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April 27, 2009

Introducing the Defender of the Universe.

So I found Voltron on Netflix the other day for the kids. We've been trying to curb the super hero/bizzaro cartoons for various reasons, mostly because Josiah gets crazy into the character and ends up battling us too much. To the point of getting aggressive. But when I saw that I could instantly catapult myself back into my childhood with the click of a button I went for it. Man, Voltron is tedious!! The theme song and background music are haunting me. Every commercial break has and exit greeting and a welcome back greeting. AHHH! A little mind numbing. But it's not as fast paced as some of the cartoons these days. Voltrons formation is like choreography that takes a few minutes. But it did the trick and left it's impression for the next generation.

Josiah: "Papa!Papa! guess what we saw today! VOLTRON!
Joel: "Oh yeah? What's Voltron?"
Josiah: "It's a robot made out of LIONS!"
Eden: "And the lions transform into Optimus Prime!"
Josiah: "No,nononono, It's Voltron."
Eden: "And Papa, there's a princess. See Josiah, I told you there was a princess!"

Defender of the Universe....awesome.

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April 26, 2009

Catch the Foxes

catch the foxes.jpg
This is a bamboo plate I made for CreateHere's Zero Sum show. I'm not sure I'm super hot on it. But getting back into art making is not easy, and any inspiration is coming but the brain and fingers are somewhat out of practice. I do love a few things about this one. I loved researching the laughing dove, and seeing that it is more colorful than the mourning doves we have here. I loved painting foxes! I can't wait to do them again.

In other news, Josiah sang with the 3rd graders and the other Kindergarten classes at Battles Art Night. It was cool to hear all the kids voices. They sang What a Wonderful World. My boy has a beautiful voice.

Josiah made a newspaper hat in art class and painted it pink. I really don't know why except recently, to get under Eden's skin, he claims his favorite color is pink. But when he came charging out of the school holding this pink hat he gave it straight to Eden. She loves it, she's been wearing it every day. It's been good to have these warm days to keep her from burning.

Then there's Tessa, my lean green bean. She's teething I believe. Yesterday afternoon the only thing that would soothe her was to chomp on her Papa's thumb for a good 30 minutes. Much drool, no teeth erupting yet. Josiah had his two bottom teeth by 5 months. I'm ready for the shreaking to be over. At least for a little while.

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April 22, 2009


I posted these pictures last night because I just couldn't go another day without getting something on this ole blog. It's really difficult to blog these days! Not that I don't have thoughts to get down and memories to capture, I just physically don't have the minutes. In fact I might be sacrificing a peaceful shower time in order to blog right now. Tessa is teething, yep, no fun. She's not in the terrible throws of it, but it's definately making nap times and middle of the nights a blast!!
Josiah's year of Kindergarten is coming to an end. I can't believe it! I want him to be in Kindergarten just a little bit longer. I am a little scared about this summer. We can't afford summer camps and there's only so much VBS one kid can take. I've got to get creative. I really really am thinking about doing an art camp. I might ask my boss if we can use the school facilities. That'd be in East Brainard though. But I feel like I'm going to have to make a schedule for what days are what this summer. Monday: grocery store, Tuesday: playground, Wednesday: playdate or other errands, Thursday: long walk or hike Friday: home activity or pool. I dunno, I haven't thought thru it, but if I don't I'm screwed! What do you do with your school age ones?
Every night when I put Tessa down to bed I read my Bible while I'm nursing her. This is highly unusual to my shame. I have never been a "quiet time" sorta person, but reading the Bible is one of the few things I can still do while I'm nursing a squirmy tired 4 month old. I was tapped out, I had no inkling of what I wanted to start reading, nothing leading me to a certain book. Joel had been reading the 2nd chapter of Song of Songs over and over a little while ago. And it was just as the mourning doves were starting to appear. Not much other wildlife in our 'hood, unless you count the happy untrained pitbulls that escape from their trappings every once and a while. So without any real direction I just started to read. Letting my brain sort the "Lover" and "Beloved" role in whatever way worked. Then I was struck by how much incredible imagery is in this book! I mean there are doves all over the place: cooing of doves, doves for eyes, etc. Gazelles, cedars, goats, foxes, sheep, I mean what a visual surplus! So I'm working with it. I'm not sure if the things I'm knocking out right now will be a sucess, but I haven't had an inspiration for much in a while and I'm excited to do some ink-watercolor-washlike paintings with animals. I'd like to keep it my own and not drift too far into a Patricia DeLeon Alfonso style. Even though I love her work!
I am procrastinating the start of a large commission. Mostly because I'm not sure if I want to ship it on or off stretchers. But it will pay and I'm so thankful, so grateful for how God constantly reminds me that I'm doing the right thing. And that He has given me so much. I am tardy in giving back. Time to dig deep.

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April 15, 2009


This morning I was filled with an amazing sense of thankfulness. Maybe my hormones are balancing out. If that makes sense. But after trying to figure out what I really want, what my new normal is I just have come to a peace lately that I need to strive for that balance. Sometimes the special events come and the timing is just right to continue that balance, but sometimes I just have to sacrifice the experience, the thrill for that balance. It doesn't mean that I stay at home and make myself a hermit, but sometimes everyone gets sick, one activity has to be sacrificed for another. There have been so many examples lately and when everything is balanced this thankfulness swells inside of me.

I am so thankful that I got to be in the worship team for Easter Sunday. Singing with my friends, leading the rest of our church community to worship the risen Lord. It's always a lot of work to get free enough to be able to practice and spend hours away from the fam, but it's part of me that gets filled with joy and satisfaction that I'm active in my church.
I'm thankful for a beautiful Easter Sunday so our family could play with good friends (and too many caterpillars) at Renaissance Park.


I'm thankful for art sales. Not just some of the recent sales that I've got to work hard on, but the ones I'm looking at as I do my taxes. I was feeling discouraged that my 'career' was grinding to a hault. Joel always said that I was being dramatic (of course I was) and that I had a lot to be thankful for. And....yeah, he was right. I'm thankful for the peace of not having to help organize another Clothesline Show. I will look forward to that this fall.

I am thankful for my friends. I got to hang out with Cat last night and it's been too long! It was exciting to hear her tell me about SkinDeep and how perfect it was for her. It sounds like the event she has been wanting to do for a long long time. And her motivation and her artwork does nothing but improve. It's exciting and I'm so thankful for the fact that although I love doing things together with Cat, that I can look from the outside in and be thankful for this experience for her sake, and for the sake of the artscene here in Chattanooga.

So I'm looking at the calendar, there are so many fun things that are coming around. The Art-o-Mat coming to Chattanooga. Ohhhh, I've wanted to do that for years. I got a flickr friend that's been teasing me with her super cool selections. There's 4 Bridges which I go back and forth whether I love it or hate it, but I love to celebrate all the folks I know who are working hard for the cause. And there's the plant sale at Reflection Riding. I really would like to go this year. Even though I know nothing about plants. There's the possible block party here in JHeights. I have super cool neighbors and I've missed hanging out with them, especially now that our park is a mud pit/construction site/6 year old boys wild dream. We're planning on trying to just close down 18th street and have a good ole block party! Whee! Maybe we could get our new fire fighter neighbor to unhook a fire hydrant! Well, maybe it's too cold for that.
But yes, I am increasingly thankful for my family. My awesome husband and my kids. Which reminds me, I gotta go pick up the boy from school.

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April 10, 2009

Good Friday


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April 9, 2009



"Arise my darling, my beautiful one, and come with me. See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. The fig tree forms it's early fruit; the blossoming vines spread thier fragrance. Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me." Song of Songs 2:10b-13

Something about doves has touched our family these past weeks. Joel has been reading Song of Songs and this verse has been one that he has been analyzing pretty consistantly. I told him that we had doves hanging out at our place trying to make a nest. They can't because our house is too new and the slick exterior paint doesn't lend itself to a good twig mounting space. But on days that are crummy I will park in the one spot behind the old Union Gospel Mission before picking Josiah up from school. There are broken window panes that are boarded in from the inside. There is just enough space for a dove or two to nest in the crevice. It's been a welcomed sight to see the urban mourning dove staring back at me. When Joel told our small group about what he was reading and how doves have been showing up around us about the same time my friend Missy said, "You should paint those doves!" I didn't think much of it, I've painted alot of birds and I haven't felt much inspiration for a certain subject. But these birds are pretty in a urban-mutt sort of way. I like to see the signs of spring sprouting around me even if it's trees that are planted in the median, or growing through the side walk. I need reminders of God's love and desire for my heart. The fat dove nested in the broken window pane just stared back at me but it had the quality of a dingy mirror. I don't quite know what I'm seeing, but I know I recognize it. I want to see better. I want the fog to lift completely.

And in that spirit of celebration, the commission of a very large piece has just been confirmed. A pregnant nude for a doola/midwife in the Chicago area. Moola is in the paypal account and research and building begins to start this piece as soon as possible.

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April 7, 2009

zrbrt movie

zrbrt movie

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Baby belly is irresistable.

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April 2, 2009

Growing Up and Out

Thumbnail image for arms7.JPGThumbnail image for park009.JPG
Tessa has decided to grow up this week. Waking up a few times a night, not falling asleep at every feeding, smiling and alert, cooing and talking loudly. Some of these things are very welcomed, others are getting unbearable. But thankfully, I see my girl growing, just a little. She's still fair and slight, with petite features like a little bird. I do love seeing her huge wide mouthed grin. I don't remember my other kids smiling this wide. I do feel those pangs about my babies growing up, but honestly when I think of the freedoms I miss I feel glad that Tessa is getting bigger. I know it's a bit early to think these things, but I'm feeling myself lift my head up along with the buds of the flowers.
Thumbnail image for arms8.JPG
This past week in church we were challenged during the season of Lent to learn the discipline of confession. I normally have a pretty easy time finding something that I've done wrong that I am ready to share with a friendly soul. This time was a little bit tougher. I sat and listened and examined myself. And the result I came up with has been very hard to want to share. I have been struggling with larger than normal amounts of jealousy. And I see how it has started to affect my comings and goings. I can be totally happy for you, but then my jealousy will come and steal away that joy and make me regress and not socialize. I want to stay in my little cocoon and not be challenged to deal with my identity and the things that I wish I had. So after realizing this, and maybe going through a day of validating why I'm allowed to be jealous I began to seek and ask God what I should do to combat these feelings. Besides confessing, I feel I need to start verbalizing and/or writing down the things in my life that I am very greatful for and would not want to replace. And then I need to invest time in listening. I'm a good talker, but listening is something I have been slow to learn. I need to be willing to not push down the feelings anymore, it only makes things worse. I also need to verbally express how happy I am at others sucesses.

So here are some things I am thankful for and would never want to replace. This is just the beginning, for I know that God will remind me of more and more.
My husband is the best, he's the best for me, I haven't wanted anyone else's. Your husband might be a great man, and I'll admit it with all confidence, but mine is for me. Hallelujah.
My kids, I have never thought,"if only they could be like..." I'm in love with all their personalities and I am proud of my resilience to discipline them even if I'm not awesome all the time. One episode of SuperNanny and I'm feeling like mother of the year. But I love how God made them, and I wouldn't trade them for anyone else's.
My talents. I'm so glad I am creative. I'm so glad I'm an artist and an art teacher. I know it might not be a life full of big money but I don't care. I love it, I wouldn't trade it for your degree or concentration anyday!
My health. We're a healthy bunch! Praise God! We continually get the mildest strain of the bug that's going around and I never want to lose my heart full of thankfulness for it. We don't even wear glasses!

So I will begin to reach out, and stretch the places that are least comfortable. And I will pray that God will remind me of how He deals with me in a way that's just for me. I hope to bless those around me with an authentic joy for their blessings, so they can know I really am happy and full of love for them. I will lift up my head and no longer stare at my short-comings, for I am blessed and won't pout anymore.wow!.JPG

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