July 6, 2009

Sound Bites

We had a wonderful 4th. Full of busyness and joy. I feel there is so much I have to catch up on. So I'll give it a go:

friday2.JPG I did an art event last weekend called "Last Fridays". It wasn't a winner, but I'm glad to serve my neighborhood. I hope it keeps up, but this Mama is too overbooked to not have a good time.

Tessa is 6 months old. I am loving 6 months old! Sleeping through the night, eating different foods, laughing, sitting, smiling at everyone. She reaches for things she likes, she's cuddly and small. I love my Tessa, she's our sweetie.

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June 6, 2009

White Elephants can Rock

A serious perk to being in art shows is that sometimes the show openings are really fun and have good food and drinks! Joel and I went to the ZeroSum show, met Cat there, I had a small piece in the show, Catch the Foxes. Cat informed me, at one of our other get togethers, that ZeroSum would have a pub quiz. PUB QUIZ!! fun!
We had a great time. Met new people on our pub quiz team, got to build a sculpture out of knick-knacks in the middle of the table, Magnolia Brown, chocolate chunk cookies, mango salsa. And the art was pretty interesting too.

Our team came in second, sending Joel into a comic drama holding a chair over his head toward our neighbors on the opposing team. But one of our prizes was this game called Feudal. Who knows how old this game is, the box is quite sunbleached. I believe it's like a fancy form of chess. The kids have loved it though! Little figurine knights, archers, horsemen, castles that can be placed in any order on a pegboard. In funky retro colors. There have been many dramas worked out with this bogus prize we won. A whole lot better than the food dehydrator. I don't think it would have gotten as much mileage.


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December 14, 2008


Life continues to be full of fun moments that my pregnant bod pays for later. This was a good one! I mean, they're all something to be thankful for. I'm so glad that I can participate in so many fun things even though I'm 9 months pregnant. The Ugly Sweater Party for our church was a perfect event. Bring the kids, get a good meal, be goofy with friends, play pictionary with Christmas Carols, get a "prom shot" of your fam. We are well documented this season gotta say! This shot is of Justin and Laura, the couple that borrowed our kids for a weekend while Joel and I escaped to Helen GA. They look like they can handle my two monkeys don't they! I LOVED Laura's get-up, I think I would have worn that to school when I was 17. Maybe I did. Seriously, can anyone else testify to that!

I've been waking up each morning pushing back the thought that I may go into labor soon. I feel big, Tessa feels big, the weeks go by and I just keep truckin'. Today I wore myself out with a great night out, followed by a 3am wet-the-bed announcement, and I couldn't get back to sleep. Joel let me rest for a while this morning, which is so nice, but I filled it with reading that book, reminding myself of all the steps. Wise? I dunno. I promised my kids, and my art students that cookies would be in order for them. So with Josiah and Eden chomping at the bit to make just one more triceritops spice cookie, (what about the tree guys? or the star? or the candy canes? nope, dinosaurs)I kicked it into high gear and made cookies until lunch time. I then was able to indulge in my heat therapy/shower. I felt like a wrung out rag.

My boy is such a boy, and I love it when he strikes ninja poses for photos, wrestles with his Papa and his sister (and me when I'm not so maternal), and draws super heroes blasting aliens with their pink warbling laser beams. What I don't like and need to ask God for super natural intervention every day is all the messes he makes. He has very little understanding of order. I'm sure my housekeeping style is not a great example, but Josiah is all about flinging his after school trappings everywhere despite my pleas for cooperation. I've threatened, rewarded, shouted and cooed and nothing works consistantly. It's probably hopeless only in my head. But now that the holidays have struck us, along with all the dietary no-no's, my boy has been the cause of great neurotic frustration for me. His dashes to the potty leave me cringing and barking orders. "Shut the door! Make sure you get it all out! Are you clean? Flush and Wash hands!" And my boy's odor seems to be especially toxic. I can get rather embarassed about it. I believe that God keeps our family healthy through many supernatural exchanges, but for some reason I am a CRAZY person when it comes to Josiah's BM's. There can be a nightmare waiting in the bathroom for me some days. Joel wonders if his diet needs to change. It occurs to me that the sweets are a big culprit. It began at our church camping trip over Halloween (the last wonderful holiday full of crap food), where Josiah was playing and not thinking of his inner workings that well. At 9:30 pm I was cleaning off my big boys bottom in a camp house shower! My poor boy! How embarassing and freezing! I was spent. For-get it! I grumbled and scolded Josiah about how he needed to stop playing and just GO! Then, I realized how hard it was for him to have this happen to him, how my resilient boy was shivering from his late night, open air shower and how his little ego was very fragile. I told him what he needed to do next time, that I loved him, we laughed about how awkward the shower was, and when he was all clean I bundled him up in all the things that were clean and hugged him and snuggled him back to a normal temperature. I scooted him into his sleeping bag and he was out like a light.

Today I had a super late-pregnancy moment where Josiah made a huge mess and I LOST it. I just started sobbing. Uncontrollably. I am ashamed of myself. Joel came to my rescue and talked calmly to Josiah, cleaned him up, and did everything that I would do and more had I been sane and not hormonal. I sat in a heap on the stairs sobbing. How can keep this from my kids? My emotions, my frustrations? God give me patience! There are places in my spirit that God reminds me of and I must remember that He is in control. I treat my son as I would anyone else I have wronged. I tell him what I did that was wrong, I ask his forgiveness, and we pray that Jesus would forgive me too. And in his childhood love for me, Josiah accepts me with loving hugs and affectionate words. I must remember that God accepts me even more so, and I imagine God arms are much bigger yet just as warmly desireable. This is also a preparation, better than that book. When Tessa arrives and my emotions are peaked, I pray that God will slather us with grace. That my tears would be happy ones, and my heart would be full of joy for all of my children. That the frustrations would be swallowed up because our Father is so good.

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December 9, 2008

Doing doing

Holiday in St Elmo. This is our cool ass tent that was a monster to take down. We had fun, sold almost nothing, but drank lots of hot chocolate and ate overpriced Mojo Burrito.

One of my favorite things about Christmas decorations. My big blue Charlie Brown lights! I put these up with the kids "help". No ladders involved. Just a dusty box in the waterheater closet, a staple gun, 2 cranky kids that needed to be fed, and one jaunt up and down the stairs. I love having 2 porches!



INHABIT! Totally puts paying $20 just for two movie tickets and a popcorn in perspective. Major entertainment involving a band that did a mean Prince medley, yummy appetizers and anything you could possibly want to drink. Until about midnight when they started to run out. It helped to be pregnant, I got my coat checked immediately, and got shoved to the front of the ladies' room line. I stayed until 1am, I made sure to get a cheezy Olan Mills photo with my man first.

But the most important place to be is hanging out on the couch with my kids, talking about the baby, and watching them bear hug until someone (Eden) gets hurt. The reason I'm doing this all over again, for sweet moments like this one.

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December 8, 2008

No, I have not had a baby

Hello everyone, just dropping in quickly to say that our internet/computer has been on the fritz and I am not in the hospital birthing a baby. I just realized that, that some of you may be wondering. Nope, I'm still pregnant, and my next goal is to de-bug my computer so I can finish up Christmas shopping and load pictures to this blog of recent events. Take care blog land. Maybe I'll be visiting you tomorrow morning? Who knows? The ghost in the machine is pretty mean.

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September 25, 2008

The Sky Woke Up

The Sky Woke Up., originally uploaded by katiek2.

Here's my humble piece for REVIVE. It'll be nice to help out a great cause and party a bit. As much as this creaky bod can party these days. I mean seriously, I bought myself a hot water bottle today *creak*. It was like over 10 bucks!
Anywho, this is acrylic on a bamboo plate.

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September 17, 2008

My comments work now

So you can leave equally heavy comments to may latest heavy postings. Thanks.

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September 15, 2008

The Wrap Up


After a good 24 hours I have regained my composure after the weekend of Our Clothesline Art Show. What a crazy weekend of events! Thanks to all of you that came out to view and celebrate with us our hardwork and our individual methods of communication! We always feel so loved and encouraged by your presence and your reactions to our work. Yet, I could contemplate longer about why I feel things were different this time. I could mope about how I didn't sell what or as much as I wanted to. But in the end I came home from this weekend with good memories. Memories of hanging out with women that I admire for more than their ability to make great art. They are warm, funny, beautiful, versatile, encouraging, and hospitable. I wish that I had more energy and more selflessness to not think about the circumstances and just "be" with this great group.

We had a tremendous group on Friday night. And there are mutterings that the mayor and some big-wig from the Hunter Museum was there. Can someone tell me for sure? Maybe the tragic flaw was we forgot that guestbook on Friday night to keep track? We had a steady flow of patrons on Saturday. But after the day was wrapping up and we saw a few Gallery Hoppers trail in, we started to discuss, like we always do, about "next time". When will "next time" be? What will we change? What circumstances will we overcome? Where is the clientelle we want?

So with a bittersweetness I ended this Clothesline Show. I love showing art to those who might not feel so comfortable walking into galleries around town, but I long to reach out and have perfect strangers by my art time and time again. I long to find new earth to tread. Are our friends pockets only so deep?



I cannot say I am discouraged. I am thoughtful to a painful degree. Thinking not only about the future of my art, but the future that God has laid out for all of us. I find myself wrapped up in thoughts that are too complex and too scary sometimes. I may sound ridiculous, but I am too comfortable. Is it time to acknowledge that in a bad economy my skill is utterly disposable? Gas is $5 a gallon, no money to buy art. Kids are too overwhelmed with other classes, yank them out of art class. I can't afford the future either.

But honestly, a day out of my thoughts is like great cleansing massage or steam facial. Joel, my wonderful, beautiful husband, gave me the gift of time. Time that I could use fresh energy to write my lesson plans Sunday morning. So today I got myself ready for a day of teaching at a slower pace. I had a clear head, and an organized slide show for each class. So from 9am to 3pm I could think about something else, someone else, another generation, another clientelle that I can inspire to use their creativity. And you know, even though I pull my "mommy voice" out for this group, I am equally honored and inspired by these young artists. How hardworking and talented they are. How hard they work for the simple task of pleasing the creative process. They use me up every Monday, but they bring me back to a place of thankfulness where I can have dinner with my family, laugh with my children, and not feel sad or discouraged. Not one bit.

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August 4, 2008

Too Many Hats

I was talking to my good friend Jenny English at church last night. Or I should say talking at Jenny. I feel dumb going over my business and woes with Jenny seeing as she's a mother of 6 and she homeschool's them all and maintains much property in the woods of North GA and I'm sure that just scratches the surface. But I had a moment where I just said,"I'm wearing too many hats these days!" We had a good giggle. I'm an expecting mother, a current mother, an art teacher, a newbie parent for kindergarden, a semi-pro artist, a daughter and granddaughter, and a homemaker. And I just got back from vacation, where all I did was sit on my pregnant backside either watching Law and Order re-runs (I LOVE IT) or sitting on the beach getting freckled, or sitting in the pool with this bathing beauty. Isn't she a vision in her purple mask?

I was supposed to be getting my ultrasound this morning to find out the gender of my new one but the tech couldn't come in. UGH! We've already put this off once! I hope she's on vacation or dog sick cuz any other reason I'd be a bit more pissed. Thankfully 1:30 I'll get my wish. I'm kinda dying of anticipation.

I called Vital Records in GA this morning and got someone on the phone! Amazing. They told me that Josiah's birth certificate was on it's way as of Thursday. So call me lazy that I waited until Kindergarden registration to get my son's birth certificate, but yeah, I'm biting my nails. Registration is Wednesday morning, and I'm not looking forward to it, I hope I don't cry.

Our Clothesline has a meeting tonight and I need to contact my peeps to cover the tasks we need done. I hope that not only are we talented artists, but we can make wonderful spreadsheets! The cards came in, and it's a nice card. I used GIMP instead of Photoshop so I feel I suffered through it, but GIMP is free so what can I say!

Sept 08 final card.jpg

My mom and dad are vacationing this week in good old fashioned Ward style: the working vacation. They're going to hit some part of Maryland and the Jersey Shore. I'm glad they're getting a break, but that means I have to check on their demon spawn cat and make sure it's not starving, and do my grandmother's laundry. I am glad they vacation ever so often so I have no excuses not to visit my grandma. She's a wonderful woman, and she's the reason I have two red heads!

I'm finally making art. I finished my screen porch piece and put a very subtle circle/orb in it. I'm working on an image of the Whiteside church off of Washington St and I did a pretty adequate drawing on my vacation of one of the homes here in J Heights. It's really hard to get those angles right. I pray that God will just help my brain and hands learn to technically draw better each time.

And then I have to order art supplies for school. Can I put that off just a little bit longer? I'll leave that hat lying on the bed for another week.

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July 20, 2008

Posing at Antiques Roadshow

My friend Skip Gienapp was working Antiques Roadshow here in Chattanooga this weekend. I'm kinda a lurking fan of this show, mostly because my mom is an insane history-novelty buff. Kinda fun that Skip got his picture with the host Mark Walberg. I can't wait to hear when the show airs! I wonder what kinda Civil War and Coca Cola crap shows up! Now I'm curious as well if Skip will be working when American Idol comes to town....

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July 13, 2008

Clothesline Ladies

gimped group shot.JPG
I'm playing around with the free program GIMP. Since I cannot afford a Photoshop option these days. I'm hoping I can just fudge everything I need to do with this free program. I do like this nifty filter. Now if I can just pull myself up from all the somewhat difficult discussion we had with our Board yesterday. It might just be that I was tired and hungry, but I felt a bit weary and heart sick. I won't give up my role or my tasks, but the debate and discussion just loses my attention. I feel that God is stretching us all as believers, artists, and friends. I did not come home from the meeting with any anger, for that I am thankful, but my emotions were raw. It was not one subject, but many, they are all important and God's grace has showered on all of us. These shows would not succeed without His loving care on all of our lives and our efforts. I believe our Clothesline Show is an important ministry to the community. I have been feeling this importance for several weeks now, maybe that's why the stresses of yesterday discouraged me. But God does not tell us that transition and growth will not be hard. I think I love control, and I have to give that up to my fellow artists, and to Him who gave us the gifts to begin with.

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July 7, 2008

In the Bag

I've been wanting to kick back and write and feel eloquent and relaxed but it just hasn't happened. We spent our 4th weekend sick with some kinda icky cold. Eden and I are still coughing a little. But we were able to squeeze in a lunch with the grandparents (I pray they don't get sick) a splash at the Aquarium and we zipped home before fireworks. Too crazy down there to be fun. We made a trip to the CDM and marched with Clifford, Josiah got to stomp on bubble wrap fireworks. Yesterday we went up to see the 'flying men' at the Hang Gliding Park on Lookout. The kids loved it. Josiah was about to hi-jack a glider and get off the mountain a whole new way.
This week my brother and his lovely family are in town. The crazy part is, I have to complete THREE pieces of art before Saturday. And as always I have multiple little fires to put out. Joel has to work over-time so we can't even squeeze in our ultrasound. UGH. I wanna find out boy or girl! It's making me nuts! I pray God gives me supernatural energy to complete at least my Fortune piece and two small bitties for Clothesline, cuz dudes I'm wiped. And Joel thinks I'm nuts for trying to do it all. Maybe I am, but I am not a needy person and I want to meet my deadlines. Until I'm dead I guess.

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June 26, 2008

Metro Tutorial on Whip Up!

They asked for submissions, so I gave them mine! My Metro tutorial for the painting Oslo is on Whip Up now. I know it's not crochet, but it's a technique and I hope someone likes it!

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June 23, 2008

Hey Psst!

I'm just here to catch up. Really the summer's been plodding right along with little pockets of joy here and there. I still feel a big weight about this summer, but I am not dwelling on it, we still are ourselves no matter what changes. And I desperately want to feel sand in between my toes and spend an hour or more in a large chlorinated space with my kids giving little "hooray" jumps and splashes over and over. I do think I am getting away this weekend though. Because of Joel's reoccuring hunger to not be "charismatic light" but to go all the way. I guess that goes for me too. I feel like a honeymoon period has ended. New friends become real, new experiences become hard work, and questions pop up that you don't want the answer too. The place inside of me that grows is that place that wants to feel God building me up. I know I don't have to run and find Him, but sometimes (and I think many do not even try) you have to take a chance and get out of your space and go somewhere. Whether it be a weekend alone with your spouse, a long drive with the windows down in the country, a long cry that comes from almost nowhere but everywhere at the same time, or it could be to go to Lakeland Florida and see what all the hub-bub is about. And that's my version of Bobby's Last Thoughts. Abbreviated like.
I have been battling some tell tale pregnancy demons. Headaches for one. They aren't always bad, but they are annoying and they don't really go away. I'm irritable. My volume level goes up quicker than it should, and little things that I could handle pretty easily will just send me retreating into a place of denial or send me on a rampage to straighten out every last frustrating tid-bit. My little darlings will have to forgive me every day for something I feel I went overboard on. Thankfully they forgive so well, with big hugs and kisses and 'I love yous'.
With a little less than 3 weeks to complete 3 pieces of art I am hoisting myself up and in front of my easel again. I am hoping to capture a very interesting Tokyo at night piece. I'm not straying too far from my Metros right now, because I've gotten good feedback and I want to perfect certain things. So I have a long skinny black panel waiting to be painted on and I think I'm ready to start plotting out the composition.
I hope a weekend in Lakeland will bring some good stories and inspiration, I look forward to being out of these four walls.
Headache and all, I watched Be Kind, Rewind last night. What a charming movie! If you loved what High Fidelity tried to do for Jack Black you'll love this one because it's got a better plot and better characters (and less gratuitous language). And I love Mos Def, I think he's one of the best looking men around. It just had those fun laughs that you love to have, and it's heart warming. Check it out!

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May 29, 2008

I should not be on the road

75 north
Maybe I am a really bad driver. Maybe I should just let Joel drive everywhere. Maybe be a Stay-At-Home-Mom that stays at home is a good idea. Because I had a car accident last month that totaled my beloved Prev. Today, sheesh, I didn't have an accident. I cut someone off. Totally on accident and I checked my mirrors and everything. It was just one of those "Oh, crap! My blind spot!" moments. Am I alone in this experience? Do the rest of you guys not have these accidental highway no-no's? Well, the person I cut off obviously was not happy with me and was not just going to give me the finger and drive away. They got in front of me and slowed down to 40mph. Whatever, I know, if that makes you feel better, go ahead. Then I got off at the wrong exit because I was flustered and not thinking. They cut over too and drove very slowly down the off ramp. Then, they stopped. Dead stopped in the middle of the off ramp! Cars went whizzing by their little Nissan Sentra. I sat in the car going, "No! This is not a good idea!" I know I was wrong, and I did cut them off. I really didn't mean to! They got out and confronted me. I rolled my window down a half inch. I locked my doors. Many F-bombs were dropped by the people I had wronged. The grandma in the sweater vest was particularly strange using that colorful language. I wasn't even thinking about what I had done to them because we were in jeopardy of getting smooshed by the eleven hundred other folks getting off the highway! "I know! I'm very sorry! I didn't mean to! But please! We have to move our cars! This is not smart AT ALL!" I abandoned all sense of actually feeling bad for these people because obviously their anger had completely overcome their sense of reason. When the dude went back to his car (I think he realized that the next shiny white Caddy could take off the doors that he had left open. Both sides, were open. Yeah.) The grandma said that I shouldn't be on the road. Maybe she's right. I remember that last time I was pregnant I came face to face with road rage for the first time. Then she said she was going to get my plates. That's when I left. I'm not sticking around for that. I'm sure the police are going to be glad to know that you blocked one of the busiest exits in East Brainerd to chew out a fellow driver. The funny thing is, our bike rack is a permanent installment on the back of our car. We have no where else to put it and we use it at least twice a week. You can't read the numbers with that rack on! Especially when the car isn't sticking around!
But it was a moment that I was not proud of. I was very bothered when I realized I cut them off. And the circumstances that they chose to confront me just made me distracted from my wrong doing. It makes me think that it's not easier to drive places to be entertained. And it makes me realize that I am powerless against my wrongs. Waiting on someone else's forgiveness is painful and humbling. It makes me realize that some people cannot handle anger, or being wronged. They can only react in one way. I hope that I remember to react in a way that reflects Jesus. I don't think I did that today, I wasn't sensitive but I wasn't insulting. I said I was sorry a buncha times. But I did not make those people my focus. And they should have been my focus.
I had to calm Josiah down, he was all worked up over the experience. I had to explain why the man was so mad. I had to find a place to pull over and talk to the kids and keep my hands from shaking.
A lot of hub-bub for something that I can't change.

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May 27, 2008

I want to go somewhere else

That's my girl!
I am so wanting to go somewhere. I shouldn't, gas is insanely expensive. But I want to just be somewhere, not in my house. I don't want to stare at my unvacuumed carpet, my asymetrical bushes and the need for mulch underneath, the chalked up front porch and the footprints that lead inside, and my horribly crazy office! I just want to escape. Self medicate with eating out, buying fancy groceries and finding great deals. It would help if I got to go somewhere beautiful too. I have 62 days before the beach. Before the beach I have a week that I will be widowed to the Ragbrai across Iowa bike trip. After the beach I will have to hit the ground running getting school ready for me and for my kindergartener.

I need a trip now. Just a couple days. So when I get back I will WANT to vacuum, and organize my closets. I need to want to make a new piece of art for Art.a.ma.jig. I slowly am gaining some energy, spending yesterday at the pool was very very nice (thanks Greens). Maybe I just need to spend time that encapsulates the relaxing beauty that is right around me. And a trip to the ATL.

Go to the High
Go to Trader Joe's
Go to the A-Z Thrift Store
Go to Value Villiage
Go to Zyka
Go to IKEA
Go to a Hawks game- I know basketball season is over, but it's still something I miss.
Ride the Silver Comet Trail
Go to YDFM
Go to Laurel Park

I don't miss much, but sometimes those options are hard to not have anymore.

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May 19, 2008

Toyota Previa: Best Machine Ever Built

I was weeping with laughter while watching this video. Just to warn you, there's some rough language in the first 3 seconds, after that it's smooth sailing. And I do mean smooth. Bow to the Previa, you know you want to.

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March 24, 2008

Great Carnage

This is me procrastinating. I need to be cleaning, starting dinner, finishing grant stuff. Which, by the way, I'm feeling more confident about because I got one letter of Rec today and one is on the way. Woo-hooo! Now, the ball is pretty much in my court. But I still need to do my budget (ugh that budget)and edit my essay. Oh, and I need to get better images of two of my pieces. Maybe Amber and Mark can help me out with that? Oh, you owners of a nicer camera than mine? I need to make that images CD.
But we have a large Earth-Mover-o-Saurus behind our house that is always a quick form of entertainment. Especially this past Friday when it took down the tree. *CRACK* went each limb!! I was letting out a "Whoah!" and a "Holy Cow!" everytime that mechanical creature took a chomp out of it. I think I had more fun than the kids. They are leveling the ground back there for Avenue 3. Should be fancy, expensive and a pain for me to get out of my driveway easily. It was a nice empty lot for this, our first year in Jeff Heights.

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February 21, 2008

Yeah Baby!

For an actual visual of what's happening see Amber's post on her family's wonderful enjoyment of 'red-neck sledding'. The audio is totally worth hitting the play button. You won't be disappointed.

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February 17, 2008

I am a Gen X'er

my so called life.jpg
Oh my my my. I am such a Gen X'er today. When I am by myself quietly working on art I take a secret jouney back. ABC helps me with this. They have been putting up a new episode of My So Called Life online each week and I look forward to watching each new slice of time. I can't say my life was exactly like Angela's, but man, it's eery sometimes. I had a Jordan Catalano in my life and sometimes, whew, it's like reading my diary. The clothes, the music, the hairdo's, the awkwardness. I love this show. I did when it came out and I still do. I guess it'll go on a wishlist sometime.

How many other X'ers can relate to this. How many of you had a Jordan Catalano? How many of you can guess who mine is? No don't answer that, seriously. I love John Hughes films but I was a little kid when those teen-agers were around. MSCL is my memory.

I guess I've been thinking alot about "memory" and "the familiar" as I work toward a new body of artwork. Fuel for the fire,eh?

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January 18, 2008


I tried to think of a list that was a little more thought provoking for Thursday. It was harder than I thought. I think mostly it's because I"ve discussed alot of my feelings about the New Year and other issues that have been close to my heart recently. But yesterday did involve tasks that touch on those issues. So I'll just wing it and see what happens. Sorry this list is arriving late, but as I said these tasks are ongoing and not necessarily achievable by the end of a day.
Thursday's List:
1. Visit my grandmother: this as been a long time coming. I wanted to visit her over Christmas but she was having health problems right after Christmas and I couldn't see her with the kids. I am trying to work on my patience and compassion levels. I've been feeling a bit callous and I need to get outside of myself and be a bit more like Jesus. So visiting my grandma is an easy first step that I'd like to make a more regular scheduled thing.
2. Call Amber so all the boys can play: As soon as the snow started to fall and I saw that Hamilton Co. schools were out I made a mental note--call Amber tommorow. Mamas need some solidarity. It can be the only thing that keeps us sane.
3. Pray for leaders:Sometimes this seems futile, but I believe that prayer works. From the presidential elections to my church leaders to my husband, all these guys need prayer. I especially prayed for Joel's future, and NRV's leadership.
4. Reflecting on the importance of the spiritual in the everyday: I have been thinking of how I can effect the world and the Kingdom of God. I have been thinking of epidemics that surround my generation and even my friends. I have been thinking of the importance of being a good wife and working on a strong marriage and united household. And not to repeat myself too much, but discipline. Discipline in my health, my parenting, my artistic pursuits, my educational responsibilities, the list goes on. Discipline in my physical life parallels with the spiritual disciplines which we will be discussing at church for awhile.

This weekend will work on my patience as we drive down to Atlanta to visit with family. Giving over my self serving agenda and just dedicating time to visit and catch up. I would love to get measurements down and go to IKEA while we're down there and buy shelves!! Money is really tight right now. Measuring and planning would just be torture. Playing cool board games with the fam is much cheaper.

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January 17, 2008

snow night in jefferson heights

Jan 16 2008 around 9pm. We enjoyed the thick of the snow. Needless to say I didn't walk this morning. I hate wet feet.
It was very magical to be out with the kids after bedtime and getting wet and cold. It was tough finding the setting on my little camera to get the right shots, but I'm glad a figured it out. B&W seemed best, the orange streetlights with snow just isn't as pretty. I'm so glad we took them out because they would have melted down (no pun intended) if they didn't have a chance to play in it. Sometime soon we'll take the kids on a vacation where they can truly enjoy snow. You know like Gatlinburg. That's my attempt to be funny today. I'll get my list together later on, today is more reflective, those lists are harder to just make in one sitting. They also are made for more than one day/week. Now go make your list!

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January 16, 2008

Not too late

Wednesday List:
1. Get my butt outta bed and walk! *check
2. Take Eden to Niedlov's for our girl's day *check
3. Go to thrift store *check (and I found a slide projector!! Mine's a 135 and I wish it was as nice as the one listed)
4. Research info on my slide projector *check, man light bulbs can be expensive!!
5. Listen to sermon Lynn sent me *in progress
6. have coffee *in progress
7. Clean house for small group
8. Make lentil stew for small group
9. Contact Bucky

This is a really good exercise guys! I think the pressure of putting it online and knowing I will have to review it at the end of the week puts the pressure on and keeps the lists interesting and do-able. Give it a try!

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January 15, 2008

Tuesday List


1. Get up at the crack of dawn and walk *check
2. make grocery list/ pay bills *check UGH
3. Go to grocery store and drug store
4. Deliver Sit N Stand to Jess?
5. Hang chimes that have been sitting around for 6 months
6. Go outside with kids
7. Download critter images for new art!
8. Make a massive pot of potato soup enough to share (any takers?)

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December 3, 2007

Oh to be published

I was in the Chattanooga News Free Press today. I stumbled into Niedlov's with the 2 kids after a not so smooth bike ride there, and Jeff Canon roped me into an interview. I'm so not complaining! I got some free advertizing! I just happened to be there.

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November 17, 2007

A burning flaming soapbox

There is not much about Chattanooga I can complain about right now since moving back here has amped up my career as an artist, but I've said it before, I miss my stores. It was so easy to get groceries, clothes, pictures, froo-froo coffee and I didn't have to drive to the 4 sides of town beacause there were 8 of each of your necessary stores in a 20 mile radius. Of course, if you wanted the best Indian food in the ATL you have to drive through an hours worth of traffic to get to the other side of town. So, I'm not really complaining, BUT, I hate with great passion, Hamilton Place Mall. I can drive around the mall and tolerate what surrounds it. I guess not for long, since holiday shopping is begining to rear its ugly head. But yesterday I had to go inside the belly of the beast, Hamilton Place Mall. I had to take down my students art show at HHL then I had to go to Wolf Camera. The closest one was at the Mall. First, we are fighting off pink eye again. Eden has had it since Wednesday. And she is recovering nicely. But after we got into the Mall I saw Josiah's eye start to get reddish. By the time we left his eye was puffy. Ugh. I forgot our diaper bag and Eden pooped her pants before we even got upstairs. We got to Wolf after 15 minutes at the most boring indoor play area ever.

I was ready to off myself! All the parents sitting around looked terrible in their sweatpants and baseball caps. Their kids are dressed up for Christmas photos and the models at Express and Abercrombie mock us as we sit there. The kiosk vendors are out in full force and I had a good excuse today, a kid in each hand (one that smells, the other with a communicable virus) kept them from approaching me.

At Wolf it took everything in me not to send Josiah out of the store to the bench across the way just to keep him from punching the touch screens. See, I never never would have taken on this challenge but I was down a day. My Grandma fell and was sent to the hospital. She's Ok, they're keeping her to treat a mild pnemonia, she's fine but it's my mom's top responsibility and my kids are mine. Also Sandi from Hollis called me to say that her images of my artwork were corrupted and the guy doing the card needed images STAT. So plans changed and I had to go to get my images today.

So off we went, sorry kids, we'll play another day. Mama's sorry. I wanted that 8 hours of my life back so bad too.
We ate at Chick-fil-A, and the tables looked so gross. They were not clean, neither was the floor. The gumball machines next to where we were eating made me cringe and I wished so badly I had my diaper bag that was well equipped with Clorox surface spray and Purell. Oh, never again! Lord, protect my children with the blood of Jesus so they won't get a thousand cooties and protect the other children from the cooties my kids have.

But thank God I have my pictures! The guy thanked me up and down for sending the pictures and it was worth it, but it makes me sad and a little crazy when a waste so much time of my kids life. I count on Friday to do something fun. But when life throws curve balls sometimes I rise the occasion and when the Mall was thrown in to the mix I fumbled, coughed, wretched through the whole thing. Hopefully I can postpone this kind of experience and venturing into Hamilton Place again.

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November 6, 2007

We caught up

This past week our good friends from Boise came to visit. And we partied until we couldn't party no more! On Thursday the mom's met at St. Elmo playground and we stayed until the kids were falling over tired. That night we had the crew over to Jeff Heights for Kickball Night and we hung out until it was too dark and too cold. Saturday we went to the Monahans and had a bonfire, dawgs and Yuengling. The kids had hot chocolate and Jonah. Sunday we went to Isaac Perkins 3rd birthday party at his Nana's house. Cindy can never be undone to have plenty of goodies to eat and play with. I enjoyed sporting a witches nose, it smelled like an old Strawberry Shortcake doll.

Some major highlights were: While swinging hearing Gideon ask Cat, "Cathy, is my tail wagging in the breeze?". He was wearing a full body dog costume. Watching Lulu "mommy" baby Naya. Watching Josh push Juden into the stratosphere on the Monahans little plane swing. The whole crew zoned out watching a movie for like 15 minutes. Arriving to Isaac's party greeted by the sounds of Ibachs zooming on dirt bikes. Phineas in his lion costume, oh my gosh, so cute! And a close second was Eden wearing a pirate patch and saying "ARGH" to passers-by. It never seems like enough time, although when it's over we realize it was exhausting. We hope to plan a get-away this summer. Sounds like there's a plan in the works.

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October 18, 2007

Calling all Chattanooga Crafters!

I was approached by Debbie Blackman about a Christmas Bazaar at Alexian Brothers. Not sure which one, but its somewhere in the greater Chattanooga area. I know some of you out there either are in Chattanooga and have a supply floating around of jewelry you've made, purses, cards, onesies, knitted items, small original art etc that you would love to make a little extra Christmas money with. Alexian Brothers is an assisted living community and I'm sure some of the residents would love to get all of their Christmas shopping done at this bazaar. So if you would like to give it a go the event is in December, not sure the exact date, but it'd be before the 15th I'm sure. You can contact me if you think you'd like to do it but wouldn't be able to be there all day, we might be able to have a few of us that would be glad to sell in shifts etc. The booths are free, yes FREE! Think of what the residents would like best and if you can accomidate them. Debbie said she doesn't have anyone doing cards yet, and original art is welcomed enthusiastically. It's kinda a chance, but it may be worth it! Also, if any of you non-Chattanooga residence would like to get in on this and are passing through for Thanksgiving let me know if you want to drop stuff off and I'll sell it for you! You can email Debbie directly here. Please drop my name as I told her I would be mentioning this to friends thanks!

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October 11, 2007

Community Benefits

We went for a walk last night to the Choo-Choo and instead of cutting down Washington we walked all the way down to Main to visit with Rachel Conn. She owns the brightly colored Victorian places next to MayCreate and the Alfonsos. She has a bunch of dogs in her yard and we talked over the barking (and squealing kids) about my upcoming art show. She's a big fan of the Metros and was going to buy one. I talked about how my neighbor Jan was going to help me make a panel. She said, "You know you should just buy a door and cut it where you want". First I was thinking a door with sections, then I thought about the hollow kind like we had in Marietta. How would that work? "No a solid hardwood door" she said. Hmmmm, not a bad idea, I mean that would save a lot of carpentry! Then she said she had some wood in her shop. We walked out back and she showed me these beauties! Two average large and then two smaller skinny pieces. They have an awesome texture! I'll have to clean up some of the edges but man, they are really smooth!
It's like a loaded gift from God. "Here you go Kate, time to work harder!" It's great, it saves this Mama a lot of precious, expensive time.

It's getting closer to being done. Time to start a new one!

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October 2, 2007

Birthday list

It's October, and that means my birthday is right around the corner. I turn 31 on the 12th. Happy 31st to me!! Unga. I haven't made up a really complicated list this year because I pretty much know the important stuff. #1 Really, only I can pick out the furniture and home decor I want. #2 I'm not really sure what all that is yet. I know I want a new purse and I want some new earrings. Some perfume would be gladly accepted too. But mostly I love my birthday because I ask for music. This is what I want:
Regina Spektor-Begin to Hope
The Shins- Wincing the Night Away
Travis- The Man Who (I lost this in Norway and I NEED it)
Ryan Adams-Easy Tiger
Neko Case-Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
and because the past is so important when turning 31:
Heart- The Essential Heart
Bangles-The Bangles Greatest Hits

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September 28, 2007


well, it was coming, I knew it. After an evening of the kids playing on pbskids the computer decided to go blind. Funny thing is, I'm blogging on it right now. Seems the only problem is that the bulb has burnt out. I can see what I'm typing if I lean the screen over a little too far. Thankfully, we have not lost data, but we cant go very long without a temporary solution. I have another monitor that I figured out how to hook it in, but my applications are not showing up on the other desktop. Not sure how to navigate that with a blind eye. So now is your chance. If you can help me with this monitor before the weekend is over you'll get some credit for art. Of course you'll have to know how to contact me in other ways. So that limits you a bit. But those of you who know how, please help!

Ok, here's an update. Our computer is still dark but because I'm a sharp cookie, I figured out how to extend my desktop onto the monitor that works. Thank God!! We still will have to start shopping, but I'll definately start downloading my important documents now. So thanks if you even thought about helping, but I think I'm in the clear for now, until I have to explain it to Joel. Ugh.
sept 07 376.jpg
I made this "Be Still" study for Dottie at Niedlovs. She was very moved. She said the image reminded her of when she's done designing a set (she's a theatrical set designer) she steps back and takes it all in. She feels God's arms around her embracing her. Makes you tear up huh? So I want to thank Julie and Dan for posing and taking this picture. I'm geting lots of financial miles out of it.

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July 14, 2007

week in color::pink

april07 015.jpg

april07 190.jpg

feb07 027.jpg

june 07 072.jpg
Pink seems to be visiting me often these days. I think primarily it's because if my pink paint pen. I love that thing.

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week in color::red

july 07 086.jpg

may07 225.jpg

march07 305.jpg
Red is wonderful, lets celebrate it!

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July 13, 2007

Week in Color:: Oranges

july 07 084.jpg

june 07 139.jpg

june 07 010.jpg

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July 12, 2007

color catch up

april07 060.jpg

july 07 021.jpg

june 07 128.jpg

july 07 068.jpg

I just had to play along, and play catch up. I mean, my kids are still napping and I got to clean my floors. A little time wasting on the blog is deserved.

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July 2, 2007

Thick Summer Home

july 07 008.jpg
With these days and nights of activity I have to plan time for the monotonus and practical. But I think that my exhaustion, although never fun, makes me joyful for the days and years ahead. There are things that need time to grow. There are things that must be tended and cultivated. There are things that need to be pruned. Pruning hurts, and takes self control. But all this analogy to say that I am happy, and to be a person of maturity I have been examining all this activity and working it out through my spirit. What does God want from me? How can I apply all that I know in my head and my heart to these days where I am meeting so many new people. How can I be important in their discovery of Jesus.

july 07 017.jpg
We took the jaunt down to Nightfall on Friday where we ran into Mark, Paige and Olivia. Dancing was prominent and delightful. On Saturday morning we went to Niedlovs and ran into a buncha friends. Joel took the kids to a movie and I worked on my art class signs and handouts.
july 07 025.jpg
Saturday night we spent with our old friends the Englishs, Rhudys, Dreckmyers and Andrew Lohr. Great food and good times. I hope that we can always get together and witness the goods and the bads in each others life. Most of all enjoy the fellowship that God intends for all of us. It's with these friends that I learn about what is truly important. They help me realize that the best position to be in is on my knees.

And we rounded out our weekend with a Jefferson Heights cookout on Sunday night. We played hookie from church so we could meet and greet more neighbors and stand out on the rain drinking Coronas. Josiah got some mighty swollen feet as he found an ant pile to stand in. All the boys found that romping and throwing rocks around the swale was more fun than the muddy playground (thank God we'll get a new one soon). Amber and I giggled about how we felt nerdy wanting to meet some of the artist super-stars that just happen to live in our neighborhood. It's funny, but it's cool. It was so worth it. What a broad mixture of people, it's really fascinating to sit back and watch.

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June 9, 2007

Who's your Midwife?

No y'all. I'm not pregnant. But I do request the services of a midwife for well, just the purposes of womanly things. So you Chattanooga women, who do you recommend? It's been 5 years since I've seen someone for check ups in this town and I need a good review. It'd be nice if I didn't have to go out to Gunbarrel Rd. Thanks dudes.

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June 6, 2007


june 07 050.jpg

june 07 052.jpg
We've been fellowshipping with these young people from church the past two days. On Monday we had a get together at Tara's and last night we had our kick-off small group get together. Way fun. Our kids loved it too. And after eating awesomely good cheeseburgers (at least they tasted awesome because I was starving!) We played a make-shift bocce ball game in the park across the street. Chris the third Reich took these pictures of us crammed on our front porch. The fellowship took turns toward church tradition, worship, secular music with redemptive qualities, and what/when salvation took place in our lives. It's funny to those of us raised in the church that you can speak of these things in a safe way while drinking margaritas on a Tuesday night. It reminds me of the small group I was in at 22 and how fertile the ground was for integrating a comfortable, feast-like get together with many talks of the Spirit, prayer, family, relationships, sex, pop culture and life calling. It's what community is all about. It isn't pleasant to sit in a cold Sunday school room and try to get to know each other. If I can be the one who opens my home to people in the "after college-early career-before marriage-early marriage" category and give them a homey place that isn't 'Mom and Dads' I'll gladly take that role.

june 07 034.jpg
Now on the flip-side I've had to address some neighborhood kids this past weekend that I was hoping wouldn't be this uncomfortable.

Continue reading "Fellowshipping"

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May 24, 2007

Dog Tired

may07 227.jpg

Happy, overwhelming, satisfying exhaustion.

may07 228.jpg

A million places to explore, a buncha projects to do: art and home. The reunion with my beloved couch brings the kinda sleep that forces you into load bearing clumsiness. Oh Lord, help me to use this time to the fullest.

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April 10, 2007

More to Show and Tell

april07 059.jpg
The Bird Pair I'm working on...

april07 062.jpg
A hat that I botched the bill on, but the part in this picture is pretty...

april07 122.jpg
And the beetle commission that is the first in line these days.

And we have an agreement for our Marietta house! Joel and I wish we were more celebratory. Offers and counter-offers suck. Home sales is hard. We listed this house for 10K more than we sold it for. When we walk away from this sale we won't quite have enough to pay off our home equity debt. But it's over, the waiting, the wondering the continual desire to make the house seem better. It's over!! Yeah!! We will close on our new house on April 30th, maybe a little before. We will close on the old house on May 15th. What a way to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary, closing on our old house, finally! We are thankful, we're also entering into a very fast paced month. I hope I can have some time to breathe. I have to get my course descriptions for my fall art classes in by the end of this week. And I have stuff to do for the Clothesline Show. Ohhhhh, way too much to do.

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April 5, 2007

Therapy of Springtime

april07 023.jpg
Thanks to those of you who read my sorrowful sigh yesterday. I'm glad I didn't go into everything because that will be reserved for those of you who talk to me in person. Which alot of you got to do last night! Whew! We were joking about how the St. Elmo Playground is a meeting place, a gathering if you will for the whole community. How they need a web-cam there so we can tune in and catch up on what's going on. It's refreshing knowing that there are lots of adults watching over all the kids. Josiah got to play with the Cooleys and Cat came and chased all the boys up the big BIG hill. We got to see the Ferris' and the Sweets. It was so therapeutic. I forgot all the reasons I thought something was wrong when I saw Josiah ask and respond to kids he knew and didn't know with smiles hugs chasing, sliding etc. I am glad I'm not the only mom who has these worries. I guess that's pretty obvious. We played until darkness made Eden's tiny form invisable and we came home full of spring sunshine. The kids slept good and so did I.

***A COUPLE ANNOUNCEMENTS!! Easter Egg Hunt with North River Vineyard this Saturday at Coolige Park!!! Bring all the kids you know! It starts at 11am with games and ends with the hunt around 12:45-1pm!

Check me out in the latest edition of In the City magazine. I cannot find it in print anywhere yet, and it's the 4th, 5th?? But you can check it out online at In the City's website! Eden's portrait is published!!****

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April 1, 2007

If I could build a playground...

march07 269.jpg
We schmoozed with a friendly Sarah Morgan, representative of the Lyndhurst foundation during the art show on Friday and she told us if we had any suggestions for the Jefferson Street Park and playground. I said I would love to give them notes! So Amber and I need to get together and petition. What would you want? Have you seen something at your local playground that you love?Help me out Y'all!

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February 16, 2007

If you Believe

feb07 160.jpg
If you believe that God can heal than pray for Him to heal me!! I am on my second cold since Christmas and this time it came with pink eye. Yum! I went to the Dr today and I got the info that I was sure I would get. Prescription for eye drops and some kind of antibiotic. My dad pleaded with me to go to the Dr.
I sat in the curtained off section and many feelings raced back to me. All the memories of sitting waiting for things to happen. The prints hanging in the midwife's office, the charts with different birth control methods. Really, the most time I've ever spent in Dr's offices is either taking care of or preventing pregnancy (BTW congrats Green's on little Naya's arrival!). Those are definately better than what I was doing today. I stared at the empty chair across from my paper covered perch and I honestly pictured Jesus there sitting across from me. I have felt so helpless and wrung out, and I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a lot of helping hands to make the kids feel loved. I sat in that empty space, sterile with clinic wear n tear, and I wanted to lay down on that paper sheet and take a nap. I don't think the N.Prac. would have minded. That's the medicine I need more than anything, NAPS. Going to bed at 9pm isn't the answer, it's short recharges all day long. But more than anything, I want to understand why I've been sick and what I need to do to keep sickness at bay. I don't want it to just happen to me, I want to claim control, because God has plans for me. Am I having a Job moment? Or am I being attacked and needing some prayer warriors by my side? It never hurts to have some.

feb07 161.jpg
These make the coughing and sore throat not so bad. I get to sip my breakfast tea and look at my V-day roses. I love my Joel. We get to share Pink Eye together!

feb07 169.jpg
And here's my new bird WIP. Waiting for me to get well. And say so long to Cookie and Little Finch, they found a home in Brooklyn.

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February 14, 2007


feb07 141.jpg
Oh how much I love you all. Thank you for your kind words. I needed so much to use my blog as my journal just then, and I felt a huge sigh of relief after writing it all out. And then my studly, sexy knight in shining armour (Joel that is--he's kissing me on the head right now) swoops in and handles all our immediate bill problems and does so with a calm in-charge sorta way. I'm a lucky woman.
feb07 142.jpg
You remember these little beauties from last year! I love them, they make me so happy. And I'd love for them to make you happy. But I want to give them to the lurkers. Those of you that read my blog all the time and never comment, or comment very rarely. So if you haven't commented in, oh, a week go ahead and comment now and I will email you for your mailing address and send you a loverly heart mobile made my me! The first 5 commenters that is. This is a challenge for me because I'm sure some of you lurkers still won't comment, so come on! Prove me Wrong!
feb07 146.jpg
I mean, these things are so cute. I'll send them blank, so you can give them away again, or hang it in your home and watch the breeze spin it around.

feb07 148.jpg
And speaking of love, I received a sweet Valentine from Molly Goatwax today in the mail. It has a special place of honor:
feb07 147.jpg
Next to the Dr Suess 4th birthday card from Uncle Nathan and Aunt Laura. Red-fish, Blue-fish, but not-as-fun-as-you-fish!!!

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January 21, 2007

Paying for It

jan07 134.jpg
We've had quite an adventurous weekend. Well it was actually just Saturday. And man we are paying for it. Ugh. But when I was feeling beyond exhausted this afternoon and thinking I was going to skip church, I thought about if it was wrong to do any of the things we did yesterday. And I deduced that God wanted us to do it all in a very short amount of time. And I'm here to tell about it.

We met with Caroline, our bitchin' real estate agent, to look at one of the homes in Jefferson Heights. Not the one we're buying, but one that's more finished. We wanted to look at the materials we were picking out on a grander scale to make sure we liked it. All this is so exciting, I can't reiterate that enough. What an amazing occurance, the revamping of the southside. So we are hanging out in the house for a while and the builder comes in with a potential buyer. Turns out its a friend of mine from highschool! Crazy. Justin was like,"Katie you don't recognize me do you?" That's when the lightbulb turned on. Joel said, as we went to romp on the playground,"How much more likely is he to buy this house knowing we're 2 houses down?" Pretty cool knowing your neighbors.

After a futile trip to the lighting store and finding the tile store was closed we got our little family home. Joel and I planned to go to the TenShow, a graphic design juried show. This show was in an old A.M.E. church that Cessna Decosimo owns. The ambiance was incredible! The art was great! And the turnout was totally insane. So many bodies. I'd like to think they were all here to look at sweet graphics and support the reviving of Main Street but there was free booze. Booze=Turnout. Amazing paper-like light fixtures hung in the center of the main rooms. They were beautiful and I should have taken a bunch more shots of the one in the main room.
jan07 131.jpg
The best part of this show was that we got reconnected with old friends and met some new ones. John Sweet was serving his awesome bread with Dice mingling about. Met some of our new neighbors Christie and Butch, and met Caroline's husband, we hope to get them outta Ringgold and into Jefferson Heights! Ran into Mason, one of Kirk's highschool friends. Mason is fixing up a house on Mitchell Ave. I mean, how amazing is this.
jan07 130.jpg
Mason's dream is to finance some sort of market on the Southside. I'm all for it, down with Bi-Lo and Walmart!! Finally met blogging creative cohorts Mark and Amber Cooley, great to come full circle on these relationships! But the best surprise by far was to learn that D-Master, Darren 'the Birdie' was in town to wish cousin Brian a happy wedding.
jan07 135.jpg
We mosied down to the Pickel Barrel to catch up and ended up travelling to LaMarr's and closing them down at 3am. So again I say UGH. But great fun was had by all. Joel and I along with Cat and her brother Aaron bonding over PBR with Darren was so worth the groaning. I really believe that it's all part of building community.

As Bucky reminded us at church tonight, community is what the church is for. I am so looking forward to seeing what God will do with the Southside of Chattanooga. I wonder what our little family has to contribute. And the fact that the motto/theme of all this is 'Revival Main' and it begins in a church building, I don't think it's just a play on words. I think there is power in what's going on. It's very important to follow that money. Because no matter who is writing the checks, it all belongs to God.

"There's a lot of money out there, and God wants to give it to us!" SpC

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December 27, 2006

Color Play with Joy

Eden got a helium tank for Christmas. I also discovered the color accent effect that Cat has been playing around with. Here's a video with the effect that I just love. Kinda sums up the magic of our every day holiday.

dec06 292.jpg
Eden and grandpa with yellow balloon.
dec06 291.jpg
Josiah, Joel with green.

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December 18, 2006

Why the web is great

dec06 098.jpg
dec06 101.jpg
Thanks to J-nette I found another tasty gadget. Everyone try it!!
Call 1 641 955 7500 then punch in this code *2592542

I'll give you a topic to discuss amoungst yourselves: Creative Arts Guild of Dalton has my piece Good Morning on their site for the Holiday Show! Yeah! Any press I get is awesome. I'm going to print the page right now!

Get Your Own Voice PlayerManage

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November 7, 2006

Blog Fodder is Goooood

chair and shoes.jpg

What have you done: mine are in bold....

01. Bought everyone in the bar a drink
02. Swam with wild dolphins
03. Climbed a mountain
04. Taken a Ferrari for a test drive
05. Been inside the Great Pyramid
06. Held a tarantula
07. Taken a candlelit bath with someone
08. Said “I love you” and meant it
09. Hugged a tree

10. Bungee jumped
11. Visited Paris
12. Watched a lightning storm at sea
13. Stayed up all night long and saw the sun rise
14. Seen the Northern Lights

15. Gone to a huge sports game (and survived the crush afterwards)
16. Walked the stairs to the top of the leaning Tower of Pisa
17. Grown and eaten your own vegetables
18. Touched an iceberg
19. Slept under the stars
20. Changed a baby’s diaper
21. Taken a trip in a hot air balloon
22. Watched a meteor shower

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October 27, 2006

The John Hughes Movie I wanted to be in

(and my shirt says "A city built on Rock N Roll would be structurally unsound)
oct 06 263.jpg
So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool..

Opening Credits:
"The Celibate Life" The Shins.

Waking Up:
"When it was Over" Sara Groves

First Day At School:
"Improv" 1000 Portraits & Waterdeep

Falling In Love:
"Something" The Beatles
Very fun coinsedence!

Breaking Up:
"Not Dark Yet" Bob Dylan
Also a good choice by the POD

"Harvest Moon" Neil Young
This probably WAS playing at my prom, freakin hippies.

Life's OK:
"Hold Me" Fleetwood Mac

Mental Breakdown:
"Nice Time" Bob Marley
This made me laugh out loud

"Please Me Like You Want To" Ben Harper

"Enemy Fire" Ryan Adams

Getting Back Together:
"Big Lie, Small World" Sting

"Carey" Joni Mitchell
Awwww, I love this song!

Birth of Child:
"It Takes a lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry" Bob Dylan

Final Battle:
"Once in Royal David's City" Sufjan Stevens
Again, laughter. Christmas music!

Death Scene:
"Love is No Big Truth" Kings of Convienence

Funeral Song:
"All these Things that I've Done" The Killers
Very lame, what can I say.

End Credits:
"We Shall Not be Moved" Dan Zanes
When we're playing banjos we shall not be moved!

TAG! You're It:
Kirk, Andrea, Jeanette and both Perkins.

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October 8, 2006

Pure Adult Silliness

So I have no pictures of my art show. Oops. I just have pictures of Joel's high school reunion. Sorta. Jesse, Christopher and Jason came out to my art reception and we all hung out after at the Earl. It was really cool. We're all about to be 30, or are already that. Most of us have kids. We had a couple youngsters hanging out with us, you know those 26 yr olds. They all shared stories and our faces hurt from laughing. I have memories with these people too. Not many, but some. Christian I spent the most time with, he's in Miami. They were warm and comfortable. I am happy to let Joel reminesce and listen to them laugh, re-tell old jokes, talk about people I don't know because it makes my husband even more endearing. It's like meeting the boy I fell in love with again. It makes me confident that I am a secure wife who loves to see what was before her. I have no fear of who Joel knew before. We've had 10 years together and that's bigger and overall more important, but this time that these people share is one that Brat-Packs are created for. They had a mini Breakfast Club time. They have different beliefs, went to different schools, have different garbage, it's rich, it's life. I like being the center, I admit it. But what a change to have these folks meet at my art opening. I am glad I had an event they could all join together for.

Take the Which Character Am I? Quiz

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August 29, 2006

Friends 4 Ever


Thank you my friends, my family. You have been around for so long and every morsel you give me is beautiful jewelry I wear with pride. Thanks blogworld, I hope you don't think I am not grateful for what I have, I am. So grateful. I have to express it more often. I express it with mail and picking up a paint brush and singing along to the music.

So thanks, and I will post something happier, funnier, well written and with nice photos soon so you can have a mini vacation from your dishes, your cubicle, your paperwork, your drive home and laugh with me at how special it is to be connected via the www and most importantly connected by Jesus.

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August 20, 2006


Ugh, I've been ignoring meme invites for too long. Sarah has a great book one, but I never read! I can use that with great honesty, I never read. Well, nothing without pictures these days. Even the Bible I read daily has pictures (thanks Sarah!) Andrea has a fun one too. But this one I thought I could do, but man, it's taken alot of effort!!

1) What is a movie that changed the way you think and act? Or just got you thinking, if the first question is too intimidating.The Fisher King. I was 15 and was introduced to it by a wierd boyfriend. Besides Robin Williams being extremely funny and perfect for the role of Parry, the movie is full of literary illusions, symbols and hilarious character development. It was in NYC which made it magical all by itself. It influenced me by reminding me that I loved the strange and ecletic in people. That I believe being smart makes you cool. It reminded me that literature and art very much intertwines with your everyday.

2) It's a late autumn evening and rainy and cold, What do you have for dinner/snack? What movie do you pop in the DVD player?
Old school popped on the stove popcorn. Big Lebowski (if the kids are asleep) can't you just dig that Bob Dylan song right now? Nemo (if kids are awake, and only then).

3) You are off to wee Himalayan hamlet for a year, your laptop hard drive can hold one film. What will it be?
Yeah, I'd hafta agree with Kirk, Lord of the Rings. Mostly because I was in a wee Scandinavian wintery place when I read all three books and saw the 1st film, so it's kinda hard to remove that. I would describe how awesome it was to have such appropriate visuals during that time but that's too much of an ear-full right now. But if it were the Himilayans maybe Crouching Tiger would be more culturally relevant. I mean it is pretty beautiful.

4) What movie made you laugh the hardest? What movie made you cry?
Rushmore, Bill Murray is a riot. Big Lebowski again, the ferret in the tub, ohhhh I laughed so hard, the poor folks that went with me. I think Andy M was one, he just kinda got a nervous laugh goin' when I couldn't stop uncontrollably laughing. Mr. Deeds, oh my goodness John Turturro! Meet the Parents, oh yes.
Life is Beautiful made me cry, so did Dancer in the Dark, Finding Neverland totally surprised the H out of me, I bawled.

5) Favorite actor (female, male)?
I like Scarlet Johanssen, Julia Roberts, Mary Stuart Masterson, Julianne Moore, just to name a few.
I like John Cusack, Robert Deniro, Orlando Bloom (yummy), Owen Wilson, and yeah, Johnny Depp. just a few.

6) What book or story would you like to see made into a film or what book do you love that could never be made into a film?
Well I haven't read that many books, but I can imagine that My Name is Asher Lev would get butchered on film.

7) What is a movie that immediately after you watched it, you wish you hadn't? Kids, High Art, Seven, Candyman, Horseman on the Roof.

8) Do you read movie reviews? Before, after, never? Whose reviews do you find the best? Are you an analyzer?I don't read reviews but Joel does, so we end up seeing what he wants to see most. But I take a lot from trailors and I try to keep up with what directors like are doing.

9) What movie do you think is a must see, but that you can only recommend with caveats? What movie do you really like, but can only recommend with caveats?First of all I had to look up what "caveats" was. Kirk, you NMS!! Well, the most recent occurance of me recommending a movie that was terribly rebuffed was with Joel's cousin. I recommended V is for Vendetta.I mean the Wachowski Bros?! I thought it was a good movie, interesting and all but NOT for her. She likes musicals. oops. True Stories I mean, this movie is classic and funny. The music is really cool and nerdy at the same time, but not for Joe Moviegoer. It truly is a cult classic. Baraka is a full length documentary that is beautiful!!! But this is no Friday night movie. There is no dialogue, just soundtrack. I have witnessed many fall asleep during this film, it is quite mesmorizing. It will make you want to travel the moment it ends.

10) What movie do you most wish to share with your friends? Well, most of my friends have seen the movies I have already, but a few that would fall into that catagory would be: Pollock, Curious George, Murderball, Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

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June 23, 2006

Orange Buds

eliana in headband.bmp
Look at my adorable second cousin Eliana! Her beautiful baby 'fro is being held back by a Katie Ward Knutson original wool felt headband. I am sooooo sad I missed meeting her and my cousin Joel's wedding this past weekend.

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June 22, 2006

White Cars

june 06 124.jpg
I had a plan for this shirt and then it got a little screwed up (the lettering on the front) and now I'm not quite sure. So many little boys. There's Ezra, Ellis, Jack, all the Perkins, the two Gienapps (well, it's too small for Damien), Caleb, I mean I'm sure I'm missing some other little boys that could fit into a 24 month tee. It's just not quite right to sell. I guess I need to come up with a plan....
More t-shirt pics and stencil pics here

But for color theme insanity here's to white:
june 06 130.jpg
june 06 129.jpg
june 06 132.jpg
We got it for a great price and have taken it in for a check up, but so far we're happy with our decision. I'm a little nervous that something will be wrong when we get the "post-buy" report but still. When I remember that some people spend 25K for a car I'm glad mine was a tiny fraction of that. I'm glad we can OWN it today.

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June 16, 2006

the walking red

june 06 086.jpg
So my girl is officially walking. It's so different second time around. I could go into all the many ways that she is growing up and leaving baby-hood behind, but I will keep it short, I have a painting to start. She's truckin' along escpecially in places that are interesting like by the swimming pool, the playground, the Fairy Tale Ball at the Cobb Co Library... It's wonderful. So here's the walking red head for the last day of celebrating color. My little carrot top Eden B.

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June 15, 2006


june 06 027.jpg
Thursday is blue. we have a lot of blue at our house. 3 rooms in our house are blue, kinda by default. But we are all blue-eyed, I'm the greyest of the bunch. Everywhere I go I get "Look at those eyes!" because my two kids have Joel's clear blues. Thanks Scandinavia. People forget my eyes are blue. I come from a family where I was the odd-ball. I was the only blue-eyed. I must say I love the deepness of dark brown eyes, eyes you can stare into and never see the bottom. But my blue eyed kids have a fresh spring water look to them that will never go away. Like those shallow pools you can see the bottom of. I love how they are contrasting with the orange in there hair. As Josiah sat in a room with about 35 other children at the library's story time I looked at his little strawberry blonde head right in the middle and the part of me that always wants to be different and unusual was bursting with pride. How I love having kids you can spot at the playground just because of their hair color! I imagine it will fade, Eden's may stick around a bit longer who knows. But as long as my trigger happy finger is snappin' their youth up pixel by pixel I will remember the contrast. The blues and the oranges, they are permanent, no assembly required, a lifetime warranty.

All my hard work searching has paid off. I have found two things I've wanted forever at great prices, great condition and in ONE PLACE, just 15 minutes from my house! I got a Sit-N-Stand stroller and a bike trailor with stroller attachment, both for under $150!! The Sit-N-Stand is going to be a wonderful addition. Josiah knew just what to so with it when we tried it out. The trailor was a bit rough, much pushing and screaming for a bit, but once I got it moving all was well in the world! Rejoice with me! Now, let's pray about that Previa....

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may 06 309.jpg
Wednesday was grey, so I'm playing catch up. This is the Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA. It was pretty quiet on Memorial Day weekend down there. It's where the LA Symphony Orchestra performs the Aladdin theme song. Yeah, that's all I can think of when I see an concert hall with Disney in the title. I'm sure they are very talented musicians that have much merit and play more than Disney theme songs. My love/hate relationship with Disney continues.

When you think of grey you think of dull, boring, cloudy. But this grey is shining, brilliant, polished steel. A thrilling grey, a natural raw beautiful grey. A silver that burns your retina to look at it. A grey that deserved a few photos.

Thanks for all your encouragement guys! Good to know that I'm not alone in all this blur. I'll let everyone know when the butterfly onesies are in progress, I'm still cutting out the stencils.

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June 14, 2006


may 06 214.jpg
Tuesday was brown. Here's my steamed dumpling with ginger. I love these little guys! You pop them in your mouth and all these lucious juices come a flowin'! I was such a dork taking pictures of my food, but when it's so unusual for you to eat it and to be out at all, let alone out in LA! I mean, I was gonna live it up and had no pride. I know the locals were talking and seeing how wierd I was, so what. It's a pretty dumpling!

Sorry for the short and sporratic posts. I'm actually trying to get things done. But I promise a more thoughtful post hopefully with pictures of progress.

But to bullet a few things:

--We're finishing up little projects like getting rid of ugly light fixtures, painting doors, razoring paint off windows, replacing tacky linoleum (although this is a cool idea too), and cleaning (I haven't washed my floor yet, it's hard to get motivated when it's dirty 5 minutes after).

--I've gotten a commission for a painting and that should pay nicely, now to get motivated to paint again. It's so hard.

--I'm now the one contributing to the thrift stores. I have been making trips every other day to give back to the thrift store. Mostly stuff I didn't get there before. I'd do freecycle, but it's burned me too often. I hate No Shows!

--We ARE going to have a Toyota Previa in 7 days, I am certain. I am also trying to find a good stroller, the umbrella stroller is just driving me crazy! I feel like a homeless person with all there belongings lumped together on the back of this little spindley thing.

--So yeah, our "plan" is for Joel to go to school at Covenant in the fall. How this will work we have no idea. Will we still live here? Will we be able to sell our house before August (miracle!). And most importantly, Joel needs a new source of employment, this is the biggest test of faith yet. I am officially calling us crazy.

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June 13, 2006


june 06 080.jpg

Color week, maybe I'll do them all, maybe not. But while rummaging through old art supplies, mostly beads, I found one of my 3D design projects. I made her in an ivory glass, she's my venus. I'm thinking of selling her on etsy.

tuesday is brown.

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April 24, 2006


april 06 095.jpg
Whew! So many things to write about so I'll try to recap quickly! For those family members reading, Eden's birthday list is at the bottom of this post.
april 06 110.jpg
Art of Dining was Friday night and I found out kinda last minute that it was this past weekend. To last minute to find another babysitter, and since Joel had a ten page paper to write and Ari has done so much for me I took Ari! It was very applicable for her since she is in school studying AIDS research, and she loves art! It was so fun, but I feel I have forgotten how to socialize. I was in a blur, like "what do I do in this scenario?" Plenty of my classmates were there, and after Ari had to leave I hung out with Lauren and we were sorely disappointed that the live auction was not more exciting and heated. My little plate sold for $80 in the silent auction!! So cool. It got 3 bids. My other classmates had some excellent entries. Especially Alissa, Josh, Lauren and Brea.

Lauren is starting a gallery in Canton and heck fire I'm gonna have work there!

Ari and Tim came over to play our new game on Saturday night. It was fun actually getting to talk with Ari and not just shout over little kid noise. Josiah does not share attention or toys very often. It was hilarious as Tim and I dodged controversy and Joel and Ari went for each others throat. Let's just say we have different opinions on public education. But it's nice to have some gameing/art/drinking buddies now that the Perkins are headed for potato country.
april 06 112.jpg
Gideon turned 3 this past week and we had a great ruckus at his house with the cousins and neighborhood kids. Happy Birthday Gid! We'll miss all those boys so much. I tried to soak up some Isaac and Phineas time too.

Sunday I did what I usually do, and I tried to work on paintings. But where did I put my staple gun! Argh! I have been battling with Celebrate Beauty all semester and I had this crazy idea to crop it. I brought empty stretchers to class and told Robert and class that I'd like to crop it and they thought that was an excellent idea. I'm kinda bummed that I couldn't pull off the whole photo, I kinda feel like I failed Brent who actually took the photo. I still have dellusions that I might fulfill the whole composition on seperate canvases.

The Weigers have commited to purchase "Be Still" and Skip has been harassed by his wife to buy a couple pods. Get 'em while their hot folks!

I have found some hot opps on craigslist atlanta. I have an appointment for this restaurant by Candler Park next week. I can't wait to show there! Sounds great!

Here's a site I have only begun to scratch the surface of: www.callingmarcel.com

KSU Student show has it's opening this thursday. Be Still, Metro 3 and Lioness are entered, we'll see what gets in.

Eden's birthday list:

Continue reading "Rest?"

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April 5, 2006

Another distraction, Another Meme

The Five Must Have's Meme:

In my fridge:
1. Milk. The skinny kind for me, the not so skinny for everyone else.
2. Something green. Brocolli, spinach, lettuce (the green kind). Avocado (not always in the fridge)
3. Apple juice for Josiah
4. Beer for Joel
5. Tofu. These days Eden will eat it with assorted marinades.

In my closet:
1. Jeans. I look good in them, so there they are.
2. My black studded belt.
3. Hoodies. Those for home and those for going out.
4. Shoes. All over the place. I never thought of myself as a shoe whore, but since the thrift stores are so good, I've found some cuties. From my Rocket Dogs, to my corduroy Doc boots, to my Dr. Scholls wooden sandles...
5. Target Tees is various colors.

In my purse:
1. wallet
2. phone
3. shades. although my cheapo pair just broke. My Eyes!!!
4. lotion
5. crackers for the kiddies
march 06 163.jpg
In my car:
1. ipod mini and adapter
2. two car seats. One of which will be replaced very soon.
3. Two empty Starbucks cups. One for water, one for latte that I had on my morning drive.
4. stroller and baby back pack.
5. And now that it's spring, picnic blanket!!

In my Tivo:
Well, I don't have a Tivo (thank God, or I'd be in a bad way) we are online DVD junkies. So all the TV shows are on disc whenever we want to watch em.
1. Law and Order (the original only baby!)
2. Office (the British kind IS the best although we are Steve Corbell fans)
3. That 70's show reruns
4. art 21
5. Seinfeld, of course.

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March 27, 2006

For Andrea

march 06 157.jpg
I saw this on one of my treks to downtown ATL and I thought of Ms. Hula70 who had a small but fulfilling post. Sending love through thr bloglines for her visions.

And might I send a thanks to my fans who gave me much support and some insight to my traumatic Chuck Close experience. I will be going to the High on Thursday to fill a felt shoes order and hopefully SEE the WHOLE exhibit this time WITH the kiddos. Here's some of the comments:

we went to this exhibit with the kids on saturday. the high has a family audio tour with the exhibit, and there were numerous kids around. perhaps it was just chuck himself that did not want to meet with kids?from Amy.

Mr. Close hates just about everyone as far as I can tell. I was once on a security detail to pick him up from the train station to recieve his complementary doctorate from the art school. and he was as unpleasant as could be. But, he is also in a wheelchair and may be in great pain.from Molly.

Is that Chuck Close in the painting scowling at the kids?
Just don't get yourself arrested........
from Daddy-O.

Props to my college buddy AndyM who took this lovely shot of my other college buddy Erin. Check out his whole set to see more folks and Jerah and Matt's beautiful boy Perrin.

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February 27, 2006

Five things

february 186.jpg
One: I painted. Celebrate Beauty continues to progress. I am excited about this piece more than I thought. It takes much time to wait and think, but I feel it will be equivalent to Lifeblood in a new chapter of my work.
Two: I got my eyes checked. I thought I was losing my ability to see far away but after I parted with a small sum of money I found out my eyes are just fine. sheesh. I guess I'm just tired.
Three: I met Phineas Cobb Perkins, and he tried on his new shoes.
february 200.jpgfebruary 201.jpg
Four: I watched my boy giggle at Curious George. And I giggled a little bit too. It was fun to watch him dive into the huge popcorn bowl, but it wasn't fun to clean up all his barf at 5am from eating too much of it. Ewwww, it made all our tummy's feel gross.
Five: We finally finally finally painted our stairwell so it's uniform and free of lady bug poop trails. If only our pretty new IKEA fixture wasn't broken when we opened it last night.

Thanks to kath red for the great idea. What did you do on the weekend? One thing, or five?

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February 23, 2006

I love Thursdays

ebay 025.jpg
Joy has been telling everyone what she loves throughout the month of February. And everyone was so jazzed by her experiment that we've all started another day of celebration. The "I love" Thursdays. It seems fun enough. I mean don't we all share this stuff on these blogs things anyway? So my first entry is: I love making gifts. These little beauties are for Phineas Perkins. Lynn picked out which colors she liked and I quick made them this afternoon. They're so tiny!! But since my boys feet are like off the charts, I guess anything looks tiny. I guess if they get too small I can whip up another pair before the end of May. I love making something that goes so perfectly for someones situation. I hate coming to Christmas time and not having the perfect thing. And I could go without any gifts for myself if I knew I had scored the bestest present ever for someone and with little or no moola. Having small kids definately prevents me from making as many little things as I want, but on the flip-side, having small kids gives me an excuse for making groovy little things like wool felt slip on shoes!

A little bit of joy in a few wool felt scraps! Here's the bottoms:
ebay 026.jpg
Not so hot with how they came out, but with the felt pilling I think they will be less bold in a little while. They are puff painted on, which gives the non-skid effect cuz we know that Phin is going to have to learn how to run pretty fast to keep from getting love tackled by his brothers.

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January 31, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Ten days after the WTC was hit by airplanes and fell to a big ash all over NYC Joel and I left with most of our life to go to Bergen Norway. Maybe for good. We weren't happy in Chattanooga, we didn't have a church we felt united too, and we are crazy.
norway at 330.jpg
Our house at 3:30 pm in January. Bye, bye sun!
We spent the autumn there and then came home for Christmas. We went back for the bleak dark winter and the extraordinary spring. It was a life changing experience.
We lived with family there and had to share one bathroom for 5, sometimes 7 adults. We rode a bus for an hour to and from the city where we attended a Bible school that was taught in Norwegian. So yes, we had to understand Norweigan (at least Biblical Norwegian) to understand our teachers. Everyone was so so so kind and we gained some very good friends.
I write to a couple of them still. Before we were staring down our visa deadline and with money running out, we tried to find a way to stay in Bergen. But then Joel found a peace, a peace that told him to go back to Atlanta. After all, his parents were working on leaving for Manilla for good and it would give us a chance to help them, bond, whatever. Then three weeks before we left I was feeling mighty sick. I barfed all day long. I thought I had a bug but no, the test said positive. Oh man, those Norwegian pregnancy tests were expensive! No $4.99 versions at Target. We were so happy, no panic at all. Even with 30 hours of international travel ahead of us with all our belongings (including 2 bikes in boxes). No money and barely any place to live. Oh yeah, and our insane-o Covenant buddies talked us into going to Cornerstone Fest that year too. We survived and quite happily I might add. Josiah made it, all 9 lbs 12 oz abotu 9 months later. One of our teachers said we should tattoo "Made in Norway" on him somewhere. Hmmm, maybe someday.

But in those days of great teaching, self realization, and wet wetness and dark I kept a very loyal scrap journal that tells the best story of me while I was there. I can't put them all up here but I'll slowly add them to my flickr I guess. Here's a page for you, a true self portrait of Katie the artist, the seeker of Jesus' heart, the soon to be mother, finding a peace that I never knew was possible in a place very beautiful and dear to me.
bless encourage.jpg

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January 24, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

ChattVall Studio.jpg
Theme is looking back, and oh boy this is where my sentimental juices get flowing because its before I had kids and what I did and thought about seemed so huge compared to my little world now. I lived in Chattanooga Valley, this was the Shop. Jeff's studio which he let me and Cat paint in. Many laughs and talks and smokes and beers. And some nice art too.
tractor CA.jpg
So what do you do when you live in Chattanooga Valley and you have no kids? You leave. A memorable trip to CA with Cat to visit her then BF Darren. Here we are riding his family's tractor in Templeton CA. Joel's behind the wheel. We were going fast! My poor bum!
Kate in CA.jpg
Beach combing I forget the name of the beach, it stared with an M. Help me out Cat.
Joel and Kate 2000.jpg
In front of a shiny red Gremlin in Santa Barbara? You can tell Joel got a haircut from his lovely wife. I've gotten better.
CA 2000.jpg
Joel's creative photography with D Masters Rebel.
with paintings 2000.jpg
Back in Chatty at a humble art show. I got my hair chopped on our 1st anniversary. Kinda miss it. That's a portrait of Jerah on my left and Community on my right. Jerah hangs at Joel's work if you want it tell me so. Community lives with the lovely Erin P in Brooklyn NY.
Next Week: After 9/11 we hopped a plane to Northern Europe for 9 months

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January 12, 2006

Matt Kirby?

So I'm doing my addictive web surfing and up pops this banner on my hotmail account. Is this not Matt Kirby? Am I going crazy? Can I get a witness?
january 06 060.jpg

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January 10, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

fran and kate.jpg
josiah w piano.jpg

A very important part of my childhood and my family to this day is music. Both my dad and my brother are professional musicians and my son is now totally in love with instruments. The top photo is Francesca (Kellogg) Thompson and I at her family piano. I remember it well. It was barely in tune and had that honkey-tonk sound all the time. And in their post Civil War house the sounds bounced off every wall. I'm guessing I'm around 2 1/2- 3 in this picture. And below is my son at 2 1/2 at Grandpa Jimmy's grand piano. Everyone that says Josiah looks more like Joel can take a look at these pics. He sure is my boy too!

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January 3, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

fam on couch.jpg
I've posted this picture before but since Self Portrait Tuesday's theme is "Looking Back" this picture is very appropriate.

This is my family on our couch back when I was....little. My brother is getting his life tickled out of him (love his chili-bowl haircut). My dad has those great huge round frames and skinny tie. My mom in her classic pose, reading. I'm smushed in the middle hiding in my secrect world with our cat like she was the only one who could understand me, whispering little sentences to her full of imagination. Secretly, I wanted to get tickled too. Who knows maybe I did seconds after this photo was shot. Fun times, just the four of us, and the cat.

My new little family got our picture taken for a New Year's letter thing that will go out, sometime. Trying to get us all looking in one direction is a feat, and it makes this picture even more rich to me. That my now serious daddy of a brother was a ticklish crazy boy like my son once upon a time. Who knows, maybe my brother would still giggle with glee if you got him just in the right spot. hehehe.

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December 20, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

december 098.jpg

On our ay back from Toddler Tuesday at the High Museum in ATL. Membership has it's rewards. Josiah (and I) got to make this waaay cool "lantern" that I think will just remain stained glass goodness.
december 093.jpgdecember 094.jpgdecember 095.jpg
The theme was Matisse and we did cut-outs of colored acetate and stuck them on contact paper. I could tell I wasn't going to get Josiah that interested in doing it himself right away so I started asking him what instruments he would want on it. Well we have a guitar (of course) a flying "v" guitar, a trumpet. I was going to try and do a piano too, but holding Eden and cutting out purple keys was too hard. The few I got on there made Josiah very happy. He would not part with it. I praised it up and down "Look how beautiful!!" He chose colors and loved it when I traced his hand. This is by far the best craft we have ever done at home or at various storytimes. The coolest part is that the colored bits are pieces of theatre cells. A sample book for lights. It's beautiful. *sigh*. Check it out here with notes.
december 099.jpg
Speaking of beautiful things: my daughter Eden B. is featured this week on an IKEA lovers site "Cuteness Attack!" check it out! Here she is watching her brother throwing pennies in the fountain:
december 096.jpg

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December 19, 2005

Active in the Season?

december 088.jpg
Could this be for you?

I spent the kids naptime on Saturday wrapping presents. The shopping bags behind the tree were beginning to look vague and I want to remember what's back there. Pretty bad huh?

I have not been feeling the joy lately. This past week was very hard to get out of a funk. I have so many projects rollin around in my brain but the time is precious. My kids don't nap at the same time, at least not this past week. That makes it hard. I felt trapped by the holidays. Weekly stuff for the kids gets cancelled, traffic is hell, shops are packed and it's too cold outside to play. All I want to do is stay at home and paint, sew and make yummy food. My kids don't tolerate these activities for more than an hour.

But then on Thursday my niece
was born and that gave me even more reason to get excited about Christmas. Travelling to St. Louis. New horizons, highway under my feet for miles. Travelling sounds worth it and good times lie ahead.
december 084.jpg
And then Friday even though we trudged through traffic, we made it to Marta and to the Hawks/Knicks game. It was fun to see the crowds and see Josiah so excited about all the activity. "Sir Topham Hat!" he shouts as the Marta driver announces the next stops. We chat with other Marta riders and sneak french fries and Cokes into the diaper bag.
december 086.jpg
The empty aisles and thundersticks kept Josiah free to roam and be loud, two of his favorite things. We missed the first half, I could tell Joel was irritated by that, but the point was to be out, as a family, and enjoy the sights. I mean, why do we live in Atlanta? Do be able to do these things on Friday night!

On Sunday we spent time as a family, examined our hearts and plans, we read advent passages and we had lunch at our local Metro Market. Definately some yummy food and deserves a repeat from friends who come to visit us. Last evening we went to the Worrell's and had a casual Christmas get together. All the kids were underfoot, the cookies flowed freely and fellowship was enjoyed.

This week I am looking to the home stretch of waiting for holiday to start. I am still waiting for several packages to arrive. YIKES! I've begun praying that they would miraculously arive. *Sigh*. Christmas will still be great without the super-dooper gifts. Maybe we'll have a third Christmas at New Year's!

december 065.jpg
I've put wool felt baby girl headbands up on etsy, and Kingpod sold to an art lover in France. Snatch 'em up everyone!
december 029.jpg

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December 13, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

spt 5.jpg

A dimpled playground mirror. It's not glass so it has that fake mirror fuzz goin' on. Love it. Josiah might be visable somewhere in the background.

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December 6, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

november 039.jpg

The waterfountain next to the big slide in Gainsville. Josiah loves waterfountains, and he spotted this one for me, all bright and shiny.

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November 25, 2005


november 010.jpg
Happy Thanksgiving from sunny, warm Gainesville FL! We're here visiting Joel's brother Nathan and his wife Laura. We're breaking their little home in for kids by envoking the wrath of Josiah the toddler in a 2 bedroom apartment. We had a great meal, Laura is a wonderful cook!
november 008.jpg
Joel bought Nathan a buncha games for his birthday, Christmas, marriage and all around geeking out. I have not been able to participate in most of the games since I have watercolor homework to do. The great thing about this homework is that it fits on less than half a table and you can chat while doing it! But anyway, we played Settlers of Catan Seafarer's last night and I frickin' won! Amazing.
november 017.jpg
november 012.jpg
Eden B. being the precious and delicate flower she is has not had an easy time of it here. Every time we go away for vay-kay she seems to have a little spell of sleeplessness. Here I am typing when I got maybe 4 hours last night, probably less. My kids are sucking years away from me just like that torture machine in Princess Bride. I think Eden has had a mulititude of difficulties. She's in the same room as her brother for naps. She has the sniffles. And I do believe she's in a growth spurt. At 2am last night she downed 4 oz of cereal. I spent the better part of last night on the couch with her. Reminds me of many nights with Josiah. So although I am enjoying visiting with family, family that we see so rarely, I look forward to putting my girl in her own bed with nothing to hinder her beauty sleep. And I must say it's working, I have a beautiful little girl. Sleeplessness and all.
november 020.jpgnovember 019.jpg
Sweet potato on my sweet pea in her new IKEA Antilop highchair (it rules!)

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November 22, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

ikes bday9.jpg
For this weeks identity SPT I am....a Dork. I mean, I tried to find some really cool artsy picture like last week, but truth is this really is me! I am brave to even post this picture (thanks Andy! I'll get my camera back tomorrow and I won't plagerize your shots anymore!) I want to dress up like all the kids and be funny. But the sad part is, the fact that you dress yourself up doesn't mean you'll look hot, let's face it, a baby is not always an attractive accessory. I realize this more and more as I go to school without my kids. I'm practically invisible when I have my kids, it's really strange getting these loaded "Hi's" from college guys and not just the gentlemanly door opening. I'm probably feeling a little bit silly today too since I spent a good part of last night painting a neked guy. First time since 98. You never forget your first time. See! I am a Dork! Wow. And no, Joel was not my model. It was some former USMC guy named Jeremy. Joel knew I was going to be having a model and last night he said, "Heh, you saw a neked person tonight." My husbands a dork too.

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November 15, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

september 079.jpg

SPT's November challenge is: Photos that show your identity. I am a jewelry wearer, and I love my great aunt's jade cuz it has history. And it's green! Dispite it's age, it has survived many tugs from little hands.

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November 8, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday and More!

october 113.jpgoctober 114.jpg
My hands after painting Be Still

My Prof is doing a series that involve changing gender roles of women using the Brownies as subject matter. But he wanted to get whatever illustrations he could get for this project that involved gender roles. I loaned him my Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. The book is an awesome resource, but the copy I have has these cheeesy pictures in it. some with great captions beneath. Needless to say, my book was a hit. Some other students just had to skim through the table of contents: When your nipples get sore, hmmmm. Brea and I just chuckled as we were the 2 in the class that are presently nursing. My prof said last week he thought the book was sexist because it's called "the Womanly Art..." He said he was going to write the "manly art". I just asked him if he planned on lactating any time soon. We all had a good laugh.

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November 3, 2005

U2 kids song

My brother sent me this the other day and as you probably know, Josiah thought it was da bomb! But any U2 lover, kids song singer, or Bush-basher would love this. Great way to start the day. Or in my case, several times in a row.

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October 27, 2005

fake birthday present

I received an itunes card for $50 in the mail. Needless to say I was pumped. No info attached at all, it looked like it was a present ordered from the website. I went to use it today, so jazzed at the pretty tunes I would be hearing in my ipod, when I plugged in the number it said it wasn't activated. I had to return to the retailer and get it charged up. Is anyone out there in blogland the mystery giver? If so email me please. Or am I the sucker in a marketing scam. There was absolutely no paperwork with it, what a mystery!

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October 25, 2005


Self Portrait Tuesday: October's theme is A Series

The "We tried to take a walk but it was too cold" Series.
Here, I finally figured out how to get effects with my digital.
october 125.jpg

october 133.jpg

october 135.jpg

october 142.jpg

october 128.jpg

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October 24, 2005

Art is the Reason for the Season

october 117.jpg

I finished this piece called "Be Still" on Thursday night before leaving for Chattanooga. It's a terrible 'middle of the night' digital, sorry. KStout needed it hung before the opening. I love it, it came out so great. The Modge Podge made the top all shiny and bright. It rocks. I'm hoping I have an opportunity to get a good photo of it. So maybe it won't sell right away.

Thanks to all you guys that came to the opening. Especially those who came when I wasn't there yet. Thanks Hatch's and Weigers! I know it's a bit nerve racking to bring kids to a non kid friendly zone. Marialice Hatch told me that her kids were about to have a melt down when they got to the gallery. KStout offered them Cokes and peace happened briefly. On the way out MA took her daughters cup of Coke cuz she was moving at a snail's pace and her daughter shrieked, "Mommy, don't take my beer!" Hilarious. I'm glad all you guys got to see my art in person, it represents much better.

All in all we had a fun time at the opening. I finally felt stress free. KStout seemed bummed. When I showed at 6:30 she was a little nervous that everyone had gone to dinner and we had an empty opening. Most of the folks that came to the opening were "my peeps". My sister-in-law Sarah came in all her gestational beauty, Aaron and Laurie Collier stayed for a while, and went home with the blue pods. My dad was there to snap photos with his disposable camera. It was awesome to see Fran and Aaron Thompson, my childhood buds are precious. My fourth grade teacher even came! Joel was the martyr. He took the kids to Susan Green's hoopla and then came by briefly to let me feed Eden before putting the kids to bed. He was at the opening for about 30 minutes chasing Josiah around most of the time. I hope KStout wasn't crazy by the time my kids left. Joel was bummed he didn't get to see the event. He did get to come and celebrate with me, Cat, her "date" Josh and Aaron and Laurie. We ate mouth watering Daniel Lindley food and weaseled our way into 2 free desserts. YUM.

KStout was not happy. I had nothing to lose really. My main goal is not to sell, sell, sell. It is her goal. I hope she is encouraged that the artwork will sell. I think it will. She said her main mistake was that she didn't put the opening in any of the papers. I really like Katie and I believe in her career as an art dealer just like she believes in me as an artist. Joel and I have been praying for her that she will be sucessful, not for our benefit, but so God can be glorified. This is my mission field. So let's get to it.

This weekend was also filled with other fun events. Sarah, my sister-in-law, had a brunch shower on Saturday. Her friends made these cute balloons for her little girls safari theme.
october 118.jpgoctober 120.jpg
I just about died they were so great. Josiah took one look at the elephant and yanked the trunk right off. Sarah got some great stuff. It was good to see Ms. Carrie Stewart. I haven't seen her in a long time.

Saturday night we headed down to the Mecca in Chickamauga to have a great bonfire with the Greens, the Perkins, and the Willisons. That's a total of 7 kids with a Phin on the way. We had enough room for all the kiddies. We were so proud of Josiah, Joel made him a pallette on the floor and he stayed there! Good Boy! It was a good time telling stories and planning for the future. It's crazy that we all are almost 30 and still feel like kids.

Me and the kids are at home today taking it easy. All my running around has given me the sniffles. I hope Eden wakes up soon so we can go for a walk in the great autumn weather. So back to the ol' grind. I have a watercolor project due on Halloween. 8 pictures of clouds, rain, fog and reflection. I don't want to be doing them in Helen. Where we're going next weekend. The fun never stops.
october 112.jpg

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October 19, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday...a little late

October's theme is A Series:

Completing the Watercolor assignment:
october 082.jpg

october 086.jpg

october 089.jpg

october 085.jpg

october 090.jpg

october 096.jpg

october 095.jpg

I'm still not done. I have to sleep. But no matter what, my drawing skills won't get better by morning. Thankfully, this paper has to dry a bit before I draw on it with a pen. I'm off of cloud 9 and back in reality to get critiqued tomorrow for these lop-sided watering cans.

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October 6, 2005

Today wasn't the day

Today wasn't the day to go up to Chattanooga. I tried. I tried to get on the ball and do stuff early but to no avail. I went to Target to get dipes and then headed off. I was lucky to hit the event of ATL drivers not knowing how to drive in the rain. Especially truck drivers. You would think that truck drivers would know that after we go a week without rain that they will have to drive more cautiously when it does. Both 75N and 75S were blocked by flipped over or jack-knifed tractor trailors. I sat for an hour and got to Cartersville, where after having a pleasent, bide-your-time stroller conversation with Kirk, I got off and went down 41 only to realize it was going to be a long haul. I stopped at the nearest BK and got Jos a happy meal. Fed Eden B. Then after getting back on 41 decided this was not going to work. It was already 2pm. So maybe while Joel enjoys the Falcons-Patriots game on Sunday I'll go up. I just hate screwing up family time while Joel is home to run errands in Chattanooga. I wanted to get stuff done early. But keeping my little kids out of dangerous traffic is more important. I am a working artist, but I am a harder working mama, and that's that.

Folks on Flickr really like the Pods I put in the negative space on Lioness. 4 people call it their "favorite". So I got an idea.
october 007.jpg
Forever ago I took some scrap canvas and "stretched it around blocks of wood left over from laying our hardwood floor. I mean, they're cool little blocks! Something should be done with them besides chucking them in the trash. My version of recycling I guess. I made a bunch of little Pod paintings while I watched Pollock the other day.
october 006.jpg
october 013.jpg

I need to find a good way to display them though, since it's just canvas taped around a kinda uneven block of wood. Hardwood flooring has tongues and grooves and the tongues part sticks out on one side leaving one side with a lump and the other flat. At Target they had small black frames for $3.50. I got 4 to experiment. If it doesn't work I'll take them back. I'm very familiar with the folks at the Target returns counter. It has become easier to buy and take it back then, deciding at home and going back out to Target. And I make weekly trips it seems, even though unlike Lynn's, my Target doesn't have a Starbucks inside it. That would Rock.

I am loving this fall weather. Time to start wearing shoes more, hoodies, and getting my girl's dresser cleared out of summer dresses for cute sweaters and pants. I also found a cute way to use the bundles of ribbon I have and celebrate my girl's girliness!
october 002.jpg

Here's the fun liquid frisket/mask projects I've been experimenting with in class! More pods and fun with leaves!
october 009.jpg
october 011.jpg

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October 4, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

October Theme: A Series

september 077.jpg

september 078.jpg

september 079.jpg

september 081.jpg

september 082.jpg

september 084.jpg

Break in the Naptime routine. Mother daughter time. But she really needed to sleep. Snuggle again later...
All photos Photoshopped alot to get rid of poor lighting and bad flash blobs.

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September 27, 2005


september 080.jpg
A little Self Portrait Tuesday to procrastinate from my watercolor assignment....sick of cows.

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my daughter the cyborg

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September 20, 2005

Good Mood

september 021.jpg
It's amazing how getting my camera back with a working LCD screen and a little Lauryn Hill can put me in a better mood. I mean I know my brother and Cat know what I mean. If you do not own The Miseducation... you are missing out. We all have some inner ghetto, and Lauryn brings it home. With religion, kids and love sweet love. It makes me love my kids more, my cold doesn't seem so bad and all the work I have to do seems fun not burdensome. Go enjoy some good tunes my peeps.

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september 015.jpg
Self Portrait Tuesday's theme is body parts. here's my shnaaaaze with my bebe girl.

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September 11, 2005

What Jeanette did to me

She sent me a blog chain letter. Remember those things? Nah, it's OK I need a brainless activity.
10 years ago: I was almost 19, out of high school and taking a semester off. I was just out of a distructive high school relationship and had sworn off boys. I was working at a glass blower's gift shop at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. I got to make jewelry all day for minimum wage. I was living at home and sorta paying rent to be there. Oh and sadly, I was smoking cuz I was bored. But I was 4 months away from meeting my future husband, Joel.
5 years ago: I was living in Chattanooga Valley with Joel, we'd been married a year and a half. Enjoying community life living on the Rogers property. Jeff let me paint in his then studio, now Global Gallery. I created some of my best (and last) oil paintings: Attention, Woman, Crowned Nude. I worked at Covenant College in the bookstore.
1 year ago: I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Eden :)
Yesterday: I took my kids to Laurel Park where Josiah fed the geese and met new friends. I went to the library and got a book on Miro. I studied for my test. In the evening our little fam went to Chick-fil-A, Josiah played until he pooped his pants. We had a nice clean up in the bathroom then we went to a trail across the street where we waded through tall grass and walked on fallen trees. After studying summore we watched Constantine (crazy and stupid Catholic junk). I stayed up way too late.
5 snacks I enjoy: Flax seed crunchy bits, queso dip and chips, Fiesta Ranch veggie dip, Breyers Vanilla Fudge Ice Cream, Brie and Water crackers with Little Penguin Shiraz.
5 songs I know the words to: Closer to Fine by the Indigo Girls, Driver 8 by REM, Wild Honey by U2, Zion by Lauryn Hill, Knock Down Drag Out War by Weezer.
5 things I'd do with $100 million: I don't like this question so much but OK. I'd tithe. I'd pray about who needed money that I could give them, God needs people to do miracles. I'd buy that minivan. We'd buy a beach house. I'd finish our house completely and sell it.
5 places I'd run away to: Bergen Norway, Prague, San Louis Obisbo, Hilton Head SC, Cat's place.
5 things I'd never wear: A thong, a bikini, a belly ring (stretch marks are hell), pointy toed shoes, bra with an underwire.
5 favorite TV shows: Law and Order (the original), Alias, 24, the Shield, Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
5 biggest joys: When Josiah has conversations with other little kids. The fact my kids BOTH have red hair. Pillow talk with Joel. A good 2 hours of painting. This awesome weather!!
5 favorite toys: high speed internet, my Canon, my ipod mini, stencils, my handblender.
5 people to pass this on too: Cat, my brother Kirk, sister in law #1 Amy, sister in law #2 Sarah, and Molly (cuz she'd be the most interesting!)

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September 6, 2005

Ok, I don't suck...

I had a bit of an ego bruiser in the first few watercolor classes, but I am feeling a bit more confident. I'm still not good, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I started my "stained glass" project which basically means that we are to use all 4 wash styles and make a simple composition like a stained glass window. I found a picture of tulips off of flickr and photoshopped it a little to create darker contours. I am just about done with my first attempt, I do think I will try to do it again. It doesn't take nearly as long as a large, or even medium sized canvas. And of course I'm not putting too much thought into it.

My Canon is on its way to the manufacturer. So no pictures unless someone emails me some or I find summore gems on flickr.

Might I just say that the weather in ATL is amazing!!! It makes me think of my birthday. (I just got hit on the head by a yellow leaf) Which is pretty crumby since I haven't even gotten my brother's present yet!!! ARGH! I'm such a flighty sister these days. I have though, bought baby presents galore for the ump-teen babies that are coming. If they are all girls, I'm gonna crack up! But I know there are at least 3 baby girls coming. Here's the list of those I know:Baby girl Ward
Baby Knutson (Nathan and Laura)
Baby girl Worrell
Baby girl Weigers
Baby GIRL Perkins (we are crossing our fingers, cuz Karen S. is always right, right?)
Baby girl Hultquist (Josh and Jess' Ava)
Baby boy Hulquist (Chris and Charlott's Asher)
Baby Kring
Baby Monahan
Baby Kirby (way to go Matt and Jerah!!)
Baby girl? Hersman
Jana Sault's baby (dunno her married name)
Baby Huffman
I know there are more I just can't think of them all in this sweet fall breeze. But I must say Hallelujah! And Praise God I'm not pregnant!
baby bottle.bmp
I think I found a paci my daughter likes. The expensive kind. I hope this isn't a trend. But she must get used to something so she'll take a bottle during my classes.

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August 30, 2005

Don't Read This While You Eat Breakfast.

Last night I was able to come home early because of the nasty weather. I came home to Joel walking Eden back and forth in the dark bedroom. Poor Daddy. I quickly took her and Joel gave me the run down of her eating habits that night. I nursed her to sleep and she slept until 10pm when she woke up and screamed for 15 minutes before I got her. *sigh* I'm trying to break her. I picked her up and she promptly wretched all over me in great quantities. My first thought was "%&*@ formula!!" My experience has not been horrible with formula, but my kids spit up a whole lot when they had bottles. But then for the next half hour she completely empties her stomach. I can take alot, I can listen to my 3 month old scream to sleep but I can't bare holding my baby and feeling her little tummy knot up before she puikes. It makes me cry because I hate the thought of my babies not eating, holding their food in etc...I've talked about it before. Joel was calm about it, he knew she would be fine. But I swam in a sea of guilt, What made her sick? Did I not put the pumped breast milk back in the freezer far enough? Was the bottle left out too long? Is 5 minutes too long? Are we gonna have to find a good formula? What will we do on Wednesday? I shouldn't be taking classes this semester!!! OK so Joel's next look said Snap Out Of It! She was fine. But I still don't really know what to do, or why she got sick. If it's the formula it's taken her 4 or 5 feedings of this stuff to get sick now? Is that normal for formula trials? I could just pump, but it's so much work, and I never can get very much. I always want a back up. Any ideas? Advice?

Eden did fine during the night. No more barfing. She went to sleep at 11:30pm without nursing and woke up at 2am looking very hungry. I watched her carefully under my drooping eyelids until almost 3am then I determined that I could take her ralphing all over me laying down. We woke up at 5:30am with no incidents and she's perky this morning. Praise God! I don't want a repeat, my nerves can't take it. What to do...

Well, here's my Self Portrait Tuesday:
august 108.jpg

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August 23, 2005

My First Day of School

I wondered what it would feel like to be back at school minus my huge protruding belly. I moved faster that's about it. I still felt out of sorts, like you always do trying to find your class for the first time. My Art History Survey should prove interesting, since my prof is a Kramer like guy who is new in town. I'm sure he'll get a lot of rolled eyes from the frat kids taking his class. Who are these kids? Why are they in Art History 3? It's not like, a requirement for anyone else but Art and Art Ed majors right? Maybe they're advertising kids. I'm sure they will make more money than me with a BFA. Prof Moore shook up the class by putting us in groups and actually lecturing the first day. It was a total repeat of last semester: Picasso, Matisse, Cezanne, Cubism, Fauvism, Futurism, Paris, yada yada yada. But the plus side is that this will just be the first 3 weeks. He thought he was teaching a Contemporary Art Class and he told us he isn't going to change what he originally set out to do. This is better, I might actually learn something! There were a few kids from my other class in this class. One of which I got to know a little, she's a mommie too. She's going to be in my Watercolor class as well. I could feel all my former class mates look at me and think, "Oh she had her baby, she's still fat." Well, Brea was kind, she told me I looked great. I do have a little tan left.

Watercolor class will be challenging. Really. I haven't used watercolors except to fill in spaces when I was a kid. Prof Scherer made it sound really interesting and hard. But after seeing Racheal's work, I definately want to give it a try. rachel.bmp
Her work is beautiful, fluid, and not not froo-froo landscapes. Prof Scherer has a show in Providence, I think, of his latest works called Bloodworks. He uses blood along with some anti-coagulants, to paint watercolor style. Very tricky. His works revolve around AIDS and sexual politcs, relationships and faux love. He is very skilled, it was interesting to hear his approach to each piece. It's not very often you get to hear your prof show their work and talk about it. I did realize that I had hope and joy about love, sex and relationships. I looked around the room at the other students, including Brea who has a child out of wedlock. I wonder if they truly feel so de-flowered, so trashy, so lost as my Prof's art is talking about. I looked down at my wedding ring. I always think that sets me apart from the other students as well. All in all I look forward to building relationships with my profs. I long for advice, academic criticism, and to touch the art world through skilled people, educated people. Even if I'm just in Kennesaw GA.

Went on campus today with the 2 kiddies to get a signture and Joel's books. I thought Joel would have just 1 or 2 books. He had 4, very heavy bulky books. I couldn't manage 2 kids and 4 Accounting texts. So Joel will just have to be a big boy and get them himself. Swung by Dick Blick to get watercolor supplies and a girl from my Art History group works there. I saw another watercolor student there too. It would have been completely disasterous if a bag they had there had not had a guitar cardboard label. Yes Josiah was happy. And I have new art supplies to play with. I might not have books to buy, but the supplies get you. At least you can use them for years to come (unlike some text books). Joel goes to school tonight, I hope he still is excited about his choices. I love it when Joel loves what he's learning.
august 102.jpg

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August 20, 2005

I can't believe I've waited for so long...

for such ipodie bliss! I guess it's part of going back to school on Monday that makes me want to have some fun music in my ears. Really Joel and I have wondered what the hey we would do with one, but now I know why I love it. It's reviving my whole music collection! I'm listening to music that I've had for years but not listened to. I've been totally pre-occupied with it today, no worries my kids have been fed and loved and diapers changed...regularly.
But naptime was set up for serious music fun. Revisiting is sweet. So what was next, I must have an ipod cozie! It's pretty easy to find creative people that make them. A lot of them are knitted or crocheted and I'm not really into that so much. But then I found these awesome ones on etsy! Ok I can't afford that, or make that, more importantly. But I can make this! And I made one last night as Joel and I watched yet another WW2 movie.
august 090.jpg
I don't have a sewing machine. And trying to get one became a major family fiasco. So I hand stiched the whole thing. It's a small enough thing to do but the corduroy seam got a little tough.
august 091.jpg
august 092.jpg
It's pretty ugly up close. Also, being my mother's daughter I kinda quilted around the flowers on the Scandinavian looking fabric swatch. I'd like to try to make a couple more, using denim, and jersey, embroidery, beads. Not all together I don't think. But being the resourceful girl I am, I refuse (at this point) to buy any materials for this project. Because Lord knows, I've got enough goodies. I was even looking at some of my rags, with interest. Even my painting rag. That'd be applicable and interesting. Joel's first comment was, "Yeah, that's be cool if you could sell them" I don't think he understands what a terrible seamstress I am. The market is flooded with then right now, and people are eager to give away patterns. It sounds fun to me now.

I'm a craft/art/project/nifty-little-things-that-are-cheap-or-free junkie

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August 18, 2005

Dichotomy of School and Family

august 035.jpg
The time is quickly approaching for this mama to go back to school. In fact I think Monday is my first day. whoa. I will be taking yet another Art History, and it will be a survey class (UGH). Repeat Repeat. Maybe I should take another class where I have to read Beowulf again? Huh Mom? Maybe they'll make me paint Beowulf. Hmmm not a bad idea. Gaelic/Viking fierce soldier fighting dragon. What was that dragon's name? It started with a 'G'. Anyone? Grendal!! Yeah, that's HOT! But I digress...

I will also be taking one of two painting courses. It all depends on what my prof does. It's the same dude for both classes. I hope he's cool. Cuz if it's the cat that I heard one lecture from last semester I won't feel so keen on his classes. I've called him twice and wrote him an email so I can sucessfully register for his class but he hasn't gotten back to me. I'll just show up the first day and see what happens. School at my age is really humiliating in many ways because I'm literally in classes with kids ten years younger. That's not the ego bruiser so much as these kids are doing it the right way and I am limping through each semester wondering when I'll stumble again.
august 040.jpg
I have yet to take 2D Design and Digital Imaging. This is a freshman course. So when I went to register online for my upper level painting course it told me I didn't have the pre-reqs for that class. I can only think that meant 2D design. UGH. And the fact that I'm going to have to take a foreign language and a math course (since mine didn't transfer) is sick-ning. But if I actually get into a painting course I will be doing watercolors, or a whole lot more of what I'm already doing but with scholarly help. My ego is whimpering.
august 081.jpgaugust 078.jpg
Then there is my maternal role that never quits. In order to go to school Joel will have to give Eden bottles on Monday and Wednesday nights. We will just see if this is disasterous. I don't want to have to pump, but I can. Joel is really nervous about it, "two kids at once!" That will for sure seal the deal that we will never be pregnant again. I'm thinking of things I want to make for the kids and checking out all these Crafty Mom blogs makes me nuts for a project. I mean Look at what Lizette does!! And there's Hillary. And of course Rosa. And these sundresses... Man, I need to make Josiah a big plush guitar! He really could take it to bed with him! I think about Eden's quilt that has yet to be made and images pop in and out. What will I do if I am day dreaming about kids quilts in the middle of painting? Or IKEA, I always daydream about IKEA. We went there the other day and I got a quick fix, but not enough. Not enough to be serious.

I'll be OK, tired, but OK. I mean school rocks! It's a place that is almost like a mini-vacation for me. No kids, stimulating, and I even bought some school clothes. New Jeans! I do want one of those nifty corduroy jackets though. Maybe after a few more boxes of cards sell.

Now to figure out the ipod. Any suggestions for downloading sites? Cheap monthly subscriptions?

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August 17, 2005

No Waste Wednesdays

Cat had an entry a while back called No Waste Wednesday. Her thing, I'm guessing was to use her post not for "this is what I did today" but for cool things she found online, especially artists. What does your No Waste Wednesday post look like? What does that phrase mean to you?

To me, today, it means that I will not waste my time dwelling on what I can not change. I cried alot yesterday because something that was not mine was taken from me. Sounds stupid huh? Just when I thought "What a blessing God gave me!" it was taken away without warning. The thing is, it still was a blessing. I had it when I needed it most, and now I am freer. I am no longer vulnerable to manipulation. Our little family can take care of itself. And most importantly, God will take care of us better than anyone else can. God has opened doors that I never thought possible, and so now I continue. Sometimes people don't change, no matter what their age. Out of respect and because I do not want to be a fool, I continue and look forward to future blessings. God bless you all, I'm a big girl now.

No Waste Wednesdays also means to me that I will have photos to post of my current art work. So those of you that just stop by to see art can maybe count on Wednesday to be the day that there will be some fresh paint on the cavases.
Here's Domestica and Reception 3. Sorry for the lopsided pictures, I have yet to send my Canon in for repairs and the eye viewer gives you a lop-sided result.
august 086.jpg
I love the lavender in this piece. The shape up at the top is from my beloved patterns book. It's an example of a quilt square from the Early Colonial period. I need to work on it and make it look more like a quilt square. I also love the chair, the light blue is fab right now, we'll see how it all pans out.
august 089.jpg
The popularity of these small pieces has surprised me so I'm doing another. It is a small canvas maybe 12"x12". Started black, and the concept is to add the lights and avoid having to create all the shadow. This piece will be easy to finish because of it's size and the fact it's purely representational. I need to work, of course, on faces. The seated figure is far from done and the servers face needs to look less like a pickaninny. And again, the goal is for the canvas to be dark with just the reflected light poking through, so much darkening must take place as well.

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August 16, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

august 032.jpg
My Sweet Pea and Me.

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August 12, 2005

So you're in the hospital?

boy in bed.bmp
Little Devin Durell was in the hospital very dehydrated and with swollen glands. He was told he had bacterial meningitis which is very painful and harmful to the bod. When we went to the hospital to pray for him he looked better already. We all agreed that he didn't have anything like bacterial meningitis. We prayed and went home feeling that he would get better very soon. Today the report is that "someone must have sneezed in the other test because there is no trace of bac. men. in the results of the second sample." Ha!! He technically has mono, but he's coming home today or tomorrow. Praise God for healthier kids!

Here's my Photo Friday "violet" submission if you're interested.

If you are in Chattanooga and don't have plans tonight, go check out Cat's art at the Barking Legs Theatre. They will open around 9pm and then at 10 there will be DJ's and breakdancing. Woo-Hoo! Cat wants to be a regular artist there, and she sells her art ridiculously cheap, I've told her this many times. Check it out! One night only!

Does anyone know if Gypsy (Michelle) has had her baby? I'm fixin' to write her sister to find out.

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August 11, 2005

Get the Funk Out!

august 034.jpg
Sawin' Toothpicks.

Joel's Boss' little boy Devin was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis which sounds not fun and can be deadly. We got a group together from church and went to pray for him and his mom (who's 37 weeks pregnant). We felt the victory as soon as we got there. We're expecting a great report tommorow that Devin is A-OK and will be sent home with a "take 2 and call me in the AM". Praise God! He loves to heal kids!

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August 9, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

ATL sky line from 75 North. I love the big city. Look, no traffic!
august 024.jpg

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August 8, 2005

It's nice to be wanted

My weekend has officially just ended. And I now can breathe a sigh of relief and type. Although I hear little footsteps upstairs that need to be told to get back in bed, that's alright, he'll find his way. Not a terribly exciting weekend, but I did get to see Gideon Perkins in all his potty-training glory with Nemo underwear on. That's exciting! You think that babies are babies and kids are kids and that everything you need to know will be in a book or told you by someone else, not always true. Josiah and Gideon are two very different boys and they play really well together. It's great. But even though Josiah is potty-training too I don't have him on the fast track. It's the same theory I have about "how long should you breastfeed" and "do you let your kid cry to sleep" It's a parental decision on how long it will take and how much you can stand. If you don't mind changing diapers on a 3 year-old than by all means wait. The childs readiness somewhat depends on how diligent you are since pleasing the parent is very strong during the PTing years. I don't know how long it will take to PT Josiah, but I know that there are things that need to progress and things that need to take their time. Unlike Lynn, I am not in a rush. But I am oh-so-tired of changing diapers of such a long-legged monkey boy who wiggles and thrashes while I try to pin him dow. UGH.

My mom-n-law came to hang out with us on Saturday night and she stayed for a bit and just left a couple hours ago. It's cool, she got to come to church with us and took us out to eat at La Parilla (yum!) And she got to experience the madness which is our parenting career aka her grandkids. She said she wants to buy "the Season" as well. Their are so many people who love that painting. Who knew? The ones I think are great lots of people don't give them the time of day. So I think I'll have to get a couple giclees done of that piece. That'll make them more affordable for many more of my patrons.

I've been working on my pregnant nude alot more, working with the negative space. I would post a picture but I left my phone and my camera at the Perkins house. An excuse to see Gid in his underroos again (insert whistle). But I have gone back to my beloved stencils. I can't find my awesome source of patterns though, did I loan my book to anyone out there, Mom? Cat? I dunno. I might just hafta got to the vintage fabric group on flickr and score more ideas. But I have a window and wall paper and a chair (inspired by the IKEA catalogue)taking up my negative space now. It still is very flat and I will have to work on that hard hard hard. I might do some more dark pieces like my "Reception 2"and "Faroes" since people dig them so much too. But most of all I want to work big again. I'm tired of the cramped 18x24 canvas. I mean why bother with working with negative space if there is hardly space at all?

I saw a cool movie that was quite unexpectedly so, Diary of an Angry Black Woman. I think Joel got it cuz he thought it would be like Nutty Professor or something, but instead it was more like a Steel Magnolias. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves African-American culture, the good and the bad. This movie is a love story, steeped in the faith of the black culture and has the demons existing in that culture as well. Good characters and NO SEX! I cried, not because of the love scenes but because of people getting saved and healed in the movie. I might be blowing it out of proportion, but I like it and it's set in ATL. Since we liked it so much we got Woman Thou Art Loosed, we'll see if that is as satisfying.
sarah in august.bmp
Look at my cute sister-in-law! That's my little niece in there! Go Sarah, nice belly!

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August 5, 2005

Photo Friday

The topic is COMPLEXITY.art 006.jpg
Am I right?

Another COMPLEX thing in honor of WBW: Nursing, it ain't as easy as it looks!

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July 31, 2005

For the Love of my Bike

july 066.jpg
If you had told me when I was 16 that I would be married to a man that would get me back on a bike, with hand brakes, and like it, I'd think you were nuts. Not that I had any traumatic experiences, but I just never was very into that kinda stuff. And when Joel first got our mountain bikes we took a trip around Chickamauga Battle Field and some of the hills were a bit too rough for me I thought I was totally gonna bail. But in Hilton Head the trails are so nice, but still nature-like that you feel happy. We have a way we normally went but Joel was bored with it so we went of the beaten trail. It was a little too rough. The sandy trail had eroded and we ended up having to scale some high sided banks and dragging our bikes (one with Josiah strapped to the back) through prickly succlulents. I messed up my shoes real good, but it was so worth it. Next year, we'll have one kid per bike. I love riding on the beach.
july 068.jpg
My Happy Biking Boy
july 071.jpg
My Sweet NB's all ruined
july 073.jpg
A Souvenier
july 074.jpg

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July 19, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

mama n eden.bmp
At the zoo, with my girl. My brother took this picture, so it's not really a self-portrait. I'll start doing that once I get my LED screen fixed.

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July 13, 2005

Late Self Portrait Tuesday

katie preggie.bmp
This isn't really a self-portrait, but since I am not photogenic at all, and this was the nicest pregnant picture I had of myself, I had to post it. AndyP took this at Gideon's 2nd birthday party. That was mid-April, so I was about to pop. Notice the belly button is out, this turkey's done!!

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July 11, 2005

For Maddie's tummy


Little Maddie Caudle has had a hard time swallowing her food without inhaling some of it. She's had three surgeries regarding this problem and is looking forward to more of them. So she needs soft meals, and I'm going to contribute a recipe or two for her. Carrie needs all the suggestions she can get! If you want to send one out or post one on your blog shoot me an email at onethousands AT Hotmail dot com.

Carrot Curry Soup:

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July 8, 2005

Photo Friday

CANDID for Photo Friday
june 007.jpg
Unhappy Kids

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July 6, 2005

Absence makes the blog look uglier

drafting table.bmp

Well, I want to change up my blog. But like most every project I do I start with big strokes and slashes not planned steps. Therefore, I am not very good with html. I found LMT which has made my eyes bugg out for the past few days trying to figure out what to do. JQR is always very helpful but the guy who is supposed to help me has yet to reply. No replies. And my labor stops. So I web-surf nervously looking for something else to start. And I'm being stood-up by a fellow freecycler who was going to relieve me of two bags of baby girl clothes. So I feel jittery like I had too much caffiene.

Went to Zoo Atlanta on the 4th with my brother and sister-in-law. Nice Times. I took no pictures this time cuz it's hard to nurse and take photos. But Kirk took alot and I hope I get some emailed to me, at least the good ones (hint hint). Sarah's little belly is emerging. But she still looks fit as a fiddle. She's in her 2nd trimester and is feelin' good. We talked about getting together at Christmas with her fam and our fam. If it were another family it might be strange, but I think we'd all have good times. Especially if we had snow. Ahhh. I'ts been too long. We also went to Dekalb Farmer's Market and it was great to mill around with Kirk and Sarah. Kirk entertaining my son, "Unca Kirk! Unca Kirk!" and Sarah dreaming of all the exotic things she has eaten in her African childhood. She brought home a box of mangos and some baby bananas. Joel picked out what we thought would be a most excellent brie, but instead it smells like feet and tastes like bad brocolli. I thought I would ralf! Joel thought that it went bad in the 30 minutes it rode in the trunk of our car before being refrigerated again, no, it just is supposed to smell like feet, I think.

I got price quotes for cards! And so blogland, I hope by the fall I will have boxes of cards with my artwork glossified on the front. Stay tuned.

I'm trying to register for fall class(es). I have to prove I can read and write, and that I have been vaccinated. Such a hamster wheel of tasks. I want to take Advanced Drawing, but I might have to do another Art History, Watercolor, or 2D Design. UGH 2D Design. Boring, Undergrad Classes.

Joel has some excitement coming his way. He is interviewing for positions at mortgage loan companies. They are commissioned based jobs where you have to find your own leads but he's excited about the challenge. Also he won't have to give up his old job right away which is good for establishing himself, and for the new boss who will be a bit flustered if Joel just up and left. Joel loves to please people. At least people he likes.

lion1 (3).jpg
And for the pro-creation club news: Jen Green Kring is pregnant, whattayaknow! If I wasn't supposed to tell, whoops. So in her gestational honor here is my latest freespirited nude in progress.

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June 30, 2005

Why am I typing?

I have things that I should be doing instead of being here, at the computer, but it's sitting here that gives me time to hash it all out.

First of all, I'm my mother's daughter, I almost can never watch a movie without doing something else. I finished folding laundry and Joel put in the Metallica documentary: Metallica, Some kind of Monster.
james n lars.bmp
Awesome. I mean, James Hetfield has like 3 kids. His daughter is in ballet class while he's in rehab. Lars has a heart to heart with his dad (heavy Danish accent) with long white beard. It's a riot, it's awakening. These guys are bad asses and they rock, but they have lives that nothing in the world can fill. Not alcohol, kids, choppers, or millions of fans. These guys are normal and they are fighting what we all fight. They feel like losers. Joel thinks this is hilarious. After playing in front of millions of people, they feel like losers. It's awesome, better than Spinal Tap.

But I need to be painting. After talking to Cat, unexpectantly tonight, I need to get my butt in gear. My nude is coming along, I'll take a picture and show you soon. I think it's called Lioness. I am very happy I think I nailed the face the first time. Something I struggle with alot.

I've been getting stuff together lately. Replenishing my portfolio with the newer images like Vessel and Father of... More work than you might imagine. I got the skinny 3 ring binder, the half inch. Now it's looking a bit full. And I'll have a few nudes to add to that soon. I also have work in Perkindom that hasn't been photographed yet.

A fellow artist and neighbor, Laura Bowman, has helped me out with her contract for galleries and a name for a printer that will make art cards for me. I want something to sell for Festival 34/84.

Joel's boss unloaded some stuff for us. We got a little kids set of patio furniture complete with cushions, table an umbrella. And the icing, a kids wading pool. Pictures tommorow when I have my camera and a half night's sleep.

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June 29, 2005

Thrift Store Challenge

Here is my offering for the "What can you get for $20 at the Thrift Store". I think the point was to find crafty fun goodness to create new and exciting things with. But I am way practical and I will only buy things that I think I can wear, use, or my children can wear or use. Today was: Stuff for me and Josiah day. I must admit though, I kinda cheated. I go thrifting about every other week, my 2nd addiction next to Starbucks, and these items are from different thrifting adventures. But I can promise you that these items in no way went over $20.
june 096.jpg
Two way cool shirts for my boy. One that fits now, one that will fit later. I love them!
june 098.jpg
Dr. Scholl's wooden clogs with handpainted soles. Cherries and red leather make my feet happy!
june 099.jpg
A Liz Claiborne embroidered chocolate brown purse. It's a good size too. The handels are a little cheesy but the flowers were hard to say no to.
june 100.jpg
A collection of happy bed linens. A set of twin Sesame Street flannel sheets. They're vintage man, cuz there is no Elmo to be seen. Two pillowcases, one with big simplified trucks, another with ballet dancing cats and French text.
Here's another picture of those happy cats:
june 101.jpg
And here are the little "angels" that went thrifting with me. One was unconscience, the other was bribed with crackers.
june 095.jpgjune 094.jpg

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June 24, 2005

Outing Hangover

I am admitting it, I'm an internet junkie. But you see I am only out of my house for a maximum 2 hours a day. During nap-time I enjoy social time of a different sort, I spend time in blog land. But last night I actually went out! Amazing! camera.bmp
With my daughter in tow, I went to see 'Mommy Dearest' (ironic) at Screen on the Green at Piedmont Park. Met up with Lynn and her friend MaggiePants, who I'm very sad she's moving, I think I love her already. She carried my blasted huge stroller through miles and miles of lounging, drinking, movie watchers to where we were sitting. It was great! Gay guys yelling Joan Crawford's lines back at the screen, now that's entertainment! But today I feel beat up, my kids complaining is like 10x as loud. It was a workout, but will I do it next week? Oh yeah. Especially when Lynn gets out of her parking space doing a 500 point turn. "I think I'm going to cry!"--Lynn Perkins
june 057.jpg

I know you guys probably don't wanna know, but I think potty training your child is harder than giving birth to them. Can I get a witness?! june 058.jpg
I discovered today that I can get Josiah to go #2 if he has a basin of water to splash in to "wash his hands". Pretty innocent, and hey, his hands always need a washin'! And again I humbly bow to Lynn for her excellent recommendation of 'Once Upon a Potty'. It works! And I insert the anatomically correct word.

Oh dear, I have found things on the www that will totally suck up time from all house cleaning, sleeping, and grooming. Etsy: an auction site for all things handmade. Finally! A place where people go to look for art! Not just digital cameras and car parts! So I've set up a pretty crappy shop for now, but it's free! Flickr: yeah, I know it's nothing new, but I love seeing how many times my images get looked at. Site Meter: Yeah I'm watchin' you guys! I mean I can't see exactly who, but it is cool to see that someone in Quebec is reading my blog in French.

This woman never ceases to amaze me.

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June 23, 2005



You know you need some good Swedish furniture! And it's pronounced EH-key-Uh not Eye-key-Uh. Cuz, um, it's Swedish.

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June 17, 2005

Drive Thru Junkies

june 026.jpg
"Hey Josiah, bring me my latte! Thanks man, I was starting to get a caffeine headache."
june 025.jpg
Joel discovers that both children are happier when Eden is almost on the ceiling.
My next nude. Looks kinda Mercury like don't it.

Thanks for all your responses to my Norway collection. I might take Carrie's advice and get some printed. I dunno how, but I'd at least like to make a batch of postcards/cards for Festival 34/84 this year to have something to sell.

For all of you interested in the Presbyterian GA there seems to be a link to a webcast of my dad doing some awww-some music. My brother says. But since I can't find it right now here's a picture of my pop working hard.
dad at GA.bmp

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June 8, 2005

Yes, I'm posting everyday...

But these are just some tidbits that I love to share.

Took my little Eden B. to her 1 month appt today and I realized I was holding my breath for the weight check. I knew she was bigger, but was she bigger enough? june 009.jpg
I kept asking the poor nurse, "Is she getting weighed now?" and she would reply cheerfully, "No, I'll do (blank) first" When she did get weighed she was 8lb 14oz !! Wow, maybe my milk isn't skim after all! She's also 22in long, so we've continued to create tall babies. Boringly healthy little Eden B. No alarm from the Doc about her jaundice, or her congestion. They are telling me to put her on vitamin D so she doesn't et Rickets! I dunno about that.

My brother sent me this. All fans of pop-rock/ Paul Anka please enjoy!

Hillary had a great find at a garage sale. Joshua Caleb Green would love to hang with these guys!


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June 6, 2005

Gems to Share

My parents celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary on June 3rd. To celebrate they bought a crib and a changing table from someone in the paper. Instead of buying presents for themselves, they bought some furniture items to prepare for the already growing family. My brother and his wife Sarah are expecting in December and we're all excited. I hope we are able to spend Christmas in St. Louis this year. Also June 3rd in St. Augustine FL Joel's brother Nathan got married to a wonderful woman named Laura.
They quick got married because their jobs/schooling is so demanding of time, they didn't want or need to wait, and neither set of parents is in the country to be involved in an all out production wedding. So next year they'll have a ceremony and we'll all be there with bells on! Congrats Nate and Laura!
june 004.jpg

I spent this weekend in Chattanooga and was able to enjoy some time with my parents, grandparents, and my bud Cat. It was love at first sight for Josiah and my dad's new grand piano. june 003.jpg
I got some great video, I hope I can get it to work on this site. I did realize though that I had a baby not so long ago and my body shut down on Saturday night to remind me. I was so exhausted, my limbs felt like jello. This is why I have a nap everyday, I don't feel so terrible now about kickin' back for a hour to snooze. Also, I realized that I never ever want to be a single mom, how in the world do ya do it?!

Joel took a class this weekend and it continues next weekend on mortgage loan stuff. Don't ask me exactly what it is but it's similar to being a real estate agent in that you deal with customers, and get paid commission, but you're the one finding the loan for the family buying the house. After closing you receive your commission. Joel is not looking to do this full time right now, but he's a whole lot more interested in this than insurance billing. But with his boss moving to Colorado it makes his work enviroment much better and he has the opportunity to make changes there too. He would love to eventually do mortgage loans full time, but it's a process that can evolve and I think Joel would be really good at it. I love seeing my husbands head churning with ideas. He had an opportunity as well to buy a part of the physical therapy practice he works at, and that kinda fell through. But after he thought his chance was gone another owner asked him how serious he was about buying. So we'll see. After 6 years of marriage I have learned to roll with it and not freak out. I trust my husband and I trust God and both of them are risky guys!!

Our family in Norway that we lived with back in 2001 has finally sent my paintings to me! I should get them in 10-15 days!! I am so jazzed, I can't believe it's been 3yrs since I've seen these pieces! It's such a joy to know my hard work is travelling across the ocean to be reunited with me. I don't even have photos of this work so I am going on memory! Awesome. I have again dove into my Vessel painting and hope to finish it this week. As soon as I get some super-human strength.
maurer men.bmp
My friends the Maurer's have a blog!! Actually it's probably just Kate writing, Jon was never a big computer guy. Check it out if you know them or if you want to get to know them! More beautiful children to look at!

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June 3, 2005

Revolving around me

I really wish I had other fascinating things to blog about, but the truth is, to my shagrin(sp?), that I one of the many many young moms at Target from 10am to 12pm with the screaming toddler (only occassionally). I am one of the mom's with the shades in the back windows waiting in the Starbucks drive-thru. I have discovered in the past two weeks scribbings on my walls, my car door, my bills from my beloved son. And because of the CHOICE I made to become a mother of two I carry the marks: hair almost always pulled back and uniform of jeans and T-shirt, a little spare tire, and little to no jewelry/accessories. And I also have a dilema, although its a nice one, to deal with.
I've mentioned my neighbors on this blog before, probably last summer. They're sweet people, we have a "smile and wave" relationship. They run a daycare outside of their house. I affectionately call it "the Chucky Cheese" because there are so so many toys.

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June 2, 2005

The other parts of my brain

Most of the time I'm in caretaking mode, but after 9pm, and since I have a colic-free baby (so far) I get to indulge in some relaxing activities, i.e. movies. I can't take thecredit for picking most of these movies, Joel is the one that goes to the movie place, but we're pretty unified at our choices. The one he picked last night I had never heard of before, but it was a delightful bit of cinema. It was called The Station Agent. Kind of a blah sort of plot, but the characters are very fascinating. One of the characters "Joe" kept Joel and I laughing throughout because he reminded us of Dylan Terney. For those of you who know Dylan... fin.bmp
The star is a little person, who is quite hansome in my opinion and his character is refreshing, quiet and plain. It also has Michelle Williams from Dawson's Creek in there, and yes, I have a soft spot for Dawson's Creek. Must be all the mornings I spent with no cable, breastfeeding Josiah when he was new. I thought when I saw what Joel had brought home,"Man, we're all gonna fall asleep in the first hour," but I saw the whole thing and Joel only fell asleep at the very tail end. I give it 3 and 3/4 stars.

The other two that I've seen recently that are much more well known are Life Aquatic and Finding Neverland. I am soooo buying the Life Aquatic Soundtrack for the way cool Bowie songs sung in Portugese. Beautiful. What a satisfying and complex movie that had joy and loss all mixed in. AH! Yeah I sound like a goober. Finding Neverland made me cry, alot, and yes I could blame the hormones but it really was a great story. I was telling Lynn, that once you have a little boy all the movies about little boys just touch you more. Magical progression of events, beautiful children and I of course felt every ounce of Kate Winslet's exhaustion. Minus the TB coughing. There was a trailor at the beginning of the Finding Neverland DVD for a movie called Dear Frankie. The trailor made me cry! Looks to be in the vein of Billy Elliot. Again, little boys. boo hoo hoo!!

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May 28, 2005

Link to the outside world

Hello, blogland! My darling husband spent much of the morning investigating why our internet has been down since Wednesday morning. I've been a bit cut off. But there's plenty of activity to speak of since I haven't had internet access. Wednesday Jennie Worrell, who is pregnant and anemic and not having a piece of cake pregnancy, offered to take my boy to the park with her two kids for a couple hours to let me bond with my daughter and run an errand or two. Josiah had so much fun, and that's what he needs, he's so much happier after playing with kids his own age. He's pooped after all that playing. It's great.

The neighbors (aka the Chucky Cheese) have at least 7 kids they're watching this summer. Have Mercy. But Angela my neighbor is getting paid for it. The kids are all nice and the younger ones are interested in including Josiah. I think they all think he's older than he is. But I know I've gotta watch him, if I don't he's in an ant hill (not in my yard---thanks Mom) or stuck in the ball pit. But while Alex and Kaitlyn Worrell were here they all frolicked next door and with Jennie to talk to I didn't mind so much watching him, he still got in the anthill.
Thursday I met a mom at Border's storytime who had a 3 year old and a 3 month old. We were comparing notes about how our older boys reacted to their baby sisters. She didn't give me alot of hope. I have a problem feeling good around other young moms that just complain and act a bit tragic about what they go through with no hope. I think, "Do I sound like that?" I sure hope not. I really try to lace my conversation with hope for good things to come, even when I'm not feeling it 100%.

Friday, after moaning to Joel about my situation, I knew I needed a reality check. So even if I could think of a few reasons to not go have fun I went to the Perkins house for some interaction. Lynn and I shared a trip to the Super Duper Target with 3 boys and a little girl. Wow what an escapde!! We had the biggest carts they can make full of little boys giggling, shouting and occasionally hitting and crying. Little girl Eden strapped to my chest in the Bjorn occasionally groaning. We found nothing so we went to Kroger and had an equally enchanting cart/experience. It's fascinating to me that Lynn describes herself as a stay-at-home mom but she's far more than that she's a nurturer and teacher for the whole community. Gids party19.jpg
The kids in the Perkins neighborhood are surprising. I dunno if they need everything that Lynn, Andy and the boys give them, they might have happy fuctional families etc...but whatever it is the Perkins give them they love it. And it's not TV, or stuff, or sugar. In fact these kids get put to work. Heck ya, pull yer weight. After a good 14 hours in the Pittsburgh community I was transported back to my days biking around St Elmo. I am absolutely exhausted, the energy of these kids, the attention they demand is everywhere. But I felt so welcomed even though I'm a stranger to most of those kids. I realized that I can't do that everyday, but I have to listen to whatever it is that makes me want to interact more often, because my spirit was shrivelling and I needed to get worn out physically to feel a bit renewed. So thanks my little community.
baby eden 043.jpg
Josiah has been doing much much better. Tantrums have been much less. And I've felt his importance in my life in a more balanced way. His sweet commentary about everything is delightful and when it's just me and Eden out and about I miss the conversation! I've also told myself to stop and enjoy my daughter. Talk to her and smile, hug her and pray for her. Most importantly I have stopped comparing her time with me with the time I got to spend with Josiah. I'm a different person and so is she! And as Josiah adjusts, and it's a delight to see, he showers her with attention too. Hopefully not with the fingers that were just up his snotty nose.
Thanks blogland for your encouraging emails and comments! May I return the favor to other post partum friends in the near future!!

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April 29, 2005


Gideon Perkins turned two last week and we attended a whoopla for him in his backyard with many cousins ta boot!
Gids party17.jpg
Josiah welcoming Isaac to the party after a long peaceful sleep
Gids party20.jpgGids party21.jpg
Gid playing with his Thomas train and letting everyone know not to mess with him. I just wonder if Andy makes the same noises when other kids at GT come mess with his gadgets...
Gids party18.jpg
Ms. Lynn helps my boy Josiah Pogo in the Pogo Contest

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April 28, 2005

Feeling Done

I am finished! I turned in my painting and paper and presented them last night in class. I must say, it was fun to talk about Chagall, he really is a fine master artist and a great guy. He also lived a waaay long time, he was 98 when he died! I worked really hard on this painting and I still am not super pleased with it. Mostly because I have such a style myself and trying to merge with a master artist's style is very difficult.
chagall progress 17.jpg

When talking to Katie Stout at Hollis, she was enlightening as to what paintings of mine are "sellable". Doesn't mean that I'm going to only paint those things, but it was difficult to continue a piece that is the opposite of the gallery that wants me. She wants nudes, lots a neked people. I thought I'd start with some pregnant ones. I'm kinda tired of going from the same book.

Also I sent a international money order to our friends in Norway with a very insistant note about my 7 paintings that are still over there. I sent them to Anne Marie this time, hoping that the woman would be a bit more aware of others feelings. No offense OH but you don't think about other people when they are more than 30 miles (or should I say 50 km) away from you. Maybe, just maybe I'll have SEVEN pieces for the fall!

So now that I'm done with school I can focus on mama stuff. I've been nesting here and there and it's been good but not satisfying. You should have seen the grossness I swept up from my kitchen floor this morning! Being consistent with Josiah about his big bed is something that needs great attention. I praise God for a husband who is totally unified with me on this. Josiah loves his bed (which is just the frame with the twin matress on the floor inside, yeah we're workin' on it) and it fits him so much better. He kept wedging his big boy feet in between the crib bars and yelping "Stuck Stuck! WAHHH" But he gets out of bed at least once every time he gets put down for bed or nap. And he has figured out the doorknobs so, no more containment. The gates don't work either. I'm not getting a stupid gizmo for the doorknob, he just needs to listen to us or he gets spanked. that's that. It's a bit late, I know, but I'm glad we're doing this now and not with little girl Eden. Joel has been great about laying down the law about bed, and sometimes daddies are a little more lax than mommies. Probably cuz we deal with it all day. amen.
mac n cheese.jpg

I'm feeling so done with this pregnancy.

Continue reading "Feeling Done"

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April 20, 2005

Yup I took this quiz too Y'all

Your Linguistic Profile:

50% General American English
20% Dixie
20% Yankee
5% Upper Midwestern
0% Midwestern
What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

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April 14, 2005

My Dawgs er Barkin'

Oh my word I'm tired. I went to Border's for storytime with Jos and then to Walmart (aka Pit-O-Hell). Joel thinks I have a bad attitude about Walmart, but I'm telling you, I just sigh when I arrive at 11:30am on a Thursday and the parking lot is FULL. Top it off with a school bus and assisted living van in the parking lot and guess where they emptied their load--Walmart. So I'm 9 months pregnant passing several carts and Hoverounds of "people needing assistance" Josiah catches my vibe and decides to be Mr. Fussy Butt the whole time. It's in his genetic code to dislike Walmart as well. I got a $30 gift card at my shower for Walmart and I was going to use it, right? I go to the baby section and *sigh* the selection is aweful. What do I need? Oh yeah, it's not here!! I end up with socks, hats, those visor things for the windows and a pink infant seat head support dealio. I knew that I had to go and do it or Joel would discover something else we needed at Walmart and get car parts or something. I wanted to make sure it went for Eden. I mean there is a rubber duckie on the gift card BTW. Never, never again, never Walmart.
fake smile1.jpg
Ok so my pregnancy grouchies have hit an all time high. I have to share this funny story that at the time was frustrating. My son is over 2 years old and the poor kid is still in his crib. We're working on the bed, it's bought, mattress accounted for but it's gonna take my dawgs barkin a bit more to get it all together. I have weaned Josiah from getting stories read to him at nap and bedtime. *Phew* that will be a lifesaver! I now give him a book in bed to look at cuz he's awake for a full 30 minutes before drifting off. I made the mistake of giving him a library book the other day. He was awake for an hour and a half in his bed, talking and singing. I go up there and find every page torn out of the book and he's sitting up in bed with the book cover wrapped around his torso! I mean the book cover was behind him and the naked book binding was around his front! I was so shocked, "What the heck are you doing?" I said in my loudest whisper. I still feel bad I said that. Forgive me Lord. When I scoulded him, picked up the pages and cover, removed all amusing things from his bed and told him firmly, "Josiah, it's time to go to sleep!" I got halfway down the stairs and cracked up. I told Joel later and he was like, "Of course he couldn't sleep, he had a book wrapped around him!" We had a good giggle. Poor little boy was tired, his zoned out face was unmistakable.

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April 11, 2005

Links for Fun!

Ah Hah! I found my little sister in law Amy's blog!! Hah hah!

This is hilarious, Kirk, Dad you'll laugh your took-ess off! for the first 30 seconds and then you'll be sick. It reminds me of singing, "Merry Christmas to our Soldiers in the Sand" with Steven Lauren Bigger...ewww

Now for something eery that my brother sent with the title: We Might Lose our Jobs!
baghdad pen n ink.bmp This site has beautiful watercolors of Baghdad. It's a whole lot nicer than watching the news.

Enjoy! I have to go to sleep, or at least get horizontal.

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March 8, 2005

Productivity with Puddles

It's been a fun couple of days. After taking my Art test on Thursday night (which I'm sure I smoked rather well) I felt a bit of freedom as the Spring Break mentality set in. Of course I am not off to Florida for a week of mad partying, instead I've enjoyed a few carefree days with my son and husband and a variety of good friends. This is everything a pregnant Spring Breaker can hope for!!
I took Josiah to Laurel Park on Friday and let him do whatever he wanted!! This was quite freeing to a mama's mind but not so much on the preggy bod. They have a great playground with the most colorful options in child entertainment but Josiah always prefers the nature. We went and fed the quite massive, and already full geese. But the highlight was the Golden Retrieverhomeshots 075.jpg
that was behind a fence bordering the park. He had a grimey tennis ball that he dropped over the fence for us to throw for him.homeshots 073.jpg
Josiah squealed with delight whether he was the one throwing the ball, another child or me. I swear, we were there for 30-35 minutes. Other moms were passing me shaking their heads as if to say,"Poor thing, she's trapped by her son's love for dogs..." The second favorite thing was Puddle Splashing. When it comes to my son's entertainment, if that's the only thing I'm there to do, I let him get wet and dirty. Splash away, little boy! For that is what you are 100% boy! I can wash your jeans, your shoes will dry, and the dirt will come off your hands. That little amount of cleaning will be more than fair payment for the beauty and glee of a 2 year old enjoying one of God's little gifts, the Puddle. homeshots 070.jpg
Josiah also mastered a coordination skill while we were there of going down the slide on his stomach and climbing back up the slide and going back down. He did it over and over again. Made me worry a little, the repetativeness, but like I said, Josiah prefers the nature over the playground.

Case and point, we went to Sweetwater Park with the Perkins on Saturday for a windy day of fun. homeshots 080.jpghomeshots 081.jpghomeshots 083.jpg

We romped with the boys, tried to keep them from falling into the lake, flew Andy's kite, ate lunch and eventually after many hints from Andy, we went on a short hike. It was good for me. But I was ready to go to bed right after Jos that night.

At church on Sunday we heard that the first of four babies was being born as we worshipped. In fact around 12:15 we received a call to pray for Sarah and little Kindle as they had some complications. At 1pm we heard she was born and all complications were averted. Kindle and Sarah Martin.bmp
Praise God for His intervention on important days like this one. 7lbs 3 oz. Kindle Avery Martin. I could handle that size baby. Man, I'd pop her out like a cork!!

Yesterday I was called into duty for our friends the Hultquists as they drove to Rome to purchase a car. Their son Spencer is just about a year old, and a handsome one at that!!homeshots 094.jpghomeshots 095.jpghomeshots 077.jpg

Their day drug on and on as they waited for loan officers, and wired money etc.... We entertained Spence until 7:30. After I watch a child of different age than Josiah, I sit down with him later and say, "I'm so glad you're the age you are Josiah!!" Spencer wasn't hard at all though. Naptime was a bit rough. How quickly I forgot the fussing before sleep. But he crashed and got about an hour and a half. Of course Josiah woke up from his screaming, so I got about 20 minutes to myself yesterday. *Sigh* Sometimes I pat my tummy and think," what have I gotten myself into" But the joy quickly overides the panic and I remember that I can do this. I really can. The Hultquists are cool cats. We always say we should spend more time with them. Both Josh and Jess commented that Josiah and Spence played so well together. They did. Josiah shared pretty well and that's encouraging. Josiah is much more jealous of his dad than of me. Good thing.

Oh, we are Productive Knutson's!!:
1. Joel changed break pads and other stuff on the Camry and watched Josiah without any accidents!!
2. I printed out my paintings onto photo paper, put them in sheet protectors, into a binder with labels (titles, sizes and medium).
3. Looked up addresses for possible, and realistic galleries to sent packets to.
4. Today I want to make a list of the shows I've been in to include in this packet.
5. Joel got a B- on the test he thought he failed! This will still be some what of a challenge to get an A but he will pass and not have to drop. YEAH Joel! He's the greatest! No more classes til 11pm for him.

Progress on Vessel:
homeshots 093.jpg
Still in Progress...

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March 3, 2005

Bored yet Occupied

I have one class that I can afford to take this semester. When I say 'afford' I mean as far as time allows. I have a test in this class tonight and I have been studying for it on and off for about a week now. Those of you who have ever taken an art history test know what it's gonna be like. I am a bit nervous about wht kind of short essays I'll have to write. But I'm telling you, my teacher loves my B.S.! Maybe I've had years of practice and I'm ready for a degree (i.e. B.S. in B.S.). I feel kinda wierd though blogging when I only have an hour or so left to cram. But I've learned the slides, read the important text, written and re-written notes that are vital. I'm sure there are things I don't really really know, but part of taking a test is kinda going in with a fresh brain, not one bogged down with crammed in info. I'd kick myself if I sweated studying something that might possibly just be on the test and ended up not being relevant at all. I'll do fine.

I should learn from my hubby though who studied like mad for his Finance test, and felt he did really well and then didn't study like mad for his Econ test and now he's seriously worried he failed and might have to drop. Not that I don't believe him, and perhaps I'm a bit naive about Joel's skill to learn stuff, but I think he did OK and is far from failing. Of course, bless his heart, he's been mathmatically trying to figure out what the lowest score he could possibly get without failing is. See this test is 40% of his grade. Yikes, he's not going to take 2 three hour classes in one night again. I couldn't, UGH, I'd have mush for brains every class!!

Since I've had this test though I've felt like I can't really do much of anything else. homeshots 065.jpg
My son is the one that ultimately suffers. I don't take us on long outings and waste naptime hours because I need to work. I mean, in the long run everythings fine, but today I feel like I've been selfish and I really need to make it up to him. I can't keep up with him like I'd like to. I can't lift him in a comfortable way at all. Between him and little Eden I've got 55 lbs worth of kid hanging off my bod! Today we went out to lunch with Joel and I as holding Jos in the line, while Eden was kickin' back at him through my ribcage! Sorry Josiah, you might have to wait a few months before your mama can romp with you on slides, and hiking trails, and after a heard of geese. Whew! it's exhausting just to think about!

I'm looking forward to painting some more though. Looking at the unfinshed work drives me nuts! I went to Dick Blick and got some more cheap-o brushes because the little ones tend to disenegrate real fast. I was hoping they'd have some wood panel box things there but no, it's not a great resource really. I'll have to order them or build them myself.

In a fit of selfish promotion I'd like to say that I have a mini-baby shower on April 3rd after church and any of you all that feel like coming are welcome seeing as my friends at Northgate are light aquaintances right now. I feel a bit freakish getting a shower from them, but they offer--I accept. I have registered at Babies R Us. If anyone is interested or just wants to know what the heck I need 5 pages worth of baby registry for, you can go online and look, or print it out.

Some Fun Bits:
While casually cruising Chattablogs I found our friend Brain Whitacre's blog that has a kickin' extra on it called Pink Flamingo. And Ms. Molly Goatwax, this is for you!! Also there are pages of free fonts that I'll download someday.

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February 28, 2005

What I want to hear!

I had a midwife appointment today and for the first time this pregnancy I was rewarded for my faith. I have not gained nearly as much weight with little Eden as I did with Josiah, in fact I'm at about 25 lbs max. That means that I would have to gain almost another 20 to be where I was with Jos. I had the coolest midwife today (sidenote: there is no reason to have an OB/GYN unless you ARE sick while pregnant. A midwife is the best thing EVER! They are actually in the room while you are laboring, and if I hadn't had an awesome midwife with Jos I would have had a section. Let's see, tough recovery or major surgery. I'd choose a sore butt over an incision in my belly any day!) She was from Scottland and stayed and chatted with me. I was a bit worried today because of my wierd "eye problems" this pregnancy and I thought I would get the impatient 'rush out the door' midwife experience today. But no, she stayed with me and answered my questions. No worries, I just gotta get my eyes checked after 8 weeks post pardum. And because of the difference in my weight gain, she said that Eden would most possibly be a smaller baby than Jos. Hey a lot of "big babies" were smaller than Jos. I'm just shooting for under 9lbs! But this is the first time I've gotten this happy news! Almost every other time I've either been given the, "We're checking you a couple times for diabetes." or "We will not let you go past your due date." or "Depending on your weight gain..." UGH such a downer. And I knew, just knew that I would be OK. No section, no humoungoid baby. And I am even trying to grasp the idea that Eden will be a good nurser! I was lying in bed one night and I said to Joel, "wouldn't it be awesome if Eden came right on time, was a good short labor, a good average size, and was a great nurser! We could maybe come home in 24 hours!" and his response was, "Yeah, it could happen, God can do it." It's just so hard to fathom. But after Lynn's delivery with Isaac anything can happen!

I have only gained 3/4 of a pound the past three weeks. She was a little concerned, and all I had to say was, "stomach flu". So to help myself along I'm kickin' back with some Newman-O's and milk.
homeshots 056.jpg
Went to a baby shower for Jerry and Joy Hoffman who are expecting a little girl in a couple weeks. They'll name her Camille. It was cool to go and see all our VSN friends. We miss them so much. homeshots 057.jpg
It's hard to be on the other side of the spectrum at Northgate with awesome teaching and no friends. Every time we spend time with VSNers we leave saying, we need to go there every once and a while. This second picture is Josh and Jessica Hultquist with their boy Spencer, what a hansome little family!

Saturday night I was lucky enough to attend a rip-roarin' skin care party at Jennie Worrel's house. And I won the door prize! The kiddies out numbered the the adults and there was much ruckus to be had. We entered the door to the skin care lady's son Aiden who was ever so giving with the hugs and personal space invasion. Bless his heart, he's a giving sweet boy but he scared the life out of Josiah more than any stray dog, loud noise, or hard fall. Seriously, it was the strangest thing I've ever seen. Now Josiah is my son, therefore he is not a touchy feely kid. If I say, "Jos, do you want to give_______ a hug?" he'll smile coyly and give them a hug. Especially Kaitlyn Worrel. birthday 005.jpg
But hey who wouldn't she's a cute girl! But Aiden was too much for Josiah to handle. I kinda didn't know what to do. He was sooo aggressive and physical. By the end of the night the poor kid was exhausted too and was biting, hitting and getting an aweful lot of time-outs. I must say, I'd like to just write it off as the Mom's fault, but I know any of us can have a difficult night with the 2 year old. Aiden is big for his age and was overwhelming. He was also very loving and wanted to include Josiah instantly in their play time. So whatever, it was HI-larious to see him beating up on the cat. I about busted a gut! The cat got him back good to! Bit him twice. I'm a twisted person.

Congrats to Andy Perkins who finished up his PhD preposal on Friday. At least I think that's what he finished. Sorry Andy, I'm a dope about how the process works. But Congrats! May you be well educated and thrive in what you love to do!!

Joel has 2 midterms tonight. He's been studying for about 4 days it seems like. His Finance teacher is tough, she dishes out the most difficult problems first with little explanation. Joel is smart, and will do well I know it. He just needs to not panic. So say a little prayer if you think of him. Last night he was much more relaxed. Even took time to try and order a pizza and then call and complain when it never came. Sorry Papa John's, you might have lost a customer. I went out to Spike's at 9pm and picked up a pizza 10x better that was ready in 15 minutes.

This week I have a test in my 20th Century French Art Class. I'm not too worried about it. But I might not be able to work on th Vessel painting for a couple days, bummer. Michelle the Gypsy is going to purchase it for her budding art collection. Enjoy Michelle!

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February 21, 2005

My Plate

Back when Josiah was little bitty, we used to go out more. Out to eat, even to movies with him content to sleep through the noise and nurse where convenient. But since he got to be a walking, talking, sometimes protesting, strict bedtime little boy we go by what will be easiest or him. At least it sure seems like we went out more. Like Saturday night we went to Lenox. We go maybe twice a year. It's too crowded, too material (of course, it's a Mall) and with a stroller you're constantly looking for an elevator. Malls suck. But anyway, Lenox is kinda fun because people watching is great!! sista stiletto.bmp
The sistas is their stiletto sneaker heels that lace up half way up their leg, the metro sexuals, or homosexuals with their impecable style, the ethnic factor whether it be Asian, Latino, British, German, adding to the mix. We take the traditional trip to Urban Outfitters and pride ourselves with the fact that we can still find these clothes at the thrift store. I can't believe the earrings they sell--grandma trash!! earring.bmp
Joel was wiggin' about jeans they had for sale that were 180 dollars. They are just like the Diesels I got him for Christmas. I said, "Now do you know I love you?" I spent $40 on ebay. *sigh of relief* I like to go to the Walking Company and look at the awesome comfy shoes (unlike sista stiletto sneaks) like the Danskos the Keens and of course the Birks. Being 7 months pregnant going to a crowded mall is just an exercise in, "I will be happy that I went out tonight, I'd regret another night at home, I would regret it , I would." And you waddle and try to ignore your heartburn and the fact that you really have to pee. I am glad I went. I must remind myself though that I never have been, nor will I be mall material. Going on a Saturday night is like complete death to ego. With stroller and belly and shaggy haircuts, thrift store clothes, and last years shoes I see what the World says is good. It's a lie a big big lie. I'll spend my money on those comfy shoes though, they'll last me 10 years.

Friday we watched Sky Captain and the World of Tommorow. Joel and I spent the whole time pointing out how they ripped of every Star Wars and Indiana Jones picture. I thought the whole movie done with blue screen was a bit too Dick Tracy. Bad Movie.

I am entering the phase of pregnancy where you start looking for a childbirthing class, registering for gifts, starting the baby book and writing the birth plan. And yes, I've done 2 out of 4. I rock!
1.The baby book is therapeutic and an outlet for my frustrated creativity, it also gives me some QT with my little girl.
2.The childbirthing class is a no brainer. Very few choices if you have Medicaid. We signed up for the same one we took last time but since it's just refresher it's just a Saturday from 8:30-5. Yeah! We'll feel better that we did it. Hey it's free!
3. I thought I had a copy of my birth plan from Josiah, but I now realize it's on our very kaput older laptop that Josiah is slowly disecting. I know my mom gave me her copy for safe keeping, but alas, I am not as organized as Beth Ward. Gotta write that, mostly because I have a gazillion midwives and a higher chance of C-section this go around. I have faith that will not have to happen. I wanna be smart.
4. Registering for gifts seems silly, but I am having a small shower and who knows who will want to use it. I'll have o make it a gradual thing, since it'll be me and Jos trudging down ailse after ailse.

School has been interesting. The underclassmen sweat the first test and harrass my prof for everything but the answer sheet. I'm thinkin' what ever happened to learning the information? Yeah, I guess I'm a rare breed. I am behind in my reading, but the book is rough and my prof has said more than twice how complex it is for undergrad survey course material. So I need to catch up a bit but I'm not sweating anything about this class, except whether I'll have a baby before it's through.

That's my plate.

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January 26, 2005

Sleepless Nights

Our little family has had The Cold to end all colds for about a week and a half now. I'm in the aweful stages of it, which, thankfully is the sign it's ending. Blogging is nice, since my voice is almost gone and I can't communicate with the normal world. Just ordering my latte is like yelling into the drive-thru box. Sheesh. One of the bizarre things is that I can hardly sleep because of all my symptoms. I was told that I could take regular Robitussin and Sudafed, cough drops, and Tylenol (of course, the tried and true). I don't remember having a cold this bad with Josiah, but I'm certain pregnancy makes stuff worse. I remember when Joel and I went with the Perkins to a cabin January 03 and I was huge pregnant with Jos and Lynn was really sick with bronchial fun and pregnancy with Gid. The guys went for a hike, asked me if I wanted to come (hah!). Lynn soaked in the tub for a hour and I watched cable TV in our woodland cabin. I'm not certain but I think pregnancy made Lynn's bronchitis flare up faster and more intense. But Lynn takes hour long baths anyway...

So back to my sleeplessness. It's really annoying at first when you think you will sleep. But now that I've gone since Friday night with no more than 5 hours a night I come to be thankful for that. Last night I bid my husband farewell and slept by myself on the futon. Much better. But as I floated in and out of sicknessy slumber I began to think about a few certain things. I thought about art. It helps that I had class last night. I have a painting I'm working on that looks horrible now, but I'm trying to find the subjects to combine. Also I'm hoping each day I won't feel like the walking dead.
Subjects that came to mind:
window panes
glass jars
gold leaf or silver accents
worship, whom do you serve
empty vessel, ready for use
no figures (amazing!)

But yeah, it's like trying to recall a dream. Maybe tonight I'll have a notebook next to my box of Kleenex.


An inncoent trip to the library posed an unlikely attack on a poor handmade dinosaur:
dinosaur.jpgARRGH!dino attack!.jpg

After a morning of thrifting and library Storytime we came home to find all the kids from next door home from school. ball pit 1.jpg
This is the house I affectionately call the Chucky Cheese. One of the older boys saw Josiah lingering at the threshold of our yard and invited him to come play in The Ball Pit. ball pit2.jpg
After about 10 minutes of romping with the older boys I saw we needed to go in, but not without discovering that the reason all the kids were home was that their cousin, Mack, had died. Mack lived with Luther and Angela next door for a while and we exchanged hellos. He'd offer to cut our lawn, etc... He seemed a little slow, maybe, for a full grown man. I didn't have the heart to ask this 11 yr old boy why Mack died. I noticed he wasn't living there anymore, I wondered if he was sick. No one in that house ever seemed like a trouble-maker so I doubt it was foul play of any sort. They're a God-fearing family. Luther Sr. is a youth pastor for their church. ball pit3.jpg
It was interesting to see all these kids, all cousins, playing basketball and romping in The Ball Pit talking about how, "Mack is in a better place." I like our neighbors. It's kinda too bad, the kids are just a little to old to play with Josiah everyday without me being there to pick him up all the time. The youngest, Markus (called Paulo), is four and he sweetly said, "I should ask my mama if you can come sleep-over some night Josiah." Someday...

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January 21, 2005

House on Wheels

As I was driving to return my art book yesterday 4 cop cars stopped a major intersection (Barrett Parkway and Dallas Hwy). I thought it was for a funeral, since folks around here seem to think everyone that dies needs traffic to stop for them, but no it was for a house. A Big Ol' House!
Part One:big ol house.jpg
Part Two:house part2.jpg

Oh and because I love to pass on happy things: LynnP wanted me to blog how I cook my salmon. Even though I'm not supposed to eat that much salmon while pregnant, this is the simplest way to make it: Get a bag of salmon filets from Aldi (they ROCK) and defrost them. I recommend not using the microwave no matter how many cool setting it has (ok Lynn). Marinate in lemon juice for about as long as it takes your oven to preheat to broil. Put on broiler pan, sprinkle with dill, salt and pepper, and a dallop of sour cream. Broil for literally 3 minutes. Check it by running your fork down the fish to see if it seperates/flakes a little, it should be done! It may get smokey in your kitchen, but it's good and simple! Tastes good cold on crackers as well!

Something I'm considering at our church. Kinda pricey but they have childcare and it's too scary to ignore! Have I said I'm getting a baby shower for Eden from our church! It's awesome! Got a call today asking what restaurant I would want it at!! Woo Hoo!

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January 19, 2005

I can't believe I hit double digits!

I am nerdier than 31% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Well, I'm a nerd! But these questions are so swayed. I think I'm a bigger nerd in other areas.

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December 28, 2004

Christmas as an Adult

Wow! It's been a while! My blog has been empty for a few days and I haven't had time to catch up! Our little family was a bit apprehensive about this Christmas because it was totally out of control. A few things that made this holiday different:package1.jpg

1. My grandmother had knee surgery and was coming home from therapy on Christmas day--adventure!!
2. My grandfather has yet to be enlisted into a nursing home which he needs badly because of his Parkinson's disease.
3. Nathan, Joel's brother was actually off for Christmas and we found out he was going to be around for the holiday literally 3 days before he arrived.
4. a destitute divorced woman with no place to go is staying with Joel's grandparents and was having her 2 daughters over to the house over the holiday--wierd.
5. Oh, and my brother and his wife are in London (the lucky jerks!) for Christmas.

All this thrown together proved to have strange outcomes. But all went pretty well, God be praised, and we had a Happy Happy Christmas. But I had to be a true adult this year. I had to cook, clean, take care of kid, etc... It's nice when you can still depend on your folks to baby you when you're at their house, but let's be realistic, I'm 28 years old. It's time a pitched in, ya' know! It was more exhausting I think, but it's hard to tell when your 5 months pregnant anyway. I got lots of thank you's and of course much happiness from my efforts.
new hammer1.jpg
I'll make this short because I gotts things to do. Some fun gifts:
1. Josiah got a Little People Barn with noises (Nathan). A wooden play table with chairs (Wards). A German hammer bench (Joel). A real kiddie drum (Wards). A book called "My First Sushi Book" (Cat). An ABC book with velcro letters (Knuts)
2. I got a digital camera with printer and convienient carrying case (Joel). A beautiful Peruvian statue from 10,000 villages of Jesus with little children (Wards) A Mini-Shower, Maternity Tanks (Mom), a handmade dried flower wreath from my Grandma, so sweet.
3. Joel got Diesel jeans from his wife (for his skinny butt), Seinfeld DVD set (Nathan), A weedeater (Wards), A Carhardt hoodie (Wards), Walkie-Talkies (Nathan), and underwear (because he's borderline naughty this year!)

We went to Cat's house Christmas evening and had a nice time exchanging gifts and playing with our Boy. Cat and Jos got into a "pillow fight" that kept us all entertained for a while. blanket attack.jpgjos and cat.jpg

We got Cat a DVD player and her reaction was classic. She's one of those poor souls whose birthday is real close to Christmas so you gotta make it count. We'll be back in Chatt for New Years and hope to have a bonfire with some friends.

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November 29, 2004


What a refreshing weekend! It was great to see my folks have some time with some of the living and it was equally as great to see my brother and his wife down from St. Louis to share a few precious moments between long drives. We took a family photo that I will post eventually.
I love to eat this food! I mean ultimate comfort food! I loaded plates that I couldn't finish, and we had big ol' "snack downs" in the evenings with pimento cheese dip and spinach dip and puppy chow. Ummmm. Yeah I'm pregnant and not too worried about my weight...yet.
Got to see a blockbuster movie, which is the tradition: National Treasure. Lame. But we don't see art films on T-day! We got to hang out with Cat an her brother Aaron and his wife Lori who had many a question about babies, houses and life. Like Joel and I are experts! Cozy and fun. We went to Faith Works Gallery and saw the lovelies there as well as caught up with our former landlords Beth and Jeff. Ty and Jess Willison live in one of the many apartments on the Rogers compound and we were blessed to catch them as well. We had never met there little girl Lou, she's brave just like her dad.

I have a full day of babysitting. Alex and Kaitlyn will arrive any moment and I will be the nanny extrordinare! I'm actually kinda terrified. I've got Kaitlyn on Wed and Fri as well. So posting may be sparse this week.

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November 22, 2004


This weekend was crummy. Because a close friend of mine became a stranger.
bridge to revelation1 simple.jpg
I won't get into it, but those of you that I speak with face to face about it will know the maliciousness of what has taken place. I am so disillusioned. I thought she was my friend, I thought alot of things. Now I am feeling like all those happy moments are lies. She has fulfilled alot of the stereotypes I have been trying to ignore in my brain. Most of all there is a child involved that will suffer, no matter what. Joel and I have had to do damage control and we might have a roomate for a little bit at the start of the year. Love, hope, selflessness these are things that catagorize Christian relationships of many kinds. When those things vanish you are angry because you realize that the Enemy has won this battle. Our hope is not lost, we see redemption and reconciliation, but I am bruised and have lost a lot of trust. If she ever calls me back I will not be so casual. Unfortunately this has not been the first time I have felt this way. But God's grace is amazing and those friends that I have had to confront previously have found peace and the Lord in their own lives whether it was because of anything I said doesn't matter. That precendence of faithfulness gives me reason to not be bitter, but my mind is sharp and my heart is hurting. I want to cry and scream and smack her upside the head all at the same time. My flesh wants to ignore her 100% and go on with my life, but my faith says persue her until she tells me to stop. I love her, enough said.

We (Joel) helped move our friends John and Jenny Worrel into their new house this weekend. jon and jennie.jpg
They have moved more to our neck of the woods and the house is super cute! They are renting to own from people in our church which makes it more cool. It will be good to have them closer and maybe even start attending our church! kaitlyn and jos window.jpg
Josiah is so fascinated by their daughter Kaitlyn who is about 6 months older than him, it will make for good family times.

Let me just say a couple annoying mama things:
1. I'm about 17 weeks and my belly is growing up not out. Wierd. I thought I would be fully "maternity wear" by now but I'm still wearing whatever I got.
2. Josiah is going through a second newborn stage. He wakes up every night, but mostly happy singing in his bed," La la la!" Last night he was awake in his bed until 9:45, then woke up at 2am screaming, then after getting a clean diaper and a song from mama stayed up until 3:45 talking. At 5:30 he woke up screaming again. I thought at 5:30," Well at least I'll get to sleep in when Josiah sleeps til 9am." Nope, up at 7:30am. Needless to say, as soon as I'm done blogging I'm taking a nap!

In response:
I have received a few comments either in blogworld or the outside world about doing ebay for my jewelry and fine art. The thing is, ebay is flooded. There is no prime market for beaded jewelry. And the maintinence of ebay is annoying to do as a profession. I don't like it, I tried for a bit. Fine art doesn't make squat unless you have a following and have made a name for yourself, and I'm a snob, I don't think art purchased on ebay is going to be that great unless it's really well known.

I need to get my own site, and it's just not a top priority right now. I'm taking an artistic hiatus which I do not feel guilty about. The Holidays are not the time to start a bunch of non Christmas present projects.

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November 19, 2004

The Sexiest Man

So some people have told my husband that he looks like Jude Law.judebaby.jpgjoelie.jpg
And from these pics I'd have to say they're right! Of course, Joel would never, ever gel his hair! That's one of the few metrosexual things you won't catch my hubby doing. And that's quite an important one I think. Unibrows are sexyaccording to People magazine!

Thanks to all of you that scratched my ego after the most recent flop of my creativity. Not needed, but appreciated. I don't blog for pity I promise! I'm going to drop off all the jewelry that didn't sell at the NCAL Christmas Shoppe. It's pretty low key, they do take 20% of my sales, but hey I don't have to sit there and sell it, and it's there for a month! Hopefully I'll sell a couple things. But my hopes are not high, folks wanna buy Christmas ornaments, boxes of fudge, angel doo-hickeys. Maybe there will be a few folks looking for adornment for their necks.

What a nice quiet week. Joel and I enjoyed our evenings of watching the Apprentice and falling asleep on the couch. I've started some Christmas shopping and planning. Somethings are easier than others. My husband always seems to be the hardest. I'm looking forward to T-day so much! Turkey and gravy sounds awesome! And I get to make extra goodies for the snacking times. It's great to be pregnant over the holidays--lots of guilt free eating! Until the 10lb baby has to be suctioned out.

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November 12, 2004

Tales From a Thrift Store

I'm sure most of you know that I am a firm believer in thrift stores. I don't think I have hardly any clothing that isn't borrowed, given or used. Neither does Josiah. And when I have a quest that needs accomplishing within a certain time frame I hit all the thrift stores close to me within a week.

I have a Christmas Bazaar this weekend in Lithia Springs. I'll be selling jewelry. I've been doing this for quite sometime, selling jewelry is *yawn* something I do well. But presentation is everything. If people can't see all the glittery lovliness that you have to offer you could go home with a lot of bright shiny things that you keep in a box and they tarnish. So you need a few things:
1. a good table with black tablecloth
2. lights of various kinds
3. a mirror: people want to try things on!
4. boards to hang pieces on. I actually broke down and bought forms that are made for holding jewelry and are black velvet.
5. price everthing! I hate bardering.
6. a nifty way to package the purchased item. This is new to me because I never could afford nice bags or gift boxes, but I have discovered how to make boxes-Hoorah!

Overall, selling beaded jewelry has a relatively low overhead (compared to the fine arts-yikes!) and I will most likely make my money back. I'm feeling optimistic, that might be bad. If I post something blue next week it just wasn't meant to be.

Back to the thrift store. There is one within spitting distance of our house that has a 50% off day on Wednesdays. Needless to say this is awesome! Things that are normally an uncomfortable $5.50 are now a breezy $2.25! I've found so many lovely things. madigascar stamps.jpg
I found a lot of black fabric for my jewelry venture while digging through boxes of sheets. Struck up a conversation with another lady digging through the sheets and helped one of the regular Wednesday gentlemen figure out what some baby stuff was. Found a Mimi Maternity dress that I will cherish so much. The treasure I found is this set of Salvidor Dali stamps from Madigascar, all in one set! I need to find out how much they're worth!

Yesterday I had nothing better to do and Jos needs shoes so I headed out to the more expensive thrift store: Value Villiage. No half off days and they have a section called "Better Wear" that is practically brand new clothing and all good style and good brand names. I have rarely bought from that section. Found a pair of Pumas for Josiah, size 10 1/2 (my sons feet are that big, he's 21 months!). They had great soles and were only 99 cents.

I usually have to find a toy for Josiah to play with while cruising around the store. I found the ultimate distraction toy for Jos: an Elmo guitar with light up buttons that played music and other riffs. It was $2.72, it was not coming home with us. I found some more maternity clothes, a couple snuggly pants for Josiah, some Christmas cards, and a seat cushion for my rocker. While in line I commented to the man in front of me on an item he was purchasing. It was a cute baseball bat peg holder thing. It would be cute in a boys room that had a sports theme. Also Josiah was making friends with the lady behind him and the topic was the Elmo guitar. I mentioned it would not be going home with us, that Christmas is so close that no toys were to be purchased and that I would try to keep the screaming to a minimum as we left without it. I made my purchase, and wheeled the cart to the door, slyly pulling the guitar out of Josiah's grasp and onto the cashiers counter. Crying insued. Then the gentleman who was in front of me came up with the guitar and said, "Can I buy the guitar for him?" I was shocked! I mean, I'm used to the mood of thrift stores which is a bit preditorial. I want it, you can't have it, go away! I said, "Sure! How nice!" And everyone waiting in line was so touched, I heard all the middle aged women go "AWWWW" simultaneously. So now we have an Elmo guitar. I'll find creative ways to hide it.

Joel and Josiah jammed last night with it. And by the time bathtime rolled around Josiah was repeating the phrase, "Three, Four, Five ELMO!" It's quite hilarious. I'm sure my brother Kirk will have better phrases to teach Jos so they can rock out together.

kellys letter.jpg

Kelly's lovely letter--thanks! I need your address!

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November 2, 2004

Peter Pan or Zelda?

trick or treat3.jpg
Yes! He is the cutest Trick-or-Treater you'll see this year! Josiah is sporting a costume that came from his grandparents in Manilla and although we aren't big on the Halloween thing for our kids, we wanted free candy.
trick or treat1.jpg trick or treat2.jpg trick or treat4.jpg

Here's another series of pictures for Cat especially:
peek a boo painting1.jpg peek a boo painting2.jpg peek a boo painting3.jpg
And might I add that Cat is a bad ass and has posted a good read today. Check it out, tell her what you think, but most of all remember that Cat is a poet. She's got it in her bones.

"pay attention to the poet, you need 'em and you know it"--Bruce Cockburn

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October 29, 2004

Folding Paper

As Christmas time approaches I begin to salivate for a new project. I have concluded that I hate the craft store opting for the art supply store for my latest ventures. The craft store is always more expensive when all you want are raw materials. I can't believe how much stuff costs!! So I bought just what I knew I needed and went to Dick Blick where the raw materials live. I have a short list of things I want to accomplish this holiday season for my house. This is the first in three years where we will not be moving over Christmas, therefore the effort is worth it.

1. Create a roaring fire look in my fireplace with pillar candles. I would just build the fire, but when you've bought a HUD home you really don't know what's all wrong with it and I don't want to burn my house down just yet.
2. Make Christmas stockings. This should be a challenge since I cannot sew. I'm gonna have to hit Mom up for some help over Thanksgiving.
3. Make a series of ornanments. With the help of a Papercrafts book borrowed from the Perkins I think I have found my muse. This project has been a welcome friend each year as I would have many hours to kill over Thanksgiving at my in-laws with Joel commatose watching football with his bro.

These are just the top things I will accomplish. Nevermind the handmade Christmas presents not yet imagined, and of course cooking and baking. Those are givens.

Some Funny Stuff:
Here in ATL there's a guy running for Congress who also is an OB/GYN. His campaign theme reads Gingrey:He Delivers. No kidding!

Joel has come up with a theory that the new show Desperate Housewives is a reflection of some neo-social patterns for todays women. Maybe that Sociology degree paid off (Joel wouldn't agree). The last episode featured the stay-at home Mom with the ADD boys and she's battling with whether to medicate them or not. She was a sucessful business woman before she had her family and the story definately depicts present role as much more difficult. Go figure. It is a skanky show at some points but the over all echo to American Beauty is worth a look-see.

A Douglasville woman returns from a 2 1/2 week vacation to find a perfect stranger has moved into her house and started redecorating. I guess her own version of Extreme Makeover:Home Edition. She even tiled floors y'all!

Have a good weekend everyone. The Knuts will be doing a Home Makeover so hopefully I can go pee downstairs! yeah!

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October 11, 2004

Truly a simple Life

As I suspected the art show on Friday was a bit comical. The same woman who won this past spring won this time too, for the fall show. They should change it to the Kathleen Ryan show. She does amazing portraits, so give her the ribbon, and the money. I don't think I will enter this show again. I just don't think it's the challenge I want. I paid a $25 entry fee, I wrote out another $25 for a sitting fee until I sit in the gallery for 3 hours then I get my check back, I pay $20 for a fancy snack to bring to the opening and I stand around trying to be impressed when half of it is crap. The biggest bummer is that the Gideon painting got hung waaay up on the wall so you couldn't see all the text and pictures in it. That was kinda the final straw. I did meet another mom/artist there named Mercedes. Her kids Francesca (chee-cha) and Max were with her. She's a potter and had some lovley, sellable drums in the show. Complete with a symmetrical, henna, hand painted design on the drum head. Maybe we'll get together when my weekends get calm again.

Jadon's first birthday party was fun! I was bone-dead tired the whole time but whatever, I'm makin' a baby.jadon the great2.jpg
It was good to see Holly and her kiddies again. Little Henry is walkin' around in his Converse high tops. Katlyn is on her way to being potty trained, her little pants were saggin' because she had no diaper to hold them up. Josiah is just thrilled to see her. Maybe we have a little crush? Scott and Sarah came with little Lily and I hope some of our Josiah trauma stories gave them some clarity as to "why NOT to believe the books and the growth charts". She's a sweet little girl, with big brown eyes. I scored some more of Jenny's maternity clothes from Sarah which is awesome because mine are not so trendy and gorgeous. It would be nice if I was about 3 inches taller, I could pull off wearing more of them. I probably have another month before I can start wearing them, and I'll be posting tummy pictures as soon as a tummy is worth showing.

I turn 28 years old tomorrow. For some reason it's just not as bad as 27. I guess I'm resigned to being closer to 30. I will have accomplished my goal of 2 kids before 30, that's nice. Joel wants to get me some hip retro sneaks, but for all my searching I just can't find the exact right thing. I would be brave and just get the pink ones but I think Joel would barf. No birthday celebration this year. I guess that's fine and good, since I have a festival to plan for, and a midwife to decide on. Thanks for taking my before mentioned survey. Continue taking it, I might start with one midwife and end with another.

I am excited about this festival, not because I will make money, that outlook is slim. But because the weather is awesome, and I want more of the world to see my art! I can't wait to see it all crammed into a white tent! cat ans jos2.jpg
And Cat is coming down to be some livley company, yeah!! Josiah will love to see her too.

I'll post some current Josiah pictures soon. I haven't had any film or disks to take any sort of picture. Little boy October will arrive next week I'm sure.front yard2.jpg

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October 4, 2004


Last week I felt like I was seeking and searching for something to move me forward in many areas that needed work. There are still things like, our yard and our house that constantly need work but for now I feel some progress.

Went to Jubillee Art Alliance Juried Show reception on Friday night. Our friends John and Jenny were kind enough/crazy enough to come. It started at 5:30- no way we were going to make that. We cruised in the door about 7:15 just as they were giving the awards. I would love to say I got one but alas, I am still too green to win stuff. And because of my raging hormones I cried a little bit about it. It was good to have John and Jenny show up a little after it kept my emotions in check. Joel said," Kate this is a great show! You have never been in a show this nice! Your work fits right in!" I disagreed. I thought my work looked rough, poorly done, and dusty compared to the others. I really did want to dust it (even though it is so textured it would be wearing half of my dust cloth after). joel portrait3.jpg
Joel was very confident, he showed me other works in the show that were just as rough, the same style, and even the same frame! So by the time John and Jenny came it was 8pm, about the end of the show, I had had some yummy roasted red pepper humus, chocolates and a mini roast beef sandwich on Challah bread. I felt a hell-luvah lot better! It is an honor. And Community is a very good painting. I hope it finds a good home one day. I think I was suppossed to pick it up today, but I'm not going anywhere, my boy is asleep.

Saturday we went to Lowe's to find solutions for my tent art display. We just ended up getting mad at each other and coming right back home. Joel then suggested (after we ate lunch and were more sensible) that we go to Marietta Square to see what festival was there and look at the displays and dad-gumm ask somebody where they got their walls. I asked about three people before a very kind Linda Pirkle (of Linda Pirkle Designs: original paintings on embossed tin) gave me description, supplies, dimensions and a name of a place in Norcross that carries these grids. It will be the most affordable, and easy to set up system. Joel was releaved that he didn't have to build anything. They are metal grids that measure 6'x2' and they are attached to the tent posts with electrical tie thingys. They are also bungeed or chained to the top of the tent frame. They cost $16 a piece. Linda had a black sheet over the grid to provide an even smoother backdrop. I might not need that. I hope to go to Bland Enterprises tomorrow and pick some up. They'll fit in the Volvo!!

I think I will also make my own business cards and brochure. When you don't know if you'll sell anything keep the costs low!! We needed a new color cartridge anyway. Ouch, they cost too much.

At church our worship leader announced that she is pregnant too. It's her first. So that makes me part of a new wave of children. It is such a blessing to be pregnant with other women so close together. I loved it with Josiah and this I feel will be better because I am in a church body that is so passionate, so on fire and so ready to equip these children for ministry. This past Sunday a group of 20 kids went to the nursing home near our church to pray for healing. These kids are being raised up to pray in powerful ways. I think this is exciting. I think children have an amazing power to minister especially to older folk. They bring such innocence, joy and lack of judgement to whomever they pray for. Awesome. Sarah in due in March, Jess in April, me in May and Amber in June. Fun Fun. Amber is the only one having her first. Both Sarah and Jess have boys just a little bit older than Josiah. What a blessing. This has been an easy way to connect to the other moms.

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September 22, 2004

Recall on Baby Bjorns

If you own a Baby Bjorn Infant Carrier check this out! Not every carrier needs to be recalled but the handy-dandy test here should help you decide.

The news reports have been confusing, so go straight to the source.
baby bjorn.jpg

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September 21, 2004

Wasting time

I am royaling wasting time here, but I have to take advantage of the hours I have to bounce around the computer before my sweet husband has a gazillion things to do again.

I enjoyed reading all the new posts! My blogroll is quite satisfying I must say. I love hearing about cutie Caleb. Jeanette's musings are always full of energy that I don't have. Racheal had some awesome opp's for painters--check it out Kelly, maybe this will make that paintbrush a little lighter! Cat's vocab makes me smile because I hear her voice talking. And the Bear never ceases to surprise me.

I finished my sheep painting. I'll post it again when I get a good picture. I'm hoping to get it shinied up and framed soon. I bought lattice today and was pleasently surprised to see that Lowe's now carries many varieties of lattice! I have a choice now! Cool. I might be framing alot now. Except I don't have a mitre saw. I will frame the sheep painting (which I gotta title better than that) and my Quiver and Arrows painting for the NCAL show. And if the Perkins will let me, I'd love to frame Gideon and show him off too (the painting not the boy, although Gid should be shown off whenever possible. He could come in a teeny little tux to the show opening!). Even though lattice costs virtually nothing framing is always a bit tense for me because I can never manage to get those cuts perfect. Cuz I don't have a mitre saw. Good thing my paintings are rough in their compostion so the rough frame complements.

I got accepted to Festival 34/84 today! That will be in Cartersville on Oct 16 and 17. My first fest. Now how the heck am I going to keep my work from falling over! The fancy walls you have to buy are like a serious investment. I could buy another Volvo with that kinda cash. I don't have that kinda cash. Brainstorming must begin. This will be a great opportunity, and they're providing free breakfast both days! It's a short drive too, very do-able. I just hope I'm not in the throws of some major morning sickness. Come one, come all and see Katie's tent-o-art!

We spent all day Sunday trekking around the ATL. Church in Woodstock, wedding in Buford. That's an hour, just to get from Atlanta to Atlanta. Why did I move to a big city? kaitlyn and jos window.jpg
The wedding was great! We were going to go to Fort Walton Beach this weekend. The bride and groom finally thought that was a bad idea. We had a breezy outdoor sunny wedding in Buford at Stone Edge. John and Jennie's faith was presented for their non-Christian family and friends. But I was kinda bummed that I was pregnant for the after party. It would have been nice to have some champagne. But I'm sure someone had enough to drink for both of us there. God took their 'dream-wedding' and made it into what it should be-a glorification of God's grace. I believe part of thier vows said, "God is giving us a second chance at happiness". Amen.

Joel's Management and Accounting classes end this week. Thank God! Now he will only have one class a week until Thanksgiving and then nothing until the spring.

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September 14, 2004

The Big Brother

front yard.jpg

Our boy Josiah playing in our painfully tall grass. Our lawnmower died. Maybe it's just the battery.

Our friends wedding for this weekend has been cancelled at Fort Walton beach because it has a mondatory evacuation. Joel has been on the phone with John (the groom) trying to give him as much emotional support as possible. Either the dream beach wedding will be postponed or we have to find a pretty place in Atlanta for this weekend. This is why I got married in May.Of course, I didn't know that then.

Dropped of "Community" at Cobb Galleria today for the Jubilee Arts Alliance Show. It will open tomorrow, but the reception is Oct 1st. If anyone would like more info or would like to attend I have postcards I can send. The funny thing about this show is that there was a size requirement. community.jpg
It couldn't be larger than 48x48. Since a few of my works push that measurement I was a bit depressed about what I could enter. See, I love excuses for showing my older huge works, because honestly, I like seeing my work from a mile away. The impact is impressive. But when I dropped of "Community" it still was one of the bigger pieces I saw, but not by much. It would be wierd if it sold. "Community" is funky, covered in linseed oil drippings, caulk clumps and masking tape lines. I love running my hands over it and realizing that, "No that's not dust it's part of the texture". Hehehe. At one point while working on this piece water leaked on it from the ceiling above. My landlord was so apologetic but it kinda worked. I mean it's oil paint and caulk, two things that repel water! Still $450 would be nice, maybe we could fix our lawnmower.

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September 13, 2004

Big News


Yep I'm pregnant. That's what these numbers mean. I have been a little bit cautious just because I'm not into spreading big news that is this fragile, I guess. But since Cat knows, and my mom knows, and Lynn knows, I better just tell everyone or they will do it for me! I am very happy. I think it will be a perfect space in between Josiah and this new little bun. I would love a girl but a boy would just make our little house a little army of mighty men! I think I'm about 4 weeks and I'm going through the task of deciding about midwives. The ones I had for Jos are waaaay south and now I'm waaay north. Going to North Fulton in appealing but it's far, really far. And my labor with Jos was only 9 hours. It's possible I might not make it. Kennestone sounds appealing as well. And my friend Carrie, who is studying to be a CNM, said Crawford-Long is also good. UGH. I have about 4 weeks until I will need an appointment, so I hope I can book one by then. Be happy for us! Our family, and my belly grows.

We bid the Maurer's goodbye on Saturday night. I can't believe they're going to be gone. Joel believes that our paths will cross alot, especially in ministry circles. It was a wonderful get together. I gave them a painting, and of course I didn't take a picture of it. That's ok, it's 100% there's anyway! They loved it, they deserved it. They need to be captured by paint and brush, in stillness, in peace for the future days ahead will bring much tumult.

Speaking of tumult. Ivan might spoil many a wedding well wisher for our friends John and Jenny Worell. They planned to get married on Fort Walton Beach. Ivan will hit Fort Walton Beach Thurs. morning. YIKES! I hope they have a plan B. And I hope we can delay our Florida excursion if not cancel it. We'll see.

Here is an update on my Faroes Landscape:

I love these sheepy faces

The Circle of Rain

I bought some knitting supplies today. I want to make some blankets, or scarves I dunno. But it's a good activity to do sitting down. That's all I want to do from 8:30pm on.

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August 19, 2004

Ahhhh New and Fresh

My first real entry in my new blog! I've been packing and moving my stuff from one blog to another. I must say though, I will miss the photo albums. I gotta find a way to put a photo album up.

Well shouts to the Weigers for their new little boy! It was great to read about the labor, that's always the part that's real interesting to me. Everyone is different. No one's story ever scared me, it just made me excited!! One day I'll do it again. Sooner than later I hope. So this artwork is for Caleb Weigers.
Josiah new eyes2.jpg

We had a conference at our church last week. It was great worship. And hearing Bob Jones speak and prophesy was such a gift. I'm excited about what Atlanta has in it's future. Especially within Blood and Fire.

My parents are here this week taking a well deserved vacation. Tuesday we went to the Botanical gardens, Wednesday we swam at the hotel pool, and today we went to the ZOO!! It was so fun. My dad loves to spoil me and he did with luch at the OK Cafe on Tuesday, and Bridgetown today. Yummm. Josiah loves being with his family. I have promised myself to make him a picture book of his family because he doesn't get to see them all the time. He goes around saying, "Lola, M-Amy, Lola, Lola, M-Amy, M-Amy." I ask him, "are you saying a prayer for your Lola and your aunt Amy? I'm sure they need your little prayers." Amy goes to Covenant this Saturday and Joel will go and help them move her up there. I am staying. I'm pooped already this week.

We're trusting God for this next school year. Money is tight and Joel is going to school 2 nights a week. This is good because he can continue to work full time. He also wants me to go back to school in the spring. I love that idea, but I need faith. Lots of faith.

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August 15, 2004

Where have you been?


Where is the most amazing place you have been? I was thinking of the places I have been blessed to go and I thought of my mini-web community and wondered where you all have been. Some of you I know quite well but the question is quite a personal one. Think about it and let's share.

I started a "landscape" painting before we went to HH and this week I've put layers onto it. Since I've diddled around with Photoshop I have a new found appreciation for doing the layers by hand. See I think people would understand my work more after using that program. Anyway. I hate landscapes, really. I have never been able to do them, am rarely inspired by them yet the vast majority of joe-schmo art buyers love landscapes. Thomas Kincade to Monet's. I have been more of a figure painter. interior landscape, if you will. I don't even like photos of landscapes unless the contrast is just amazing or someone I love fits perfectly in the setting. But one of the most fascinating places I have ever been pleaded with me to take landscape pictures because it was just too unbelievable. And as I tell you about it (or have told you about it already) you won't believe it either. The Faroe Islands- Danish Islands in between Iceland, Norway and The UK. I was there for a month with a group from our Bibleschool. faroes1.jpg
We got to see almost all of it because there isn't that much to see. I won't get into it all because I promised myself I would clean my house today and not sit staring at this glowing box. The Faroes have inspired me to do a landscape painting.

Instead of writing too much about the Faroes here's a list:
1. No trees anywhere, the wind blows them over and uproots them
2. The sheep outnumber the people. There are 40,000 people.
3. They eat any animal within a hundred mile radius of the island: whale, sheep, cow, puffin
4. An amazing heritage of Scandinavian and Irish decent.
5. Most school children will know and learn at least 4 languages: Faroese, Danish, English, Norwegian
6. They send more missionaries out per capita then anywhere in the world.
7. The only airport there was built when the British set up camp during WW2.
8. If you got to visit go in the summer. Only in the summer.
9. God's hand is very very evident there.
I have painted sheep from the Faroes on my landscape painting, and I didn't know it would bring back all these memories. I guess I long to travel again. I thank God for the opportunity to go all these places. I now if I hadn't married Joel I wouldn't take any risks, I wouldn't go anywhere. Now, I won't be stopped from going again and again to these amazing places. It is so important for us to leave the U.S. and see what God has given other places. Man, when I hear about terrorist stuff ya know what my first thought is: Heck-fire, I'm on the next plane to Sweden!!

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August 13, 2004

How Do I Upload My Old Blog to ATLBLOGS?

I really really really want to put my old blog archives here, on my new blogsite. I like Atlblogs. I want to be part of this little community, but if I can't move my old entries here I'll feel naked. Does anyone here care about my poor blogs nakedness? I can't figure out how to move everything. A little help would be oh so nice. Help me.

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July 6, 2004

Out of Time

Dern, I was typing a letter, a long one and Microsoft Works decided to have an error and shut down. Love that. So back to the drawing board. Also I was hoping to squeeze in a blog session but now Josiah is sqwaking after his nap and I'm trying to be as quiet as I can so maybe he'll go back to sleep (He sleeps 3 hours and it's only been 1 1/2).

This weekend was pretty calm, we got to work on our house which is good. Joel did actually I've done a good bit and I'm taking a well deserved break. We have baseboards in our living room now. Hoorah! Soon I will no longer find drywall chunks in my son's mouth. It's hard for Joel, he's been really discouraged especially about our entry way to the Living room. The dry wall was done so poorly that nothing but a miracle will make it pretty. But hey, I could use a miracle this week.MVC-040S
Found a big ol' beetle in the basement. Josiah is loving bugs. Whenever a fly lands by his food he's like "BUUUUUG!!" and smiles real big (see photo). This beetle was very accomadating until Josiah picked it up, it's thorny legs scratched Jos' hand! Crazy.

We had another great service at Northgate. Still a bit disappointed with the friendliness factor, but we ain't giving up! We know this is where God wants us. And although charismatic churches are far out and everyone is dancing, laying on the floor, jumping etc.. I still feel totally crazed about Josiah wanting to take off during the worship. A new chapter of discipline begins. uggh.

Great things:
1. I got a sturdy computer desk for $10!! Homemade desk man! It took a small army of many colors to get it into Jenny's Element, but it's here. Kid proof computer station!
2. We had a financial miracle. I took out $500 from our Home Equity because we had to pay off appliances this month. After knowing our account would bounce after our World Perks bill got paid. By Thursday Joel calls and tells me "Kate, I got a $500 bonus". You know when the numbers match, it's God.
3. Kate Maurer is pregnant! More arrows in the quiver.
4. Got a deal on a festival tent. Trusting God that the art investment will be fruitful.

Went to VSN for Fourth Fest. It was great to see all the babies and our friends Scott and Darnail.

Started working on "father/son" painting. It needs alot of work. But I have a good concept. Will post results later.

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July 2, 2004


Whew! Lots of heavy discussions today!! Lynn talks about how to bring your kids up, Andy has animal rights people freaking out about his "Fun with Kittens" photo and Rachael's friend had her art stolen off the internet, copied and sold on Ebay! Ugh. Well I'm posting my art anyway.
1987600-R1-E010 This painting is of Jerah (Sellinger)Kirby. No it's not a monk with a Bible, it's Jerah. It's from a picture that Erin (Erbs) took and I loved it and asked if I could paint it. Back when these ladies lived in a trailer in Hinkle GA, they had no couches just matresses on pallettes (ahhh college). It was very eastern in it's practicality. Jerah's Moraccan trinkets helped that feeling. This piece is nicely stretched and framed, it was in the Chattanooga Times News Free Press for the Women's show at Gallery 1401, September 2001. It now hangs at Venture Physical Therapy in Dallas GA.

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June 23, 2004

Catch Up

I feel like I need to write alot but I won't I'll just play catch up. This weekend was fun. We went up to Chattanooga for Aaron and Laurie's wedding. They are in Prague now (aaaahh Prague! We went there for our honeymoon too). We stayed at the Hatch's house that is really cool and older than ours! They've done alot of work! It was encouraging and kinda sad because it made me realize how our house is composed of un-unique, cheap, materials and we have not the funds to change that. But I do enjoy making it look as good as I can. What made the wedding super fun was my dad played the reception and Josiah kept running to Gran-pa behind the keyboard. At one point he started dancing! What a moment!

A guy that goes to VSN kept hounding me about my jewelry. He wanted to take it around to malls and try to sell it. I finally decided to humor him and he made me $82! That's cool, but jewelry is that last thing I want to pick up again. zuch_rIt's getting hard to even get motivated to paint. Although my response to every message at Northgate is "God wants me to paint and get going!!"
Well South Beach isn't so bad guys! But the promised 7 to 13 lbs is kinda skewed with me because I don't really want to lose that much. But I weighed myself this morning..127. Yeah! And I've been making some kick butt food! I made Salsa Chicken Salad, Slow Cooked Chili, and last night I made Salmon with Pesto and Tomatoes. Maybe I should start a food blog!! Another cool recipe I found was Zuchini Hashbrowns. YUM! Tastes just like 'em, I wouldn't scatter smother and cover them though. I'm not into this whole get rid of potatoes and pasta thing but I must say that I have had some yummy food without them. And no ice cream, no lattes, no cookies, no nachos. And I still hold onto my strong belief: Diet stuff is way gross and in no way makes up for the original, Sugar!

So if ya want any more recipes or think I should have a food blog (which I've fancied only in my head) let me know!

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June 21, 2004


Well, I promised the story. Here it goes. It must have been the end of the Spring semester and jobs had just started and roomates were changing. I was hanging out over at Yellow House with it's future/former(?) residents AndyP and Joshie Green. We were going through junk and found paints, broken tile pieces, caulk maybe (every good thing can have caulk in it). sex_barrel2When Andy's Halloween costume from that fall appeared. Joshie being of creative, yet somewhat unstable mind, thought it would be funny to where it and wave at people. But not without some enhancement. AndyP wanted us to make sure his employer logo was covered up since it was proudly displayed on this particular Halloween costume. So before we knew it the logo was covered and a figure somewhat resembling a sperm appeared. Without hesitation, Joshie spraypainted "SEX" in red across the top. To add to that my BF at the time (Joel) had a great collection of cardboard cartoon chili peppers from Ye Ol' Tuck Shoppe. Joshie put on the costume went out to the sidewalk of our busy St. Elmo street and started to wave the chili pepper! He got some strange looks, some awkward non-stares, and some Whoo Hoos from construction workers in big trucks. It was short lived but it is burned into many memories and on film... hehehe.

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June 17, 2004

Wedding and Sex

Nothing much to say but since Josiah is taking an extra long nap, I'll post something.

Goin' up to Chattanooga to see Aaron Collier and Laurie Coe get married. Finally. They are like 23? and have been dating for 7 years or more. It'll be fun and short. In attempt to find a picture of Aaron in his many phases of hair growth I stumbled across this infamous picture! I know my readers will appreciate it. Stayed tuned for the story...sex_barrel

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March 20, 2004

The Volvo Returns

Yes! Our Volvo is back from the dead! Well, I was hoping that God would heal our car. And He did, but it still took a weeks worth of mechanics and another $450 dollars. But still, that means we got a Volvo for $450 dollars since the insurance check covered the rest.

Some neighbors of ours are down one car and she is stuck at home with no car, so I thought we'd bless her with the newly fixed Volvo until their car gets fixed.

Last night we had a get together at John and Jenny G's. Steaks, wine and lots of kids! Good conversation. Relationships going deeper.

Found a thrift store that was closer to our house on the way to Powder Springs. Oh my word, I had no idea that there was some place like Powder Springs in the Atlanta area! It feels like Georgia, ya know. Small, all Georgians, and small town style. Anyway the thrift store was huge but after almost 2 hours in there I realized nothing beats my Baptist thrift store on Roswell Rd. I don't have time to sift through a store full of junk.

Here's the progress on my painting. I know you all are in suspense.


Jenny G is letting me borrow cloth diapers and covers for Josiah. I'm so excited!! I've been wanting to start so badly but I just have been kinda chicken. So today Josiah is hanging out in his new diapers. I need to invest in some CPF's (Chinese pre-folds), some diaper liners, and some more covers. Some of them are so cute that he could just hang out in them minus pants!! I feel closer to my parents generation watching him crawl around in baggy pants.

Josiah has been so adventurous lately. His latest thing is throwing clothes around. If they're in my laundry basket, on the floor, on the bed, in his diaper bag, wherever his throws them all over!! At the thrift store he was pulling the clothes out of the cart onto the floor and yanking clothes off of hangers.


He loves to roar. He has since he was very little. Now he has incorperated the ferocious clawing action with the roar. He did it for a whole room of people during our visit to Chattanooga last weekend. It's great fun! Let toddlerhood begin!

Image:Memorial Day Series by Jon Maurer

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March 12, 2004


Thanks to my friends Cat and Andy P who have the courage to tell me my Blogroll wasn't working! I have fixed it! I am a bit of a novice if you haven't figured that out yet.

Well I'm up in Chattanooga this weekend because my hubby is hiking the AT. I wasn't going to sit in my unfinished house all by myself. My dad is having a multi-cultural conference at New City Fellowship and is having great results. It's exciting to see my dad using all his gifts to bring people together and enrich the Body of Christ by unifying different cultures to worship God. I'm proud of my dad, it's taken him so long it seems, but he is inspiring to stay true to what God has called you to do. What I've learned from him is that I need to be diligent and take more risks for what I believe in.

Spent last night with Cat. We had a lovely evening walking around downtown, the weather was perfect. I just think of how nice it must be for Joel on his trip. Josiah slept well on Cat's floor and slept well in his Pack n' Play at my folks house-whew! This morning my grandparents were amused by watching Josiah eat a whole banana one huge bite at a time!


Today I'm thinking I'll go shopping a bit and maybe get some gallery info for later. Still waiting on Erin Humphries to give me a call. I don't have her number and I hope she hasn't lost mine.

Image: Detail

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March 10, 2004

My skin hates me

Ever since we've been in this house I feel like my hands have been in a constant state of painful dryness. I mean washing paint of my hands is one thing, I haven't painted walls in a while. But now they're itchy and a little red and I've been keeping myself from scratching them all day. Just say no to ecsema!

So I know the week isn't over, I usually wait a little while before I write but Joel is leaving for the Appalacian Trail tonight with 2 Johns and a Jonathan and won't be back til Sunday. I'll miss him! It's hard to get motivated when he's gone. But I'm going to Chattanooga tommorrow, to go visit my folks. It's my dad's birthday 54 years young!! Go JDub!


Yesterday was quite a day- I'm still recovering. Shiree's due date was yesterday and I hope she has her little boy soon. She worked til she could work no more as the Atlanta Vineyard's secretary. Since it was her first real day of freedom from work we went out to celebrate. We spent a lot of time in a not so childfriendly Starbucks and then went to Fellini's pizza on Ponce. After most of the crew left Jenny G and Lynn and I took a walk all the way to Highlands where we stopped at the Owl and the Pussycat toystore. Lynn being newly pregnant wa feeling wuzzy and thought she couldn't make it, but we started to walk. A large black cloud covered us and we ducked into yet another coffee shop to wait it out. Jenny and I were supposed to be at a meeting at 7. After calling 2 out of 3 husbands to rescue us we gave up on them and walked. It had stopped raining. Praise God. Jenny decided to stay home and I went on to the meeting at church.

It was good to see Jessica at the meeting. She was looking rather spent as well. Her due date is around the 24th? At our leadership meeting we talked about how to integrate prophecy into VSN. Lightning, John's friend who works in a prophetic ministry gave some words on Sunday night and people were very receptive. That's encouraging but I feel far away. As we talked I knew that this was not were I was going to agree. I was surprised at how Joel responded I thought he would disagree more with what was happening. But I guess this is what Joel and I have decided. To be faithful until we move on.

Ouch! My cuticles are killing me!
Image: in the car

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March 6, 2004


Small tasks become more difficult and small efforts hold more meaning these days. God is moving us into a time of life that is unsure, but ultimately exciting.It keeps my mind sharp and my heart soft to what might happen next. I can't say that I'm very good at this, I feel I screwed up a lot recently and there is much God needs to repair, there's nothing any person can do to fix it. I believe He's working right now, healing and repairing.

Wednesday I felt I had a small task to attend Chloe's first birthday party. I feel that we screwed up and split our new parents small group a bit prematurely. I have mixed feelings but like I said, God will have to repair at this point. I was the only representative of the new group, I had to talk a lot about what we were doing and why. I have to have faith that God will keep all of us in good standing with each other and forgiveness to those we have offended.

Chloe is one month younger than Josiah and quite a pretty little girl. Blond and petite. She'll be a big sister in September. We gave the kids cupcakes with lots of icing on top. Chloe wasn't so sure about it, Judah dug in and inhaled the cupcake, Gideon didn't like it at all and squealed to be freed from the thick icing around his little fingers. Josiah loved it and complained to have more. Chloe got a big blue "dora the explorer" ball which might be more fun for her dad at first. She got some sweet clothes too. The moms had some good time upstairs, a little too long til 11.30! It was good though, I'm so glad I went. I miss seeing our friends every week, but I feel comfort is the thing to sacrifice at this point. For some great pictures of the gang visit .Gideon's website

Thursday Josiah and I had a nice day. The only thing we went out to do was find the post office where a registered package was waiting for us. It was from Sofia! A Swedish girl I befriended while in school with her in Norway. She is now in Addis Ethiopia and she sent a update letter and an outfit for Josiah. It's great, it has ETHIOPIA across it in big colorful letters. I wonder when he'll get to wear it.

Yesterday, Josiah and I went out for a walk and half way through we past back by our house and there was Joel coming out to meet us! Of course I asked if he was alright and he was fine he felt that the Lord wanted him home yesterday. He went to Kennesaw Mtn and walked up it, spend some time asking God what next. We are in a place where God wants us to risk, and take the daring next step. For Joel that means getting out of his desk job and possibly going back to school for Economics or Real Estate, and possible buying more houses. For me that means keeping artistically limber and using my new eyes. I think we both know that whatever is pleasing to God will prosper and we believe that He wants His children to prosper. We pray a lot these days.

Image for today: Mighty Dump ride!

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March 2, 2004

Quite Bergen-like Today


Yesterday after posting my entry Josiah woke up right away which wasn't all bad. He usually sleeps for 2 to three hours and his short hour nap was ok because I got to go to Kroger and go back out to spend a lovely afternoon with my fellow moms. Never thought it would be such a pleasure.

Jenny and her boy Jadon, Holly and her kids Emma and Henry, and a new Mom Shelly and her boy Evan walked from Holly's house to Marietta Square where we sat and harrassed our poor waitress with breastfeeding while eating pizza, scattered strollers, and repeatedly asking for refills on beverages at different times. The highlight I imagine was Holly loudly scoulding her three year old Emma by saying, "Emma! Get your naked vagina off of Shelly's stroller!" See, Emma the three year old exhibitionist decided to leave her undies on the floor of the Marietta Pizza Co.'s restroom and then proceed to lounge in Shelly's jogging stroller lifting her dress over her head. Oh to be young.

Joel, being exhausted from all the things going through his brain took last night off from any projects and went to Blockbuster and bought two movies VHS. Finding Nemo and Pirates of the Caribbean. It was interesting seeing the same actress in Pirates that was in Bend it like Beckham. I should have seen the latter first so I could take her a bit more seriously. But both movies were fun but not great. Johnny Depp is hilarious though.


Today Josiah and I went to the Library and I got some fun books. An origami book, the Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework, Knitter's Handbook, and a mosaic book. Josiah loves the library. He kept walking around going "buk buk" and when we got to the non-fiction section where the dog books were he gets louder "gah gee! gah gee!" So I got him a National Geographic video about dogs. He squeals to see them move and bark on the TV.

Since our Volvo has past on we have been trying to collect it from where it died. I drove in the Bergen-like rain to North Druid Hills sat at the CVS for an hour and a half and then discovered the tow truck took only cash, and he needed a key that I didn't have. I felt like the idiotic woman. But good news State Farm will pay for it. So after just going to the library- I ended up keeping Josiah out til almost 8pm. He was very very good. He always is. What did I do to deserve such a mild boy? I'll bite my tongue later.

I started my painting today. I'm thinking of a series called INFANT. Paintings of course of my boy and symbolic pieces of rebirth and regrowth. I've been inspired by some CD's my friend Shira gave us by Enter the Worship Circle. They've been at Cornerstone Fest but I never got to see them. I love to step back from my painting in progress and with surprise notice what has emerged. It's all God's work.

Image for today: I went walking

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March 1, 2004

Where's the Line? Can I cross it?

"What an interesting weekend," Joel said last night around 12:30 after a pleasant evening at VSN.

We spent Friday night at the tail end of a Rodney Howard-Brown conference up in Roswell. I have never seen him before and there were pro's and con's to the experience. First of all because I'm an idiot I didn't eat much on Friday. It was for no other reason than saving as much time as possible. See-eating with a rug rat crawling everywhere means that you rarely get a lunch and then when you actually want to get stuff done in the evening maybe dinner becomes an apple in the car and three spoonfulls of black beans and rice. All that to say that I got a sick headache. The whole time I kept wondering if there wasn't something else to that headache.

Joel and his new companion in chaos John W were chatting it up and having a great time at the event. John W a new Christian received his baptism in the Spirit that night and John and Jenny G also received ministry that night. I forced Joel to go home because I was sick and overwhelmed by the fact that I didn't really like being there any longer. But as I shared my frustration in the car with him I literally exhaled in four long sobs all my stress and most of my headache. God ministered to me in the Volvo on the way home.

Saturday we had great plans to work on the house but when we discovered that in order to follow our plans for the evening (Seeing the Passion at 7pm) we had to leave to 5pm all plans ceased. We went to N Druid Hills to pick up Shira and as we reached the last mile there our Volvo decided to die. Oh well. I still believe that it will heal. We sat with Shira in her apartment and waited for her dad to diagnose our car and for John G to pick us up. We went to La Parilla Mexican Restaurant after we got home. Praise God we have two functioning cars.

Sunday I got down to business and put my new easel together. I had to take that thing apart three times before I got it right. ARGH! But I got that wretched huge canvas with the bad Georgia O' Keaffe copy up on it(thanks for the wedding present Mark). Took the gold frame off and painted the sucker black. Yes I start with a black canvas- a new trick of mine I learned from Marvin Halleraker in Bergen Norway. His "Night" series was so awesome. Little snipits of time of the Norwegian nightime, all started on black and the light was added. Mhalleraker.jpg

I also spray painted some dead tree branches white and rescued an abandoned birds nest to place in them. A lovely addition to my new studio corner. Also to show my future sister in law Sarah what we can decorate her reception with.

Got to VSN at 4:30 and set up the Haitian artwork. It looks super cool up there. I was able to explain a bit about the work, and the Lord gave me strength to break up plans and lead everyone in a prayer to bless Haiti, especially with the tumult happening there now. Got to talk to Jim, one of my favorite people and Erin H about art, God, the future and how they all collide. Joel had a bit of a rocky time with a confrontation there that came out of no where. But isn't that what community is-working through conflict even if people leave wounded. We all learn more. Help us forgive and ultimately love each other no matter what. We want to be like Jesus.

Dear God, please heal our little Volvo.

Image for today: Beth's Garden

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February 26, 2004

Talk Hard

It seems like these past two days have been full of a lot of hard talk. It all turned out pretty well so far. Joel and John G had a hard talk with Jon our pastor on Tuesday night and it went well. Good things were communicated and they all were able to pray about VSN and the future of all our families.

Last night was the first night that our new cell group met at John and Jenny's house. It was refreshing to have a new place, new faces and a new agenda. We spent a lot of time telling one another about how God met us. The people there last night are so different from those Joel and I are used to having around us. They are newer Christians, unchurched or coming out of a life of extreme circumstances. I spent most of the time listening and I found that my life has been on hold for a while. I have been desiring more from the Lord to see things change in the world around me. Specifically in the art world. Faith is one thing I always need more of and I have been keenly aware of that this past week.

Cat came to visit on Tuesday after dropping her boyfriend Jason off at the airport. He's on his way to Hawaii to start his new job and spend time with his family. He's a great guy. It's hard I'm sure for Cat and I probably didn't make it much better having another hard talk with her Tuesday afternoon. I wished we could have closed the conversation better. Maybe had some prayer. My relationship with Cat has weathered so much and I desire "the next level" to keep these hard talks from happening. Again it's faith that I need so I don't chicken out so much with my friends.

So I guess I'm a bit reflective today. I feel that, like my body when I start to excersize after a long time of laziness, my spirit is out of shape. I need to get into a routine of shaping my skills spiritually and believing that my circumstances are not an excuse for not working for His kingdom. I had so many goals when I came back from Norway and I feel that unstructured time sucked out any spiritual energy I had. I slowly work toward those goals again.

Teachings that have molded my new sights and my old goals:
Cindy JacobsArthur Burk
Ed Silvoso
Graham Cooke

Image for today: Dashboard Collage by Cat Collier

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February 21, 2004

I have no idea

Well, Josiah and I took off around 11 this morning to go to Chattanooga, about an hour and a half drive. We went to visit my mom and get some stuff done. Which most of them were accomplished! Hooray!
1. He slept on the way up- thumbs up!
2. Got some QT in with his great grandparents and grandma
3. tried on the proto type for my bridesmaid dress- joy.
4. Got Joel's W2 to my mom for tax stuff
5. Went to my friend Jeff's cool shop for some art show items.

Josiah still threw up today. sigh. Makes me feel like a bad mama. I've feed him easy to digest stuff and I've given him small quantities. But now, I'm thinking I shouldn't take him anywhere until he's better. Strict Nazi-like schedule until he's well. that means we might have very long entries the next few days.

Found out that our friends aren't going to Christ the King tommorrow so we can sleep in and let our little family rest, isn't that what Sabbath's for? After seeing Chuck Pierce I'm ready for a break. SO exhausting. It was like 5 hours long! We were and hour late though, cuz we picked up our Volvo. Very energetic church and Chuck, I'm sorry he did not speak the language of the common man, all Prophet speak. I start to tune it out because I missed the first 10 minutes and was completely lost. I thought it was just me but Joel felt the same way. Good try Chuck-God bless ya'.

Our Volvo is great except the front seat doesn't scoot up for those of us under 6ft tall. As I conversed with my husband (6'1") about what to do, he found that we could possibly switch seats with the passenger side. Hmmmm, interesting.... Swedes, I'm telling ya' they got it down though. We just have to figure out how to translate their cars! The dad-gumm seat warmers work!!

I am so happy with all the beautiful things I got from my friend Jeff's shop. It's amazing what these third world artists use to create beautiful things: Paper mache, metal work, stone sculpture, masks, it's awesome! We're going from a very powerful religious symbolic photo show and performance to this abstract, colorful, island feeling show with animals and fish!! I hope I can try to hang it tommorrow. I wanted to do a video interview but...my son threw up and all hope was lost for that time to be regained.

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