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May 30, 2009

Pretty Good so Far

There was part of me that was not looking forward to the summer. Just like all of us fear change a little bit. The ritual of school is hard, but comforting. You never have to budge for it's timeline. It's rigorous. Planning the summer was a but scary because our kids are in a place where Josiah can go to camps, but Eden's a bit too young. And camps are just too expensive. So with the help of some other thrifty and same-minded moms (thanks Jen!) we found some fun options and I"m looking forward to the results of these adventures this summer.

This first week I've been pretty diligent. I kinda faded by Friday though. And gusto for some things give way to lax for others. My dinners this week weren't stellar, but we all ate :) Anyway, this week. Monday I wrote out my grocery list in order of the aisles and wrote the words clearly and Josiah read each item on the list and both the big kids took turns finding the item and putting it in the cart. In the afternoon, before quiet time we started a toy downsizing project. We just don't have enough house to accumulate more gadgets. I explained it to the kids for a while before we started it, preparing them for the idea that I wanted us to get rid of stuff so we could get new things. And yes, I promised them something NEW after this project was completed. Nothing big, of course. We made a Keep box, a Give Away box (this can be toys divided between thrift store and Gma's house), and Broken. We spent a good 30 to 45 minutes going through toys the first day, then I made the shifts shorter the next three days. Fifteen minutes seemed to be a good amount. It felt good to take a medium sized cardboard box full of toy "scraps" and toss it in the garbage. The next step is to go back through the Keep box and ask them if there are more toys they would like to Give. Explaining how giving is something God wants us to do. Not just giving broken things, but things that have value, especially to those who have less fun stuff. It was hard to get them to think about giving it away to some one they didn't know. I know their friends might think it's great to get gifts, but their moms might not be so glad :)

New City Fellowship's VBS is next week, so that's a no brainer. I look forward to getting some home organizing and some painting done. If Tessa will be kind to me. I have started my large pregnant nude comission, and I would love to get the whole first layer knocked out this next week, with all the tweeking necessary.
Josiah will attend Covenant Pres' Music Camp and even if he's not thrilled with the thought, he will love it. He has such a nice voice and this will be a good combo. He's not a big athlete, or artist, so this camp sounded unique and the price was right! Eden will start ballet this summer for a super dooper cheap price! No fancy clothes necessary! But I think I will get her little shoes anyway (eep! so cute!)

I look forward to trips to the pool(s), parks, the Aquarium. I look forward to getting away and maybe going on a non-rough camping trip (cabin please) so we can go tubing on the Nantahala. And the last hoorah: our trip to Hilton Head where we will say goodbye to summer and start getting ready for school as soon as we get home.

The projects I have commited to are not too daunting, although these two weeks of occupied children need to be taken advantage of. No wasting it on stuff like cleaning the bathroom (hehe). I have a project to do for the ArtHouse, where I paint 5 tiny paintings that must reference 5 random words they've assigned me: India, lobster, foam, prism, pile. Crazy. Large Comission needs to get done. Preparation for year 3 of teaching. Art.a.ma.jig. Two other friend comissions. This summer will be a wonderful kind of lazy and busy mixed together.

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May 27, 2009

The Surface


This comission is one big bad boy. I am excited and exhausted thinking about this thing. I can't wait to emblazen the surface with a sketch of the pregant nude. But first, I had to break up that blank. white. surface.



canvas6 (2).JPG

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May 23, 2009


Here's a sweet picture of Eden B at her Pre-K program. She was in rare form as she stood up front and did ALL the motions and sang ALL the words! I was wondering if she would just be a shy little flower, but she got into it and had so much fun.

eden drawing.jpg

Here's a drawing I'm working on of Eden. I want to continue my Song of Songs theme with this one and put an animal with her like a dove, gazelle, something like that. Eden tends to be my most willing model. Josiah doesn't hold still much these days and Tessa needs some more stability to be poseable. I will enjoy watercoloring this one and beefing it up with ink.

But on the most immediate horizon is the comission that I have hanging around. My friend Bruce from church built me the required size stretchers, and now I have to stretch the canvas over top. Whew! That'll be a work out! But I'm excited about recreating the painting Domestica. I've been browsing through images of the original painting in progress and I think the process will be so much fun to revisit. My client told me that I could make some changes, it doesn't have to be exactly the same, she just enjoys the feeling of the painting. Here's the stretchers hanging out on my easel ready to be dressed.
big ole.jpg

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May 19, 2009

Grace for a strong grasp

My boy Josiah, a constant jolt of energy and adventure. Amused by all things gross and boyish. He is fascinated by the aspects of his 6 year old world that he doesn't get at home. Cartoon character trading cards, guns, certain movies, etc. He's tempted to disobey our rules in order to have ANY of these things that would make him just the same as all his peers. We're not crazy strict parents, but there are some things that turn our stomachs about what kids are being shown to entertain them, and there are characters that Joel and I feel are just outright demonic. We can't treat them like they are just innocent kids stuff. We watch Star Wars and stuff, so don't get me wrong, but it's hard these days. I feel we will go through a detox once school is out at the end of this week.

Josiah has been invited to his first sleepover this weekend. Besides the tug at my heart that my boy is just a little bit bigger every day, I am concerned that with just that short time away he might be exposed to things that I am not in control of. The family he's been invited to spend the night with are good people. They are very active at Josiah's school. They're spending the night at the boys grandma's house. It's only 4 boys. I mean what can happen? I guess I just wish we were starting out with a stronger relationship with this family before we jumped to the "overnight". I am just reminded of some sound teaching that I received at one of our churches in Atlanta. Don't just let anybody watch/teach your children. After praying alot about this past school year we made the decision to send Josiah to Battle. I knew that we would come up against the world in a bigger way than ever. I feel good about our decision, but I am always aware that Joel and I are in charge of him and we will make the final say. I guess I just want to be very involved in how Josiah views the world. This is important.
I think I will talk to the Mom and ask her some imprtant questions about what they will watch, play, have access too. I am horrified by the statistic that little boys may experience pornography as early as 5 years old. And Josiah is such a joyful and cooperative playmate that he may experience peer abuse of various kinds: taunting and rough play, without much complaint but then in a moment of exhaustion he will express how much he was hurt by his friends roughness. God help us if it became anything questionable or outright painful. I might be thinking too much, but having kids is not just about keeping them fed, clothed and physically safe, it's about protecting their spirit. Being the barrier that keeps their innocence close to them for as long as possible. What are your thoughts, dear readers? Are their red flags that go up for you in this situation? My instinct is to pray for Josiah alot, talk to him alot about what we believe and think about things, encourage him to talk to the Mom and be honest. And of course talk to the Mom myself and ask the tough questions about what the boys will be doing and what bedtime will be and if there are any concerns Josiah might have, or concerns about Josiah. Whew, who knew a sleepover would be so tough! I refuse to get soft, Lord help me to be that strong barrier.

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May 16, 2009

10 years

This weekend is mine and Joel's 10th wedding anniversary. We've had a good mellow time celebrating it. On Tuesday night we went out without any kids and had a great meal at Blacksmith's. Wine and cheese Tuesday! Then we went and saw Star Trek. A nice date. Then yesterday after the kids were in bed we were talking about things that we'd like to change about those first few years of marriage. Joel talked about how he felt the pressure to have a "real job" in those early days, and I talked about how I wished I had finished school and painted more. But I am excited that as we talked we thought about the next ten years. What we'd like to improve, where we'd like to be. God is so good to give us 10 years of joy, peace, love, and blessing. Let's bring on the next ten!

I went through pictures of mine and on flickr to find pictures of Joel and I together. It's really hard to find them! Joel and I just aren't cuddly, photo people. We also arent' very photogenic. But here's some that I found from various collections.
kate and joel 2007.jpg
from cat.

kate and joel lamars.jpg
at lamar's with darren.


and here's the fam Christmas 2007.
for the next ten years I plan to get more pictures of us.

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May 14, 2009

Time Card

There is never a convienent time for sickness. And my overtime hours are never planned, they just happen. After a long day when I feel exhausted I try to figure out why I feel this way, what did I accomplish? Well, starting last night,
8pm bedtime, 8:30pm go to Walmart for groceries, 10pm return, 10:30 clean disgusting upstairs bathroom, 11pm sit down next to my husband and feel my eyelids getting very heavy, 11:25pm off to bed, 2am Tessa wakes up, 2:45am Tessa is restless so we snuggle up together. 4am I put Tessa in her own bed. 4:30am Eden calls for Papa, she says she has to throw up. 4:45am Eden doesn't throw up. 5:50am Tessa wakes up, I pull her into bed with me. 6:30 Josiah wakes up. 6:45 Eden wakes up and says she has to throw up. Does she throw up? It's questionable, Joel says. 7:05 Joel gets Josiah's breakfast. 7:15am I carry Tessa and and Eden's "day bed" dowstairs then go back up and carry Eden downstairs. 7:25am make Josiah's lunch, strap Tessa in her seat 7:35-7:50am make Tessa's breakfast, give Eden some dry Cheerios in a bowl, feed Tessa breakfast, tuck in Josiah's shirt and put his belt on for him. Finish feeding Tessa and then she gets really upset. Put on Josiah's shoes, rescue Tessa. Give hugs and kisses to Joel and Josiah, put on a movie for sick Eden, nurse Tessa and put her down for a nap. 8:30 make my breakfast.
Now, the rest of the world can go to work. All I want to accomplish today is to see my Eden feel better.

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May 9, 2009


Four has happened again in our house. Four is hair down to the waist, 28lbs, and size 7 shoes. Four is stuffed animals covering half the bed, three different pillows and three blankets that interchange. Four is "yiddle" bites, half glasses of water, and picking out the beans in the bowl of chili. Four is tug-of-war, singing "Death is Ended" like Grandpa, "being first" and being fast. Four is friends. Four is writing notes, painting pictures, doodling in mama's checkbook and on empty boxes. Four is talking to her baby sister in a squeaky little mommie voice. Four could go on and on, I'm so glad it's here.


I went to my flickr photostream and typed "eden" into the search box. I spent a good hour smiling at the hilarious pictures I have of her. Remembering certain experiences. Reflecting on her fair face and beauty that I never could believe came from me. She's four and she's turning into quite a sweet little friend of mine. Every Mother's Day I will always reflect on my best labor experience yet. The day I gave birth to Eden was a blessed day and I will always have a wonderful gift each year as I see her grow into a big girl with a personality that keeps me smiling, even when there's too much of it. Happy Birthday my sweet girl, my little friend.


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May 6, 2009

The Comfy Part of the Couch


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May 3, 2009

The Other Little Bird


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May 2, 2009


Dove, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I believe this one is finally finished. I have limped back into making art. I expect my best work with the Song of Songs will come once I've practiced this theme a little bit more. I can't wait to experiment with the images that are in that book more and more. My biggest challenge is making those images my own. So many artists are abusing the bird angle in art. I don't know how long it will continue to sell. Or if it still is. I plan on visiting the foxes some more and gazelles/deer, sheep, goats, mixed together with human figures. Mostly I'm excited about exploring this beautiful poetry, and seeing how it infuses with my growth and how it relates to my viewers.

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