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June 29, 2009


Some days the weeks of summer seem like they go on forever and sometimes I think that it will be over in a blink. 26 days until our beach trip and then....back to school. It's always exciting and annoying at the same time. These days that are so hot that you can't be outside without having something frozen in your mouth (or on your head), or being in water, make you wish for the coolness of fall and winter. Makes me wonder why I even wished for summer at all. But mostly, the days are lazy. I groan at the petty fighting full of tattles (and advice how to nip tattling in the bud, I welcome it, enlighten me). I sigh when I have to drag my whole little brood to Walmart and the doctor's office in the same week. I try my darndest to get us to a pool twice a week. What a burden finding a good, open, free swimming facility! Lord help me!

My Joel is still recovering from his bike accident about a month ago. With this recovery he is nursing a sore (possibly fractured) hand. No bike riding for him. Not good at all. This little fam needs both parents to take all children out for an evening bike ride. We have a tandum bike for Josiah that sits gathering pollen. And for the first time since it's purchase, I hunkered down and assembled the new bike trailer and attached it to my new comfort bike and took the big kids for a spin. They loved it, but *whew* they are heavy! I think I was towing about 80lbs between the kids and the trailor. I waved at neighbors and swerved back and forth to keep the kids laughing. Our neighbors in the brick rentals were playing a Michael Jackson tribute as I assembled the trailer earlier. They smiled big at me and waved. They probably think I'm nuts.
The evening sometimes does not lend itself to much energy. We just sit and play games like dominoes and Stratego. Eden makes us pretend meals in her mini Tupperware, Josiah drags Joel on adventures. Sometimes the hose comes out and we get wet. These nights where there's nothing to do but kill time before bed, it's nice to just be together and not think. And part of me feels sad that we "kill" this time, when there is something to be lost. The evening of warmness of heart and warmness of temperature.

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June 23, 2009

Beloved Beauties

wip bbeauties.JPG
I might need to stare at this some more tomorrow to figure out what I want to change. Maybe add some white back in. Ugh, I hate when I get carried away. But I'm feeling alright about it, I have more to work on with this theme.

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I should be doing something else

I should be thinking about dinner, I should be playing in a pool somewhere, I should be coming up with cute science projects or crafts for my big kids to do, I should be scheduling playdates, but no, I need to blog right now. There comes a time when you need to right? Of course. I always say that blogs are great because your thoughts are all recorded and you can search through them like Google. I feel that I need to keep writing if not for anyone else, but for me to remember these seasons and make each day count.
After two weeks of summer camps for Josiah he's home with me for week two in a row of Mom's schedule and Mom's activities. Part of me feels guilty that I am not romping around with him in a park somewhere, or in a pool, but I have two other kids, one who is a baby that needs a nap between 8 and 11am and again between 1:30 and 5pm. So who knows. Sometimes he wins and gets a day full of joy, activity, friends and exhaustion. It's good that he doesn't get that everyday. He gets wiped out pretty easily. Giving him things to do: new books, new adventures to spark his imagination, dress ups, experiments, projects, these things are easy to do while sisters are sleeping. Or easy to do with Eden tto, and oh how she loves projects!
But my creativity runs out toward the end of the day, sometimes sooner when demands on me stretch my lunchtime out further and further. All I want is to get the closest piece of pizza or a burrito or something to recharge. I'm trying to be smarter. I did low carb for two weeks and just barely knocked off a few pounds. Maybe my body isn't ready to lose a lot of weight yet. I feel better when I eat better.
Somedays I just want to have more than 45 minutes to myself. The big kids have a quiet time where they play in their room with legos, dress ups, playmobile etc. It's nice whether I spend all of it with a fussy Tessa, making dinner, on Facebook, or making art. Sometimes after a long day of the heat, that quiet time is what their tired bodies aches for.
My art gets pushed to the back burner over and over. Yesterday it made me grumpy. This weekend I have a short art showing for Last Fridays here on the Southside. I have pieces that I've only shown twice. I know these pieces are sellable. I sold Whiteside just this past weekend to good friends. I am thankful for what I have and what I can make, but man, the last minute stuff just doesn't fly with my Mommy life. I can't frame everything this week, I can't pick anything up until the day before! But I am again thankful that I have this show. I have projects that give me that yearning to make more. I have compositions floating around in my mind waiting to be put down. Thankfully I have an awesome husband who hears my sad communication for more time to paint and he promises time. Even with the baby. I love what I get to do everyday, it's a hard job but every day is a challenge.

***As I've been writing this I've been going back and forth doing "experiments" with the big kids with food coloring, water, vinegar and baking soda. And I think they got ahold of my garlic salt. hmmmm, it's getting out of control***

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June 14, 2009

wierdo #1

wierdo #1, originally uploaded by katiek2.

In search for water. All the time. Water to cool us off, wear us out, remind us that summer is for being together and being outside and being the good kind of exhausted.

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June 13, 2009


My Eden is in a little ballet class with a friend from school, Julia. It's a sweet experience watching these two little girls learning the steps and interacting with different motions. And she's super cute in her ballet shoes(thanks Sarah!). I am so glad to have Eden doing ballet, I loved it when I was a little girl. Eden is the type of kid that I could stay at home with and not have to take out and keep active. So this class helps me to give her a special thing to do that keeps her leaping, running, spinning. I know Josiah is naturally active, but I want to make sure that Eden has some outlets for the thing she loves to do=dance! It's really adorable, I can't deny it. And it's fun to hang out with Julia's mom Jen. We struggle with the desire to chat and the desire to watch our daughters bounce around the room. It's a wonderful 30 to 45 minutes of my week!

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June 11, 2009

Big Ole Girl

nude step2.JPG
There are some things I love about this progress and some things that still make me go -ick- but that's part of the process. Proportions must get worked out still. I always find it amusing when I do a figure how I can add or take away pounds with the mere application of paint. What's that Big Pregnant Mama? You don't like your thighs? I can help you out, but it'll be forever! You'll be immortalized in paint on canvas! Anyway, it's a rush to paint this big girl. And the colors are so intoxicating. I do need to clean my pallete and brush off more often. Her face gets a bit grey and overworked. I had to get the values down first and then I can go back and put colors down that make the mood work better. If I can keep myself from just working on the figure all the time I will get to the background. I'm going to cut a form out to create a pattern, like wallpaper almost, on the background. I also want to paint curtains perhaps and a chair. Plants of course are already popping up, and details of what kind of plants will have to be decided. I wish I could spend every morning working on her, but instead I have to will my tired legs and blurry eyes to stand and work for a few hours at night until my husband starts turning off lights and goes to bed. I listen for when his toothbrush turns off then I know. Work day is over, until the babe wakes me at 3am.

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June 8, 2009

Why yes, sweet girl, I'll have a berry!

Because there just isn't enough sweetness and cuteness in the world.

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June 7, 2009

Little by little


Here are my two smaller projects. The ArtHouse Canvas Project. I have five little bitty canvases that I must paint something having to do with a single word. The first one I did was foam. It's a sea-foam thing. It's fun to work so small, this took me one hour.

My second piece is a watercolor of Eden fitting in with my Song of Soloman theme. I finally had time over VBS week to find the best gazelle images and draw them in. I look forward to amping up the darks and inking some stuff in.

These are the things I'm working on little by little waiting for the rest of my paint to get here from Dick Blick so I can tackle the big pregnant nude!!

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June 6, 2009

White Elephants can Rock

A serious perk to being in art shows is that sometimes the show openings are really fun and have good food and drinks! Joel and I went to the ZeroSum show, met Cat there, I had a small piece in the show, Catch the Foxes. Cat informed me, at one of our other get togethers, that ZeroSum would have a pub quiz. PUB QUIZ!! fun!
We had a great time. Met new people on our pub quiz team, got to build a sculpture out of knick-knacks in the middle of the table, Magnolia Brown, chocolate chunk cookies, mango salsa. And the art was pretty interesting too.

Our team came in second, sending Joel into a comic drama holding a chair over his head toward our neighbors on the opposing team. But one of our prizes was this game called Feudal. Who knows how old this game is, the box is quite sunbleached. I believe it's like a fancy form of chess. The kids have loved it though! Little figurine knights, archers, horsemen, castles that can be placed in any order on a pegboard. In funky retro colors. There have been many dramas worked out with this bogus prize we won. A whole lot better than the food dehydrator. I don't think it would have gotten as much mileage.


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