July 7, 2009

Eureka Moment


Now for some thoughts I've had the past few weeks. Yes, quite a creative opener huh. This past winter when I was in the fog of post partum and thought I could never be myself again I was wondering why in the world I thought it was a good idea to have my kids so far apart. I was thinking those friends of mine that had 3 so close together were lucky. They didn't have to do the school and newborn thing at the same time. I felt emotionally exhausted all the time. I cried alot. So now, I am looking at Tessa's 6 month mark, and I am feeling very blessed. My big kids still fight hard, they still disobey, we still have to discipline and talk sternly often, but I realized that I needed help. I needed help from my kids! I started realizing I needed to give them jobs. When Joel and I were pregnant with Tessa, I had this little pain for Eden that she would go through the loss of being my baby girl. Then Joel reminded me that we were having Tessa not just for us, but for Josiah and Eden. This reality has never been more evident than it has been these past few weeks. Josiah desires things (toys, food, experiences) and one way to help him understand responsibility is to give him jobs. Duh-right? All the moms who read this that have big kids are thinking I'm dense right now. But I hate being needy. I want to be able to do everything myself. But these jobs are not just to help me, they help Josiah and Eden. And they amaze me because they love it, it gives them purpose and joy! And it gives me freedom! yeah!

So, if I need to make PB&J's, and feed Tessa I ask "who wants to feed Tessa?" and I get an excited "ME!!" from somebody. Or if I have to nurse Tessa I ask "who wants to MAKE their PB&J?" and-whoa-there's an amazing sense of independence! There are messes to clean up after, but man, it's worth it! It has grown since these first requests. Josiah wipes the breakfast gook off of the table every morning. Eden gets diapers, pacis, blankets and toys for me. Josiah takes out garbage. Eden helps me load the dishwasher. They of course are responsible for all their things: markers, papers, toys, games, shoes, shedded clothes, etc. But the big jobs that Mama does given to them makes them feel ten feet tall! I am waiting for the day when I have to force them to do these things, but for now there is joy. Tessa brings so much joy to the big kids, that it is a joy to serve. So I'm loving 6 months with Tessa. She can be helped and reward her siblings for their help with a wide ear-to-ear smile, a giggle, a funny motion. Such joy. I now know why big families are hard and also joyful, even though I don't feel like a big family. I'm proud to see their sucess, and they are proud to be my helper. Yes.

scream 3.JPG
(thanks again for this bib Lynn, it's a winner! All stains disappear in the wash! Even though this pic isn't much of a testimonial)

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July 6, 2009

Sound Bites

We had a wonderful 4th. Full of busyness and joy. I feel there is so much I have to catch up on. So I'll give it a go:

friday2.JPG I did an art event last weekend called "Last Fridays". It wasn't a winner, but I'm glad to serve my neighborhood. I hope it keeps up, but this Mama is too overbooked to not have a good time.

Tessa is 6 months old. I am loving 6 months old! Sleeping through the night, eating different foods, laughing, sitting, smiling at everyone. She reaches for things she likes, she's cuddly and small. I love my Tessa, she's our sweetie.

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June 29, 2009


Some days the weeks of summer seem like they go on forever and sometimes I think that it will be over in a blink. 26 days until our beach trip and then....back to school. It's always exciting and annoying at the same time. These days that are so hot that you can't be outside without having something frozen in your mouth (or on your head), or being in water, make you wish for the coolness of fall and winter. Makes me wonder why I even wished for summer at all. But mostly, the days are lazy. I groan at the petty fighting full of tattles (and advice how to nip tattling in the bud, I welcome it, enlighten me). I sigh when I have to drag my whole little brood to Walmart and the doctor's office in the same week. I try my darndest to get us to a pool twice a week. What a burden finding a good, open, free swimming facility! Lord help me!

My Joel is still recovering from his bike accident about a month ago. With this recovery he is nursing a sore (possibly fractured) hand. No bike riding for him. Not good at all. This little fam needs both parents to take all children out for an evening bike ride. We have a tandum bike for Josiah that sits gathering pollen. And for the first time since it's purchase, I hunkered down and assembled the new bike trailer and attached it to my new comfort bike and took the big kids for a spin. They loved it, but *whew* they are heavy! I think I was towing about 80lbs between the kids and the trailor. I waved at neighbors and swerved back and forth to keep the kids laughing. Our neighbors in the brick rentals were playing a Michael Jackson tribute as I assembled the trailer earlier. They smiled big at me and waved. They probably think I'm nuts.
The evening sometimes does not lend itself to much energy. We just sit and play games like dominoes and Stratego. Eden makes us pretend meals in her mini Tupperware, Josiah drags Joel on adventures. Sometimes the hose comes out and we get wet. These nights where there's nothing to do but kill time before bed, it's nice to just be together and not think. And part of me feels sad that we "kill" this time, when there is something to be lost. The evening of warmness of heart and warmness of temperature.

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June 23, 2009

I should be doing something else

I should be thinking about dinner, I should be playing in a pool somewhere, I should be coming up with cute science projects or crafts for my big kids to do, I should be scheduling playdates, but no, I need to blog right now. There comes a time when you need to right? Of course. I always say that blogs are great because your thoughts are all recorded and you can search through them like Google. I feel that I need to keep writing if not for anyone else, but for me to remember these seasons and make each day count.
After two weeks of summer camps for Josiah he's home with me for week two in a row of Mom's schedule and Mom's activities. Part of me feels guilty that I am not romping around with him in a park somewhere, or in a pool, but I have two other kids, one who is a baby that needs a nap between 8 and 11am and again between 1:30 and 5pm. So who knows. Sometimes he wins and gets a day full of joy, activity, friends and exhaustion. It's good that he doesn't get that everyday. He gets wiped out pretty easily. Giving him things to do: new books, new adventures to spark his imagination, dress ups, experiments, projects, these things are easy to do while sisters are sleeping. Or easy to do with Eden tto, and oh how she loves projects!
But my creativity runs out toward the end of the day, sometimes sooner when demands on me stretch my lunchtime out further and further. All I want is to get the closest piece of pizza or a burrito or something to recharge. I'm trying to be smarter. I did low carb for two weeks and just barely knocked off a few pounds. Maybe my body isn't ready to lose a lot of weight yet. I feel better when I eat better.
Somedays I just want to have more than 45 minutes to myself. The big kids have a quiet time where they play in their room with legos, dress ups, playmobile etc. It's nice whether I spend all of it with a fussy Tessa, making dinner, on Facebook, or making art. Sometimes after a long day of the heat, that quiet time is what their tired bodies aches for.
My art gets pushed to the back burner over and over. Yesterday it made me grumpy. This weekend I have a short art showing for Last Fridays here on the Southside. I have pieces that I've only shown twice. I know these pieces are sellable. I sold Whiteside just this past weekend to good friends. I am thankful for what I have and what I can make, but man, the last minute stuff just doesn't fly with my Mommy life. I can't frame everything this week, I can't pick anything up until the day before! But I am again thankful that I have this show. I have projects that give me that yearning to make more. I have compositions floating around in my mind waiting to be put down. Thankfully I have an awesome husband who hears my sad communication for more time to paint and he promises time. Even with the baby. I love what I get to do everyday, it's a hard job but every day is a challenge.

***As I've been writing this I've been going back and forth doing "experiments" with the big kids with food coloring, water, vinegar and baking soda. And I think they got ahold of my garlic salt. hmmmm, it's getting out of control***

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June 13, 2009


My Eden is in a little ballet class with a friend from school, Julia. It's a sweet experience watching these two little girls learning the steps and interacting with different motions. And she's super cute in her ballet shoes(thanks Sarah!). I am so glad to have Eden doing ballet, I loved it when I was a little girl. Eden is the type of kid that I could stay at home with and not have to take out and keep active. So this class helps me to give her a special thing to do that keeps her leaping, running, spinning. I know Josiah is naturally active, but I want to make sure that Eden has some outlets for the thing she loves to do=dance! It's really adorable, I can't deny it. And it's fun to hang out with Julia's mom Jen. We struggle with the desire to chat and the desire to watch our daughters bounce around the room. It's a wonderful 30 to 45 minutes of my week!

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May 30, 2009

Pretty Good so Far

There was part of me that was not looking forward to the summer. Just like all of us fear change a little bit. The ritual of school is hard, but comforting. You never have to budge for it's timeline. It's rigorous. Planning the summer was a but scary because our kids are in a place where Josiah can go to camps, but Eden's a bit too young. And camps are just too expensive. So with the help of some other thrifty and same-minded moms (thanks Jen!) we found some fun options and I"m looking forward to the results of these adventures this summer.

This first week I've been pretty diligent. I kinda faded by Friday though. And gusto for some things give way to lax for others. My dinners this week weren't stellar, but we all ate :) Anyway, this week. Monday I wrote out my grocery list in order of the aisles and wrote the words clearly and Josiah read each item on the list and both the big kids took turns finding the item and putting it in the cart. In the afternoon, before quiet time we started a toy downsizing project. We just don't have enough house to accumulate more gadgets. I explained it to the kids for a while before we started it, preparing them for the idea that I wanted us to get rid of stuff so we could get new things. And yes, I promised them something NEW after this project was completed. Nothing big, of course. We made a Keep box, a Give Away box (this can be toys divided between thrift store and Gma's house), and Broken. We spent a good 30 to 45 minutes going through toys the first day, then I made the shifts shorter the next three days. Fifteen minutes seemed to be a good amount. It felt good to take a medium sized cardboard box full of toy "scraps" and toss it in the garbage. The next step is to go back through the Keep box and ask them if there are more toys they would like to Give. Explaining how giving is something God wants us to do. Not just giving broken things, but things that have value, especially to those who have less fun stuff. It was hard to get them to think about giving it away to some one they didn't know. I know their friends might think it's great to get gifts, but their moms might not be so glad :)

New City Fellowship's VBS is next week, so that's a no brainer. I look forward to getting some home organizing and some painting done. If Tessa will be kind to me. I have started my large pregnant nude comission, and I would love to get the whole first layer knocked out this next week, with all the tweeking necessary.
Josiah will attend Covenant Pres' Music Camp and even if he's not thrilled with the thought, he will love it. He has such a nice voice and this will be a good combo. He's not a big athlete, or artist, so this camp sounded unique and the price was right! Eden will start ballet this summer for a super dooper cheap price! No fancy clothes necessary! But I think I will get her little shoes anyway (eep! so cute!)

I look forward to trips to the pool(s), parks, the Aquarium. I look forward to getting away and maybe going on a non-rough camping trip (cabin please) so we can go tubing on the Nantahala. And the last hoorah: our trip to Hilton Head where we will say goodbye to summer and start getting ready for school as soon as we get home.

The projects I have commited to are not too daunting, although these two weeks of occupied children need to be taken advantage of. No wasting it on stuff like cleaning the bathroom (hehe). I have a project to do for the ArtHouse, where I paint 5 tiny paintings that must reference 5 random words they've assigned me: India, lobster, foam, prism, pile. Crazy. Large Comission needs to get done. Preparation for year 3 of teaching. Art.a.ma.jig. Two other friend comissions. This summer will be a wonderful kind of lazy and busy mixed together.

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May 19, 2009

Grace for a strong grasp

My boy Josiah, a constant jolt of energy and adventure. Amused by all things gross and boyish. He is fascinated by the aspects of his 6 year old world that he doesn't get at home. Cartoon character trading cards, guns, certain movies, etc. He's tempted to disobey our rules in order to have ANY of these things that would make him just the same as all his peers. We're not crazy strict parents, but there are some things that turn our stomachs about what kids are being shown to entertain them, and there are characters that Joel and I feel are just outright demonic. We can't treat them like they are just innocent kids stuff. We watch Star Wars and stuff, so don't get me wrong, but it's hard these days. I feel we will go through a detox once school is out at the end of this week.

Josiah has been invited to his first sleepover this weekend. Besides the tug at my heart that my boy is just a little bit bigger every day, I am concerned that with just that short time away he might be exposed to things that I am not in control of. The family he's been invited to spend the night with are good people. They are very active at Josiah's school. They're spending the night at the boys grandma's house. It's only 4 boys. I mean what can happen? I guess I just wish we were starting out with a stronger relationship with this family before we jumped to the "overnight". I am just reminded of some sound teaching that I received at one of our churches in Atlanta. Don't just let anybody watch/teach your children. After praying alot about this past school year we made the decision to send Josiah to Battle. I knew that we would come up against the world in a bigger way than ever. I feel good about our decision, but I am always aware that Joel and I are in charge of him and we will make the final say. I guess I just want to be very involved in how Josiah views the world. This is important.
I think I will talk to the Mom and ask her some imprtant questions about what they will watch, play, have access too. I am horrified by the statistic that little boys may experience pornography as early as 5 years old. And Josiah is such a joyful and cooperative playmate that he may experience peer abuse of various kinds: taunting and rough play, without much complaint but then in a moment of exhaustion he will express how much he was hurt by his friends roughness. God help us if it became anything questionable or outright painful. I might be thinking too much, but having kids is not just about keeping them fed, clothed and physically safe, it's about protecting their spirit. Being the barrier that keeps their innocence close to them for as long as possible. What are your thoughts, dear readers? Are their red flags that go up for you in this situation? My instinct is to pray for Josiah alot, talk to him alot about what we believe and think about things, encourage him to talk to the Mom and be honest. And of course talk to the Mom myself and ask the tough questions about what the boys will be doing and what bedtime will be and if there are any concerns Josiah might have, or concerns about Josiah. Whew, who knew a sleepover would be so tough! I refuse to get soft, Lord help me to be that strong barrier.

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May 16, 2009

10 years

This weekend is mine and Joel's 10th wedding anniversary. We've had a good mellow time celebrating it. On Tuesday night we went out without any kids and had a great meal at Blacksmith's. Wine and cheese Tuesday! Then we went and saw Star Trek. A nice date. Then yesterday after the kids were in bed we were talking about things that we'd like to change about those first few years of marriage. Joel talked about how he felt the pressure to have a "real job" in those early days, and I talked about how I wished I had finished school and painted more. But I am excited that as we talked we thought about the next ten years. What we'd like to improve, where we'd like to be. God is so good to give us 10 years of joy, peace, love, and blessing. Let's bring on the next ten!

I went through pictures of mine and on flickr to find pictures of Joel and I together. It's really hard to find them! Joel and I just aren't cuddly, photo people. We also arent' very photogenic. But here's some that I found from various collections.
kate and joel 2007.jpg
from cat.

kate and joel lamars.jpg
at lamar's with darren.


and here's the fam Christmas 2007.
for the next ten years I plan to get more pictures of us.

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May 14, 2009

Time Card

There is never a convienent time for sickness. And my overtime hours are never planned, they just happen. After a long day when I feel exhausted I try to figure out why I feel this way, what did I accomplish? Well, starting last night,
8pm bedtime, 8:30pm go to Walmart for groceries, 10pm return, 10:30 clean disgusting upstairs bathroom, 11pm sit down next to my husband and feel my eyelids getting very heavy, 11:25pm off to bed, 2am Tessa wakes up, 2:45am Tessa is restless so we snuggle up together. 4am I put Tessa in her own bed. 4:30am Eden calls for Papa, she says she has to throw up. 4:45am Eden doesn't throw up. 5:50am Tessa wakes up, I pull her into bed with me. 6:30 Josiah wakes up. 6:45 Eden wakes up and says she has to throw up. Does she throw up? It's questionable, Joel says. 7:05 Joel gets Josiah's breakfast. 7:15am I carry Tessa and and Eden's "day bed" dowstairs then go back up and carry Eden downstairs. 7:25am make Josiah's lunch, strap Tessa in her seat 7:35-7:50am make Tessa's breakfast, give Eden some dry Cheerios in a bowl, feed Tessa breakfast, tuck in Josiah's shirt and put his belt on for him. Finish feeding Tessa and then she gets really upset. Put on Josiah's shoes, rescue Tessa. Give hugs and kisses to Joel and Josiah, put on a movie for sick Eden, nurse Tessa and put her down for a nap. 8:30 make my breakfast.
Now, the rest of the world can go to work. All I want to accomplish today is to see my Eden feel better.

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May 9, 2009


Four has happened again in our house. Four is hair down to the waist, 28lbs, and size 7 shoes. Four is stuffed animals covering half the bed, three different pillows and three blankets that interchange. Four is "yiddle" bites, half glasses of water, and picking out the beans in the bowl of chili. Four is tug-of-war, singing "Death is Ended" like Grandpa, "being first" and being fast. Four is friends. Four is writing notes, painting pictures, doodling in mama's checkbook and on empty boxes. Four is talking to her baby sister in a squeaky little mommie voice. Four could go on and on, I'm so glad it's here.


I went to my flickr photostream and typed "eden" into the search box. I spent a good hour smiling at the hilarious pictures I have of her. Remembering certain experiences. Reflecting on her fair face and beauty that I never could believe came from me. She's four and she's turning into quite a sweet little friend of mine. Every Mother's Day I will always reflect on my best labor experience yet. The day I gave birth to Eden was a blessed day and I will always have a wonderful gift each year as I see her grow into a big girl with a personality that keeps me smiling, even when there's too much of it. Happy Birthday my sweet girl, my little friend.


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May 6, 2009

The Comfy Part of the Couch


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April 27, 2009

Introducing the Defender of the Universe.

So I found Voltron on Netflix the other day for the kids. We've been trying to curb the super hero/bizzaro cartoons for various reasons, mostly because Josiah gets crazy into the character and ends up battling us too much. To the point of getting aggressive. But when I saw that I could instantly catapult myself back into my childhood with the click of a button I went for it. Man, Voltron is tedious!! The theme song and background music are haunting me. Every commercial break has and exit greeting and a welcome back greeting. AHHH! A little mind numbing. But it's not as fast paced as some of the cartoons these days. Voltrons formation is like choreography that takes a few minutes. But it did the trick and left it's impression for the next generation.

Josiah: "Papa!Papa! guess what we saw today! VOLTRON!
Joel: "Oh yeah? What's Voltron?"
Josiah: "It's a robot made out of LIONS!"
Eden: "And the lions transform into Optimus Prime!"
Josiah: "No,nononono, It's Voltron."
Eden: "And Papa, there's a princess. See Josiah, I told you there was a princess!"

Defender of the Universe....awesome.

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April 2, 2009

Growing Up and Out

Thumbnail image for arms7.JPGThumbnail image for park009.JPG
Tessa has decided to grow up this week. Waking up a few times a night, not falling asleep at every feeding, smiling and alert, cooing and talking loudly. Some of these things are very welcomed, others are getting unbearable. But thankfully, I see my girl growing, just a little. She's still fair and slight, with petite features like a little bird. I do love seeing her huge wide mouthed grin. I don't remember my other kids smiling this wide. I do feel those pangs about my babies growing up, but honestly when I think of the freedoms I miss I feel glad that Tessa is getting bigger. I know it's a bit early to think these things, but I'm feeling myself lift my head up along with the buds of the flowers.
Thumbnail image for arms8.JPG
This past week in church we were challenged during the season of Lent to learn the discipline of confession. I normally have a pretty easy time finding something that I've done wrong that I am ready to share with a friendly soul. This time was a little bit tougher. I sat and listened and examined myself. And the result I came up with has been very hard to want to share. I have been struggling with larger than normal amounts of jealousy. And I see how it has started to affect my comings and goings. I can be totally happy for you, but then my jealousy will come and steal away that joy and make me regress and not socialize. I want to stay in my little cocoon and not be challenged to deal with my identity and the things that I wish I had. So after realizing this, and maybe going through a day of validating why I'm allowed to be jealous I began to seek and ask God what I should do to combat these feelings. Besides confessing, I feel I need to start verbalizing and/or writing down the things in my life that I am very greatful for and would not want to replace. And then I need to invest time in listening. I'm a good talker, but listening is something I have been slow to learn. I need to be willing to not push down the feelings anymore, it only makes things worse. I also need to verbally express how happy I am at others sucesses.

So here are some things I am thankful for and would never want to replace. This is just the beginning, for I know that God will remind me of more and more.
My husband is the best, he's the best for me, I haven't wanted anyone else's. Your husband might be a great man, and I'll admit it with all confidence, but mine is for me. Hallelujah.
My kids, I have never thought,"if only they could be like..." I'm in love with all their personalities and I am proud of my resilience to discipline them even if I'm not awesome all the time. One episode of SuperNanny and I'm feeling like mother of the year. But I love how God made them, and I wouldn't trade them for anyone else's.
My talents. I'm so glad I am creative. I'm so glad I'm an artist and an art teacher. I know it might not be a life full of big money but I don't care. I love it, I wouldn't trade it for your degree or concentration anyday!
My health. We're a healthy bunch! Praise God! We continually get the mildest strain of the bug that's going around and I never want to lose my heart full of thankfulness for it. We don't even wear glasses!

So I will begin to reach out, and stretch the places that are least comfortable. And I will pray that God will remind me of how He deals with me in a way that's just for me. I hope to bless those around me with an authentic joy for their blessings, so they can know I really am happy and full of love for them. I will lift up my head and no longer stare at my short-comings, for I am blessed and won't pout anymore.wow!.JPG

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March 21, 2009


I wish that panda worked a little bit harder for me.

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February 26, 2009

A Slice

Waiting for the baby to wake up. It's such a crime to have to pick up that deep sleeping baby just because you have to leave. Waiting til the last second. Til you know that if you wait another half hour all hell will break loose at Walmart. Not that you're in a hurry to get there, Walmart smells to say the least. Subway+deli counter+vinegar hints around the cheese aisle=Barf! It's much nicer to smell cinnamon raisen bagel and sit in the morning light. Watching Eden play with Optimus Prime and listen to Tessa breathe.

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February 15, 2009


Valentine, originally uploaded by katiek2.

We didn't exchange gifts, we didn't buy flowers or candy, we didn't go out to dinner. We let everyone else do that instead. The kids got plenty of goodies from other friends and parties. Instead we enjoyed each other. I hung my Valentines chains with my dear ones names on them. I hung our handprint heart up. It needs another little hand *smile*. Playing, dancing to 80's music until Tessa was not only quiet but fully comotose. We've been the recipients of so much love I have no idea how I will ever repay everyone. What little gifts will do to my heart, melt it into a unworthy puddle. I wish I had a million hours and four more hands to make handmade treasures for all of you that have loved on us. Everything from couscous and lamb to paper dolls and erasers. Thank you thank you. We feel loved and I can't cut out enough paper hearts to fill my longing to love you all back.

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February 10, 2009

One Month

All neked in the bathtub

With clothes and bright eyes.

Tessa's a good baby. And with everything that's going on inside and outside of me I'm so glad she is. I took her for her one month and in typical Knutson fashion she's a little skinny monkey. But still not pushing her brother's record of 10%weight and 85% length. She's up to her birth weight and is a long lean green bean. When we swaddle her up we call her a baby bean burrito. I'd like to say I've come to a peace about having skinny babies but it's still kinda hard when your bundle doesn't look like the baby on the diaper box. In fact the diaper tapes overlap. She eats alot, I must make skim milk.
She hasn't shown me a great napping pattern yet though. And poor kid, she has alot to work around. I would love for her to wake up with us, eat, and go back to sleep before 8:30, sleep for and hour or two and then sleep again for a long time after Josiah gets home from school. Tall order, a lot of training is in order.
I have to say to all the folks that said 3 kids is a whole new world, that it's crazy and hard to adjust to, you were right! Joel and I regularly struggle to make it through the evening hours without crashing. And once the kids are in bed it seems we have a pre-bed nap at 9:30pm! We're exciting folks! I tell myself that it will adjust and things will level out. It's good that we get that extra sleep because it seems our big kids are waking us up with sickness episodes kinda regularly. Josiah's home from school today cuz he barfed last night a few times. Seems ok now, but....
With all this down time I have gotten to read my Bible more than I have in a long time. And I pray more often too. I take comfort and have faith that the annoying trials of the winter months will fade and with springtime will come the exhaustion of social engagements, late night dates, big projects, and family adventures. I plan to bloom along with the trees and flowers. And rejoice in God's goodness! The joy is increasing!
Been enjoying the comfort of Jason Upton the last couple days. God is good, even when we're sick, even when we're cleaning barf and other unmentionables. He is strong when we are weak. He cares about our simple prayers like, "Please Lord, I want a shower." Go ahead and ask for those simple things. Ask with all your heart. Your Heavenly Father wants to give you gifts, and to those of us who have been wrapped up in self sacrificing chaos of all kids, it's those small requests that make us praise God for His goodness when we get that much needed relief. Have a good day guys, full of thankfulness. I'm off to take a shower!

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February 5, 2009

"I'm not Little, I'm just Short!"

This is a quote from Eden. She said this to a dad that was helping with the Pre-K class at church. He asked her if she liked being a big sister or a little sister better. Poor Craig, he never saw this comment coming.
And so to celebrate my Eden I made a blurb book of her first year from my flickr photos. I love it, it's exactly what I wanted. It's simple, it's not crazy expensive, and it was so easy. It's 45 pages of the nicest pictures of Eden. No scrapbooking non-sense involved, just nice pictures.

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February 3, 2009

Big Brother is 6

To My Josiah: Happy Birthday! I can't believe your a school boy who has exited every form of baby-ness and is now a big kid in every way.
I've looked back at your baby pictures, and as I nurse another baby I am reminded of all the days it was just you and me. I was anxious about your weight gain, your development, your wardrobe even. I made all kinds of things for you and made a maxxed out baby book. I loved being the mama of a little boy. You are a great companion, and always challenging me. You challenge me more and more everyday. I have to put my impatience, my comfort, my grouchiness on the shelf and just BE your friend. A listening ear, a playmate, a patient teacher. You're pushing me to get out of my box by just being yourself.
So, I could think back to your birthday and how difficult it was to get you into the world, but instead, I want to think of what you are teaching me now. How I've been in a haze of pregnancy,postpartum, and illness and how with the sun and pre-springtime tease of February, I will join you in play again. I will talk and read with you and be reminded of answered prayer. How good God has been to me and your Papa to have you in our lives. How you are so good for your sister Eden as a faithful playmate. How you are so amazed as you watch your baby sister and how her slightest movements can make you giggle uncontrollably. I love your continued joy in being with me, your Mama. I hope that never ends. Because as many of us know, your joy is contagious. Happy Birthday, I love you.

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January 30, 2009

The Long Temporary

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He tends His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young. Isaiah 40:11

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The meanest cold has taken over our family. The big kids have been working through it since last Wednesday, and I've been working it since Tuesday. But the saddest of all is that Tessa is in the thick of it right now. Red watery eyes, coughing, stuffy nose. Poor Baby! She slept most of yesterday except for the times I pissed her off sucking her nose out or sticking a thermometer up her bum. But she was up most of last night. She's Ok, we're just stuck in this house until she shows us that she's getting better. Part of me is Ok with it because I feel like poop.I've had to depend on friends for picking up Josiah from school, and I am overly thankful for that. We continue to have meals brought to us and it's so nice to be relaxed about dinner prep. Being at home with Eden makes me feel bad that she's kinda bored, but I remind myself that this is temporary. We won't be sick forever. And when we are back to our old selves, we'll do fun stuff. I've enjoyed doing projects I've put off forever, like designing my girls wall quilts and starting some paintings. I push away all guilt and longing to be involved with all the fun things going on, and I just rest. I am thankful that I am pretty much healed from childbirth (although getting rid of 10lbs would be awesome) and my emotions are in check alot more. Joel reminded me that there must be something good to reflect on even while we go through this, and he's right, I've been reminded once again that God is taking care of me and He takes care of my kids better than I ever could. And as Isaiah reminds us, he guides those of us with young. He's going to show me what to do and give me wisdom. That's a wonderful gift in this sicky lockdown. I think I needed that reminder to matter what.

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January 19, 2009


There's something about my new life that keeps me continually going back and forth between yearning to go out, and wanting to be home. I have been out with all three kids by myself on an actual outing just once, to the library. I was a nervous wreck hoping Tessa wouldn't wake up. I might have not been so antsy if Tessa hadn't screamed thru Walmart the day before. Going outside seems to be the pick-me-up I need, why did I have this baby during the coldest, greyest, rainiest days of the year? Hmmm, we didn't plan that very well.

My emotions are so intensified by these four walls I live in. And my vulnerability is so fresh the moment I leave. The tug of these two difficult emotions makes me not very easy to socialize with lately. I don't form complete thoughts and I may just break down and cry for no reason.


I had no idea that when Tessa arrived I would miss my life with just two big kids. That is not to say that I do not LOVE my Tessa. I am again split right down the middle with the feeling that I want to stay home, do nothing but be with Tessa. The problem is that I have an almost 6 year old boy who is crazy social and active. I can't convince him that sitting and hanging out at home is OK all the time. And my Eden loves to be at home but it breaks my heart to see her waiting to go just on some little errand saying, "Mom, when can we go?" I guess I'm such a "doer" that I've trained my kids to want to go go all the time too. I want to run on the playground with them, ride bikes, go to movies, these things are harder to do with a newborn. I know some of you guys think I'm nuts. Many of you have invited my kids over. Thank you thank you, I love that so much--it warms my heart, but ya know, I still miss doing it myself. See how I hate being needy?! I am, I'm nuts!! Why can't I just enjoy this period? The thing is I do.


I stare at Tessa for long stretches of time. The big kids coo over her so much that I have to remind them she's not a pilllow. I am so thankful for how my big kids have taken Tessa into the family without as much as a grumble. They LOVE her. And I do to. I was reminded that all the busy-ness that the world has to offer, that I feel I'm missing out on, will still be there. The hip restaurants will still be serving, the movies will still be playing, the festivals, the parties, the going out with the girls for beers, it won't stop this winter, it'll continue when Tessa is not nursing every 2 hours. The cold and grey will go and walks to and from school will become a welcomed errand. Tessa is a lot of work these days, and when she becomes more independant there will be other hoops to jump through. I'm being pulled by God to be selfless and change yet again. To grow into a person that is wise, kind, hospitable, hungry for God and patient. I did name my daughter Patience. Once again, I asked for it.

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January 7, 2009


It's been one week with our new little one here at home with us. We are very thankful for such a happy healthy baby. Tessa is nursing well, gaining weight, she's not too orange and she lets me sleep alright. Although, I am realizing that I do need sleep a little more than I thought. Ha.
After the trying ordeal of hemmoraging, it's hard to shake it from my mind. I do not live in fear, but it makes recovery a little more about recovering and less about testing my boundries. Joel has been amazing. Amazing y'all. I know my husband is great and we've had a pretty sweet road so far, God is so good. Joel truly has taken care of me. He's listened to me cry and laugh, he's brought me my meals, gotten all the pillows, sweaters, pain pills that I need. He's changed diapers and done more bouncing than expected. I did not make him buy my maxi pads, that would be a mighty feat since I can barely figure out which ones I want. I love my husband, he's an awesome dad and he has been waiting for Tessa for a long time I think, not just the 9 months. I don't think tomorrow will be easy for him going back to work. I saw it on his face today, he'll miss us.
It'll be a good day, a day of facing change. A day where I will shake off the over soaked emotion of post partum and do something to enter the world again. Tessa makes me want to stay in the four walls and just rest. Quiet. Still. I can't look at calendars, or clocks. I just want to BE. I think God meant for new mothers to be like this.
I do wish that I had gotten my hair cut before Tessa arrived. And I am still waiting for my "labor face" to go away. Does that have a name? The little rosy blood vessels in my cheeks that broke are now small bruises changed to dark tired circles. I get a cheap thrill out of stepping on the scale and seeing weight come off that is purely the fluid of pregnancy evaporating. Someday it'll grind to a nice post-pregnancy hault and then it won't be so fun. But 20 lbs since labor day is a pretty nice result. 9lbs if it, baby Tessa.
So pray for me as I enter the world again, I feel a bit like a hibernating bear. Especially with these dark, windy, rainy days. I long to have play days with my big kids again. It makes me hurt when I have to wait and wait. But then I hold my Tessa and remember I named her Patience. So waiting I will do, and joy I will hold onto, and I'll keep these times treasured so when others have new babies, I'll fill their lives with the blessings of food, and time and understanding just as many of you have done for me this past week. And soon I will be strolling down Main Street with my two girls, going to pick up my Josiah from school. Patience to heal, and patience for my new normal.

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January 3, 2009

Now, let the baby pictures spew forth...

Eden brushing her little sisters hair (dark hair!)
Queen of Room 13
My last Christmas present under the tree.
"Do I know you?"
Wavy hair, wavy ear
My Girls

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December 31, 2008

Introducing Tessa Patience Knutson

Tessa Patience Knutson was born on December 29th at 10:25pm. She's 9lbs even and 21 in long. She doesn't have red hair! Wow! We're in love with her. Grandma has been taking care of the older kids and we're looking forward to uniting our family (with the help of helping hands) and getting used to the new normal.

And now for the details that you may or may not want to read.....

Tessa was tougher than Eden. And I don't think I'm just saying that because Eden's birth was 3.5 years ago, I really do think it was a bit easier. She was smaller, and Tessa started coming out with her fist under her chin. Youch! I had another unmedicated labor, which was an extra challenge this time, since I was for sure Group B positive, which meant that without antibiotics Tessa could have an infection after birth. Eden dealt with a smidge of an infection after her birth but it was handled and turned out fine. So with my water in tact they wanted to get 2 doses of antibiotics in me.

I had an appointment with my midwife at 11:30am on Monday where she stripped my membranes (fun). After, Mom, the kids and I went to Chik-fil-A (where we saw the Greens--hooray! Juden!) and my legs felt like jello all the way home. At 2:30 I started having measured contractions and called Joel to go ahead and come home. Mom stayed and began her grandma marathon. We stayed at home and labored until about 4:45 and then drove through rush hour to Women's East. When they checked me they said I could be 6cm. Wow! I labored pretty manageably at 8cm until about 8pm and then I decided to get into the shower which was quickly ended when Tessa's monitored heart rate was decided to be "tacky". Oh well. I had the joy of going through and enduring transition in BED while pleading for the antibiotics to get into me faster. Lots of praying going on. I felt her decending, and my water had not broken, the doc waited until I about went crazy to break it. I still had a bit to dialate, 2 contractions worth. When we were set to push, I knew instantly that she was not a 7lb baby. Also, I heard the doc comment that her fist was resting on her chin. She told me to wait a second and then she wiggled Tessa's arm into a better place. Oh my word, it hurt to get her out. But she came out in 4 pushes. I avoided tearing, pretty much. It is pure bliss to feel that baby leave your body. I don't really know what it feels like when you have an epidural, naturally it's a little piece of heaven to feel that release. They put her on my chest and I saw she was not a little one!

But then, there's a reason I deliver in hospitals. I was bleeding and it wouldn't stop. Scary!! The doc and the staff around me was super cool. The doc told me as she started cleaning me up that she was going to work on me so that I didn't need a blood transfusion, eep! Still, I did not feel afraid, I just tried to reel off of my mommy-bliss-adrenaline and be a trooper. There were some not so fun things that they had to do. Mostly just ultra tough palpitation of my belly. They worked on me from 10:30 to 2am. They put lots of pitocin in me and two injections of different things and something else. They kneaded me like bread dough. Ugh, Ouch. But It didn't feel like those contractions, so I was thankful and did what I could to move past what was happening and hold my daughter and talk to my husband. Thinking about it now, makes me afraid a little.

Then, there's the reason I trust God and am utterly and continually thankful for how much He has blessed me and has given me strength. I had a higher hemaglobin count than normal folks going into this experience. I did not need a transfusion. I never felt dizzy, or high headed. My bleeding tapered quickly while at the hospital and now I'm feeling like I'm even further out of the woods than I was with Josiah. I could say with confidence that I wasn't afraid, that is God's hand and His grace in my life above all else. Fear, is the reason many things don't happen. I am so greatful that God brought his angels to surround my mind and heart and keep me at peace. I had a peaceful and joyful nurse who prayed for me during transition and requested to stay on with us the next night. I have moderate pain, but not nearly the pain I had with Josiah. Recovery seems hopeful. I have a husband who is calm and thoughtful and seeks God through every moment, praying over me and seeking knowledge even when deciding on Tessa's full name. Tessa is a healthy, beautiful girl. She is doing everything she's supposed to, and in typical Knutson style is staying on the lean side of baby-hood. I again fight the fear of an underweight babe. I'm praying that I can keep her hydrated and full enough to see her weight maintain well and keep her from getting too orange.

What an amazing gift motherhood is. I feel like I've been beat up, but the joy is overwhelming. God has truly touched me beyond just the joy of a new child. I am eager to be myself again, but these first days are so tender. Having my whole family around me is a gift. I can't believe how much I missed my big kids this morning! I know that the craziness has only just begun, But I'll say it again, God is so good to me, and His love is so deep.

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December 24, 2008

Keep Truckin'

Yeah, I'm still pregnant. I think any other time of year it wouldn't be such a cliff hanger, but with Christmas time, sheesh.

I've been doing a lot of nothing. I have made some goodies here and there, Russian tea cakes, rollo-pretzel candies, peppermint bark. Yum. I'm living off of Earl Grey and the occasional egg nog. It's so nice to have my brother and his family in town. I need to shut my yapper and let them tell me about their new house and all the in's and out's of the process. We'll have dinner tonight and then tomorrow is a regimented schedule of every hour to half hour from 8am to 7:30pm. That's if Tessa decides to give me one more day. I went to the doctor yesterday and I'm progressing but everything is fine and dandy and I can wait another week possibly to see my newest daughter. But that won't happen, she'll come before then. Because we really do want to meet her.

So Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have some lazy times and some laughs. Lord knows my fam is loud enough for a few families put together (that has a lot to do with me, and Josiah, and a bit of Grandpa)

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December 20, 2008

The Nest

Some of you, my dear readers, are having snow that makes the Christmas season just a little more magical, or annoying, take your pick. But here in the South east we just get grey. Grey, and more grey. Sometimes it's grey with 40 degree temps, and sometimes it's grey with 70 degree temps. Either way, it's grim and we run to take solace in the nearest hot beverage, Christmas treat, or adult beverage. But I remember the cold winter I spent in Norway that was full of magical snow and not just greyness but darkness. We lit candles, we turned on every light in the whole house and yes, we ate lots of Christmas cookies.

I of course, have been spending much time in my little nest tidying, wrapping, snuggling, sleeping and watching my belly grow. I apologize to many of you for not having you over, ever, I'm full of excuses and insecurity about my home, sometimes. I do want to share pieces of my little nest with you. The pieces that have captured my attention in the grey afternoons and dark evenings after the kids are in bed and my tidying begins.


The grey doesn't bother me so much this year. I'm not expecting sun. I want the evening to come so I can plug in my bright blue lights and I am sad when I have to leave home and I have to get Josiah to unplug the lights on the tree (I can't fit back to the outlet). I love gathering up the newly washed and dried warm baby blankets and folding them. Deciding which ones will go in the hospital bag. I love spending time in my kids room with them. Josiah takes pride in keeping his Lego creations collected. I make room for things like the changing pad, the container full of Tessa blankets and sheets, and a little make-shift dresser full of 0-3 clothes: pink, green and white.

Nutcracker Soldiers by Josiah displayed on the fridge.

Paper Source to the rescue! Little Village Project I got to work on with the kids. A little smidge of domestic bliss. Hasn't always been so calm, these are the first few days of winding down. I'm ticking off the days to Christmas, because I feel we might see Tessa after the 25th. And most of me is OK with that, except the part of me that wants to hold her. It's a present I have to wait and wait to open.


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December 16, 2008

These make my back not hurt so much...

Because my belly is jiggling like a bowl full of jelly looking at these pictures!

I mean, there's always something you won't agree on, even with people in your church community. But who out there can't appreciate the joys of being ridiculous at an Ugly Sweater Party!!

And for those of you that know and love my husband, can you not give a good chuckle to his "smile of choice" for these pics. I had no idea he was making this face....

I feel like I'm showing all my cards. Oh yeah, I am having a baby soon, you guys are going to hafta come visit again when I post pictures of my sweet Tessa.

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December 10, 2008


I wanted to share our cheese-ball picture from INHABIT this past Saturday. At 1am, I think we're still holding on to a shred of creative goofball qualities. I hate showing all my teeth, but for this a gave it a good fat grin. Fake books, love it. I can't understand why they put the faux chair in front of me though, isn't a shiny, teal, 9 month pregnant belly worth a good shot?
Anyway, I'm sure you know that I'm feeling in limbo these days. I am one of the last ones standing in the pregnancy department. Both my friends Mandi and Michelle had their babies today. I have to say I don't feel ready! I have heartburn every night, and I spontaneously fall asleep everyday, but I just don't feel prepared. Our infant seat is still up in the attic. Our cradle is still full of stuffed animals at Mom's house. I have onesies and socks to buy. Winter babies, geez. I did this before why am I so nervous now? I feel guilty that I don't have time to think about Tessa, I just go from day to day taking care of everything I can. She reminds me she's there though! And I have a feeling she will everyday of her life.
I officially get maternity leave after Monday the 15th. I'm prepping Kelly Wilkes to take on teaching at HHL for me. I am so glad to have her doing this!
Today I dropped off Eden at pre-K and went to the midwife appt. Same old thang. Except two lbs heavier. Weight gain has not made me depressed at all this time. I sat a little longer than usual waiting for Laure, she had another mom in labor. Labor, ugh, I'm not ready! I look at all the posters on the wall of the exam room: The "joys" of late pregnancy, the true stories of breast-feeding, Life with baby, oh and of course the HPV poster-YUM. I just wanted to get it over with. Two and a half dialated, 50% effaced and Tessa likes to wriggle onto her back for Laure, making me nervous that I will experience back labor this go around.
I want to drown my limbo-ness in a visit to the thrift store and my favorite foods, but alas the heartburn. Better not have 4 clementines! I did find a cute pair of Rocket Dog skimmers at America's Thrift, but not much else. There was another mom looking through the infant girl clothes and she told me she was getting induced on Monday. She had two young boys with her, and another woman. It made me snap out of it for a minute. I have two Rubbermaids full of girl clothes. Wrong season, but they're available. I took the three little things I found and then left the section thinking that if there was anything actually worth buying she needed it more than me. Warped sense of charity maybe, but it felt better. And I picked Eden up on time.
It's time for me to get my ducks in a row. Talk to Mom, get Joel to transport necessary baby objects from hidey holes to places they can be used. Figure out how we will arrange the three kids seats in the Prev. Start making a list for what I want to bring to the hospital. Hospital, Ugh.
God is so good to me. It's been another easy, healthy, pregnancy. Why don't I have 7 kids by now? Nevermind, I know why. But I am so grateful, and I am so happy I'm having this baby girl. I can't wait to meet her and be done with the huge-ness, the waiting, the busy-ness of life and just get to know Tessa. All of us together. To sit, rest, stare at her face, nurse, sleep on my stomach, sleep with her. Have every reason in the world to not do a thing. Thank you Tessa, for helping me slow down.

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December 9, 2008

Doing doing

Holiday in St Elmo. This is our cool ass tent that was a monster to take down. We had fun, sold almost nothing, but drank lots of hot chocolate and ate overpriced Mojo Burrito.

One of my favorite things about Christmas decorations. My big blue Charlie Brown lights! I put these up with the kids "help". No ladders involved. Just a dusty box in the waterheater closet, a staple gun, 2 cranky kids that needed to be fed, and one jaunt up and down the stairs. I love having 2 porches!



INHABIT! Totally puts paying $20 just for two movie tickets and a popcorn in perspective. Major entertainment involving a band that did a mean Prince medley, yummy appetizers and anything you could possibly want to drink. Until about midnight when they started to run out. It helped to be pregnant, I got my coat checked immediately, and got shoved to the front of the ladies' room line. I stayed until 1am, I made sure to get a cheezy Olan Mills photo with my man first.

But the most important place to be is hanging out on the couch with my kids, talking about the baby, and watching them bear hug until someone (Eden) gets hurt. The reason I'm doing this all over again, for sweet moments like this one.

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November 18, 2008

Fingerpainting Josiah

Fingerpainting Josiah
Originally uploaded by katiek2
This is an atypical activity for Josiah but not an atypical conversation. It's great to see him learning, and even better to know that's he's still my boy. Drama, charm, and all! Another word he is learning is 'jibberish' (thanks WordGirl!) and he of course is learning (and very good at) rhyming. Even if his rhymes are jibberish. He's awesome, I love him.

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November 14, 2008

Hello Old Friend

Wow, I've been gone for a little while! But we've been doing alot of this lately. Although I feel like I've been having an out of body experience lately with my energy level, I feel like it's been necessary. There's something to be said about things standing still for a little while. Last weekend I had pain from doing too much, and some annoying Braxton Hicks to go with it. Those two things just made me realize that I am not ready for this baby. So I started making lists. I found my birth plan on the blog here, and cut and pasted it in order to give to the midwife. I started organizing what I'm going to do and not do for Christmas. I made lists for what I'm going to get for presents. And I realized I needed my Mommy. I needed her to come and invade my clutter and help me find baby clothes and help me with the bi-annual purging and structuring of the kids closet (my ONLY workable storage space). And it got me started on the steps necessary to get ready for our Tessa.
I can't believe how many little girl clothes I have, unga bunga.

The thing that has made me sigh again and again is the complete lack of motivation to make art. This wouldn't sting so much, except I have little confidence in what I do have, and I have no good ideas for new stuff. I mean, that might be overly critical, but I have sat in front of my unfinished pieces and just added paint out of obligation. Silly huh? I've been watching Project Runway season 4 and usually it makes me want to work, but no luck. It feels really good to sit on the couch for a while before I have to get back up to make a lunch for Josiah's next day.
The Holiday in St Elmo fest is a great opportunity to sell some stuff, but the evenings leave me drained and the days are full of the little comings and goings of business. I went ahead and ordered two images for giclees. Be Still and Yellow Umbrella (larger!!). I also need to order some new cards. Just Metro images. I've even toyed with the idea of a calendar? So if I can't make new pieces right now, I can have some faves printed for the masses. Maybe it'll just be more affordable for everyone.
I also am realizing that Smart Furniture's recent move to 2 North Shore might be an excellent avenue for my artwork. I might have sold a piece already since they moved. I definately want to downsize some of my back stock artwork. I'm ready to give some away that I've had for ummmm 10 YEARS! Look for some of those pieces either at Holiday in St Elmo or on my web shop. If you have no issues with a painting of a nude, than have I got some options for you!

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November 7, 2008


Didn't see much of Josiah this last weekend when we went camping with our church. He was off, like a dirty shirt, with his buddy Isaac adventuring everywhere. He also entertained himself (and built of the ego's of the older boys) by hanging out with them, starry eyed at their antics. Laughing until he just about peed himself over and over again. Thankfully, no pee made it out during those laughing fits.

This week has been harder for my boy in school. I think adjusting to being back from such a wonderful weekend with friends, doing nothing but laugh and play and tromp around the beautiful woods was just too much. I kinda dread picking him up every day because I'm afraid he will drop some heart breaking message on me, "Mama, I got a green, I had to stay in from recess". I've heard that too many times this week. Recess. Man, I really want him to be able to play. Thankfully I still think he does get to squeak in time. My boy has a hard time focusing. He wants to interact with his peers all day not stare at a page and write. His fine motors have a way to go, but he's going, he's learning. He knows this stuff! And I received a wonderful reward for all the tears and sighs I've let slip this week. Josiah is reading. He's sounding stuff out and reading. His face is as bright as it is when he's playing with those older boys at the campfire. He's beaming with pride. He shouts at our neighbor Roger from down the street, "Roger! Guess what I can do! I can read!" and again, Josiah brings joy. Roger acknowledges Josiah's accomplishment with excitment.

Mark told me about a video he saw from TED that he posted on facebook. It's funny and very inspiring. I actually think (and so does Mark and Amber) that Battle Academy, where all our kids go, is a pretty good school at finding different ways that kids learn. I do love Josiah's teacher and she very patient with him. I pray for her that she won't lose hope or patience with Josiah.

When I sing our little blessing song at the end of the day I do not pray that Josiah will be a great scholar, or even a great artist or musician. I pray that he will be a strong man of faith and that he will do things for the Kingdom no one else can do. That's what I want. And if I have to suffer with school and the standards that Josiah may or may not meet, I want to have that hope that he has that joy and that God will use him for His Kingdom, every skill in place.

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October 30, 2008

Festive festiveness


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October 27, 2008

Get away

For the first time in 4 years Joel and I got away without our kids. We've had the overnight here and there, but this is the first weekend away we've been able to have. We went up to Helen GA where there is nothing much to do at all. So guess what we did, nothing much at all. We held hands alot, and caught up on all the cable TV we wanted. And went out to eat. It was just from Friday night to Sunday early afternoon, but it was so nice. We have to do this more often. It was way too long to wait. Some super cool friends from church watched Josiah and Eden. We built them up by telling Jos and Eden that #1 they have a dog, #2 they have a scooter #3 they both play guitars. And then the perks that we couldn't be sure would happen (but thankfully everything went as planned) the aquarium, red-neck sledding at Ross' Landing, apple orchard with goodies, and McDonald's happy meals! Eden was sad that she had to go home with me! "I wanna go back to Laura's!!" she cried as we buckled her in to go home.


Today was something that required the schedule of a drill sargent. Not a single minute went unplanned from 7am to 8:30pm. So here I am blogging and watchin' Heroes full of satisfied exhaustion and looking toward the days ahead in order to plan for the less rigorous but equally satisfying events.


We need to get away more often. And maybe take Monday off too.

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October 9, 2008

In His Element

josiah library.jpg
One of the hardest things about the past few weeks has been Josiah continuing struggle with being a student. Some kids fall naturally into this pattern, I believe Eden is more like this. Josiah is impossibly social, is always looking for action, and has almost no desire to "sit and do a nice little project". So of course these days are bitter sweet for me, as I send my son off to school where for 6-7 hours he is made to "sit and work on projects". And I get to stay at home with Eden who will sit and work on projects for an hour at a time. Of course Josiah gets a super long lunch, recess, and related arts (music, art, Spanish, gym). I am happy about my choice. Josiah is in the hands of caring professional educators who have communicated their desire to help him learn and grow even though they have 19 other students in the same room. It has been heart wrenching, and amazing at the same time. So here is a picture I snagged off of Battle Academy's Kindergarten newsletter. It's Josiah and a bunch of his classmates acting out a play during their library field trip. Josiah is the farmer, and he looks like he's having the most fun in the world.

stinky whale.JPG
And another proud moment for me is this drawing he brought home. Many of you may not understand. Josiah has been in Kindergarten for like 25 days, and he barely drew a thing before he started. Never willingly. He hardly wrote a single letter. And he never would choose a hand to write with enough for me to decide if he was right or left handed. Josiah's fine motor's are a smidge sluggish. I am not worried, I love him and he's doing great! This drawing is "A Stinky Whale". Isn't it great!!! He went into great description about the "poop" coming out of his tale, the green stink spray that was around him and the orange worms that he was eating and are swimming at the top. He also gave this poor whale a "sick eye" (pink eye in our house). He told me he collaborated with his buddy Patrick to come up with quite a descriptive, and boy-ish, creature. This mama artist is very proud, and encouraged.

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September 15, 2008

The Wrap Up


After a good 24 hours I have regained my composure after the weekend of Our Clothesline Art Show. What a crazy weekend of events! Thanks to all of you that came out to view and celebrate with us our hardwork and our individual methods of communication! We always feel so loved and encouraged by your presence and your reactions to our work. Yet, I could contemplate longer about why I feel things were different this time. I could mope about how I didn't sell what or as much as I wanted to. But in the end I came home from this weekend with good memories. Memories of hanging out with women that I admire for more than their ability to make great art. They are warm, funny, beautiful, versatile, encouraging, and hospitable. I wish that I had more energy and more selflessness to not think about the circumstances and just "be" with this great group.

We had a tremendous group on Friday night. And there are mutterings that the mayor and some big-wig from the Hunter Museum was there. Can someone tell me for sure? Maybe the tragic flaw was we forgot that guestbook on Friday night to keep track? We had a steady flow of patrons on Saturday. But after the day was wrapping up and we saw a few Gallery Hoppers trail in, we started to discuss, like we always do, about "next time". When will "next time" be? What will we change? What circumstances will we overcome? Where is the clientelle we want?

So with a bittersweetness I ended this Clothesline Show. I love showing art to those who might not feel so comfortable walking into galleries around town, but I long to reach out and have perfect strangers by my art time and time again. I long to find new earth to tread. Are our friends pockets only so deep?



I cannot say I am discouraged. I am thoughtful to a painful degree. Thinking not only about the future of my art, but the future that God has laid out for all of us. I find myself wrapped up in thoughts that are too complex and too scary sometimes. I may sound ridiculous, but I am too comfortable. Is it time to acknowledge that in a bad economy my skill is utterly disposable? Gas is $5 a gallon, no money to buy art. Kids are too overwhelmed with other classes, yank them out of art class. I can't afford the future either.

But honestly, a day out of my thoughts is like great cleansing massage or steam facial. Joel, my wonderful, beautiful husband, gave me the gift of time. Time that I could use fresh energy to write my lesson plans Sunday morning. So today I got myself ready for a day of teaching at a slower pace. I had a clear head, and an organized slide show for each class. So from 9am to 3pm I could think about something else, someone else, another generation, another clientelle that I can inspire to use their creativity. And you know, even though I pull my "mommy voice" out for this group, I am equally honored and inspired by these young artists. How hardworking and talented they are. How hard they work for the simple task of pleasing the creative process. They use me up every Monday, but they bring me back to a place of thankfulness where I can have dinner with my family, laugh with my children, and not feel sad or discouraged. Not one bit.

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September 5, 2008

I could go for this kinda homeschooling!

Eden is definately less of a "action" kid than Josiah. She still gets stir-crazy and loopy when she's bored, but I can accomplish some wonderful homespun fun with Eden. Josiah was never into projects that much, even though I tried over and over. Of course I am so proud of Josiah's latest family portraits. Go take a look at how much hair I have, kinda close to life!

I have been trying to finish up a small portrait of Eden for Clothesline. Dunno how sellable that is, but...Anyway the full portrait turned out bad and I cropped it, we'll see if I use it. So Eden paints Hello Kitty (thanks again for that birthday present Amber) and I am painting Eden!
Our fun craft today (since the Prev's battery is dead) was to make peg dolls. I bought these this summer but I knew that the only time I could truly use them was when I had Eden alone. I mixed skin tones and Eden painted the heads. I put faces on and Eden decided what color and style hair each doll got. We used wool felt odd scraps. I bet other people actually have yarn, but since I'm not a knitter...I cut out odd pieces of fabric and Eden glued on most of the dresses. While she was gluing, I took a little Micron Pen and drew shoes on the stands. My favorites are the fat little feet with flip-flops.

We quickly found a little house and bed for them. Eden took off all their shoes for "quiet time" and squeaked the highest squeaks ever for the dolls voices. Little girls are so comical that way. I had a nice piece of board that looked like a mini dance floor and Eden proceeded to have them dance all around. Looked like a regular "It's a Small World".

Eden is very proud of them, and yeah, so am I.

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September 2, 2008

Calm and Big

This piece is called "Sage and Empty". It's the sixth new piece I've created for Clothesline and I have at least 2 more pieces in my mind that I want to create. But after my midwife appointment today I realize why it's been so hard to be motivated and even get up and around. I guess Tessa (and I) have hit a growth spurt. My pound or two between appoinments was upped to 5 pounds today. Boy I've felt it. I can't complain, even though pregnancy is really easy to complain about. I've developed a hearty appetite and a bad peanut M&M habit these days. I feel better walking Josiah to school, with Eden on my back in a sling. I get a pretty decent work out. It's no bootcamp, but it's good for me. If you happen to catch a glimpse of me during that jaunt to school I'm a lovely sight to see. Usually in just a little bit more than my PJ's, unwashed face, sneakers, pregnant belly and a 27lb Eden on my back. She loves it! She'll hug me like a little koala bear on and off through the walk. And my back is soaked when by the time we get home. Needless to say, I have kinda given up the walk to pick him up from school, it's a bit much for my day. My midwife Laure asked me today if we're going to go with the Dec 18th due date, or the Dec 26th. I am planning for a Christmas baby. Merry Christmas to me!

We got the kids bunkbeds yesterday at IKEA. So we're now somewhat set up for 3 little monkeys jumping on the bed. Yeah, I don't think they're totally asleep yet. Eden has been in a crib until tonight and maybe she's exploring her freedom. Well, I'll just say extra prayers that they will not be little terrors at school tomorrow.

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August 27, 2008

Eden's Day

First Day of School at the New City Pre-K. I knew Eden would have a blast! She knows plenty of the kids in there! I got this quick pic as the Greens were coming toward her. You can see her anticipation. Right after the shutter clicked there was much waving going on! She was already covered in marker from her hour layover between taking Josiah to school and going herself. I wonder when it will get boring to take Josiah to school for her. She still loves it!

At home we resumed our normal play...


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August 18, 2008

Becoming Familiar

This is our second daughter. She weighs less than a pound right now. We're going to name her Tessa. Joel picked out the name Tess, and I like the "a" at the end. The name means 'harvest', we really like that. I still have to get used to it. That's why I probably haven't spilled the name earlier. But since we've been scouring baby websites and books looking for names and nothing really goes very well with our last name and our two other kids names like Tessa does. Joel named Josiah as well, and I had to get used to that name. Of course it's hard for me to remember that because to me Josiah has been Josiah for over 6 years. I do remember us strolling down a lovely Norwegian road in the springtime and Joel saying, "I like the name Josiah" and I said,"Really??" I named Eden, always have loved that name, I still love everything it brings to mind. So that was easy.
We still don't have a middle name picked out, I'd like to find another Scandinavian middle name for Tessa. Eden's middle name is Berit which means splendid or glorious. There are some really neat Scandinavian names, like Silje(sil-ya), Astrid, Solvi, Mette (met-ta). If you guys like any of those for your baby girl you can have it *smile*.
I kinda have this tug to pick something more unusual, but when it comes to my third, and this go around I feel it's important to have a name that this child can grow up and become an ambassador to South Africa or something. I'm sure everyone will say "I know a Tessa!..." I do know at least one, my fellow artist Laura Pettit's oldest daughter is Tessa.
Josiah still wants to call her "Little Tree" which I think is perfect. Believe me I've looked for names with that meaning too.

tessa3.JPG So we call her Little tree Tessa these days. Here's one of her little branches. I can't wait to meet her, this baby still seems so far away.

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August 15, 2008

First Day of School

We let Eden put her backpack on just for kicks. She was pretty bummed that we brought her straight home.

We're going to miss our crazy boy all day.

So in true fashion we headed out as a family to school this morning. Josiah was beaming with pride all the way there. He was totally unphased by the whole gym full of kids. He plopped down on the floor next to another Kindergardener and started making friends. I am full of emotion thinking of how I felt in school, but what I have to keep remembering is that Josiah is really not like me at all! He's so bold, so resiliant, and meets people with the anticipation that they will be friends. He pointed out Abel and Aidan Cooley as they entered the room. He thought it was neat that the other kids were dressed like him. I know he's going to be fine. I have shed more tears than I thought I would, thankfully not in the Multi-Purpose Room in front of all the teachers. I am pregnant, I'm allowed to be blubbery. I snuggled with Eden on the couch watching Sesame Street, so glad she's a snuggler! Before I know it I'll be rushing back to pick him up today. Whatta great boy I have, I praise God that he is such a joy to take to school and pick up from school. I can't wait to hear about his first day!

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August 14, 2008

The Nagging Future

Tomorrow is Josiah's first day of school. Of course, due to "Phase In" he'll have Mon-Thurs off next week too. Kinda annoying. Everywhere we go these days the first question to Josiah is, "Are you in school?" or something of that variety. Man, it'd be hard if we were homeschooling to answer that question over and over! I am excited and nervous, happy and sad, but most of all I'm ready to start the new normal. Just when you think you've settled into an easy pattern of parenthood, everything changes again. How early will we go to bed? Will he even eat his lunch? Will he be so exhausted that there's no being around him after school? How do I squeeze Eden's nap in before getting Josiah from school? I feel like I should have been planning this way ahead, but I don't mess with something unless it needs to change. There is part of me that will miss him so badly, but the other part of me will LOVE just being with Eden. She's a fun little companion.Who wouldn't want to hang out with this funny kitty! I plan on keeping the reigns on my boy pretty tight, I'm not ready to just let him be the big-school kid going where ever just yet.

I'm slowly getting into the groove of thinking about teaching in two weeks. I ordered my supplies, I still need to clean the art closet and my classroom a bit more. That's something I can do with Eden, no problem. I have no idea what my budget is and that makes me a little nervous. This year I feel there are less excuses and more scrutiny. And I have to get my head around the fact that I will possibly be just a one semester teacher. I hope I can come back in late March, but if the substitute is right I might just take the spring off! Last night I realized how tired my body is. I treat myself like I'm not pregnant! My belly was heavy and tight. I was almost ready for that glass of red wine. Braxton Hicks suck, and when they happen earlier each pregnancy it just makes you tired sooner. I will need much prayer to get through a very long and hard Monday each week. I think I will ask my students to remind me to sit down. They'll love having that job.

I finished Against the Sky last night while watching the Japanese Men's All Around fall off the still rings. YIPES! Go check it out on flickr, I can't get it to look right on the blog. I'm very pleased with it. Although it's really hard to take a picture of a wonkie watercolor page. Sorry for the wierd margins. And I did take this picture at midnight. Better pictures after I get some of these guys framed. Dick Blick is having a sale on frames that might save me an extra trip to IKEA. Although the idea of going to IKEA before Josiah is going full tilt to school is really attractive. Gas is one $3.60 a gallon! Bunk beds are in our future, and some cute kiddie sheets!

Oh! This year at Clothesline we will have older work available in non-featured locations. But most of my old work is already out there. Smart Furniture on Market will have Metro's until the 30th of August and the new Lookout Mountain Gallery across from Mojo in St Elmo will have all my animals. Brownie and Cookie, the bamboos plates, etc.

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July 30, 2008

Big Gap

Thumbnail image for tooth2.JPG
I promised myself I wouldn't blog a ton while I was at the beach, but this event cannot be missed! Josiah lost his front tooth yesterday! Whatta great new big boy smile!

Thumbnail image for tooth3.JPG

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July 28, 2008

Wish You were Here

We're having a great time! Thanks to all of you that helped us make it through last week and get here, to our last hoorah before the fall rears it's mighty head. Love to you all.

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July 26, 2008


I'm really ready for Joel to get home. He's sticking to the arrival time of 1 or 2 am. We'll see! Both the kids are sick, so taking them someplace for fun is out. But going to the beach will not wait.Trying to pack for the beach is very difficult with kids tromping, coughing, sniffling and unpacking everything. But I really can't complain. But the ever so useful ice/eye pack comes in handy on days like today. The kids get a kick out of it when I actually put it over my eyes. I pretend I'm some evil villian with "Frozen" in the name and when I capture them I rub my cold face on them. Squeals of delight! That's if I can can past my tired throbbing head. A wonderful pregnancy symptom. I am thankful it's not a migraine. Those seem to not exist for me this go around.

The Jefferson Heights Neighborhood Reunion is in full swing. That means I get to listen to very loud early Motown music for most of the afternoon and into the night. It ended at midnight last night.I got to hear 'My Girl' twice in a row. I thought about calling the police, but while I brushed my teeth...silence. Ahhh. I do like seeing all the original members of the school that used to be here and the many other residential spots that existed here. If I was brave I could probably score a pretty awesome fish sandwich. It's also kinda tricky to drive downtown this weekend with the scooters everywhere. Don't get my wrong, I love scooters. I think they're smart, cute and I dream of zipping around. But a scooter convention makes me nervous. Especially when driving in the rain the past couple days. Scooters were zipping around like cockroaches on wheels! I don't wanna hit anyone. Or even slip up a smidge. Cuz scooter jockeys can be just has gnarly as Harley riders. I can see the bird being flipped at me right now. Maybe I know too many gnarly scooter riders that would do that.

I will be glad to be on the way to Hilton Head tommorow and not dealing with the noise and traffic right outside my door.

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July 22, 2008

Three isn't so lonely

The night before Joel left for Ragbrai he was very sad he was leaving us for so long. I also was a little worried that this week or so was going to be difficult, and that I was going to be lonely. What I have realized is that these little monkies that I take care of and drag around with me everywhere really are wonderful company. Why is that surprising? I mean yeah, they fight, I have to discipline them and they don't stand up and make me dinner. But man, I love that Josiah crawls into bed with me at 6:45. He doesn't snuggle with me he just fills the empty space in the bed. And that makes me feel less alone.
I love that Eden will just talk and comment on everything and I love that I'm not listening to myself. She'll sit on my lap as long as I want her to and she lets me play with her hair.

Without the distraction of my husband, I have been list-making to get a buncha stuff done. These watercolor pieces have sat on my easel untouched since the last Clothesline meeting. I have been a slave to the Clothesline show card. It's been really hard to get through this time, and it's not because I had lots of opinions this time. It's because it was just hard! So if you get it in the mail, or even if your name is on it, just remember it's just a show card, and you can't always have a winner. It's on my flickr if you'd like to see it.

Thankfully Joel got thru to call me today. He's had connection problems. But it was wonderful to hear that he's doing well and dispite weather and other hang-ups he's made each day's trip without problems. He said he armwrestled an Iowan man the other day. The kids got to talk to him and it was cute listening to them tell Joel about going to VBS this week. They're learning about Jesus being the Lamb of God and they seemed pretty impacted by the fact that God's people would sacrifice lambs for their sins before Jesus came. It's so wonderful to hear little Eden go into a long explaination about what they would do with the "sword" to the lamb. She seemed very serious about it, but not scared or thrilled.

I'm starting to feel this little one move, and as soon as we get back from Hilton Head we'll have our ultrasound to find out if Joel's desire for a 2nd girl will be validated. Ohhh, time for this mama to go to bed.

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July 17, 2008

Corn Frenzy

The kids love the corn we get from our CSA from Sequachie Cove Farms*. I was outta ideas for dinner so I made a three pot meal. Boil rice, boil edamame, boil corn. Top rice with garlic salted black beans. Cut up fresh heirloom tomato. Supply condiments, let's eat! The kids ate everything! Well, not the tomato, Joel and I gobbled that pretty tomato right up! Praise God for His bounty and for garlic salt! My kids ate those soybeans up like candy!

* the kicker to the fresh from the farm corn is the little friends you find while shucking the corn. Nice fat caterpillars! So thankfully they weren't gross wormy things, more like the Eric Carle version. They weren't necessarily they happiest thing to find, even Jos was a little put off when the green fellows were seen. But he was dead, he really can't live in the fridge very long eh? They only made it to the top of the ear so, I promptly chopped the tops off the corn cleaned them well, all was fine. After dinner, I cleaned this week's corn while I had the stamina, and the fortitude to ward off the willies. So I bet you all now think I'm either crazy or brave huh?

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July 16, 2008

Snippets of Summer

Last week I saw Crabtree announced their blackberries were ready to be picked. Heck yeah! I wasn't going to miss this one! I actually had to convince the kids that this would be fun. It was 95 degrees out, so we made it a quick trip. I let them do the hard work and I just tried to figure out whether the small blobby ones were sweeter, or the big tight ones. Josiah did find the biggest ones! We went to Grandma's after and shared our booty with the Kirk's. A little sugar and some whipped cream and Eden kept asking for more! The kids devored the rest of them over this past week, eating them frozen. Eden would still chomp into them. Ow, that makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it, Josiah would let it roll around and defrost in his mouth a bit. They even got over the fact we had no whipped cream after a while. Just a sprinkle of sugar. We need to hit the blueberries sometime soon, next week maybe.

And can I just share with you how cuddle-licious my new nephew is! This is Samuel Paul Ward. I will never have a child with this much density! He's great, Eden was enthralled.

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June 23, 2008

Hey Psst!

I'm just here to catch up. Really the summer's been plodding right along with little pockets of joy here and there. I still feel a big weight about this summer, but I am not dwelling on it, we still are ourselves no matter what changes. And I desperately want to feel sand in between my toes and spend an hour or more in a large chlorinated space with my kids giving little "hooray" jumps and splashes over and over. I do think I am getting away this weekend though. Because of Joel's reoccuring hunger to not be "charismatic light" but to go all the way. I guess that goes for me too. I feel like a honeymoon period has ended. New friends become real, new experiences become hard work, and questions pop up that you don't want the answer too. The place inside of me that grows is that place that wants to feel God building me up. I know I don't have to run and find Him, but sometimes (and I think many do not even try) you have to take a chance and get out of your space and go somewhere. Whether it be a weekend alone with your spouse, a long drive with the windows down in the country, a long cry that comes from almost nowhere but everywhere at the same time, or it could be to go to Lakeland Florida and see what all the hub-bub is about. And that's my version of Bobby's Last Thoughts. Abbreviated like.
I have been battling some tell tale pregnancy demons. Headaches for one. They aren't always bad, but they are annoying and they don't really go away. I'm irritable. My volume level goes up quicker than it should, and little things that I could handle pretty easily will just send me retreating into a place of denial or send me on a rampage to straighten out every last frustrating tid-bit. My little darlings will have to forgive me every day for something I feel I went overboard on. Thankfully they forgive so well, with big hugs and kisses and 'I love yous'.
With a little less than 3 weeks to complete 3 pieces of art I am hoisting myself up and in front of my easel again. I am hoping to capture a very interesting Tokyo at night piece. I'm not straying too far from my Metros right now, because I've gotten good feedback and I want to perfect certain things. So I have a long skinny black panel waiting to be painted on and I think I'm ready to start plotting out the composition.
I hope a weekend in Lakeland will bring some good stories and inspiration, I look forward to being out of these four walls.
Headache and all, I watched Be Kind, Rewind last night. What a charming movie! If you loved what High Fidelity tried to do for Jack Black you'll love this one because it's got a better plot and better characters (and less gratuitous language). And I love Mos Def, I think he's one of the best looking men around. It just had those fun laughs that you love to have, and it's heart warming. Check it out!

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June 18, 2008


I feel like I've abandoned my blog for other, less stimulating, things, but when I log into MT4 I realize that I pretty much blog every 3 days, so what's the big woof? I feel like there is alot I want to share and work through. How much these lazy summer days just make me stop and count my kids freckles a little more often. How Josiah asking me to snuggle isn't inconvenient at all. Bedtime changes from day to day and I watch the days on the calendar flit by. The tickers on this blog and on my Google homepage remind me how fast summer goes by. Fourty days til the beach, 14 weeks pregnant. Oh man, what will August bring, what will December bring? How will I ever get motivated to paint again? Will I ever clean my bathrooms? Replace my shower curtain? Finish unloading random art supplies on ebay? Will I gain 45 pounds or 25 pounds with this pregnancy? Will the Lord return before I have to worry about any of this?

I know, I'm a crazy person. Chalk it up to the pregnancy, I've been crying like my whole life is a Hallmark card commercial.
I cried like a baby when that brat kid disrespected me on the playground.
I cried at Blue Skies picking out father's day cards (thank God it's summer and sunglasses hide all. And isn't it also nice during those times that you're almost always are looking down at little people therefore your eyes welling up is not so noticeable?).
I cried writing the father's day cards.
I cried giving the father's day cards.
I cried reading Linda's post about her dad's painting.
I cried at Laurel Snow on Sunday when I realized I just couldn't make out whether that big ass stick was a snake or a stick.
I cried with Joel when he said it was Ok to cry about the scary stick.
I cried after Josiah did an awesome job on his eye chart at the doctor's! (I mean it was so charming, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's an F. Yeah F")
I cried when Jos peed his pants at the Aquarium today because he was having so much fun with Gus he just couldn't pay attention to his bladder!
And I cried a minute ago when Joel told me he's going on a bike ride tonight and has manditory overtime in July.
Welling up on overtime too.

I have to stop and just be thankful. Thankful that the mundane and everyday is alright. I would love a vacation, but that will come and I will have sooooo much work to do before and after. But I will have sooooo much fun. Motivation is not something that is always easy to conjure up. I have to force myself to paint, just like I have to force myself to do the dishes, organize my lesson plans, consistantly discipline my kids. I am thankful that I have these things. I am thankful that I do not just serve myself. Because when all my responsibilities are gone, I'm itchy.

I have had an answer to prayer that not everyone will understand. I have had my large Metro paintings sitting in my livingroom since Clothesline's end and I have no where to put them. I prayed in a rather non-chalant way, Lord, help me find a place to put these things. And it wasn't two days or more that Smart Furniture called me asking about original art to hang in their showroom/studio (if you're not part of AVA's artist directory you should be, that's how they found me). They took 6 pieces of mine and they will be opening on Saturday to the public. I hope to not have to store these paintings again. Now that my easel is not encumbered with finished artwork, I am able to gesso and plan my next pieces. First of which will be some more Jefferson Heights pieces. I hope to squeeze some kinda "fortune" out for Art.a.ma.jig. Maybe I need to pray summore, it seems to work really well. Believe me, I have no doubts that what I do artistically is exactly what God wants me to be doing. Stay tuned.

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June 15, 2008

Our Papa

Happy Father's Day to all you hardworking dads out there! As each year of parenthood goes by, I realize more and more that it's hard to be a man. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm preparing to give birth a third time, but being a man, that's hard in many ways. I think there are men in this generation that aren't ready for fatherhood and shrink away from it. Some guys out there were surprised into the role of fatherhood, thankfully Joel was not surprised or shocked, he has welcomed each child with joy. Thankfully, all three of ours were pretty much planned too, that helps. But being a man that steps up to the role of fatherhood, dying to themselves to provide for family, humbling themselves to lay down their plans and pick up the leadership that not only leads the family in bread-winning (most times) but also in spiritual leadership. Being a man takes alot of emotional and physical energy even if we women might not see it. So be good to your dads today, don't just buy them stuff, give them affection, affirmation, rest and remind them how much you are thankful for their hard work. And wives, no matter what their shortcomings, build them up with your words, and God will bless your man and your relationship with him because of your wonderful words.
I love my dad, and he definately sacrificed for us, and so does my husband. I see it also in my brother, my father in law and my brother in law. Laying down your plans to see your family thrive is so admirable. God bless you all, you rock.

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June 10, 2008

It's already the Tenth

catch up15.JPG
After last night's Clothesline Art Show meeting I breathed a sigh of relief. I always am unsure what our meetings will be like, and even though I do grow impatient with various subjects, I am very thankful that we are all commited to the group, and last night we also were pretty commited to getting done as soon as we could! That is ideal, especially to keep the patience of our group going and our families from going crazy. I feel like we have very little time to produce a show and the art to go with it, but you know, there's always stresses that go into it, and when everything comes together it's a beautiful thing. I think this past show, although it was fun, took it's toll on all of us in different ways. I feel like the upcoming shows need to be bathed in prayer, and our little issues will be solved.

Thumbnail image for catch up13.JPG

I've been also re-evaluating where and what I need to pursue artistically. I got great feedback from the Clothesline jury back in ummm, March? and I hope to take on the challenge to create more work that they encouraged me to do. The watercolors of shots of Main Street and Jeff. Heights are so stimulating. I sold both pieces that I've done of Jeff. Heights. I got great feedback from those patrons too. I also know the power I have to do the Metro pieces. I feel they offer me a wider consumer base. It's really hard not to just dive in that and swim in the approval of it all. I bought large sheets of Arches paper. It calls to me, asking me to draw out another Southside scene. I am kinda scared. Those pieces are so challenging and I hate to screw up and fail. Especially when I'm tired all the time. Canvases can be painted over, but a screwed up piece of paper that costs waaaaay too much for being a piece of paper is just painful. I've been enjoying the artistic crafts of planting plants, mulching my yard, cleaning (a little) and finding neat things to cook with my CSA food. But it's time to dive in. It's time to collect images, get as authentic as possible. I got an email from one of the managers at Smart Furniture, they want some local art for their walls. If they can take my large "Metropolitan" and my "Rotterdam" piece that would be great! They open in a couple weeks, and I'm hoping it works out. Here, buy this $5000 sofa and it's just a smidge more to buy this original piece of frickin' art! so yeah, it's time to produce that Art.a.ma.jig "Fortune" piece. It's time to not daudle anymore, because it's already the tenth.

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June 6, 2008


eden the wrinkle
I really need to take some more pictures! I'm recycling from last summer! But this picture really must be seen again, and again. My sweet, my dear, my 3 year old Eden. She's been wearing me down these days. Not only do I have the patience of a fly, and grouchiness ta boot, but Eden is doing the whining game. Joel's theory is that she's gotten away with it for too long. Although my parents do not have a problem with how we discipline our children, we did live there for a 6 month stretch where we probably let Eden get her way. 6 months is too long to let things go. So now we're paying for it. Anything she wants or needs is preceeded by a whine that either sounds like a wimpering puppy or a worbelling tea kettle whistle. Whew, my nerves are SHOT. But in all of this, I want to make clear the power of words. If I say things like "she'll never" or "it's just being 3 yrs old" or "she always" those things are more likely to take over my mind and my life. This is not just silly positive thinking, this is how faith takes over part of my parenting. I believe that my daughter needs to be trained, raised up, and in that I must use my words and say things that encourage her to change. Even if she doesn't understand it at all, my words spoken over and over will encourage my spirit to be patient and my tongue to practice words filled with encouragement. Because she will be 14 some day and those words will be heard every....last....one. She is such a bright shining star in my life. A beautiful thing to see grow and learn. I can't wait to have her to myself for a semester this fall, where we can have girl day everyday.

I also have had the unique experience of being fought over the past couple days. And no, it didn't feel good. Being 12 weeks pregnant I've had to put some things in perspective for the upcoming school year. I had to say no to some things that I wished I could do. I was given the freedom to back out. Praise God for the understanding of fellow believers! But in that, feelings were hurt. And of no fault of my own, big emotional emails were being shot back and forth from various parties. And in it, I was discouraged, but I also had an unusual peace. A peace that I had done what was right and at the right time. I think the parties that vented, vented too soon and in the wrong direction. Venting while your in the shower, or taking a nice long evening walk is better. Yes, I vent to myself. But God gave me the grace to write a peaceful bridge building email that made me so thankful for His guidance. I could have been very hurt, or mad, but instead I was another person. And I'm proud of myself. I did go to bed with a headache, and tears are hard to push back these days, but it was not with any guilt. It's just that joyful weariness of carrying a little peanut. Or as Josiah calls the baby, a little tree. I like that alot.

I got to see my little tree on Wednesday. The nerve wracking 12 week appointment where you are praying that the heartbeat is heard. They couldn't find it, mine was dominating the doppler, and the doppler kept cutting off. Again, I tried to keep my cool. We had an ultrasound and to everyone's glee (esp the tech in training) there was the babe, wrigglin' their little nubbs around. My hearbeat was still very visible making the sides of my uterus pulsate, crazy! But there was the little tree, the branches weren't that big yet. Just little wiggly nubbs. It was a great thing to see, I called Joel and said, "Nanny, nanny, I got to SEE the baby today!" Mmm, good times.

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May 22, 2008

Holly Hobby comes to visit

There has been a special measure of cuteness in our house lately. And no, it's not my semi-pooching belly. It seems we have Holly Hobby living with us! Although she seems to answer only to Bo Peep, which that's almost as cute. Especially when she carries around a giant flower bent in the shape of a crook and Josiah is on all fours going "BAAAA".
Bo Peep gets comfy on the couch with a cheese sandwich

And a little bit more comfy...

Then down-right improper!
She rounded off her evening by dancing on the coffee table with a harmonica playing Power Ranger.

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May 15, 2008


Joel's great smile
1999 Prague
2000 England, with my in-laws
2001 Daytona Beach, white Russians and a BAD case of sun poisoning!
2002 Norway
2003 Nice dinner at home with Josiah in the bouncy seat
2004 St Augustine
2005 Eden is a week old
2006 getting ready for a trip to LA
2007 bought and sold a house, had awesome Indian food in Marietta

I don't know what we have planned for this year. We'll definately go out for dinner. It's interesting seeing what we've done year after year, and it's encouraging to see that as the kids arrived we still did things that were special. God has been so good to us. The year's that go by it just gets better.
my hunka hunka
I cannot tell you how thankful I am for Joel. He's the man for me. He challenges me, humbles me, and he gives me better experiences than I would have ever given or planned for myself. He is easy to please, yet he always keeps me on my toes to strive to be a better companion. He loves his children and gives them just what they need too. I am excited to see him getting closer to his goals as far as his career and his personal desires. I love that he is a manly man. I know that sounds goofy, but I am appreciating as each year goes by, that his desires in life are different than mine and that's wonderful. He's a man, and his identity makes our balance work nicely. His responses, his observations, his logic, his desire to get out and DO, it's wonderful. He's Josiah's best example.
I pray that God will bring us new adventures, especially spiritually, these next years of our marriage. I feel God has shown us a lot of grace in many other areas, and to concentrate on what God is doing in these days of catastrophe, changes in leadership, slow economy, etc. is something our partnership seeks. We are very excited about our new little one and who they will be. It's been a wonderful journey. Let's bring on year 10!

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May 8, 2008

My Birthday Girl

just born 5
Happy Birthday my sweet Eden Berit! Today you are 3 years old. As I battle with morning sickness, I remember what a joy it was to carry you and bring you into the world. It was an ideal labor and delivery. And I can't be modest, Eden is such a beautiful girl. I love to brush her hair and marvel at how lovely it is. She's petite and cuddly, with gorgeous eyes and looks like a little cherub in the buff. These are some of my favorite photos of my girl.
eden and her latte
Eden 1
all prettied
eden and apron
jewels in my crown
eden the fierce
happy birthday4.JPG
We got her a simple baby doll with accessories for her birthday. Very applicable, she's been asking for her own baby ever since baby Birch Luce was born. She'll probably get confused when Mama doesn't use a bottle with the new baby, I"m sure she'll catch on.

I went for my first mid-wife appointment yesterday. I'm about on track with the little ticker on the sidebar. But I brought my chart so Laure could see that I'm not the normal girl, ovulating on day 14, and we concluded that although Dec 18th is my EDD, according to the day I ovulated we could be looking at a Christmas DAY baby!! So we'll see how the bun rises...

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April 17, 2008

Chalking it Up

006chalk (47).JPG

006chalk (39).JPG

006chalk (32).JPG

When you don't have a yard, sidewalk chalk is survival. Eden especially can spend quite a while drawing and coloring in different shapes. She's my little concentrated artist. While Josiah is hopping around being a ninja, she's coloring the drawing of a ninja I made. Filling in each shape perfectly and meticulously.

Our friends Missy and Kevin Luce had their little boy on Tuesday. Birch Augustine Luce was born around 11am after a labor with no complications. He did have a high fever and low blood sugar so he was wisked away to the NICU. We're praying that today his labs come back all clear and they can come home Friday. Kevin is a doctor and it was interesting to hear his observations as to how the process worked this time around. It makes me very thankful for having two natural laborings, and one natural birth. It also makes me realize how blessed I was that even though Josiah was a lazy nurser and Eden had a smidge of a high white blood cell count, both of my kids are FINE, they were then, and they are now.

Joel's cousin Katie had her first baby at home on Tuesday, a little girl. Two birth's two very different scenerios.

The Clothesline Art Show invites arrived on Tuesday, a baby of mine I guess. They are being folded by willing helpers. Now to get the poster done so we can advertize. I have a few more pieces of art under my belt to start and to finish. I wish I had more to show ya. I need some selfish time, and Lord knows that that is hard to come by these days.

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March 23, 2008


He has Risen indeed! May you all have a joyful Easter celebrating our Lord Jesus and the gift of life he has given us all! What a beautiful weekend to celebrate!

I did dyed eggs with the kids this year. First year I've ever done it. They loved it! I think we could have done like 5 dozen. I'm not very good at boiling eggs though. If we didn't have an Easter egg hunt to take them to I probably would have not done a full dozen, cuz I'm the only one who would eat them. Although Eden took a big courageous bite out of one yesterday and it was a riot to watch her squirm the dry yolk around in her mouth and swallow it willingly (which is amazing!). I asked her if she liked it and she shook her head no. I told her she could put the rest in the garbage.

There are things about Easter we don't really do since we are at the Vineyard-all-things-casual-church. Easter dresses are not a priority. I feel kinda ashamed about that. I have a beautiful daughter and I don't get her tons of pretty dresses. *sigh* Isn't that why having a girl is fun? Just kidding, it's not that big of a deal to me. I have plenty of dresses for her that used to be mine, made by the skillful hands of my grandmother.

I also miss the sounds of the choir singing "Death is Ended". My dad really is a great songwriter. He's written some killer choir songs that you cannot sit still to enjoy. You must get out of your seat to bear witness to how grand, loud, and excitable is it to sing about the ressurection of Christ.

May you all have a wonderful day of singing, celebrating, and chocolate bunny eating.

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February 20, 2008

Beautiful Play

Here's a random video I made that kinda reflects what we do on a random Sunday morning (since we do church Sunday night). It also shows the many exciting things available in our "to be developed" Jefferson Street Park. I'd like to do more mini slideshows with music but you know I just don't need to feed my addiction anymore than I already do. Enjoy! (And family, I have no idea what music it is, it's something that's just on the computer, I haven't figured out how to import tunes into my movie maker.)

And I pretty much finished my Bird and Egg piece, check it out on my flickr.

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February 2, 2008

Getting Ready

I'm up late again waiting for my primo eBay auction to end. A pair of jeans for $113. I wanted them to get up to $150. I wanted to work a little bit more for the Birthday Costume Bash we are having tommorrow but I've been feeling icky, getting better though. Josiah, Juden, Kaiden and Elisha all amazing birthday boys. Josiah received a kind gift of a Superman outfit to borrow for the party from Oliver. I've heard that Joshua Caleb Green will be dressed in pirate gear. Joel is going to be Darth Vader. I think, now that I'm on the mend, I will be Cat Woman, meeeeee-yeow! I'll let Eden decide what she wants to be tommorrow monring. It'll be great to see so many friends. We will miss those that can't be there, we love you all! I hope we have enough treats for everyone. Either way, I will love celebrating these boys. Boys are wonderful. I have never been so challenged to use my imagination as I am when I'm with my son. Josiah's birthday is Sunday, I'll try not to get to sappy before then.

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January 26, 2008

Nuture vs Nature

Josiah has asked to put on make-up before and I'd humor him and give him something really skin colored that would brush off in a second. His interest didn't stick around for very long. Eden asks almost every day to "do her eyes" she says. I gave her the light green the other day and she dug into it. This is not your fancy eye make-up. She caked her eyelashes so much I thought she couldn't lift them. By the time we got dressed and out the door her cheeks barely showed the glistening from our make-upping sesson

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January 20, 2008

The Honesty of Fun

There is something so honest about kids having fun. It's invigorating, joyful, relaxing. Sitting around doing nothing is stressful, but getting outside, even when it's really cold, is wonderful. Hope you all had a fun weekend. Maybe you're weekend hasn't ended yet. Mine has, I teach tommorow, but Joel gets to stay home with the kids. That's $30 I save on babysitting!

The things I didn't accomplish this week of lists was short. Mostly because I kept the lists short. I didn't get around to my art assignments. I didn't find new critter images and I didn't work on my beetle as much as I'd like. I'm kinda blocked. I've been practicing and putzing around, but I need a new groove. I don't want to do any repeats, I want my vision to grow. It'll get there, the closer I get to a deadline.

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January 14, 2008


These are the books you will see lying around our house these days. They go together quite well don't they? Some people can't believe that my free-spirit optimist of a husband could possibly be a "bean-counter" but he loves it. He thrives off progress: he investigates the new development around our neighborhood and meets as many people as he can. He recognizes bunk when he sees it (I'll let you ponder on what those things could be because he won't let me tell you outright). He likes to be contrary and thought provoking. It's fascinating and annoying at the same time. Because of how his mind works and how his heart beats he loves numbers. He tested out of math without blinking an eye in college. He is soooo smart and I'd like to remind/tell everyone that right now. I'm proud of my bean-counter husband. He helps me remember to stay grounded when it comes to the artworld and think of it as a business, because to me, it's becoming more of that every day.

The Children and Painting book I bought against my better judgement but I needed it so badly. And since I've purchased it, it saved my hide today as I wrote lessons based on the common sense principles it stated.
I took a whole month off of making artwork after the Metro Show went up at Hollis. Except for a couple select presents. And now I'm thinking lists. I read good ole Hula Seven Oh today and Andrea is such the popular blog goddess. I almost hestitate to ever comment because I feel it will get lost in the masses of communication she gets. But unlike alot of her readers I've actually met her and she was an inspiring individual to me the brief times we spent together. Andrea posted about making lists this week. List week so to speak. I think I might try to do that. It's been a while since I've jumped on the "meme train" or even grasped a theme. I even gave up on the SPC even with all my vanity in tow. Lists are so important to me. In fact I've moved past the pads on the fridge and the notes here and there. I now have steno pads that always stay in the same general area that have pages of lists. So if there are things I don't accomplish or presents I don't receive I can flip through the pages and find that info. So now that the month of productivity kicks in my lists will begin to form and grow and seperate by days of the week. Seeing the lists that are on Found make me laugh and make me think about my Steno pads ever getting seriously browsed through. It really isn't that personal, but I'm sure no one needs to know the phone number I have to call for my Well Woman results.

My Mondays are insane with teaching school, babysitter and teacher's aid delegating. So my Manic Monday list has wrapped up already so I give you the--
Monday Evening List:
1. work on new beetle gouache painting
2. fold laundry *check!
3. resist eating carbs after 9pm
4. go to bed before 12:30am
5. sit down because my dawgs are seriously barking
6. Think up Tuesday's list

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January 7, 2008

It's so good

jan 06016.jpg
Sometimes the right chemicals are happening in my brain and I realize that I'm happy, and I feel good. It sometimes involves food, caffiene, adrenaline but not always. These past couple weeks after Christmas I have been wanting to shake off the temporary celebration and move onto the celebration that is life. That sounds way too sunny for some of you, maybe I've gotten more sun that some of you. My is it sunny today! 70 degrees! I have realized this Christmas that as much as I love wrapping gifts, opening them, sitting around eating rich food and drinking great drinks, I mostly like the norm. The norm is productive. The norm is my own room. The norm is my nuclear family. We need to get away sometimes but right now, the norm is what I want. And of course with that is the planning, the responsibility. I want this year to be about discipline. I can't be a kid anymore, I am the adult. That sounds really nerdy doesn't it. I look around the room today where my students sit and I feel awkward and I'm stumbling over words, but then I realize: I am the adult. And I am more confident than they are. I mean, I really am.
jan 06014.jpg
Because I am James Ward's daughter I am a busy bee. I work alot and often. That's not bad, I like that aspect of my connection with my father. I do know that I need some discipline to take care of my body. Every night I get into bed and my body is groaning. I need to stretch, I need to walk more. I'm not looking to be some hard body, but I need my muscles to support my work load. I'm lifting things and my back hurts at the end of the day. I am squatting and I hear my knees pop. Yuck! I need to build my muscles, to be a strong system. Buzzing like a bee doesn't keep you in shape, discipline does.
I also want to be a disciple. Bucky talked about discipleship last night and I need to seek God more often. My solutions are not His solutions, more often than not. I want to learn and pray and seek. I want to be a leader that has wisdom as well as knowledge.
jan 06004.jpg
If these sound like resolutions they are. 2008 feels like a big year for me. I just feel it looming over me. I am kinda scared, but I also welcome the challenge. Lord, I bring my energy and buzzing busy-ness to you to use me for what YOU want. That's what the resolution is, and that's what's so good. Working for a goal that uplifts the spirit and turns my heart outward toward the world not inward toward me.

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January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from our little fam to yours! We spent a wonderful week with one of our favorite people having lots of time to spend with us, Cat! We also got to go to Tara and Courtney's house and have a sweet NYeve party with music, great food, brewskees, and my two kids dancing til midnight. I know, I'm a crazy mother. They did so well until about 12:10am, then Eden melted down. This is one of our attempts for a family picture with Cat snapping for us. We had some great colors outside, but we just couldn't stay outside that long. Some of you I"m sure will receive our New Year's letter in your mailbox soon complete with the chosen photo of greatness!

I also would like to celebrate the New Year with our friends Ty and Jess Willison, who welcomed their daughter, Ruby Katherine, as the first baby of 2008!! Way to go guys! And congrats to Joy Lynn and Chris Gosey on their bundle of baby boy, Truett. New Year's will have a whole new reason to celebrate for you guys! Happy baby love!

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December 27, 2007

Christmas'ed Out

dad K.jpg
What a wonderful time was had by the whole fam! The kids were hilarious and classic reactions were classic. It is always wonderful to see my kids venture into a new phase of play with newer toys made for older kids. This was the first year Josiah proclaimed "I want". And his want was not to hard, a blue light saber. Josiah got his wish.

At the same time Christmas was hard this year. Not because money was tight, or because we travelled all over the world, but it just was hard. I think the gathering of "stuff" as delightful as it is makes my blood pressure rise. My house has so little storage space. My awesome, green, energy effcient, brand new house has a tragic flaw. NO STORAGE. No basement, no attic, and closets that are diffucult for me to oraganize. I am admiting on the www that I have a closet weakness. I'm not a pack rat, I mean, I am a woman so that qualifies me to have some excess of things like lotions, hair products, shoes, accessories, bobby pins. And I am also an artist so that means an excess of canvases, brushes, papers, pens, cardboards, different painting substances etc. I am an art teacher for pre-K. elementary and high school so I have everything from art history texts and intricate project books, to simple books about making things with paper and glue, and different craft books for different age levels. I used to think it was pretty wierd that we didn't have that many books, well I think I'm catching up to the rest of the world. I also am a mother of small children so I have stacks of their projects from school and paintings they did at home (I do throw quite a bit away). And toys, lots of toys. I think the little bitty pieces are the ones that get me, mostly because I fear the usefulness of said toy will vanish because I am not tidy enough or organized enough to keep all the pieces. So as you can see, Christmas adds more things to the mix. How ungrateful am I? I actually am very grateful for all the wonderful things that friends and family gave us, it's a wonderful silence in the house when the kids are playing with new things. It's an unusual sound!

So my plans for this small period of down time is to get some things organized. I have to hang things that have been just propped up for six months. I have things I need to paint, stain or polish. It has been so easy to get discouraged in this effort and I'm praying my way through it this time. I really need the Lord to give me courage to tackle this thing. It totally makes me feel inadequate and the money needed to organize things isn't around right now. There are so many more 'I wants'. I know there are ways I can make this process economical, and take steps in a wise way. Hopefully my new toys will not distract me from my goal. It is very tempting when you have a new mixer and Project Runway to watch.

My first day back to school is the 7th and I've ordered some materials from the National Gallery for teaching some organized art history. The materials are free, they loan them out for teaching purposes. I can't wait to see what it's like. Before that though, I must clean out the art closet at HHL and count the votes from the last student art show I hung. And I need to find a prize! Christmas break is finally starting to feel like a break with days full of no plans and kids sleeping in!! Amazing. So I'll keep you guys in the know and I hope to post pictures of the projects I want to accomplish.

Oh yeah, and then there's Clothesline, May 07 version. New and improved(I hope), if I have anything to say about it!

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December 15, 2007

Mother Elfin' Christmas

So I've jumped on the bandwagon, mostly because I have no energy to post anything of content. That may change in another day or so. I feel like I'm recovering from the end of the semester and lots of neighborhood events. This has been a good slow week. So go elf yourself! This was our first try. And then I hunted forever for any picture of Joel. I have plenty, but not on this computer. It's annoying. But Joel's expression reflects kinda how he feels about Christmas. You know how the only reason Christians celebrate the incarnation of Christ on December 25th is because they needed something to do on a pagan holiday. And that Jesus was probably born in July or something. I love my Grinch. What's fun is you can record a message. Of course I couldn't think of anything too clever but it came out nice and clear!

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December 4, 2007

Safety Dance

You have those moments in the repetition of family life that make you identify with your clever somewhat intellegent side, or maybe it's just funny to have a joke that's random.

Josiah was spinning around the kitchen floor and loving it. Eden was upset that she didn't get a 2nd cookie and was plopped on her bottom primed to fuss about everything that moved. And her brother was moving alot. "Josiah!!! Don't dance! Don't dance!" In typical mommie mode I said, "Eden, Josiah can dance when he wants to" and my husband standing casually at the sink blowing on his hot lentils says, "He can leave his friends behind". Joel got a knowing glance from me and a good giggle.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

But anyway, I'm finally feeling relaxed. I taught my last pre-Christmas, pre-final project class yesterday and now I'm just thinking of how to make as many art buyers as possible come to my show. I'm hoping to get just a few more watercolor/gouache pieces done before Saturday. Thinking about what I will wear, who'll watch the kids and when, the Clothesline Show, taking a tour of Battle Academy...

I should stop! Happy Holidays everyone! I hope to make cookies today.

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November 2, 2007

the necessary hocus-pocus

costume 12.JPG
costume 25.JPG
costume 13.JPG
costume 29 (2).JPG
Here are our Halloween visuals. Josiah of course was Robin-Josiah, boy wonder and Eden was a little fairy-pixie. It's amazing what you can do with a roll of tulle. We tried to get Eden to sit with all the super-heroes at the Cooley's house but she made a quick get away.

cookies 1.JPG
And in other celebritory news I have my mom's Reformation Day cookies. She has these antique cookie cutters and she decided after some research (cuz my mom loves to research) that these were not pilgrims, or Santas, they were more akin to the Reformers: Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox etc... It's a silly tradition, and we giggle about it every year, while we're biting off little Luther heads.
cookies 5.JPG

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October 31, 2007

the colder day

the colder day, originally uploaded by katiek2.

well we're back, and i"m not totally recovered. We did have fun, but my mind is off the past and is already wrapped around trick-or-treating, get-togethers, babysitters, making and selling and shipping and copying art.

I have sold both my Fawning painting and my Morphing painting to a Etsier. It pays to be on Etsy!! I need to make more art! I'm running out! Praise God!!

Joel might be getting a much nicer job at BCBST. It'll be more money and more flexible. My husband is so practical and such an optimist/idealist does that all work? I dunno, I love that. He loves the work enviroment where he can flourish.

My brother and sister-in-law found out they are having a boy! Hurray! Could it be the next Samuel in the line? No pressure guys.

Wondering if we'll go to Artini. It's got that Prom sorta feeling. I don't know if I like that.

Josiah's gonna be Robin "boy wonder" and I'm hoping Eden will cooperate and be a tutu-wearing pixie wing girl with all the prettiest blue and green flare. We'll see what she wants to do.

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October 13, 2007

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

I went to the thrift store with the kids looking for real clothes and real shoes but this, this was a gem I never expected!! Josiah has loved LOVED Abel Cooley's Robin outfit and as we were perusing the Halloween costumes at the thrift store Jos found a Robin costume that would have fit Eden, "Mama!!! I want to be Robin! Like Abel!" I sighed because I saw how small it was. As the phrase, "Honey that Robin outfit is too small, its for a little baby....." I ran into this one, a 5T or an XS whatever it is, it fits Jos perfectly. I mean, whatta happy day! I haven't been able to get it off of him when we are within the walls of the house. I must insist that he doesn't wear it to Walmart.
THEN, to my great joy I found this horrid Tommy Girl dress. I have no idea why any sef-respecting parent would put their child in this as real clothes. It makes an excellent Super Girl, Wonder Girl outfit!! I can just picture her in white tights, a blue cape tacked to the back and a shiny aluminium foil headband. Awesome. So we've had many rescues and chases, jumping, flying, "saving of the day" if you will. Eden loves her brother so much, even if she would rather snuggle a stuffed piggie, she is willing to HI-YA with her brother anytime.

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October 5, 2007

To Glory

My grandfather passed away yesterday around 6pm. He has been suffering with Parkinson's disease for about 10 years and has been in a nursing home for almost 2years, I think. He was 89 years old. My mother and father dutifully took care of him since they moved in together back in 1999. The last stretch before he was put in a home was the hardest. It was like having a newborn, waking up every couple hours to change wet sheets and pajamas, except this situation had no growth and hope of getting better. It took it's toll on my mother, effecting her health. They had night nurses toward the end, and spent every last dime to pay them and then the nursing home. When people talk about taking in their parents as the Biblical "right" thing to do I don't know if my mom agrees anymore. The "system" is not flexible enough when you don't have thousands of dollars. She had no choice. Physically and medically it became dangerous. But my mom's decisions completely reflected the respect and love of a daughter. She respected her parents wishes to the end and still caters to my grandmother and her little desires for the perfect matching clothing and holiday decorations for her room. My grandparents spent their life serving God as missionaries in Appalacia, teaching and pastoring churches. The only money they had was from my great aunt who passed away in 2004. She worked at a seminary as an administrative assistant and had a pension.

All this to remind us that this world is not our home! It is a sigh of deep relief to see my grandfather go home to Jesus. He showed signs of failure and so we've been waiting, only for a week, to see how long it would take. He was enrolled in hospice care. Thankfully he passed gently and quietly. I am glad that I have been able to be in town and visit them more often. My grandfather kept his humor until the end. Even if he could not speak, he always had a boyish grin and gave a gentle wave to Eden and let Josiah shake his hand. I'm sure he is laughing and dancing in heaven. He is being shown the joys of a life well lived in service to God. I am proud to be from such a long line of witnesses of God's love and grace.

I'm glad my brother Kirk and his family are here this weekend. It's good timing. We'll see when the memorial services are. My grandparents donate their bodies to science, so the service date will be when it is most convienient for my uncle to come from VA.

Again, I cannot stress how thankful I am for the gentle passing of my elders. And how much joy we have in knowing that the best part is yet to come. The peace and praise that must fill their hearts as they meet their Lord.

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September 22, 2007


rubberface mosaic.JPG
I think she looks like me. My dad used to call me rubberface when I was a kid. I mean, maybe my brother was called that too. We just had some serious faces we made growing up. Definately a Ward thing. But my Grandpa Moore sure could do a killer monkey face.

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September 18, 2007

Beautiful Days

sept 07 188.jpg
sept 07 192.jpg
sept 07 200.jpg
sept 07 201.jpg

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August 9, 2007

dog diggity dog

aug 07 127.jpg
It is so hot. Practically unsafe. I look at the weather icon on my toolbar and it says 78 degrees, LIAR! I'm sure it's already 85. We played bocce ball in the evening on Tues and it was tolerable. So I guess going out has to be done after 7pm. Every night this week is officially booked and each afternoon is envied time that I cannot waste drinking coffee and surfing the net. I have been continuing to experiment with watercolors and got some good tips from my friends Cat and Jen last night and a well needed get together. I would love to get a couple more mini-metro's done and then have these watercolor studies polished off. I'm a little less panicked about my classes, but ask me again next week and see if I'm freakin'. My mom is graciously taking the kids today to the CDM so I can clean (a little) of my house and paint alot (hopefully). Hours are precious and minutes even more so.

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August 4, 2007

recoop return rehash

aug 07 068.jpg
It rained and rained yesterday in Hilton Head so we packed and left. No more sunshine, no more pool splashes. I was getting tired of seeing my stretch marks so often. Boo Hoo right? Well we are very glad to be home. There is so much to tell, so much to remember.
Some of our highlights:
--Josiah meeting a little boy named Grant, they played so well together.
--Taking the kids out in the bike trailer a few times. They loved it and I am determined to do this at home too.
--Our second trip to the beach we had a high tide and some serious waves. We brought Joel's old boogie boards for the sake of his grandfather's wishes to rid the house of unwanted's. Josiah saw them and insisted that we use them. We did and although my 5ft 3in frame was not prepared to haul one of my kids, my self and some shotty board into a raging sea I did it. And I came out with my suit still on and totally exhausted and with my son saying, "Let's do it again!!"
--watching Eden dig in the sand repeatedly fill a bucket over and over with her deep concentration and going out to the waves to get more water to drown the Little People and animals in a deep sandy pool.
aug 07 074.jpg
--Getting tanned by the pool while reading and drinking margaritas.
--biking miles with my husband on a wonderful breezy day through paths of beautiful houses and trails. It felt great!

I'm sure there was more, but I'm now melding with my couch.

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August 1, 2007


aug 07 003.jpg
Josiah's new used bike. Practically free!

Slices from Hilton Head. We love to relax and we'll hit the ground running when we get back on Sunday. Until then I'm soaking in the fun.
aug 07 007.jpg
aug 07 016.jpg
aug 07 018.jpg
aug 07 024.jpg

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July 26, 2007

Beautiful Fun Toy

july 07 238.jpg
july 07 242.jpg
july 07 240.jpg
july 07 247.jpg
$5 at Target brought home this kinetic sculpture game designed by Michael Graves for Target. The kids love playing with it (as long as I make sure they don't whack each other with it) they shriek with laughter everytime it loses its balance and splats all over the table. Good find, cuz it's pretty too.

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June 22, 2007

photo phenomenon

june 07 130.jpg

june 07 141.jpg

june 07 142.jpg
After a happy gathering at Neidlov's with Mary and Jess, I wanted to kill a little more time so we went to say hi to our fishy friends at the Choo-Choo. Man, it's a sad sad place. The koi in the pools are the only thing that are much to gaze upon. I hope the Choo-Choo become something worth visiting again. But with the bright summer soltice sun shining down on us we snapped a few pics and came home with some wonderful visuals to take in. Thank God for these bright creatures that fill my children with such joy. See the whole set here

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June 19, 2007

Herding Cats

june 07 098.jpg
I haven't written much these past few days about what is going on. Well, pretty much Summer is what's going on. We're playing in water, on playgrounds, taking walks, staying outside with friends until it's dark. Good stuff. I'm tired. We had the LaRose twins visit us last week to give Sember a break, pray for her back, she's been in pain.
june 07 096.jpg
But those 4 hours that we had with Elisha and Kaden were the 4 hours that Josiah was not testing me. In fact, it was amazing to take 3 four year olds and my little Eden, pile in the Prev, park across the street and up the hill from Collidge Park, splash and be splashed, eat and come home. Then we chilled out eating popsicles and played on our playground. But the highlight hd to be driving there and having all the kids sing along with me to "John the Rabbit" and "Shoo Fly". I mean, it was beautiful. I felt like the happiest busdriver. I actually was thinking,"I wish the whole world could sit here and hear this, this is something not to be missed!" It made my day.
june 07 097.jpg
Mothering has felt kinda hard lately. Josiah and Eden play together now and it's really cute and it makes me happy, but unfortunately it doesn't last very long. Josiah has entered the world of guns and swords and aliens and battleships. He wants to play all these things with Eden. Of course, she's a little girl who wants to cuddle her Curious George and color and push her shopping cart. They do both like to roar like lions, so if I can get them both to roar they have a ball! That doesn't help much when I'm on the phone. I just can't imagine taking care of more than 2. I just feel exhausted! I started taking a multivitamin again I was wondering if I wasn't getting enough iron. I need to farm my kids out because I have so much to do!! I could be making money making art but all I want to do after cleaning up after the day is crash & veg. I also need to complete last semesters grades so I can get going on this year!
june 07 105.jpg
Josiah took this picture, that's probably why she's screaming so much.
Complaining is so silly though. Life is so rich these days. Interaction I never had I get everyday. Exciting prospects. Friends that are new and I have a new bravery to just ask them, just ASK if they can hangout sometime. I have a drive to build more and more foundations. I desire to be enriched. And that means that I get tired. I haven't been taking very good care of myself, too many BBQ's and beer. So with more water, fresh veggies and sleep, less comfort food, alcohol and other nonsense, I think I'll perk up. I really do need to get to the doctor. So do the kids. Now that we have killer healthcare.
pink flier.jpg
This past weekend I drove to Atlanta since Joel went camping and I just had to do something special myself. So yes, I drove to IKEA did all my shopping, ate meatballs, and then we went to meet Travis to drop off art. Josiah was beside himself the whole time I did the exchange with Travis. So ridiculous. I tried to keep my cool, I knew Josiah just wanted to be asleep. But hopefully my two birds and my morphing butterfly piece get bid on alot and I get to help the cause and make some money! Those of you in the ATL stop by the Young Blood! Bid on a birdie!

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June 17, 2007


march07 101.jpg

Your an awesome Papa, we love you!

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June 13, 2007

Summer beckons

june 07 076.jpg
Like a foreigner in a far off land I enter the woods and explore with my children. I have to say, it is not natural for me to want to go into nature and just jaunt around. Especially when I find a tick on me in the middle of my urban jungle neighborhood! But the wonder that my children have for every stick, gap in a fence, buzzing beetle and bird makes me want to remember what treasures these little nature walks have.
june 07 088.jpg
Joel wanted a Chattanooga Nature Center membership for the canoeing and we haven't gotten around to doing that yet, but we have gone for walks and gone to see the animals. The treehouse was wonderful and I really think I could sit inside that little place and reflect for a while.
june 07 091.jpg
I thought Josiah might be closer to the cut-off for no more carseat. But alas, only 3 1/2 feet.

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May 10, 2007

Spring Joys

may07 114.jpg

may07 124.jpg

may07 143.jpg
Happy Birthday joys to spread around! Eden loved her bubble blower and her mini shopping cart. Her aunt Sarah made her a spiffy purse to put her faux cell phone in. She's all set! She puts her phone in her purse, purse in the cart and her Curious George goes in the baby section of the cart (or riding on the side like Josiah does).

We're getting down to the wire with our house and with the Clothesline Show. I'll try to keep in touch, because blogging is easier than packing. Ughhhhhhhh.

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February 21, 2007

For the W

feb07 214.jpg
Josiah has pink eye. He couldn't go to school today. He couldn't really go anywhere. But I thought a playground would be a safe bet.
feb07 225.jpg
We headed down to our favorite which is the Ross' Landing playground. Trouble was, George W decided to visit us here in Chattanooga and the entire downtown area was shut down!!Every street we went down had cops blocking the downtown access.
feb07 239.jpg
That wasn't the hard part really, I mean we could go up Lookout to the Mtn Maze, but Josiah had such a good time having adventures at Ben Miller Park that we went back there to swing and throw leaves and dig up sand.
feb07 248.jpg
What a beautiful day!! I could taste spring time. It definately made all the sickness and junk go away. The kids got dirty and we come home just in time to see Steve Sherfy chopping down trees and digging holes on his property. Weird.
feb07 252.jpg
feb07 257.jpg

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February 5, 2007

Gems from Josiah

feb07 087.jpg
feb07 085.jpg
feb07 083.jpg
feb07 084.jpg
My little photographer snapped a few shots on Saturday morning during his Papa's haircut. I had a little pile of auburn hair on the floor. Dark was Joel's, light was Josiah's. We had a nice low-key weekend. A family birthday celebration on Friday night and some ice-cream goodness with the Wiegers, Cat and auntie Amy on Saturday night.

Sunday we had a great prayer and worship service at NRV. It was totally one of those 'emerging church' services. Music, slideshow of powerful imagery. Stations for communion, reading and writing, prayers for healing etc. It was very relaxing, and it went smoothly. I remember we wanted to do that at VSN a lot, and it seemed awkward with the younger crowd. At NRV, with the more mature congregation, everything was taken seriously and felt natural. It was cool, I look forward to doing it more often.

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January 10, 2007

First Day of Pre-K

jan07 072.jpg
Today Josiah went to the Pre-K program at NCF. We collected makers, crayons, pencils, scissors and an apron from IKEA to go into his bookbag. The bookbag was the hardest thing to find. Ours are still in Marietta, and I thought for sure that Mom would have a gazillion, but I was wrong. I did find a Guatamalan bag that the big Lutheren Conference gave my dad way back. It worked just fine. It didn't have a zipper though. I promised Josiah's teacher I would find one with a zipper. I picked out school clothes last night, and bundled us up this morning. We were the first ones there. Josiah has never had any fears (of any consistancy) of being left in a nursery class, so Eden and I bustled off to have a morning of errands. It was soooo nice to just have Eden. Wow, things were so simple! We went to drop off clean laundry for my grandparents. We walked to the bank and stopped and got a coffee. We watched some ER. Then we picked Josiah up! I was talking with Sarah Davick and locked my keys in the car. Joel was just starting his lunch break, so he rescued me. While we waited Josiah snapped some pictures.
jan07 088.jpg
Here's the set I've created on flickr of all Josiah's photos. And here is a great video of Josiah playing tee ball with Joel and his uncle Kirk. Go Cards! So here's to a special day for one of the worlds greatest little boys. I'm getting verklempt!

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December 23, 2006

what's going on

dec06 180.jpg
dec06 193.jpg
dec06 182.jpg
dec06 202.jpg
Makin' cookies, hearding babies, eating, laughin', love. Happy times.

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December 15, 2006

Jo Bean is One!

Blue Eyes, originally uploaded by kirksarahjoanna.

Happy Happy Happy birthday to my only niece Joanna! I love you and am so taken by how different you look than my kids! Can't wait to see you trotting around at Christmas! You are like a hologram where you change from looking like your mom to looking like your dad in a split second! I was glad to hold you in your first weeks and I will be giggly to see you play with your red-head cousins. Good thing you got those big blues or no one would think we were related! Another Ward girl with blue eyes.

Luv Auntie Kate

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December 11, 2006

Finally the Lists

dec06 025.jpg
it's dec 11th and i finally got our lists organized. we have a loose amazon list and i have a wist list but here you will find "the lists".

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November 23, 2006

Stand in the Place where you are

As I drove a Previa full of stuff (everything but my toiletries-UGH) up to Chattanooga today Dave FM played this very familiar blast from the past for me. It has new meaning when you're frazzled and moving, only half way, back to your parents house. Stand in the place where you live. Yep, and eat some more sweet potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!
I love this video, its the whimsical, low budget R.E.M. I love and worshipped as a teen-ager.

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November 21, 2006

The Last Visit

Here's Eden enjoying the moving sidewalk at the GA Aquarium. She think she's such a big girl truckin' through the crowds.
nov06 151.jpg
looking through the pirahna bubble.
nov06 153.jpg
say bye to the whale sharks for us!
nov06 157.jpg
bye Deepo its been real...

This will probably be our last trip to the aquarium here in Atlanta unless family goes sometime in the future. Its Ok by me, I wouldn't recommend a membership. We'll enjoy our CDM pass alot, I have a feelin'.

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November 1, 2006

Tricks and Treats

oct 06 296.jpg
Here's our library crew! All decked out in their Halloween goodness! From left to right: Josiah (the Superhero of Rock), Sierra (woodnymph), Eden (Fairy, princess, ballerina-terrifica), Carlie (Pochahontas), Evelyn (Uhhhh I think she's a pumpkin, maybe). So glad that storytime day was also Halloween!

I have been wanting to post our joyful Halloween pictures all day but I have to clean my house. Because the first people ever to come see the house are coming tommorow between 1 and 4! This may be the beginning of a trail of viewers, or the beginning of a contract deal! Who knows. I am trying to be realistic but also I am trying to remember that God WILL sell our house and we have no idea how or when. God does want us to be in Chattanooga, but as I've always said, until then I will enjoy Atlanta.
oct 06 293.jpg
We made the trek to Decatur to check out the smokin' hot spots that Ward talks about so much. We met up with the whole Jenkins fam and cruised the Halloween strip full of ghouls and goblins. A little over the top for my taste. I think the creepy ghostly death thing isn't fun to celebrate with. The dressing up, pretending, carving pumpkins and eating yummy things that is worth celebrating. We had tons of fun with the Jenkins, although it was brief. Checking out the dry ice and the skeletons that move when ya clap, that's pretty fun. Josiah had a blast but couldn't get it through to him that you don't really open the candy until you're done and then you examine the Booty!
oct 06 280.jpg
Tommorrow will be complicated. I thought I would just take the kids to the playground or something and then Rosanne (our super-sitter) will come at 3:30 while Joel and I drive to Rome for the opening at Shorter. Now I have to have the house clean and empty from 1 to 4 pm. Maybe we can make it to the High, have our lunch and see the Louvre exhibit. Hopefully they will be happy kids to whole time. We'll make it back up to meet Rosanne at 3:30 leaving just a half hour to wonder if folks will come. Then, on then road to Rome. I still have yet to write notes for a mini-speech. But even if I fumble through, I have a feeling the message will get through.
oct 06 290.jpg

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October 30, 2006

A little Magic

oct 06 267.jpg
Have a fun one dudes. I hope we get to trek down to Decatur to trick-or-treat with the Jenkins. But until then I'm going to relax and be glad that I've made a half-ass costume for Josiah "Super Josiah, the Hero of Rock". We'll see that one later on.

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October 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Lola!!

oct 06 207.jpg


oct 06 192.jpg


Today is my Mom in laws birthday. They're in Manilla Phillipines, so probably her birthday is over, or almost over. But we didn't forget! They'll be home for furlow (at least thats the plan so far) in April. I'm sure it's hard seeing the grandkids grow up over the www, but God bless you for all you are doing for children who need you more.

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October 5, 2006

the waiting

oct 06 027.jpg

I am holding my breath for the things that will come. And I put on a smile when I'm tired. I sit in my clean house and I take my kids to the playground. I work on my paintings. I do need that pluck of inspiration to kick in so I can nail this painting of Eden sooner than later. I have a wonderful next piece forming in my head based on a song my dad wrote for my childhood buddy who's adopted. I want to do a piece on adoption. I know so many adopted children. Two of my cousins have adopted. And I do love this song of my dad's I wish I could stick the audio in this post. But I will put the lyrics here at the end.
oct 06 028.jpg
Patty our real estate agent stopped by today to snap some pictures and asked if anyone had come by yet. "No" I said and she sighed "Oh dear". Great, I wasn't worried about the first week, but I guess she knows how badly we want to get out of here. She is always encouraging though "When they do come it will be the one." I agree, I don't think we'll have dozens of folks shuffling through here, it'll be the perfect family. Until then I am trying to recover from the hard work and focus on other things.

It seems that my art opening is becoming a reunion of sorts for Joel and his high school buddies. I'm cool with it, I'm looking forward to seeing all these folks that I haven't seen in like 7 years. I'm sure we're all 10 pounds heavier and just as happy about free alcohol. Well, free for them. And also my friend Jennie is advertising my show to all her Atlanta Mommie friends. I went to the wholesale shopping center of champs and got a couple flats of water, a bunch of little clear plastic glasses and a flat of juice boxes. Who woulda thunk it, animal crackers and juice boxes with KWK's fine art! I love it. Bring it on. I'm glad to have my babysitter of champions with my kidlets at home.
oct 06 035.jpg

You Are My Child

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August 2, 2006

Back to the Film

aug 06 03.jpg
I got two rolls of film back from the 1 hour today as I strolled around a Mall. Yes, a beach mall. It had no Starbucks, but the Piggly Wiggly did. It was nice to see some beautiful pictures from Santa Barbara as well. Josiah saw those pics and said "It was cold!" It was, unlike here.

I'd like to thank the little blogworld I'm part of for the props. Thanks to Gypsy for her entire post dedicated to some of her favorite kwk's in the midst of her culture shock. Thanks to Kirk, the employee of NCF St Louis, for using my latest piece. And thanks to the Cubicle Reverand for finding me and posting his thoughts on my work. Thanks everyone, I love the free publicity anyone out there feel free to write me and ask if you want to post work. Of course, Gypsy and Kirk you're family and patrons, no need.

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July 26, 2006

Happy family

For all those interested, I finally got around to finding my SIL's blog. If you want to see more cute squishy baby faces check out my nephew Kaden on the Knutson Chronicles.

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June 19, 2006


dad jos and eden.bmp

may 06 157.jpg

kirk and jo bean.jpg

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's in my life. To my bro in law Nate who is pretty new to dad-hood but beaming with pride. To Kirk who is enjoying Joanna's personality more and more everyday as she gets into the super-fun part of being a baby.To my dad who crumbles to pieces around his kids and especially his grandkids. Thanks for being so soft Dad, you're the greatest!

I was listening to Mara Davis on Dave FM the other day as she was doing her theme lunch thing about dads. She was talking about how cool it must be to have a rock star for a dad. "I mean, can you imagine how cool it must be!! A Rock Star DAD!!" Yeah, it's cool. My dad isn't Bono, or Steven Tyler or anything, but I can relate a tad. It's different, it's cool. Your dad doesn't go to work he has "gigs". He doesn't wear a three piece suit, he wears a shiny crazy shirts and honkin' huge black dress shoes. He gets invited to your school to talk and play. I mean, I have random memories that are strange and some that are awesome. But all in all now that dad is not a rock star, he's a mentor, a worship-leader, a musician, an educator, I realize that he works hard for a cause that many leave behind and for that I know he is true not only to what God has called him to do, but for everyone who ever stood in awe of him. When you hear some random recording artist get up to accept there award and thank "The Fans" you think, are they really working for us? Well, I know my dad works for his fans, whether they appreciate it or not. I give my dad a lot of hell for working too much, but the thing is I didn't marry a musician who works all the hours everyone else has off. I am very proud of all the things my dad has written, the arrangements he does every....single....Sunday, I know that he will die in his footsteps and for that I carry a torch, I'm like that too.

june 06 107.jpg
This is the man I married! Joel, the greatest dad!

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June 9, 2006

the Patience to Live

june 06 050.jpg
june 06 052.jpg
june 06 053.jpg

I love my boy, he gives me so much joy. These pool/water photos are so beautiful to me. Josiah has been so difficult the past few days. So exhausting. Constantly whining, not responding to discipline, being constantly antagonizing to his sister. Not being loving, kind or fair to Eden. Fussing, fussing, fussing. Bossing me around. I have been brought to the edge of decent humanity by my son this past week. I'm sure I have said things and done things that I hope I never do again. I have been completely at a loss. Words that John Worrell said are ringing in my ears "terrible twos are nothing, it's three that's hard". I'm feeling that now. I'm hoping that it's just because we haven't been getting to bed on time for a few days straight. So tonight they will both be asleep by 8:30.
june 06 036.jpg
After a day with the Jenkins , the kids konk out by the Northside Dr exit.

With any job you have ups and downs. My job is very important. My downs bring me down because this little person depends on me for everything. I have to teach him and help him learn to love. I have to equally give Eden the respect she deserves when she is wronged yet I also have to put out the fire of Josiah being a raving, crazy, frothing, temper tantrum storm. Sometimes in the middle of the grocery store. *sigh* It's so easy to be selfish and not explain why to Josiah every time. But it's important to explain, to tell Josiah what was done wrong. He wants hugs everytime he gets disciplined but I get conservative with them. I now ask him for an apology before I give him a hug. I hate that. I am battling sin, my little boy's sin and more so, MY sin. I once again groan not because my child is a bad kid, but because the world is a hard place to live.

june 06 044.jpg
with our favorite librarian Mrs. Jacobs

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May 26, 2006


may 06 173.jpg
one happy moment
may 06 187.jpg
little lime
may 06 207.jpg
pretty indian pastry. soooo good.
may 06 220.jpg
pasadena fountain with judah maurer
may 06 227.jpg
not liking the sand
may 06 244.jpg
we're having FUN!!

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May 23, 2006

Family Ties

may 06 151.jpg

Lola Nancy and Grandpa Dale are in town from the Phillipines. We spent Saturday with them, Oma, Big Papa, Amy and Josh.

Tonight we go to cousin Christy's wedding, married on a Monday! Any other non-Saturday weddings out there? Anyway, I'm in a zoned out state trying to prepare for an evening of nice clothes and food, and music and keeping kids in line--along with planning for a 5 hour trip from ATL to LAX. Ugh, Joel keeps reminding me that it's planning for fun. Yep, you're right, it will be great great fun, I just want to arrive there. This in between stuff is not my favorite part. I'm the Mama, the one who packs everyone, dresses everyone, feeds everyone. While we are away from our house, makes sure that nothing falls apart, dies, smells, grows, whatever could happen. I don't like the idea of coming home to a filthy house, but sitting right now seems better. Cleaning at 10pm seems easier since my son should be napping and instead is dropping every last book he owns between his bed and the wall *Boom* *Boom*.

On Sunday before I went to clean Venture PT, Jon Maurer called. My stomach got butterflies as he and Joel talked about getting together and what day we should go to Santa Barbara. Man, my faith is small. As I vacuumed I kept thinking of all my "wants" and all the little things we have to pay off. I am glad they are just little. My heart waits with anticipation to see how God will work. Will it be harder than hard, will he bring financial blessing, will it be soon or in two or more years? Most importantly, will it happen at all. My human heart always has that doubt, that what I am feeling (or what Joel is feeling) is actually just our selfish desires. I feel the same way about where we will live, what we will drive, where my children will go to school. When I express my small faith, Joel says, "Don't say that!" Joel's faith is bigger than mine. His dreams are bigger than mine.

But California on vacation is a beautiful dream, one of sunshine and breezes, exotic food and new sites, new clothes and abundant hospiltality. Before California becomes home it can become a wonderful destination. I pray that my children will travel well. Think of us and pray and dream big.

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May 15, 2006

My One and Only Love

Ward Week 05 009.jpg
Joel and I have been married 7 years today. Whenever our anniversary rolls around I wish I had loads of sweet photos of us on our wedding day, but alas I never have many scanned. These past 7 years have been quick. Especially the last 4. Joel is a constant support, a clever, hilarious guy. He is gentle, honest, loving. He is a dreamer but has so much common sense it's a perfect combo! He loves Jesus and his children and he takes care of me so well!

As we drove home from Chattanooga last night we found it very difficult to talk over Josiah's tired complaints and Eden's bored shrieks. I swear my daughter peels years off of my life when she hits those glass breaking tones! We talked about his dreams, and about the last 7 years. I love to see him thrive and I have gotten used to his dreams and the organic way the path God has for him is forming. Our 7 years have been exciting and loving. We've been quite a team and we still are with our two little ones.

I've been feeling extra emotional this past week. Several things have been effecting me more than usual. But mostly it's been thinking of the future and God has been working on me. Trying to give my children's future, my selfish desires, my financial peace, my husband's livlihood, and everything in between to God. I feel like I'm slowly being drained of all my nervous energy and being shown lights on a dark path, being shown that things are working and that my life is worth more than the little in's and out's.

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January 15, 2006

What Monster Trucks don't have

Joel tried very hard to get tickets for the Superbowl of Motorsports for him and Josiah, Andy and Gideon, and John and Kaitlyn. The tickets sold out before Joel could make up his mind. He was very sad. He's always wanted to see monster trucks mostly just to see the crowd react. I think he's always had this desire but then he read Crabby's entry with the amazing history of comments and he just had to be a part of the emotion when a big truck with even bigger tires smashes cars like ours in it's wake.
moster truck toy.jpg
Oh well. We all said. Joel had tickets for the Hawks game last night and we knew it was fun to take them fam. I was also skeptical that Josiah would be scared to death of the monster trucks and we knew that he always has a good time holding thunder sticks and cheering for the Hawks.

As we pulled into the Marta parking lot there were no spaces. The Superbowl of Motorsports had filled the parking lot with large 4x4's. Some with mud, some squeaky clean. We paid for our tokens and white outnumbered black this time wating for the eastbound train. Many mouths with dip, much overly straightened blonded hair, camo, nextel cell phones (dude, it's like a walkie-talkie!), and big belt buckles. I think all of Paulding county was there. Joel the antagonist said to me in a loud voice so others would hear, "I don't think these people know this train goes to Alabama!" My silly husband.

On the train a couple from Carollton was getting the 411 from a student that lived downtown about what stop to get off. It was classic. He said, "Yeah, monster trucks, I think I went to one of those things when I was 8." hehehe.
december 084.jpg
We headed the opposite direction of the truck crowd and up to Philips Arena. We found crowded seats and at half time decided to go to the other side where it was empty. As we packed up the halftime show started and it was a marching, dancing drum troop. Holy Cow. My son was mezmorized.

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January 9, 2006

Special Promise

My sis in law brought a Merry Christmas package back for our little fam from the grandparents in Manilla. Here's some photo and video capturings.
january 06 039.jpg
january 06 041.jpg
Grandpa Dale and Lola Knutson got Josiah a handmade mini guitar with metal strings (so maybe he won't break them). We have no idea how to play it, let alone tune it but that's not the point right now. Joel did look at me and say "One of us is going to have to learn" I guess that means me. I made a quick pick for Josiah out of a watercolor paper scrap and some masking tape. After going to Re:vision on Thursday night Josiah saw Jeff putting his guitar in it's case after the service. Josiah was of course mesmorized and you could see his little record light was on. He wanted me to draw a guitar the other day, and then he wanted me to draw a case for the guitar. He proceeded to put his guitar magnets on the drawing of the case. He was very much in love with the guitar case. So almost as much fun as the guitar from the Philippines was the blue plastic zip case that it goes in. Josiah treats it like any other child would treat a baby doll. Putting it in and taking it out of it's case. So here's Josiah saying thank you
to his grandparents that are so far away. His please and thank you is a little mixed up but hey, he's 3.

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January 1, 2006


Ward Week 05 017.jpg
My sick daughter has grounded me this New Year's kinda a bummer, but after all the holidazing I've been doing a good rest on the couch is well deserved. Christmas Eve we headed up to Chattanooga and had a peaceful Christmas Day with gift opening in our pajamas and church later on. In the evening Joel and I had a great time with Cat at her place where more tresures were received. Cat was looking pretty groovy with her new hair do. Happy Birthday Cat! The big 3-0.

We took off for St Louis on Monday morning and spent 3 days and 4 nights with Kirk and Sarah and their baby girl Joanna. She's a pretty pretty thing. We went to the City Museum which was a mad house of kids escaping the windy cold day and burning post Christmas jitters.
Ward Week 05 038.jpg
It was a cool place but a little much for our entourage. We didn't make it through much. Joel and Josiah did the winding pathways and the monster slide. We checked out the fish and the caves. We wound up our visit with the Everyday Circus that was a good idea in concept but the kids sure need to practice practice. Maybe that's a mean thing to say, but they dropped alot of balls and fell alot.

The activity that suited our family better was the Magic House.
Ward Week 05 070.jpg
It's full of bells and whistles, literally, for little kids. Which is what we have. There was even a ball pit for baby Eden B. Josiah's favorite parts were the bells, the sand box and the lego car ramp. I was actually surprised he liked the lego ramp so much. Josiah is not so much into vehicles as he is music, but there were some great "hoorahs" from his little voice everytime the car launched off the other side.
Ward Week 05 064.jpgWard Week 05 080.jpgWard Week 05 071.jpgWard Week 05 074.jpg
If it weren't so expensive I would go there everyday! Great fun and Jos was tired out beyond all reason. It's great to see your (almost) three year old totally worn out. You think there is nothing that will stop him and then, ahhhh sweet naptime.

Thanks to Holly for taking time away from her little family to shoot some family pics for us. I can't wait to get a New Year's letter sent out with a sweet picture inside. Whatta trip! Our family is so non-photogenic, some great silly shots were had by all!
Ward Family Portraits 074.jpg

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December 16, 2005

Visions of Johanna


I'm an Auntie!! My brother and his wife Sarah had a baby girl last night around 9pm CST. Her name is Joanna Elizabeth Ward. She's 7#15 and she's got a big bushel of dark hair, whatta surprise huh? Just kidding. I've had Dylan's Visions of Johanna in my head since I heard her name. Joanna means: God is gracious. Amen!

Kirk called me throughout the process which was really special for me. I felt like I was there cheering them on! I guess it's easy when you have just one sibling to give them a call. It definately eases the sting of me not being able to go to Joel's Christmas party for work. Not that it's a big deal, but they said NO KIDS!and they had Thai food and Sushi. I had microwave leftovers and sat at home in my housewife hoodie. I didn't think it would effect me so much, having a niece. But every once and a while when something really happy happens to someone really deserving I just cry. I was very happy and I've been kinda weepy ever since. I can't wait to meet her!!

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December 2, 2005

Sorry my dear readers...

tree 2004.jpg

I have to post the gratuitous Christmas lists. I feel it's easier than emails and I can include links. I tried to find a site that was easy to make Christmas lists, but it was too hard, I got better things to do. And I have these fun thoughts that some random stranger in India will send me a present. hehehe.

Edenís gift list Jumpster. Pajamas with feet 6-9m or 9-12m. Cute coat, hoodie or bunting. Handmade doll more as a keepsake. Blanket with ribbon tags. Stuffed Animal. "First Christmas" ornament. Any fun toy or board book like Maisyís favorite animals. Fun barretts. Dresses and tights. Cute shoes. Bathtub mirror.

Josiahís gift listPajamas 4T (no feet) 5T (with feet). Childrenís Bible. Bongo drums. M is for Melody. Dan Zanes Album, anyone really. Here come the ABCís. Pajama Time. Donít let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Tickle the Duck!
Toy school bus. Melissa and Dougís percussion set. Melissa's and Doug's Fire Engine. Tricycle.

Joelís gift list Topeak child carrier for bike, for little Eden. Jeans. 20ft ladder. Khakis. Red wine: shiraz. Pocket knife blade, corkscrew, screwdriver/bottle opener. Tie. Family membership to ATL aquarium, botanical gardens, zoo. San Juan. Seafarers of Catan. English Catan cards so those folks who don't know Norweigan can play with us.

Katieís gift listMinivan. Vacuum cleaner. Laundry room shelves. Coat. Chuck Taylor low tops. Wicker cloth lined baskets, med or large. IKEA gift card.
Apron, one for painting, one for cooking. Sets of hooks with white base, 3 or 4 hooks per base. Bath and Body works lotion. Perfume. 400 speed film. Itunes gift card. Starbucks gift card. Haitian or other ethnic nativity set.

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November 2, 2005

As you probably know, it's exhausting to have fun!

In Joel's never-ending quest for fun (I praise God for my adventurous husband, I'm happy watching Alias on the couch) we went to Helen GA with our kids and all Perkindom. I had to do homework but I must say, God is good and I got it done with 30 minutes to spare to put my face on, YEAH! Having the beautiful surroundings of north GA was nice to kick back, eat nice food (even when it had to be zapped), have all the boys play play play and paint. I had to do eight 8x10 watercolors of the exciting subjects of: clouds, rain, reflection in water and fog. Snooze. I can go without doing that again. But I made it a fun trip down memory lane by choosing pictures of Scandinavia. After all, they have some of the most beautiful examples of those weather phenomenas. Andy and I had fun playing our ipod music through computer speakers while Gideon and Josiah ran around, played with trains and rocks. Isaac and Josiah fought over the same toys, and Eden tried not to be tackled.

The mystery of my itunes card was solved, my brother in law, Nathan called and told me he gave it to me and will fix the problems with it. He turned 30 on Sunday, Happy Birthday Nate! My camera broke again so Canon has yet another task to fix it. I hope my camera is not a lemon. I can't say I've treated it perfectly but it shouldn't have broken, twice. Both of our cars were down at the end of last week, and with half a day to spare before going to Helen, our friend Brandon fixed the Corolla with a new alternater and the Camry was fixed when we got home. 2 cars, $250 bucks. Can't say that's a bad price! With the Helen trip, our little fam did nothing for Halloween, I'm not that upset, but I would like some mini-chocolate to feast on. *sigh* my hips don't need it. I did get a pumpkin at Harry's yesterday to have a bit of fall cheer at our house. I helps to have a glowing pumpkin when it's dark at 6pm.
october 149.jpg
I have been feeling the tug of division between school and kids alot lately. Especially since our schedule being thrown off by car-lessness and Helen made Eden very unhappy about going back to her regular nap schedule. There are things you hold up as standards of good parenting and when your circumstances go awry you bend those standards for sanity's sake. I have been disappointed with myself. TV watching, lazy discipline, prolonged potty-training, diet slacking, and flith in general have made me question my decisions once again.
october 143.jpg
I had a good cry about it and prayer that has been late in coming, came reminding me that God is the only one that can give me strength to get back in the bandwagon. It is scary being a parent. Knowing that you are the one in charge of these little people, these little souls. My main goals should always be my children's hearts and how I can instill the knowledge of God everyday. Everyone has their methods, but it is the Holy Spirit's work that gives us the tools to help our kids learn. I have found my greatest tool is prayer and song. I made up a little tune to sing to Josiah, and now, Eden when they go to bed. We pray for all our loved ones that are so far away. Josiah will add names of people on his mind that day. SMoore is often one of them (what an impression she must have made!). Then at the end of the song I sing a blessing over Josiah: God bless, Josiah! Make him a strong man of faith. May he do things for the Kingdom no one else can do! And often these days he;ll add That's Me! to the end of the song. It's cool. Then he'll launch into Eden's blessing: God bless Baby Eden! Make her a great worshipper. May she be a blessing to everyone she meets. I feel like I fall short, but if I can find the time to reach my children's heart through a little song at bedtime and teach them the power of prayer, song, and blessing than I myself will feel blessed.

I have dried carrot on my shoulder...

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September 30, 2005

The family I miss

paul ward photo.bmp

This is my dad's brother's family the Paul Ward's. A family camping trip. Seeing them with their kids, their significant others, makes me wish it was easier to see each other. They're in my thoughts and prayers pretty often. My cousin Sam has been fighting cancer and with God's help, he's been winning! Praise God! They're a handsome group aren't they!

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September 26, 2005

Painting together

september 071.jpg I have been working on my cows for watercolor class pretty madly this weekend. In order to keep the peace, I sat Josiah down with his Thomas book to watercolor with me. Good times. For a brief 2 year olds attention span. Josiah has started to fight napping. And this is not the greatest, since I need some good quality time to do not only things for school and gallery, but stuff like dishes, dinner, laundry and or course blogging. *smerk*
september 072.jpg I've been praying that we could hold off on the much shorter naps until next semester when I'll peel it down to one class. This will make my homemaker life a bit more important.
september 074.jpgJoel gave me a good chunk of time on Saturday taking Josiah to the North GA state fair. Not much to write home about, but they had a petting zoo, a dog show and corn dogs. For the small fee of 5 bucks, Joel and Josiah made a day of it.september 068.jpg
Since Eden B was feeling sniffly she slept for a good 4 hours in the morning, and I got my groove on with my brown watercolor cows. The girl who sits next to me in class said that they reminded her of ice cream. Brown cows, get it. I'm thinking I'll get another B on this project because my drawing skills are sloppy these days (I really did want to take drawing but, such is life) and my watercolor skills are fighting my abstract tendancies. I have to learn the formal way before I can abscure them they way I'd like. I'll post a picture of them soon.
september 076.jpg
I started another painting on canvas board. It's called Be Still and Know. I stole the image from Budge. I'm sure the Perkins would be glad to know.

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September 11, 2005

Remembering Marriage Counseling

autumn cows.bmp
As the weather changes from hot hot humidity to breezy warm afternoons and cool twilight evenings I remember the days in Chattanooga Valley. Our first two years of marriage in a small apartment, surrounded by a community of artists, brothers and sisters in Christ, fellow married people.

I make myself tea and sit outside for a break from reading about Expressionists, Futurists, Frank Lloyd Wright, Purists, Supremists. I remember being there, with all those old friends. They taught s so much about marriage. Things our parents couldn't. Now Joel and I are both on school, we have 2 small children and we live a challenging life. I also remember those friends, those married friends who did everything at once. They sell houses, move to Haiti, homeschool, make art, work three jobs, raise 6 kids, fix cars, adopt children, tend gardens, have all night theological discussions, host families, rescue animals, make their own bread, feed many mouths, regularly involved in church events and social justice activities. We have become as busy as our friends. This is a test for us. We truly believe that God wants us to be this busy. He only gives us as much as we can bare. And I'm feeling my limit. But what I am encouraged by is that every day that goes by Joel and I remind ourselves that we would rather do this than be bored. Because this is what God wants us to do. We know it.

Joel went camping with a few buddies a little while ago and since then has been crazy wanting to go camping with the kids. He's been wanting to go outside all the time. Desperately pushing our ridiculous strollers down paths less travelled so we can inhale some fresh air. We postpone our studies to be outdoors. While Joel takes a class in Microsoft Excel I take the kids to Laurel Park. Josiah's young brave heart pelts bread heels at the geese. And piles woodchips into a dumptruck. There is something about autumn, school, 6 years of marriage, and memory that makes it easier to trust God. To know that the testimonies of those friends in Chattanooga Valley are reminding me that it can be done.

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September 8, 2005

Big Bite

I had written this huge long post about how tired I am, how I am feeling overwhelmed. It got erased, oops. I had a down day today, I tried to regroup and catch my breath and remember that I'm still young (almost 29) and God is good.

Eden still won't take a bottle. Poor Joel has to shoot formula down her throat with a medicine syringe. I bought an Avent and the Playtex Nurser with no luck. I even tried it myself a couple times today and she just looks at me like I'm nuts. She looks like her dad. Then she screams. I'm thinking of that wierd bottle, Carrie. Any other bottle suggestions would be welcomed.
This is what I was painting while my daughter was on a hunger strike. My teacher and a fellow classmate (who I will name Eye Candy) said that it was "Nice!!" and "painting glass with watercolors is a great skill to learn". I felt a bit encouraged. I know it's not grrreat, but I'm feeling more confident. And even better, I'm feeling like I'm becoming part of the little inner circle of our class without picking up a cigarette. School is still intimidating. I'm gonna be on my knees alot this semester, I can't procrastinate.

Hollis Gallery in Chattanooga has tentatively planned a Women's Show (including me) opening Oct 21st. I hope I can have at least my Reception III piece finished by then. I finished Domestica and it feels different to me from my other work. When I get my camera back I'll post some pic's.

I am once again a football widow. The first game was on tonight and I'm thinking our nights of rented DVD drama series is over. I was sure enjoying having a little control over what my ears heard. Color men announcing what humanitarian things certain football players are doing in between jibberish plays I don't understand. I'm such a woman, I'm going to bed.

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August 25, 2005

My Only Sibling

unka kirk is awesome.bmp
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRK! Kirk turns 26 today, and like the overly-busy person I am, I have not gotten his present in order yet. Sorry Bro, but I'm working on it. It seems he married into a family that is a lot better at surprises and timing. I've kinda got lax, maybe it's my in-laws that basically don't do surprises at all that has made me a little more laid back about it. Or more realistically, it's the 2 kids, going back to school, getting paintings done for gallery, painting foyer, selling on ebay, and of course my computer addition that have caused this.

I promise I'm not just making excuses Kirk, I really am going to get you a rockin present!

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August 16, 2005

Minivan Blues

I am NOT a needy person, I really don't like depending on the undependable. And there are certain things I don't trust as far as I can throw them. This might be a good quality sometimes but I don't feel that way right now. I hate hate hate the fact that I am scorning a gift and wanting what I don't deserve. What I want more than anything, so bad I notice it. Just like someone trying to quit smoking can smell a cigarette a mile away. Just like my son sees guitars in everything he sees. I notice minivans. Like guys scoping out chicks, I stare down each Nissan Quest, each Honda Odyssey I see. I also have seen a Toyota Highlander that looks nice to me. After squeezing my postpartum behind in between two carseats so we can have 3 adults, 2 kids in the car I yearn, I pine for a minivan. I don't care if the gas goes up to $5 a gallon, I still need one. So who out there is giving one away. This artist Mama needs one so badly.

But enough about me, here's some pictures of a day out with the Ward grandparents:
Fake Smiles
august 060.jpgaugust 063.jpg

Komodo the Dragon
"Look at that tasty chubby girl, I'd love to munch!"
august 065.jpgaugust 064.jpg
Josiah and Grandpa Jim come to the rescue!
august 069.jpg
"Get back Komodo! You will not eat tiny Eden B!
august 068.jpg
"I am sorry my friends, let's take a ride and simmer down."
august 066.jpg
Komodo and Josiah take Grandma for a jaunt into the brush...

To the Steak N Shake.

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August 11, 2005


or everything is screwed up. I feel like I'm walking over wreckage today and battling all my grumblings.

In a gesture of honoring your elders my husband Joel agrees to take furniture from his grandfather that we don't need. At least not now, we got a twin frame and matress from other sources. august 027.jpg
We borrow a van from his uncle, Joel already feels wierd about that and thinks,"it'll be my luck, I'll wreck it or it'll break down and it'll be my fault". Well, we made it all the way through 40 miles of ATL traffic and the van's transmission gives up. Joel does some tricky (although not dangerous) stunt driving in reverse into a gas station. We get back home at bedtime, minus the furniture, plus one mom in law who spent the night. Her fan broke in the middle of the night ($%&@ Target box fans).august 031.jpg
We have the very back seat of Uncle Ron's van sitting in our living room, along with furniture from past honorings sitting in our hallway. Since I am Xena the Warrior princess (not quite as cute as this one) I will haul the furniture where I see fit.

Now that I am going to have my paintings in a bonifide gallery, my friends and family want to buy it. Where was that interest when I was sitting on my butt! Now two of the paintings that I am supposed to have at the Hollis Gallery are either purchased or being salivated upon. I have to advertise myself! You'll know me my whole life, I'm sure there will be something you like better down the line. Please, do this for me. Get a print, it's alot cheaper. I can't believe my integrity about selling artwork. But do you understand? If my work only sells to people I see at Christmas time than how will I sell work to strangers? Tell them to stop by so-in-so's house. I'd like my paintings to leave the PCA WASP Southeast Christendom. Oh yeah Erbs bought one, that's in Brooklyn *whew*.

After a loooong morning of battling myself I basically decided to do "the potty" for Josiah verbally so it'd stick a little. Now when we sit on the potty we....pull down our pants. He gets his pants off. We take off our diaper. He helps. And we sit down. august 029.jpgaugust 030.jpg
This was a feat because on our hardwood the potty scoots everwhere and with pants around his ankles I wanted him to figure it out. Tough love a little bit. At 32lbs and 38in he should be able to get in and out of the car, in and out of bed, out of the bath tub and on and off the potty. So as I nursed Eden I told him, Sit on the potty the right way and you get a M&M. This took him a while and he was learning. I verbally helped him in loving tones. It was funny and after just one M&M he broke down. I mean, who can have just one? He can, naptime.

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August 1, 2005

View from my mommy chair

Going to the beach is not easy with a 3 month old, but it's worth it. She does pretty well! And she's cute in her little bikini with kiwis and watermelon on it! But my shins got pretty toasted as I sat in my beach chair nursing my baby. I got out my camera on Thursday and snapped photos from my chair.
july 056.jpg
Cat and Jos playing in the sand
july 059.jpg
"Gotcha!" Amy bathing in the sun, with her SPF on of course!
july 060.jpg
"Oh no!" SMoore shrieks for the camera
july 061.jpg
Joel watching the waves
july 062.jpg
Chubby Girl legs

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July 28, 2005

Vacationing from my blog

Well, folks as you can see I've been vacationing from my blog, but here's some pics to wet your whistle. We haven't been doing much but beaching and pooling and eating and drinking good stuff. I'm a bit burned today, which I tried my hardest not to get burned but, alas. Our group has totally taken a change, we have Nancy and Amy and yesterday Cat and her sister-by-guardianship Susanne. It's been a blast, but Joel had to fend for himself with all the women. All the sedatives help *wink*. Josiah definately makes his presence known and doesn't seem to mind the girls!

Eden has been a very good beach/pool baby. Even though nursing gives me quite an uneven tan (oh horrors!) it's very worth it. All the exposure to the elements has given her some funky cradle cap though ewwwww.
july 029.jpg
Josiah's favorite activity
july 027.jpg
Bathing Beauty
july 046.jpg
Digging, Josiah's second favorite activity.
july 047.jpg
Yes, I dare to post a picture of myself in a swimsuit (not close enough to see the stretch-marks)

It's so nice to have a vacation. Every time we come to HHI Joel talks about buying a beach house. Yeah, the first 800K I make I'll get one!
Be Jealous! I'm at the beach nanny-nanny boo boo!

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July 19, 2005

Already on Vay-Kay

I am blogging when I have a car full of stuff that needs to come out and a house that is dirty with family stopping by tommorow. Oh well, It'll wait... It's the third year our little family will be going to Hilton Head, we leave on Saturday. It was just going to be us, then Cat said she would come after I practically begged her, but only for the last half. My mom said she could come wih Cat for the 7hr drive. We thought it was just going to be us for most of the time. Part of me thought that would be nice, the other part thought, "What a waste, someone needs to be enjoying this with us!" Joel's Mom (aka Nancy, aka Lola) is now coming, but we will see how long. She was going back and forth about attending a meeting with Amy (Joel's sister) about an accident Amy had 2 years ago (legal fun!). That's on wednesday of our vacation week. Joel and I also have a sneaky suspicion that Nancy will want her mom, Oma, to come too. That will only be if my mom can't come because my grandma had surgery (blocked bowel fun!) on Saturday and needs to be taken care of by her caretaker,my mom. Whew. It makes planning vacation easy I tell ya. Joel tells me, and he's right, that nothing about our family going has changed. We will be going in one car (although it is the smaller one) to the beach, we will bring bikes, we will eat good, we will get tan and blond and r e l a x. It's a mind job. I keep thinking I need to plan stuff, but it's really ok.

I put in the order for my art cards. I'll let you know when I have them up on my etsy shop. It was so hard deciding which images to use but I decided on: The Season, Crowned Nude, Jana, The Faroes, Darren's V-neck, Lifeblood and Seated Nude. It's hard because I had to decide what would my friends buy, what would the art world buy, and what would Joe-Festival-Goer buy. Hmmm. I hope it will bring in consistant money. That'd be neat.

Well, my daughter's crying I need to feed her and make to-do lists.

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July 16, 2005

Kids Birthdays

july 001.jpg
Jennie, Kaitlyn, Eden and baby girl Worrell in utero at Kaitlyn's 3rd birthday
july 003.jpg
The birthday girl takes a swing at the parrot pinata.
july 004.jpg
Josiah swings!!
july 007.jpg
Who's kid is missing, mine.
july 008.jpg
Jon, John and Joel. Friends 4-ever.
jos n guitar.jpg
Josiah, guitar and mouth full of M&M's.

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July 7, 2005

Christmas in July


I got 2 rolls of film developed today. I love film, I just can't get the same satisfaction from my digital. There were a few Christmas pictures left on the roll, and I just felt that comfortable awe that takes place when you light up your tree for the first time. The smell of the pine and the soft white glow. The winter darkness becomes a little friendlier to invite the little lights in. So for all of you that need some homey-ness, or a reason to stare at your computer screen a little bit longer, here's our humble tree: Christmas 2004.

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June 14, 2005

Reunited, and it feels so good!

This past weekend I had the lovley pleasure of having Cat and Erin visit me. This is about as close as I get to having sorority sisters, or sisters in general. We're all kind of a group of odd balls, somewhat anti-social, all of us have loved and lost, fought (or are fighting) various degrees of nicotene addiction. We all are artists, we all are trying to figure stuff out, we love complexity, and we all miss our fourth member Jen(Fen)(Green)Kring. I must admit it's strange, trying to be my old self when my new self is so all encompassing. But we rolled with it, it helps that all of us like kids too. We talked til late, drank coffee, ate brownies, entertained the children, and went out to some fun spots. We talked about art, and about buying art, showed off some of our favorite websites, and talked about our favorite books. Although it was short, it renewed a part of me that usually lies dormant. And it was quite a joy for my little man Josiah, who after they left kept saying,"Ms. Cat...Erin, in the car, go to work, sadness" My boy is so in touch with his feelings.

Here's the pretty piece Cat is working on that I want:
art 017.jpg

The other female in my life that I felt I was reunited with after this weekend was my daughter.art 021.jpg
Being 1 month old she sleeps alot and is often quickly put down in order to calm a toddler storm*. She has just started smiling, and having some fun alert times. I also make it a point to sleep with her a little in the afternoon. art 018.jpg
She's beautiful, andshe's getting more andmore red-headed everyday! Who knew? She's a sweet cuddly size now, and she can wear some of her awefully cute clothes. And her healthy mass of auburn hair holds a barrette very well. After seeing how fast my little boy has grown, Eden can take her time. I don't even mind getting up at night, really.

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June 7, 2005

Hippy chick tale

june 016.jpgjune 017.jpgjune 018.jpgjune 019.jpgjune 020.jpgjune 021.jpgjune 022.jpgjune 024.jpg

"Yeah I'm just a Hippy Chick hanging out jammin' to some tunes. The Stones rock man!! The music makes me wanna dance and shake my butterfly bum! Whew! Rockin' out is tiring. Good thing I got my Hippy Mama to chill out on."

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May 23, 2005

To a Grinding Hault

I am on my feet almost all day, and busy busy like a bee, but my life seems to be standing still. Everything has come to a grinding hault. I still take a shower everyday (thanks to a little Jim Henson production we all know and love) and I get dressed to look sane and I dress my kids so they look sane. I put on the minimal make-up to cover bags and bumps. I collect the bags, the seat, the necessary toy, the crackers, the sippy cup, the phone and maybe the outgoing mail. I put the infant in the car, I convince the toddler to get in with the necessary toy in hand. And we're off, deposting the outgoing mail. Doesn't matter what direction we're going Starbucks is first. Mama has to have her latte and if not all hell will break loose. $3.68 is a small price to pay for a little bit of sanity. And the pretty kids at my local Starbucks are nice and some are just downright eye candy. It's a little bit of a juggle to do it all, but it has to be done. Survival is trial and error. I know a couple that seems to never take their son anywhere. We'll see the dad out but mom and kid are home or vice versa. Something just isn't right about swapping and not trying to get out. Poor kid, even going to the grocery store should be a little adventure.

Speaking if grocery store, went to Kroger with the 2 kids, whew! It'll be better soon. I just try to not get embarrassed when my son is causing a major scene. The cashiers were very kind, very very kind. I think I kept some teenagers from considering unprotected sex.

Even though the days are long and so is the week, I find things that bring me joy. I finally mastered Banana Cake.homeshots 009.jpg
I had a good chuckle with a little awe at Life Aquatic the other night. Losing weight slowly but surely. Having happy periods with my son and sleeping with my daughter (She'd sleep through the night if I let her). Having A/C and fans blowing sweet cool air over me as I rest. And my petunia, it continues to bloom.

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May 19, 2005


may 2008.jpg

I wondered when it would happen, and I suppose there is no going back. I was sitting very close to my son yesterday admiring his youthful features and perfect skin, and I noticed the faintest little freckles appearing on his nose. He already has a light brown birth mark/smudge on his back (that I thought for ages was a bruise that just wouldn't go away) and a small mole/freckle on his neck that sprouted recently. may 2009.jpg
These are inevitable. Joel is soooo freckled and I have my share too. Josiah's red-headed status was just waiting to erupt some of these beauties. I'm excited to see what he will look like as a young man. I feel like my brother changed over night from a button-nosed kid to a dark deep voiced man with "the Ward Nose" (which is not big it's just very hereditary). I'm thinking Josiah will surprise me, bit we all know he'll be 5 ft tall by the time he gets to the first grade.

My brother in law is getting married. He's jumping in before his two girl cousins this summer by having a civil ceremony in a couple weeks. It's cool, I have no problems with that. nate n laura.bmp
The girl he's marrying is very cool and she's a welcomed addition. I've always wondered who Nathan would marry, it made me nervous sometimes because you spend all this time getting to know your in-laws and then 6 years later new ones come along that you hope and pray you'll enjoy over major holidays. Laura is just that, very enjoyable, smart smart as can be, a mature woman of God that is in no way intimidating. I hope I can make her feel comfortable as the weathered in-law *wink wink*

I've lost 15 lbs! It helps that I had a baby, and there is absolutely snack food left in our house--ugh. I'm goin' crazy! But I haven't been able to find my normal clothes. Some of them Joel will have to get for me outta the attic. No, I'm in no way fitting into my size 8 jeans, but I need shirts. I'm swimming in my maternity shirts. The pants, well, I'm not so embarrassed about wearing my 2nd trimester pants right now.

Joel's boss is moving to Colorado and the other physical therapist has bought him out! This is good news. Joel gets along much better with this other therapist and looks forward to helping more with business decisions. This is an answer to prayer because Joel has been dragging his feet to work for close to 2 years now because of the lack of encouragement and somewhat belittling attitude of the boss therapist. Their family is very cool, they have lavished us with gifts and been kind at holidays, but the work enviroment was poor. Although Joel has no plan to be an insurance billing guy for the next 20 years, he looks forward to getting his feet wet in marketing strategy, and other stuff at this clinic. Unfortunately, his office will get no larger.

Send some little prayers up for Josiah, he's hitting some big brother issues right now and it's a bit perplexing. Luckily, it's almost always happened when Joel is home. But today he threw the temper tantrum of the century at Lowe's and I was ready to spank him in the middle of the store, something I have a hard time wrapping my head around. It was so dissappointing, I have to be able to have him cooperate while we're out and this is so foreign to all of us right now. He fell asleep in the car which is wierd for 11:45 am, and he's been wanting to go to bed a half hour earlier at night. may 2010.jpg
I have really tried to love on him and give him extra time reading in bed, talking while we're out and almost everywhere we go is for him. It's a season, we love our boy and I know that watching him grow is something I will never tire of.
Pretty Girl:
may 2007.jpg

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May 13, 2005

little sunbather

Little Eden is a tad more orange than the medical profession says she should be. But Joel and I are living with the naive faith that our kids will be healthy 99.9% of the time. That's the way God likes it. Anyway, her little heels are like pin cushions from many pricks and blood samples. We went to the last blood sampling today hopefully. But she needs the sun to get the orange-ness out of her skin in a week or so. Thank goodness she's a May baby that can enjoy the 85 degree days by our kitchen doors.
baby eden 070.jpg

I Love My Fish
baby eden 067.jpg
baby eden 068.jpg

Bad Dream?
baby eden 066.jpg

Big Brother Josiah
baby eden 071.jpg
"My little sister's swing has cool buttons and music. We like to Rock Out!"
baby eden 074.jpg
"This is a cool car that we found on the side of the road near my house. It's my favorite and it can be a convertable!"

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May 12, 2005

Eden the Gnome

baby eden 054.jpg

Joel has officially called Eden a little gnome, probably because of the silly hospital hat. We've been home since Tuesday night. We really didn't want to stay that long, but my bottom is thankful for the time off. Whew! I guess I just thought I'd pop a 7lb baby like a cork and keep trekkin' but alas...my ass. baby eden 055.jpg
My back has also been killing me! I think it's bruised! My tailbone and up to mid back. But some of that is engorgement. Fun fun. I sleep less because of the pain than my baby girl. Joel wants her in the bed with us, and that's fine, but I sleep in pretzel shapes because of nursing lying down plus postpartum pain, and not wanting to roll on her. She slept on my tummy part of last night and that's really nice. Pushing for 5 hours with Josiah gave me puffy racoon eyes, I still have some nice puffiness this time around, but it's more from no sleep. I'm such a putz about sleep, I don't if there is anything else I'd rather do-like blog. baby eden 057.jpg
My mom is here til tommorrow, we'll see what I can do solo, I'm not supposed to drive for a little while. Eden gets weighed today and that always makes me nervous, she's a little peanut wearing Gid's premie clothes! She got down to 7lb 3oz at the hospital and I just want her to gain and not lose anymore. Joel's not nervous at all and I guess I shouldn't be either, she nurses very well. She's nice and sun tanned now, a little jaundice. She has darker hair than Josiah which is more genetically sensible than red hair. She's a pretty pretty girl, but I'm her mama. I know newborns can look all the same.

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May 11, 2005

I had a baby on Mother's Day

baby eden 027.jpg

Eden Berit Knutson was born on May 8th at 6:10pm. She's 7lb 11oz and 19 1/4 inches long. We had an unmedicated labor and delivery that lasted almost 12hours. At about hour 10 1/2 I was only 5cm and was very dicouraged. I got into the shower and with Joel's prayer and help spraying my belly with the hand sprayer I was feeling the unmistakable urge to push push PUSH! But I knew that I had only been 5cm like 20 minutes before. Anyway, after alot of "hehehehe" breathing I got back in the bed and demanded my midwife come and check me. My Japanese labor delivery nurse Lucy didn't seem to believe me. I was holding back the best I could but eventually I cried out,"Susan! Where are you!" They barely had time to get the stuff out and make the area 'sanitary'. What was really cool is they never made me move from the position I was in before I started to push I just did and they accomidated me. Pretty cool Huh? I pushed about 4 times and she was out. Joel wanted to catch her so he quick threw on some gloves and a gown and caught her. Another amazing experience, and I'm still reeling. It was so painful, but it also felt amazing. The huge relief and joy when you feel your baby leave your body. I love being a woman, I got a great mother's day present and I worked hard for it.
baby eden 050.jpgbaby eden 052.jpg
baby eden 058.jpg

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May 8, 2005

no more waiting

Well, sorta. Been having contractions since 6am, it's 9:30am now and I'm at home, waters in tact and contractions are 4min apart 30 seconds long and not changing much. More to come!

Happy mother's day!

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May 7, 2005

Waiting and waiting summore

Yesterday after I woke up from my afternoon nap I was feeling crampy. I just kept going because I thought if I kept it up my contractions would get stronger. And so I cleaned and organized and I walked and busy busied myself. But nothing was so memorable that I was watching the clock. I finally rested until 10:30 and got up and walked around summore. We went to bed and I was a little scared. Strange but true, I wasn't too crazy about going into labor in the middle of the night. Waiting and waiting for pain to start is more terrifying to me than the process. With Josiah I had a few days like this, on and off cramps that were never very memorable, then my water broke and off we went. I would like this to happen again, and chances are it will. I slept poorly last night and woke up in the morning with no evidence of labor happening. Today I was so discouraged. I didn't want to get out of bed but it hurts too much to stay in bed.

Josiah has been being very difficult since my mom has been here. He finally has stopped whining for attention after I had a talk and a spank yesterday. Something about spanking my boy over and over in front of my mom is not easy. Even though we were spanked as kids, I dunno, I just would rather not. I mean, that makes sense, I don't enjoy hitting my kid. But I enjoy even less my son being impossible and not listening to me. But what's worse has been Josiah getting out of bed over ad over at night and opening our door like it's morning. We haven't been consistent in this area. This scenerio is a prime example of being consistent all the time, all the time. Joel and I have both been a little lazy and weak. Especially since Mom's been here to help. All I want to do is keep him in his room, I honestly don't care if he gets out of bed at 5am, as long as he stays put. We lead him back to his room, use stern voices, "No, Josiah, do not get out of bed!! That's bad. Go to sleep." And he gets a spanking. He gives us a grin like,"Hi Mama, good to see you!" Even after I spank him a few times! Original sin, willfulness, whatever. I'm praying that something changes fast.

On the happy side, besides the fact that Josiah is getting better about whining, he now says,"Eden!" and pats my belly. We say,"Where's the baby?" and he lifts up my shirt and kisses it practically smothering himself. And he sings all the time, that's gold.

Mom has kicked it into high gear and it making me curtains!! Hoorah! No more beach towel over my kids window! And my dining room will have lovely navy blue curatins to hang on the curtain rod! It's amazing to me how much curtains cost and they don't even exactly fit your window.

I'm honestly dreading going to church tommorrow and having everyone say,"your still pregnant!!" Yes. I hate it. I want to see my little girl so badly. I want this to be over. So does Joel and my mom.

My dad sent my mom and me pretty flowers today--Thanks Dad. We feel the Luv.

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May 2, 2005

Plus one Mom

Well, no little girl Eden yet and I feel no movement toward labor at this point. Although Friday night I was feeling rather crampy and scared because I wasn't ready to have her this past weekend. But today I am feeling ready. I mean, as much as you can. Joel just got home and he feels like he did pretty well on his finals. Phew! All done. Now my mom is here until the 14th and we will just wait until we have a new little one.

Got a response from our Norwegian family about getting my seven pieces back from Norway and it seems like it's virtually impossible for less than around $500. They need to be taken off the stretchers and then maybe the prices will go down, if not we're thinking of sending some lucky soul to Bergen Norway to pick them up for a cheap price. Any takers?? Must be willing to travel light, as the paintings will be a return trip carry on in a bike box.

I'm diggity dog tired.

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April 19, 2005

Goods and Bads

After spending a relaxing couple of days at my folks house, leaving Joel to work on his heavy load of school work, I come home to feel the responsibility again. But there are always good and bad things to come home to.

Good Things:
Putting up Josiah's big boy bed with cool big boy sheets on it. Driving nice cars (like my in-laws Camry and my dad's Honda CRV). Stacks of little girl clothes to wash and pack in my hospital bag. Peanut M&M's and natural Rootbeer (hey I'm not watching my waistline!) Working on my painting--painting flowers, clouds, negative space in warm reds and oranges. Getting my grass cut. My husband talking to little girl Eden in my tummy. And enjoying my little boy, taking him out and having others enjoy him.
funny face1.jpgfunny face4.jpgfunny face5.jpg

The Bads:
The ligaments around my hips killing me that I hobble rather than waddle anymore. Our plumbing problems increasing. My house smelling like gasoline from our lawnmower leaking badly in the basement. Dishes. Puddles in and under my fridge. My prof's study guide not being PC compatable. Not being successful at potty training my boy. Visiting my parents church, getting there on time and still having to sit in the balcony cuz yet another CC student took my seat while I was taking Jos to the nursery.

Mama's working:

An interesting story. I'm only able to tell it since I have nothing to look over for my test review tonight, seeing that my prof's powerpoint isn't compatable with my PC. I was told that I would have two pieces in the KSU student show: "Quiver and Arrows" and "Attention". When I came to the opening, I didn't see "Attention" anywhere. I left a little more upset than usual because-where the heck was my painting? I mean, they had in the flier that works not claimed would be dealt with however the Department saw fit. ARGH! But I cooled off, I knew I could pick it up with the other piece that made it on the wall after the show was over. Today, while getting my study guide (that doesn't work) I was walking out with Jos in the stroller and there it was, "Attention" leaning up against the wall! I quick took a jaunt to the VA Office and asked who I could talk to about my painting that was in the hallway. I talked to a nice woman who apologized profusely about the mix-up, explaining that the "student run show" was always done last minute. SHe showed me the piece of paper that showed it was accepted. That means the judge like it. She also told me that the school paper wants to print "Quiver and Arrows" in an article and they needed to know my class and concentration. "Junior. Painting" I said. She said,"Yes I thought so, based on the skill level." So I feel a bit redeemed. Maybe someone in the seniors clique got their work on the wall instead of me, but I have my painting, safe and sound, and I'll be driving back up to Chatty to meet with Katie Stout at Hollis and show her more work. My saga ends.

Progress, due on the 28th...
chagall progress 14.jpg
Title: Father of an Absent Son

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April 11, 2005

Lovely Moments

homeshots 141.jpg

With Joel's parents being so far away we all tried to make the most of the visit. One thing that was perfect for this visit was a trip to the Zoo! homeshots 126.jpg
Now say what you will about the Atlanta Zoo, it has it's flaws, but it was a perfect day and great fun for grandparents, parents and toddler alike! And even though E Coli has plagued many a petting zoo goer we went there too. I mean, goats and sheep up close! Yippee! I wasn't sure how my preggie bod would take it, and early on in the visit while we waited for Joel's folks to arrive I was quesioning how difficult this would be. But I opted for drinking less, and peeing less which is not what the books tell you to do, but I was pain free!

I think Josiah is about as young as you should really attempt at the Zoo. When we went last summer it was harder for him to get into it and he talks so much more now. He's experienced many animals since, and loves them! It makes so much more sense over fake plastic entertainment. He loved the elephants and did his arm in face (trunk) impression while he watched them.homeshots 123.jpghomeshots 124.jpg

The tigers gave him a show too. We told him it was a BIG kitty-cat and he sat on Joel's shoulders going "Meow!" I hope none of the great cats were insulted. The flamingos were the first thing he saw and he enjoyed socializing with the other kids as they all hung out by the railing.homeshots 122.jpghomeshots 125.jpg

Josiah has been enjoying birds so much that I'd like to make a birdfeeder to go in our dogwood tree off our deck to keep the pair of cardinals hanging around. We ended our jaunt with the bird show. Josiah had a smile of wonderment as the hawks and owls flew over his head. The Zookeeper had a rat to pet at the end of the show as well and Josiah thought he was neato as well. Definately rewarding entertainment for the little kiddies who aren't bugging you for overpriced ice cream yet but who are old enough to understand the big grey mass in front of them is an elephant.
homeshots 129.jpghomeshots 131.jpghomeshots 133.jpghomeshots 136.jpghomeshots 130.jpghomeshots 135.jpg

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April 5, 2005

Isn't So Bad

Joel made his usual phone call to me at 10:30pm after his class gets out except this time is was to tell me that the Volvo just died. So as I leafed through numbers of tow trucks and foreign car repair places, a couple people came to help Joel and diagnosed it to be the timing belt. That would be nice if it was. I would be more stressed but God has blessed us so much with cars I can't doubt that everything will be OK. It was a bit surreal to lug my 30lb sleepy boy over my 9 month preggie bod, purse in one hand, yellow pages in the other to pick Joel up at 11pm. But it went rather smoothly. By 12:30am we were snug in our beds.

So I am really at home today. No car, no phone (I left it in the car). Jos and I had a quiet morning of exploring. Josiah roamed our backyard and later we took a walk around our circle until my bladder called again. We met another mama with a 3 month old, Qualina. What a pretty thing she was! Josiah bent down and with much glee tickled her feet, "Tickle,tickle!!" Qualina's grandma seemed to enjoy that quite a bit.

This weekend was refreshing. I still feel so blessed that I was able to have a baby shower for little girl Eden. Every present is more than I ever needed. We now have significant pink in our house. It has been hard getting to know people at our church, but I know that they are good people and care so much about our children. It takes time and more time. I'm the next in line, two littlw girls have been boen already. Our pastor gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead (like my dad would) and said,"Now make sure you call when the baby is coming." You know I will, I want those prayer warriors praying away a C-section further and further from my life.

Cat came down to hold my hand through the awkwardness of being the center of attention. It was a short but sweet visit. We talked so much, so much about art! It's a whole new journey it seems, because now we are both working so hard and studying hard about art. We are jumping to the next level. It's exciting to be doing it together. She's so talented, and I need to get my butt up to Chatty to see some of her awesome sewn paper art.

This weekend I have a few things:
1. Dropping off art for the KSU student show. $200 top prize. Any recognition would be nice.
2. Going to Jonesboro again to drop off Josiah with Lola and Grandpa Dale and see their fancy new car, I hear.
3. Going to Statesboro for Arts Fest 05 at Georgia Southern to have a booth and paint before all.
4. Waiting to hear back from the Hollis Gallery who called me a week ago and I'm still on pins and needles to hear back! A show maybe?
Joy and Camille.bmp
Congrats to our friends Jerry and Joy Hoffmann on the birth of their little girl Camille Nanette. 9lbs 3 oz. Good job guys!!

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March 21, 2005

To Relive

We drove an hour and a half through the personal hell of Atlanta traffic to spend some time with Joel's family in Jonesboro. It just gets to me when I realize that the amount of time it takes us to get to the south of Atlanta is the same amount of time it would take us to drive 100 miles up to Chatty. Ugh. Joel just says the whole way,"Why is my family still living down here?" And there is some truth to that. Nobody really has to be there. But family decisions are just that. And you honor, love and dedicate time in hopes that bonds will grow...

We left Josiah with his grandparents from abroad and took an all day childbirthing class refresher. I remember why I like chilbirth classes: I get massaged the whole time!! When they show you natural pain managment techniques you get your husband to rub you down! The achey places that never seem to quite get better get some attention. Hmmmm, nice. We didn't have to go Sunday when they do the labor practice, which was nice cuz by the end of the class Joel was saying,"Let's just go!" I was like," I'm not in a hurry, I'm childless, and getting massaged!" And it's nice to be in a room full of people who want to talk about the things that are always on your mind. I can see Joel's eyes glaze over a bit when I start to talk about pregnancy symptoms or things my body is doing that are just incredible! He is interested so so much in our little girl Eden. He spent time while bending over me massaging my back to lean and talk to her in my belly. Soft enough so I couldn't hear. Sounds like he's planning a mutiny with her!

Joel's mom brought back some sweet gifts for our little family. A cool basket and purse for me, a little dress for Eden, a cool woven hat for Josiah and Eden (with flower pin applied). march-april 092.jpg
A backpack for Jos with a jeepny on it. I stuck it on him with his library books inside and he thought it was pretty cool for about 2 minutes and then complained. march-april 094.jpg
I'm sure it was a tad too heavy for him. We got some more books from Lola Nancy and from Aunt Amy. And some cool wooden bowls that I can't wait to find a use for.

After getting home Saturday night we were wiped! After getting Jeanette's request for a copy of my birth plan I realized this is the incentive I needed to get it done. I can't find my old one anywhere! So back to square one. I finished most of it. It's wild to think about all the things that happened before and plan for a whole new experience. I'm sure this will be so different than Josiah. I'm wondering if I'll be in labor a long long time, or if she will be really small (5 1/2 lbs?) march-april 091.jpg
I wonder if she'll have any problems with distress, or problems after birth. But then I stop and realize that I cannot prevent these things I can just declare with all faith that God loves me and my children and wants us to be an example of His grace and power in our lives. I believe that the authority we have over our children can be utilized when labor is hard. People might not be able to tell you that everything will be alright, but faith can. Faith can make everything alright, because God's power is displayed through that faith. So when these doubts creep into my mind, or if I happen to verbalize them to Joel he says,"No Kate, none of that stuff will happen, everything will be sooo much better than before." And in faith I agree with my whole heart.

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February 7, 2005

Finally a party at our house!

But being the hostess I am, I can't ever take pictures and hostess! So I'll post the shabby ones I have. Andy has a nice one on his site, and I'm sure my Mommy got a few nice ones. My son Josiah had a wonderful time having so many friends over for his birthday. So much fun he could barely sit still to ingest his apple cake. Which the rest of us ingested with much glee. birthday 005.jpg
Kaitlyn Worrel ingested just the tops of about 15 cupcakes. He got a lot of "winner presents" as Joel called them. From Mr. Potato Head to some much needed movies (for those moments I just won't feel guilty about anymore!). My present to my son was a German made wooden xylophone. Colorful and small with great tones.

My dad tried it out a bit and made played a pretty tune (kinda my intention). I'm never going to Toys R Us again. We get our wooden killer toys at Tuesday Morning! It's a hop-skip from Joel's work which makes it nicer!birthday 010.jpg The best part of Josiah's party was that after about 3 minutes or so of coaxing he actually blew his candle out for me, I was right there in front of him to watch the event. If anyone got a picture that'd be great, but this one might just have to be burned on this mama's brain for eternity.
birthday 024.jpg

Here's a rough copy of a movie I made with our new Windows Movie Maker. It's of our ice storm Weekend. Those of you with the speed, enjoy!!
Download file

Here's some recipes of the two cakes I made:
Jewish Apple Cake
A Ward favorite. Used for Katie Ward Knutson when she turned one and at Josiah Knutson's first and second birthday. This cake is great for milk allergy kids--no diary in the cake!

Continue reading "Finally a party at our house!"

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January 31, 2005

The Ice Tree

ice tree.jpg

Have I said how much I love the dogwood outside off of our deck? I probably have at other times of the year. This weekend it was the model for a glorious ice show. Although, I've seen enough ice storms here in the south to not be so impressed by them anymore, I still take pictures dutifully to prove that we do get cold weather. It's usually not white, and this ice is a lot more dangerous than snow. We spent the weekend under house arrest watching are newly installed Basic Cable package. We wouldn't need cable (and I really don't condone it) except we need a better internet and you can't get internet cable without TV cable unless you pay and arm and a leg. Comcast, freakin' dictators of cable TV.
jos in motion1.jpgjos in motion2.jpgjos in motion3.jpgjos in motion4.jpg

The joys of ice storm House Arrest
Since we have come out of the woods in the head cold area it was time for Josiah to relive his stomack flu from a year ago. Which means I've been blogging for about a year! Yes, being trapped inside your house with a sick kid brings activities to mind that you would normally put off. Of course being pregnant has curbed alot of this with just couching and watching movies. Watched the Terminal and Prisoner of Azkaban. Both were satisfying. Something about Harry Potter, it doesn't give me nightmares. Even though some of those characters were freaky!!

My art history class and other recent things I've seen on PBS has brought a serious craving for going back to Europe. There was a brief thing on Norway last night and they showed a good 10 minutes on Bergen. Ahhhh-Bergen! It rains 300 days of the year! Things like trains, narrow roads, greenest green mountains, random sheep, still bodies of water and cobblestone sidewalks... I want to go to Europe! It might take me 5 years but I'll go!
Josiah turns two on Thursday!! My little boy is no longer a baby. He's a skinny kid just like his dad. Of course barfing helps the illusion of ultimate skinny-ness. He's so fun, and I wouldn't rewind for anything, but Joel and I are both ready for our little girl. When Joel dances around the kitchen with Josiah he says, "I need a little girl to dance with." I sit back and think about being a female role-model. Is it twisted that I'm imagining having a teenager already? Eden is starting to make me very uncomfortable. Kicking me all night and rolling around right after I've eaten. Ugh. I'm feeling big and I'm only 25 weeks! We'll have a party for Josiah this Saturday with a small group. The Perkins, The Worrels, hopefully Jadon will be there, his Ward grandparents, and Cat. We invited Aunt Amy, but you know how busy college life can be! I just hope I'm 100% and Josiah is 100% for the party. I feel like I've been battling sickness forever!

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January 24, 2005

The Plague

I am a pretty healthy person. But it's tough when you're stricken with the world's most annoying head-cold and you can't take anything for it. Or don't feel right about taking anything. Normally, I would just lie in bed and do what ever I could to get over it. But I have an 7:45 wake up call: my son Josiah. He's sick as a doggie-dog too and it takes longer for him to get over it. I don't usually take cold medicine because it just prolongs sickness normally. But I have not slept more than 4 hours the past few nights with chest wrenching coughs and a totally plugged up nose. At 4:30 last night I thought, "I have to have a sinus infection..." But no, I'm just exhausted.

A good weekend to be sick though. No plans, lots of couching, and three movies from the mailbox! We watched Garden State and Dodgeball. Very different movies but each had what you needed, I guess. Part of me thought that Garden State would be funny. And it had funny moments. But I enjoyed it. A bit of a let down ending. Lots of psychological stuff throughout and issues and the end it just "Let's make this work!!" Like that's a wrap up, not really, that's the beginning of the trial, right?
Dodgeball was aweful, and perverted. Last weekend we rented Old School from BB with a non-new-release coupon and I laughed my took-ess off! Vince Vaughn's character was so funny as the side guy and not the main character.
My hubby earned extra- super points this weekend as he took Josiah with him on a few errands, one of which was loading a large eBay item we sold to Staples to UPS it. The thing weighed 45 lbs!! Never again. This mama wasn't lifting it! The other super awesome hubby chore was cleaning out the screened in porch so we can use it this spring. screen porch1.jpg I have dreams of hammocks, Japanese lanterns, kids toys, camping chairs. Nursing Eden while Josiah plays with whatever we got out there. The floor is just cement slab, and I would love to paint it and maybe put something fun for the kids on the floor like a train track or shapes and numbers. Maybe the alphabet, or flowers. My mom suggested getting a wading pool for right outside the screen door towards our back yard. Awesome. Since we are in the South insects are a wretched problem come summer. Wasps invaded this porch last summer and although I saw no nests in the actual porch I can't imagine having the gumption to chase them down and destroy them all. I'm not freaked by bugs, it just is another reason to not use your porch, you know? screen porch2.jpg Our house is 1700 square feet. This does not include the full basement, screened in porch, attic and two car garage (that is closed off). We also have a huge backyard. our house.jpg
You might say, "Wow guys!" But it is a bit overwhelming. All that space requires responsibility and after a year of living here we are just now moving the remodeling garbage from the side porch to the basement until we get a truck to haul it to the dump. But what makes me want to work on it is Josiah. As he gets bigger he needs more space to frollick. Gone are the days where I could sit and watch Law and Order re-runs and nurse all day long. It's go go go until 7:30 and then it's toddler melt-down. I want very much to use all our space for the right purpose and as I swept our screened in porch I felt good. Even though I can't breathe out of my nose.

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January 12, 2005

This post was for Wednesday...

I just realized I've been posting like every day this week. Crazy. I guess I just get tired of trying to squeeze all my thoughts and events for a few days into one post. And this way, I get to post more silly information that might make you laugh at me or just remember how simple life is when you're a mama. I use simple loosely here...

So I went to school last night! hehehe. I felt like I was breaking into a secret club of people who actually had time, the program, and the potential to finish a degree! Joel snickered last night as we were in bed,"Six credits a year for 10 years and you'll be done!" My husband is hilarious. Honestly I think Joel is waaay more excited about me going to school than I am. I guess when you're gestating that's always the thing that's in the center of your brain. That's why I hope I can sit through lectures, keep up with reading, and critique with veracity without having "pregnant moments". My prof was kinda a stereotype, which makes school (especially art school) so much fun. She was well dressed and put together but she rabbit trailed with that typical 'high learned, society, aire' her eyes fixed someplace above all of our gaze and a confident laugh that made her charming in a plastic sort of way. I couldn't keep the slight grin off of my face, knowing that this would be a life altering semester for me. Tommorrow I go back to class for a lecture by a collector of French textiles. There is a small show from this collector in the Fine Arts Gallery of KSU and we are to attend, view, critique, and take notes on this exhibit. Sounds amazing don't it. I can't help but laugh. Also this semester we will have 2 to 3 field trips. One to an ATL gallery, and a ATL museum, and possibly another collectors house. Also this semester on KSU campus there will be an installation of three French artists sculpture/performance art. My prof seemed a bit nervous and excited about this seeing as they've never done this before. We also are to go to a French play on campus called 'Roland's song'. Joel was pumped as he skimmed through the flier my prof gave me about KSU events,"This is gonna be so fun!" He looks forward to seeing these things too, "You'd never get this in Chattanooga," Maybe not. God knew just when Eden needed to be born and just when her mama had to go back to school.

I got a bunch of little girl clothes at the thrift store today. Josiah seems to like them. The pretty stripes and funny characters on some. I told him, "I hope you like them just as much when they're on your sister!" I've been roughly sketching a pattern for Eden's wall quilt. Eden rough quilt.jpg It is pretty rough still, all freehand and I didn't have a full set of colored pencils. I also had to share them with Josiah, so I had to use the ones that he wasn't using. Thanks for everyone's comment on Eden's middle name! I must say I like Berit as well. It's just unusual enough. One of our teacher's in Norway-his wife's name was Berit and she was stunningly beautiful!

Here's Josiah's quilt for anyone who hasn't seen it. I want Eden's to be different, but match thematically.bug quilt2.jpg

Oh and my little brother, Kirk Ward, has a blog! Worship in the City. Read about a music director's life at New City in St. Louis. My brother is an amazing person. He has always been so smart, so bright and his intellegence carries into every aspect of his life (as well it should) but to see him working in music with this massive brain of his is very impressive. I guess when you grow up with someone and see them become a mature, fruitful, member of society makes you swell with pride! wards2.jpg
He also married a great woman, Sarah Jean, who is making his life wonderfully complete! I don't always expect to know what he's talking about all the time, but I always learn something from him. It's a great experience.

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January 11, 2005

I haven't been to school since 1999

Tonight is my first class. I went out today to Staples and Target and got myself a notebook and a bookbag. There are some nice notebooks now man! Everything you could possibly want! I got myself a grey, Five-Star Spiral notebook that has a black nylon sleeve over the spiral. It has a pocket in the front with little compartments for index cards and little-er cards. my bag.jpg
It's Sweet! As Nap. Dyn. would say.Maybe I'll draw a Liger tonight as my prof lectures. The thing I'm most nervous about is telling my prof I'm 6 months pregnant. I mean, she can do the math! My due date is over exam week. I hope Eden doesn't some early. I really don't want an Incomplete. I'll probably have a time getting to class too. Parking and walking (eventually waddling) to class, ugh.

One of the things that set off my downward spiral on Saturday was an actually enlightening visit to artist Laura Bowman's house. She lives down the road and she makes pretty art. Very pleasing, sellable art. Not very challenging I must say. And I think she knows it, she told me she'd like to have time to get more creative. She mass produces, she gets giclees, cards, she has a website, a three ring binder with show information from past, present and future shows, another binder for contacts, another that is her portfolio. Does she have a BFA? No, she studied art therapy. Her portfolio consists of something very simple. She takes digital photos of her work, crops them on her photo software and prints them out on photo paper-a full 8 1/2 by 11 sheet. The image is centered small and quaint in the middle. She slips them into clear binder sheets and sticks a label on them with the info: title, media, size, year. Her portfolio is a black 3-ring notebook, no frills. She said when she sends her work to galleries she prints off 10 to 15 pieces and puts them in a nice, paper folder with pockets and mails it. "Galleries want to see your work right away, if they have to pull it up off a CD ROM they put it to the side." This woman had a ga-gillion pieces. The binder was packed. That's probably why I cried, I have very little to show. She lives in a big beautiful house with a new husband and no kids. I like my life better, and I will have more work when I chip away at it hour after hour.

Some fun bits:
Josiah astounds us with his verbage. He now sings alomst all of "Old MacDonald had a Farm". The knees and toes part of "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes." Can resite the last few pages of "Go Dog Go" with me. And the best part is he sings along with Bono during U2's song Vertigo. He comes in at the "Yeah Yeah Yeah!" part. I know one day all his jabbering will be really uncomfortable at points but right now it's all fun!

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December 30, 2004

The Name

Even though I am super excited to have a little girl squirreling around in my belly, I find it hard this time to get as pumped as with Josiah. I'm busier chasing after Jos and being his caretaker 24/7. This is kinda depressing sometimes as I've posted on previous days, but I am always glad for what I have. Very very glad.

One of Joel's co-worker's is the nicest guy, a partner in crime with Joel in several areas. He has 6 year old little boy and he and his wife have been trying to have another one for a while now. They lost a baby back when Josiah was 4 or 5 months old, and she has had surgery on her feminine plumbing parts. She told me at the office Christmas party that they were going to start fertility drugs in February if she wasn't pregnant by then. Well, she's pregnant. She took a test and called her hubby to tell him the good news. I'm happy for them, but with a bit of gall, seeing as her insides are a bit of "a rocky place". I prayed for them after Joel told me, I'd love her dreams for Rachel Elizabeth to come true. Those of you in blogland who have had miscarrages, say a prayer for her.

Joel and I are going to name our daughter Eden. Like the Garden of... We had to ask some friends first to see if it was ok. Joel named Josiah. He read about King Josiah in 2 Kings 23 and prayed that God would give him a sin like King Josiah. Well, soon after we found out we were pregnant. That's an easy way to name a kid! Eden was my choice. I think it is a beautiful, unusual name. It's full of the images of being close to God in a way that no living man has experienced aside from Jesus and Adam and Eve. I guess I am a bit nervous about what some people might think of the name, but whatever.

I went to KSU today to fill out a HOPE scholorship Intent Form. KSU1.jpg
It's different going to college pushing a stroller. You are thankful for handicap accesability. I did find out some bad news. HOPE will only cover 127 credits total. Meaning I have 3 1/2 years of college under my belt and an Associates Degree. I might only have max of 4 courses that HOPE will cover. *Sigh* But I will rejoice for what I have. Joel and I are thankful that our student loans are very small compared to some. And KSU is cheapity-cheap. KSU2.jpg
Josiah and I spent some time in the grass before getting back in the stroller, although Jos loves to climb in and out of his stroller instead of tearing around the huge lawn. Whatever... again!KSU3.jpg

I bought Josiah a potty today! I have the gumption to start to potty train him! Everyday he reaches down the back of his diaper and shows me he's dirty by the poo on the tip of his middle finger. It's started being a fun ritual for him because it means he gets to get up near the big sink and get his hands washed. That's my next purchase, a step stool for Jos. kermit1.jpg
Outside Babies R US is a Kermit car and Josiah enjoyed it even though no quarter was used. After a while I removed him so another little girl could play (and it was lunch time) and he wailed like the world was ending. But the daddy who was telling his girl to wait her turn didn't seem to be phased as we all know what these meltdowns are.

A note of World interest. Joel's folks are in Manilla Phillipines and have been kept safe from the wreckage of the tsunami. Praise God. I wonder though what might come to them because of this catastrophe. It's amazing what the ocean can do. Hurricanes and Tsunamis. We know our God is bigger than these and may those still alive be protected from further harm and come to know him.

Headed up to Chattanooga for New Year's vaca...

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October 20, 2004


I went to my first Midwife appointment today. I was nervous, I don't know why. I guess it's never relaxing to put your feet up in stirrups. For all of you that contributed to my survey thanks, I should check the results again. I chose to go with the huge practice with nice midmives that deliver at Kennestone. The lesser of three evils. Second time around I realize I have to be even less selfish than the first time. I can't force my family to knowingly drive across the huge metropolis of Atlanta to see me and the new baby just so I can have a recommended midwife. Poor Josiah, my poor parents, in-laws, friends! I can't chose to do that to them. Especially Josiah.

I met the third of 8 midwives today. Her name is Rhonda. She was very cool and reassured me with her demeaner that I made the right decision. When she asked what my son's name was she knew exactly who King Josiah was in the Old Testament. She quoted the whole story. Even down to the tearing of clothes. She's a Southern Baptist and she was such a blessing to have today. Thank you Lord.

I guess since I haven't been feeling wretched (sorry Lynn) I was wondering if something was wrong. So I had Joel come with me today. I plan to have other visits with the Lovely Erin or possibly Carrie Fergeson. Poor guy, he might have some heat at work for this. The first visit is always longer and since they wanted to do an early glucose test it took and hour longer than normal first visits should be. But it was worth it to hear the swoosh-swoosh-swoosh of our new little one's heart. I was worried I wouldn't get that today. That the little bun would be hiding. In a week or so I get a routine ultrasound and this time I can bring a video!

I still am weary of what to do with Josiah, and my sitter's schedules. I need more flexibility. Poor little boy can't have fun in the waiting room! I am not a needy person, I refuse to ask for help and I have two people ready and willing and I still shower them with thank you's the whole time there here. I believe God will bring ease, somehow. I know it's all me.

We had dinner with Oma, Papa and Amy last night. Took us an hour and a half to get to the house! Ugh, but it's worth it, Oma is a killer cook! with the kids.jpg
It was such fun to here Amy's college stories and it gave me a new affection for Joel, who I met when I was Amy's age.amy at wedding.jpg
Wow. She's going to Kilter with a guy from Catacombs. Maybe Amy will carry on the Knutson Catacombs legacy. hehe. Little Rebel.

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September 27, 2004

Red feels good

I just put a second coat on a new canvas to create a deep, deep red. Maybe it's autumn but I am just loving red. This is not unusual, I use up my red way before my white, black, yellow or blue. It's deep without mixing, it's warm, it's violent, it's pure, it's passionate. There are alot of reasons to use red. Maybe that's why I like to sit at Kelly's blog a little longer-it's red.
These days I have to do what feels good sometimes. When you're early pregnant you have to not be a slave to your ritual and do what you can to not feel awful. I have to say here that I am blessed with a fraction of what could be pregnancy awful, I'm doin' alright. But things that I used to love (i.e. dark chocolate and homemade pizza) seem really gross right now. But I am fighting the urge to pull into any fast food restaurant at any time of day to get some deep fried carbs. I do give in to my whole milk latte beverage everyday-yummm. It's just kinda wierd for me cuz somedays I don't feel pregnant at all and then today it takes me an hour to eat my bowl of Cheerios.

I spent this weekend enjoying having my husband back briefly. He's finshed the first two intro classes for his MBA, and he will start a new one this Thursday. He called me today at work because he's been wringing his hands about his MVC-031S.JPG
Management class grade. His teacher was a bit of a ball breaker and Joel had some cold sweats over it. I love Joel, he's so humble. He called to say he got a 93 in his Management class. Yeah! I then reminded him that he won't be the slacker he was in college. That the Lord has smiled on him and wants him to suceed. I said that I knew he would do well and even if he had tough teachers he would not experience what he did with a "certain teacher" for his undergrad. Joel does not believe he is a leader, but God keeps putting him in those places because He trusts Joel. Joel's grade was a peer review. The majority of his grade was decided by the group he worked with. Joel said that he didn't get the grade because he did tons of work. I said that I knew that and that he got the grade because he was friendly and trusting of his fellow group members. He cared about them and included them as much as possible in his thoughts about things. His group gave him grades that were off the charts. God loves Joel and so do I!

Continue reading "Red feels good"

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September 17, 2004

Beth Ward strikes back!

mom kate kirk on couch.jpg I guess a few posts back I mentioned I didn't come from an overly "snuggly" family. fam on couch.jpgWithin a few days my pop sent me an email that said "your mother is compiling pictures of you guys snuggling, sorry we didn't keep it up as you guys got older..." and then in the mail the other day my mom sent me these photos.kate and mom sleepin.jpg

I of course was sent on a trip down memory lane, and shuffled through them over and over again. So here is a public retraction of my statement, because obviously we snuggled. kirk and kate 1980.jpgWe had to! We had a small house, one bathroom, and my brother and I shared a room until I was 11-12 years old. I think this is more fun.reading in bed.jpg
I guess the important word I use is "overly". We hug now, we tell each other we love each other, we stay in touch a lot. We enjoy each others company so much! Now that my brother is further away (and married to a girl who is very family oriented) he contacts me more and it's great!
I know a few people that are real physical people. They snuggle on the couch with their adult friends. There is nothing wrong with this. There are very few people I do this with.
So here's to snuggling!
smile for barb.jpg

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August 10, 2004


It seems one of the unpleasantries of Sunday's is we talk about money. Praise God we haven't had to plop down big bucks for anything this month so our Visa bill isn't in the stratosphere. One thing we did was call AOL and tell them we want to cancel our account. The sneaky thing about that is that the Customer Service rep always offers you a month free! We have another AOL account with Joel's family but it's been nice not to have to share. You just have to remember to call when yer free month is up. Also I will be moving this blog to Atlblogs. It's free. And even though there are some nice perks to Typepad, free is the best perk of all. These two changes will save us 30 bucks a month!

The most unpleasant of unpleasantries on Sunday was going to Buffalo Southwestern Cafe. Joel scored these coupon books that have sent us on many a search for the restaurants these coupons belong to. So far, the coupons we've used for places we had never been have been crappy. The fast food, Moe's, and baldino's are the best so far. We were just going to go to IHOP but we changed our minds and went to Buffalo's. We waited for-ever! Joel was ready to spit nails. Former waiters tend to be over critical I've noticed. The place was dirty, the food was thrown together and not that great and they didn't take our coupon! ugh! I'm realizing as much as going out to eat is a luxury it's not worth the money. I'd rather get nice organic food and prepare it.

Speaking of good food! Since it's Tuesday and it's the third week in a row that I haven't posted a recipe, I'll send you to this cool blog: Hungry Tiger. I was very excited to find it.

I'm getting my car back tonight, Joe's mom took it to Florida to see Nathan and she sounded pooped on the phone. We'll go down to see her tonight and Joel's Aunt Charlotte and cousin Laurel. Free Oma prepared meal. good eats!!
splishWhat does Josiah's shirt say? Jongen, Dutch for boy.

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August 3, 2004


Let me give you guys a quick summary of what we did in Hilton Head. We left Friday night and stayed in Jonesboro to leave Saturday afternoon. We hooked our bikes to the back with our Yakima Little Joe and due to some strap confusion they fell off, twice, on 75 south. The only damage they sustained was a busted tire on Joel's Cannondale. Then, because we were sitting around waiting and finally loading the bikes into the Volvo, the Camry's battery died. But dad-gummit we were going to the beach!

Our little family got the master suite, Nancy and Oma got the second bedroom, and Amy (the new college freshman) got the couch. Sorry Amy, no more privacy, for four more years. Most of the week we spent the morning either riding bikes to the beach then on the beach, swimming in the pool, and one day we went to the ocean to swim.PR06092126916 We made dinner every night. Grilling PR06092126921yummy things like homemade burgers, steaks and pork chops. Evenings were reserved for more swimming, more bike riding, and Joel and I went to see Spiderman 2 with Amy and Bourne Supremacy by ourselves.

Some fun bits:
1. The free wine and cheese event!
2. watching fireworks
3. Josiah learning to say "Lola" and "bunny" while we were there.
4. totally breaking all my diet rules (I can't say I've gotten back to them yet)
5. finding sand dollars

Joel's uncle's family were there, all 7 of their kids plus extra cousins and other grandparents. I'd like to say we spent time with them and caught up on what was going on in their lives but it didn't happen. Not a surprise. All and all we had a good time. But the five hours to Hilton Head and back home seemed way too long!

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August 2, 2004

Back to Work

I called Joel today to confirm some stuff and he sounded swamped. Poor guy. But I guess I have more on my plate today too. But I finished my long list of things to do and I'm blogging a bit and letting josiah watch Baby Neptune once, just once. Get off my back Woodshed Lady!! He's pretty happy, I'll feed him soon.

I'll write a bit about Hilton Head next time I have a Josiah free moment.
Here's Jos' latest Masterpiece, I call it the Butterfly Effect.jos_butterfly

cat collier has a new blog, check it out. You can comment now, yeah! Also I found a cool blog today via Typepad. Alan deserves an audience, I think.

Quick List of things on my plate:
1. get prototypes of my line of jewelry finished
2. Take photos of various items I make: purses, mobiles, origami booties.
3. Finish landscape painting
4. paint kitchen ceiling
5. get kitchen backsplash ready to tile

Those last two are whoppers.

Things I'm lovin' right now:
1. The Silver Comet Trail-tried it last night, so nice
2. I chopped my hair off-ahhh, summer without torture
3. The cool wooden block stamps Lynn got me :)
4. 92.9 DaveFM here in the ATL, finally good rock music!

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August 1, 2004


We return, tired and baked. I rarely get this tan. And many of you will miss the window of bronziness i have accomplished. It's not like I'm a sun-goddess, I just loved being outside. Riding the bikes on the beach. Swimming in the pool with my hubby and my boy. Drying off by baking my skin brown. Reading 1000 patterns until my eyeballs hurt. I'm sure I'm not the brownest. But katie don't get brown often! I'll post a photo album by monday I'm sure, but until then here's a snapity-snap.
Happy Splashy Family! Joel, Josiah, Amy, Lola Nancy, and Oma in the corner. Hilton Head 2004. Crookedness by Katie.

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July 22, 2004

Already on Vacation

Oh yes, I can feel it now! Fresh ocean breeze! And the anticipation of getting on my newly fixed bike and riding around Hilton Head with Josiah on the back! What fun! I guess there will be down sides to the trip but I haven't tried to think of those yet. So I'm already gone, already on vacation. The crappy part is doing the little things in between.

I have come to a peace about the painting shown in the previous post. It is now a little greener (I wanted it to be green) and poly-ed. I hung it on a random wall, and now I'm realizing how much I don't just want to look at my artwork. I should trade stuff. So folks! What have ya got to trade! You can see all alot of my work in the Early Work photo album. And much of my other work has been posted already in this blog. I accept 2D or 3D stuff, quilts, pottery, photography, sketches, anything with a bottle opener on it (eh, Molly?) But you gotta be fair, and you gotta be willing! I'm tired of paying with cash, let my payment be the work of my hands! Amen! And I will happily, trade jewelry.

Last night we went to little Madi Caudle's first birthday. I can't believe how small she was when she was born. 4 lbs I think! whew! I made her a mobile of origami puff boxes made of Josiahs finger paintings, and left over paper flowers from Kirk and Sarah's wedding. I should have got a picture. ugh. But we ate carrot cake that looked like a watermelon. Madi got half to devour all by herself. Josiah and Judah ate enough grapes to change the consistency of their bowels 100% and therefore stunk up the whole room. ugh. The minus of cloth diapers, you have to take the stink home with you.
I did another mystery shop yesterday. It's kinda fun pretending to need an apartment but really your just there to sneak-a-peek-a-loo. The leasing agent was a beautiful woman from Trinidad. She had been to Spain, Sweden and Costa Rica. She was so envious that I was married to a Norwegian. The whole time she kept telling me she wanted another Swedish man, "Oh, they are just so beautiful! Tall and blond! Can you imagine children with my skin and his eyes! Oh man!!" I felt like this strange interaction should have gone in my report but she actually was really good at her job, so I tabled it. Josiah got a BIG red balloon from her, that was payment enough to see him so happy.
I'm working on a small catalogue of jewelry. My first item in the Double stranded word necklace. I made about 5 so I'd have a good pick of which one to photograph. My second idea is a necklace made of map beads. MVC-052SI've cut up a map (Austria I think) and glued strips around the middles, did a quick once over with some silver paint for a shimmer and poly-ed them. They are so pretty! I haven't had time to breathe let alone sit and make a necklace of them. That's what I want a whole necklace of Austria.

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May 30, 2004

Dooties Part II

We've had a couple red letter days here at the Knut's house. First of all Josiah got his first haircut yesterday. I felt so bad with us not having any AC, his poor sweaty hair stuck to his face. I know how I feel this time of year, I never wear my hair down. Never. I'll post a picture of him in his new shorn state soon, I haven't had a very good photo op. No, I didn't cry. I think he looks so hansome now. His blond curls are gone, which is sad but I'll get used to it. He's not a baby anymore.

And with that, this morning I went to get Josiah from his crib. To my horror everything was covered in poop. Everything. He had pulled his diaper off and was standing at his crib kinda wimpering. I was grossed out for a split second then I shifted into mommy mode and stripped him of his nightshirt. I told Joel to fill the tub. We plopped him in and he wasn't happy. Thankfully he didn't have much on his face or in his mouth. I've heard worse stories than this. Joel was a good daddy. He went into Jos' room and stripped the crib of all it's linens. He wiped down all the bars of the crib. When Josiah was happily fed in his highchair squishing bananas, I went up to disinfect the crib, and the mattress. Loads and loads of poopie laundry. From now on I will pin his diaper at night.

I think I have finished the Ruth project. MVC-125SI've posted a detail but I'll wait to post the whole thing until I'm sure it's done. I've created a reflective, mirror/window look with white masking and caulk. MVC-127SI've included raised images and text from Grampy Perkins journaling and artwork. Joel was in the garage with me as I was working and commented how he doesn't like how I cover up all the colors. I take his opinion to heart because he's my best critic. He loves me, loves my work and tells me the truth. But just because of all those things doesn't mean I'll change stuff. Layers are important.

Shouts to Sp. Chaos members! Check this out.

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May 19, 2004

New Eyes for the next chapter

Travelling without our little boy was a bit reminiscent of past trips but it was different. Like we had entered a different phase of life and even though we take out the most influential part of the equation: Josiah. I still felt there was no going back. Refreshing it was, but that youthful abandon was hard to recapture. I'm rusty I think- I forced myself out the door at 10pm to go out. But I've always been this way, now I just have an excuse. For the love of Joel, I step out again and again...

Joel and I had a wonderful trip to St. Augustine FL for an anniversary trip. We overcame some amazing obstacles. One of which was our original plans were drastically changed by the fact that the woman we were renting from SOLD her condo to a blood-sucking real estate agency called Persidio Realty. NEVER RENT FROM THEM!! ok I'm done.
Some highlights from our trip:
1. A virtually sunburn free Saturday on the beach.
2. A yummy plate of stuffed shrimp at the Cracker House
3. We saw two movies!! TWO!! Neither very memorable...
4. A nice stroll around the city-pretty houses. Including THE oldest house in the US!
5. More yummy fish at Harry's
6. Whisky and Coke

It was great to leave Josiah with my parents they had a wonderful weekend with him, playing and playing and playing some more! We missed Josiah but it just made me look forward to our Hilton Head trip in July with Josiah's other grandma (Lola) and his aunt Aunt Amy (going to Covenant) and his great grandma (Oma). We'll have more free time when Josiah can play with his other relatives! It will be fun for all!

I must say that yesterday I was a bit rusty getting back into the whole mommy routine, but I was happy to see him, happy to be with him. I think he was spoiled by all the attention his grandparents gave him.

Last night Cat made it in to spend the night before flying to Hawaii to be with her boy Jason. Sporting a sweet new hair cut and hair color! I am so happy for her! What a great trip! She will see so many wonderful things!! Have a great trip Ms.Cat!!

I'm juggling ebayin' (made 200 bucks!) and trying to work through the difficulty of a memorial portrait. I've started over and I'm going to make it much simpler than it was.

My son the photographer!!

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May 14, 2004

5 years

tentHappy Anniversary to US! Joel and Katie 5 years of married bliss!
Here's some photos of the glorious day in 99!
We're going to Florida for a long weekend so no posts til Tuesday. Say a little prayer for Josiah and my parents left here to do without us (they'll have a blast!!). And thanks to all who made our wedding a beautiful day! Congrats also to the Greens, the Monohans, and both Kirbys who were also married within that 12 month period! 5 years !! (and the Perkins have 4).

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May 9, 2004

The Family Unit

This week and weekend was all about the family. We spent alot of time together. Which is nice since next weekend Joel and I will be leaving our little boy with my parents for an anniversary get away in Florida.

This week:
Tuesday-helped moved the Perkins to NY. It was amusing watching Joel and Andy hitch the tow thingy to the rental truck. Lynn and I stood back and giggled.
Wednesday-the neighborhood boys came over and terrorized my afternoon. Whew! I'm glad I only have one right now.
Thursday-Day of Prayer, final Friends. I didn't really get involved in either one.
Friday-I baked and shaked it all day long and at the end, had no one to share it with. Good thing I have a freezer.
Saturday-We went to Laurel Park and Josiah didn't really enjoy the playground or the geese as much as the wood chips and the benches. hole1hole2hole3McFlurries sent the heat of the day away for a bit. We picked up our car from the Perkins abandoned house and I took 75 and got home quick. Joel took 20 and was home in an hour!! I win.

Happy Mom's Day!!
I love being a mom!! I love going to Kroger with Josiah and sticking a Chiquita sticker on his nose. I love that he tears around the house going "BAWL, BAAWL" I love being a mom! Joel made me breakfast, I got a flower to wear at church, and I had Chinese food for lunch.

Here's my mom:momShe's awesome. She's taking care of her parents now, very stressful. She's been super supportive of all the stuff in me and my brother's lives. She does anything she can for us to this day and loves spending time with us. She's a great friend. That's my sappy ending

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April 27, 2004


This weekend was a joyful time. My brother got married on Saturday to a wonderful woman. Her name is Sarah. They make a great couple and they are just beautiful together.

Thursday we went up to Chattanooga and Joel helped create a memorable Bachellor party. Full of Simpson's trivia and eating gross stuff. I spent the evening getting to know Sarah's sisters and mom better and eating yummy chicken! Sarah's sister Rennie has a two year old and Josiah and Lauren had fun playing together.

Friday we had an exhausting day of boredom and decorating. Joel stayed at the Monahan's house with a sleeping baby and no company. I had the lovely experience of trying to decorate with hardly any supplies. Oh, Well, everyone else was happy.

Saturday we had a wedding at 1:30. It's the only wedding I've been in that wasn't mine. Kirk cried. I cried. we all cried. Sarah was beautiful and I'm sure I'll have pictures soon, but not today! Josiah slept on Cat's chest the whole time, poor kid was so tuckered out. By the time the reception came around Joel was grumpy, Josiah was tired and I was ready to go home. But we had fun. Saturday night we were home.

Sunday Nathan, Joel's brother came to visit and brought us some fun presents. nate_and_joelHe brought Josiah a Duckie duckieand we got a great new board game called Puerto Rico. It was fun! We played it with the Perkins last night. It was great to visit and here what was up in his life. He's going into neo-natalogy. I had to go do my volunteer hours at the Kennesaw Community house where my artwork was hanging. I got to meet some cool women that have been part of the NCAL for a while. I got to hear where they're from and what they do, that was inspiring. It made me want to start a new project. Which will be a commissioned piece for Grandpa William Perkins!! I got a name for a place to get slides done! Hoorah!
Today I had Jenny come over to see our new living room which has furniture in it!!
LR It needs more stuff but we have to wait, I think, for things like a rug, a entertainment cabinet, a good set of dining chairs, a futon. And the list continues.

Some happy visuals:
1) When I was unpacking from the weekend I noticed that our irises where blooming!! White tall irises!

2) Here's a very Andy Montgomery photo of my paper wedding flowers that I am continuing to make until I can't make no more!tray_o_flowers

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April 5, 2004

To Glory

To anyone who has heard me tell the saga of my family in Chattanooga and what they have taken on, that being three elders: My mother's parents and my mothers aunt, my great Aunt Phyllis has passed away. For the past two years they have been in swift decline and this morning after only about a month or two in a nursing home she died. She was a great woman dedicated to the Lord. She spent years in Appalacian Kentucky taking care of the people there who were living in squaller, uneducated, malnurished, and trapped (when the creek flooded). She was single her whole life, she moved in with my grand parents about 20 years ago and it has been three together ever since. She was artistic, painted like mad. And recently when she was still a bit with us she looked at my first painting ever (it hangs in my parents dining room) and said, "you know, I should have used more paint". Well, Aunt Phyllis, I'm using enough for both of us now. Her pain and suffering is over. She has been waiting a long time to go. Ninety-four years. I can't say I appreciated her all the time, she got in my business when I didn't want her there. But I am thankful for her and now I think of my grandmother, her sister, and know that she must feel lonely being the last one left. She's buried her parents and her sister. It makes me love today, that I have everyone with me and the ones that have passed on are better off where they are.


On a much lighter note, this photo is for my friend Jenny G. When our husbands took off for the AT a little while ago they returned with pictures of course. One picture echoed one from the past that I just have to post for Jenny's sake. It's almost identical to the one recently taken on the AT trip. It's Joel about 7 years ago! Holy Cow I'm old! It's him and his friend Darren "the birdy" Hawk during a hitchhiking adventure. They must have taken it because they were finally clean shaven! Ha! Enjoy!


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March 15, 2004

That Feeling

About three o'clock yesterday Joel came home from the AT. I scooped Josiah up in my arms and we met Joel on the steps. I thought "Oh, Joel will love to see his boy, he'll be so excited!" And he was, but I also felt from Joel that he was so glad to see me. I felt that feeling of relief. Like, "I'm so glad to back with you." We have felt that many times before we were married when he'd be gone for months in far away places. This was a few days and we felt the same. We're such a 'function' focused couple. Let's do what works best for the family. When we don't decide that way and make a decision that stretches us we come back together with great joy. It was even hard for him to go to work this morning. We both were like, "Let's keep the family together today" We ditched VSN last night for the same reason. Family time. It's something that happened often in my family because Dad left so much, when he was home we spent time together. I feel that way now, Dad works so much that when we're together we feel that joy in reuniting. And now Josiah is part of that joy, a symbol too of that joy.

Weekend in Chattanooga

Here's some highlights.
1. I got an African Violet from my very green thumbed Grandmother.
2. Got to see Juden Blaze Green and Jane Elizabeth Monahan.
3. Went shopping minus baby and got two pairs of shoes! One for pleasure and one for my brother Kirk's wedding.
4. Got to see Kirk and Sarah's WAY cute house!
5. Got to hang out with Cat and cruise around downtown.
6. Got to go to the Northshore Grill. Don't get the steak, get fish
7. I was inspired by the artwork at the Hollis Gallery that also has work at the Northshore Grill. MUST WORK MUST WORK MUST WORK.
8. Saw some other friends: Miss Carrie, Philip and Katie Huffine, Susan Green, Shan Alexander, and Sharon Moore (I will soon post the books we are reading from Sharon)

Image: Kirk and Sarah's Craftsman Door

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