors Amber and Marion. Then I have to get Eden and I ready for a full day of HHL out on Hickory Valley Rd. My first class starts at 10am so I have to be there at 9am. Lunches packed, pregnancy remedies available, baby sitter and teacher's aid contacted, and a mind that's fresh so I can teach 3 classes in a row with 15 min breaks in between. I was very stressed out. I had prepared, this is my second year so I'm not as green. But even then, there is the unknown. Joel said to me,"You haven't been very happy this weekend". No I wasn't, the unknown was making me unpleasent. Josiah woke up Monday morning with a dry cough and his voice was half gone. NO! Not the first day of his first week of Kindergarten! I cried. I felt terrible! I could do nothing, nothing but pray. I grabbed Josiah's head in my hands and said, "Lord, please heal Josiah and keep his classmates healthy too". See, Josiah is so resiliant to sickness, but he'll lose his appetite, he'll misbehave more often, he won't have as many receptors to learn. Ya know, all the great stuff about being sick at school. I needed God to comfort me and help me to know Josiah would be fine.


Joel dropped him off and came back home and told me Josiah would have Mrs. Challener. I still can't say her name right, look whose talking huh? Eden and I got to HHL by 9am and settled in. My first class was high schoolers, and I talked at them most of the class, rules and syllabus. My Middle school class was a smidge less subdued, but still was patient as I talked at them, for not quite as long. My elementary class has 15 4th and 5th graders. It's an adventure! I closed the doors, told eager mommies to wait, gobbled down my fresh veggie lunch, mmmm, tomatoes and mozzerella. And my efficient teacher's aid did a quick clean and organize of the two large tables. Elementaries are so funny. I always have more girls than boys, those girls cram themselves at one table until they can't budge! The boys have all this space to create! Girls, what a buncha ninnies! They're loud, they're silly, they make a holy mess, but what a satisfying way to end the day! They are never disappointed.

Eden had a grand time with Meghan, the best baby sitter ever, and Lisa Tolsen's 3 girls. She painted a picture of Ariel, good times. She got a piece of birthday cake and fell asleep finishing the last bite on the way home. I scooped her up and put her in her bed then jogged over to Amber's to retrieve Josiah. All nervous that he was a balled up heap of fever and snotty goo, Amber said,"He looks fine to me!". Oliver graciously let Josiah borrow the Superman costume, again. I asked Josiah if he was alright and he answered in a very horse voice, "Oh I'm bad Mama." Amber and I giggled at his short but played up response.


Josiah had his downtime in front of PBS, dressed as Superman and downing cups of water because I hated to hear his raspy voice. He chilled out nicely until 5 and Eden was awake shortly after. They played nicely. Joel came home while I was making a kick butt imitation rosatella sauce. We ALL ate it, yum!! The kids played in Joel's hitch-hikers tent that evening while I loaded and unloaded the dishwasher before dark. I got the whites in the laundry, before dark. I picked up clothes in our bedroom and put away the toys that belonged upstairs. God gave me super-natural energy! Praise God! The kids were in bed by 8:30 and my wonderful husband got milk and the next season of PrisonBreak for us. I started another painting for Clothesline and was in bed before midnight. This, my blogging friends was an anointed day. A day that I did not expect. A day that I thought would kick my ass a million times over and instead God gave me a cloud of joy and gladness. And on top of everything else, Sarah Davick sent me a kind email regarding Eden's pre-school stuff etc:

I hope you are doing well and that little one is growing strong and healthy. I know this must be a crazy time for you - Josiah starting kindergarten, Eden starting "preschool", you starting your teaching back up again for the year, AND anticipating the arrival of a new one. Pace yourself. It is okay to take a break and not get the dishes done, or read another book to the kids, or sweep the food out from under the table. It will all eventually get done, and no one will be the worse off for waiting until Mommy is rested enough to do it.

I dont' think Sarah realized that if I hadn't gotten the hint already with how smoothly the day went, God was telling me through her words that I was doing the right thing and everything will be OK. It definately feels OK, I'm getting paid almost twice as much as last semester. My teaching job is quite a blessing. My life is an amazing blessing.

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August 21, 2008

Happy Teeth

Happy Teeth, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Josiah and Eden got a clean report at the dentist today. Dr. Fred was my childhood dentist, the kids had a great time. Eden wouldn't pose, but she did ask if we could go to the dentist tomorrow. Oh, and that other front tooth is loose. Maybe he'll at least have the other adult front tooth halfway down before the other one falls out. Dr. Fred has had those stickers for YEARS!

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August 20, 2008


Thanks again to Mark for taking a great picture. I hate ripping off pics, and I'm ready for Mark to knock on my door and say, "Uh, hey, quit ripping off my pics!"
I love the challenge of painting something as symmetrical and reflective as a car. I see lots of imperfections, but I wanted it to look like a painting still. It's more 'washy' than my other Southside pics, maybe cuz I'm running out of time! Eep!
And seems the comments are messed up, so I'll just feel your comments, good or bad, telepathically. Of course this image is on flickr and facebook, you guys might hunt me down there. I know I had plenty of well-wishings about Tessa, just not here. Dern Moveable Type 4, your cramping my virtual social life!

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August 18, 2008

Becoming Familiar

This is our second daughter. She weighs less than a pound right now. We're going to name her Tessa. Joel picked out the name Tess, and I like the "a" at the end. The name means 'harvest', we really like that. I still have to get used to it. That's why I probably haven't spilled the name earlier. But since we've been scouring baby websites and books looking for names and nothing really goes very well with our last name and our two other kids names like Tessa does. Joel named Josiah as well, and I had to get used to that name. Of course it's hard for me to remember that because to me Josiah has been Josiah for over 6 years. I do remember us strolling down a lovely Norwegian road in the springtime and Joel saying, "I like the name Josiah" and I said,"Really??" I named Eden, always have loved that name, I still love everything it brings to mind. So that was easy.
We still don't have a middle name picked out, I'd like to find another Scandinavian middle name for Tessa. Eden's middle name is Berit which means splendid or glorious. There are some really neat Scandinavian names, like Silje(sil-ya), Astrid, Solvi, Mette (met-ta). If you guys like any of those for your baby girl you can have it *smile*.
I kinda have this tug to pick something more unusual, but when it comes to my third, and this go around I feel it's important to have a name that this child can grow up and become an ambassador to South Africa or something. I'm sure everyone will say "I know a Tessa!..." I do know at least one, my fellow artist Laura Pettit's oldest daughter is Tessa.
Josiah still wants to call her "Little Tree" which I think is perfect. Believe me I've looked for names with that meaning too.

tessa3.JPG So we call her Little tree Tessa these days. Here's one of her little branches. I can't wait to meet her, this baby still seems so far away.

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August 15, 2008

First Day of School

We let Eden put her backpack on just for kicks. She was pretty bummed that we brought her straight home.

We're going to miss our crazy boy all day.

So in true fashion we headed out as a family to school this morning. Josiah was beaming with pride all the way there. He was totally unphased by the whole gym full of kids. He plopped down on the floor next to another Kindergardener and started making friends. I am full of emotion thinking of how I felt in school, but what I have to keep remembering is that Josiah is really not like me at all! He's so bold, so resiliant, and meets people with the anticipation that they will be friends. He pointed out Abel and Aidan Cooley as they entered the room. He thought it was neat that the other kids were dressed like him. I know he's going to be fine. I have shed more tears than I thought I would, thankfully not in the Multi-Purpose Room in front of all the teachers. I am pregnant, I'm allowed to be blubbery. I snuggled with Eden on the couch watching Sesame Street, so glad she's a snuggler! Before I know it I'll be rushing back to pick him up today. Whatta great boy I have, I praise God that he is such a joy to take to school and pick up from school. I can't wait to hear about his first day!

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August 14, 2008

The Nagging Future

Tomorrow is Josiah's first day of school. Of course, due to "Phase In" he'll have Mon-Thurs off next week too. Kinda annoying. Everywhere we go these days the first question to Josiah is, "Are you in school?" or something of that variety. Man, it'd be hard if we were homeschooling to answer that question over and over! I am excited and nervous, happy and sad, but most of all I'm ready to start the new normal. Just when you think you've settled into an easy pattern of parenthood, everything changes again. How early will we go to bed? Will he even eat his lunch? Will he be so exhausted that there's no being around him after school? How do I squeeze Eden's nap in before getting Josiah from school? I feel like I should have been planning this way ahead, but I don't mess with something unless it needs to change. There is part of me that will miss him so badly, but the other part of me will LOVE just being with Eden. She's a fun little companion.Who wouldn't want to hang out with this funny kitty! I plan on keeping the reigns on my boy pretty tight, I'm not ready to just let him be the big-school kid going where ever just yet.

I'm slowly getting into the groove of thinking about teaching in two weeks. I ordered my supplies, I still need to clean the art closet and my classroom a bit more. That's something I can do with Eden, no problem. I have no idea what my budget is and that makes me a little nervous. This year I feel there are less excuses and more scrutiny. And I have to get my head around the fact that I will possibly be just a one semester teacher. I hope I can come back in late March, but if the substitute is right I might just take the spring off! Last night I realized how tired my body is. I treat myself like I'm not pregnant! My belly was heavy and tight. I was almost ready for that glass of red wine. Braxton Hicks suck, and when they happen earlier each pregnancy it just makes you tired sooner. I will need much prayer to get through a very long and hard Monday each week. I think I will ask my students to remind me to sit down. They'll love having that job.

I finished Against the Sky last night while watching the Japanese Men's All Around fall off the still rings. YIPES! Go check it out on flickr, I can't get it to look right on the blog. I'm very pleased with it. Although it's really hard to take a picture of a wonkie watercolor page. Sorry for the wierd margins. And I did take this picture at midnight. Better pictures after I get some of these guys framed. Dick Blick is having a sale on frames that might save me an extra trip to IKEA. Although the idea of going to IKEA before Josiah is going full tilt to school is really attractive. Gas is one $3.60 a gallon! Bunk beds are in our future, and some cute kiddie sheets!

Oh! This year at Clothesline we will have older work available in non-featured locations. But most of my old work is already out there. Smart Furniture on Market will have Metro's until the 30th of August and the new Lookout Mountain Gallery across from Mojo in St Elmo will have all my animals. Brownie and Cookie, the bamboos plates, etc.

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August 12, 2008

WIP Against the Sky

WIP against the sky3.JPGWIP against the sky2.JPG

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August 7, 2008


whiteside, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Here's the latest in my Jefferson Heights/Southside series. This is the church that's in between Adams and Washington. I forget what denomination, but I know that Rev Whiteside is the pastor. Two paintings down, 8 to go. In 5 weeks. Unga Bunga.

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August 5, 2008

Eye Candy

JK1000-Friend to many., originally uploaded by infradiggy.

One of the many gems from Joshie's photos from RAGBRAI. This one of Joel and a friendly on-looker is particularly sweet. I like how the shadows capture many of Joel's laugh lines. Check out Josh's whole set here.

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August 4, 2008

Ultrasound Results!

Special Order, originally uploaded by katiek2.

We're having another girl people!
Joel's gut feeling was right on. I don't think he doubted really but he played it cool for me. My placenta is in a great place, that's always good to know. Third time around I'm asking those questions. We're kinda set on a name, but I'll hold you in suspense until we're sure. I also asked the tech if I was measuring 20 weeks, and she said I was a little smaller. I KNEW IT! She set my due date Dec 26th! Whoa Boy! It's ok with me. It'll be a nice Christmas present. I'm happy no matter what. Guess it's time to dust off the ole pink stuff!

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Too Many Hats

I was talking to my good friend Jenny English at church last night. Or I should say talking at Jenny. I feel dumb going over my business and woes with Jenny seeing as she's a mother of 6 and she homeschool's them all and maintains much property in the woods of North GA and I'm sure that just scratches the surface. But I had a moment where I just said,"I'm wearing too many hats these days!" We had a good giggle. I'm an expecting mother, a current mother, an art teacher, a newbie parent for kindergarden, a semi-pro artist, a daughter and granddaughter, and a homemaker. And I just got back from vacation, where all I did was sit on my pregnant backside either watching Law and Order re-runs (I LOVE IT) or sitting on the beach getting freckled, or sitting in the pool with this bathing beauty. Isn't she a vision in her purple mask?

I was supposed to be getting my ultrasound this morning to find out the gender of my new one but the tech couldn't come in. UGH! We've already put this off once! I hope she's on vacation or dog sick cuz any other reason I'd be a bit more pissed. Thankfully 1:30 I'll get my wish. I'm kinda dying of anticipation.

I called Vital Records in GA this morning and got someone on the phone! Amazing. They told me that Josiah's birth certificate was on it's way as of Thursday. So call me lazy that I waited until Kindergarden registration to get my son's birth certificate, but yeah, I'm biting my nails. Registration is Wednesday morning, and I'm not looking forward to it, I hope I don't cry.

Our Clothesline has a meeting tonight and I need to contact my peeps to cover the tasks we need done. I hope that not only are we talented artists, but we can make wonderful spreadsheets! The cards came in, and it's a nice card. I used GIMP instead of Photoshop so I feel I suffered through it, but GIMP is free so what can I say!

Sept 08 final card.jpg

My mom and dad are vacationing this week in good old fashioned Ward style: the working vacation. They're going to hit some part of Maryland and the Jersey Shore. I'm glad they're getting a break, but that means I have to check on their demon spawn cat and make sure it's not starving, and do my grandmother's laundry. I am glad they vacation ever so often so I have no excuses not to visit my grandma. She's a wonderful woman, and she's the reason I have two red heads!

I'm finally making art. I finished my screen porch piece and put a very subtle circle/orb in it. I'm working on an image of the Whiteside church off of Washington St and I did a pretty adequate drawing on my vacation of one of the homes here in J Heights. It's really hard to get those angles right. I pray that God will just help my brain and hands learn to technically draw better each time.

And then I have to order art supplies for school. Can I put that off just a little bit longer? I'll leave that hat lying on the bed for another week.

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