July 14, 2009

Altogether Lovely

Altogether Lovely, originally uploaded by katiek2.

In another attempt to define my love for the imagery in Song of Soloman I've created this gazelle. This piece will be for Art.a.ma.jig this Thursday. It's a fun event, and I hope this one brings in some cash for Arts and Ed and for me. I do plan on working on more images from S of S for Clothesline. There are so many beautiful things I have in mind, I just hope I can work often enough to achieve what I'm looking for. If I don't practice enough everything seems hard. These next few weeks are full of little adventures and projects. I look forward to getting away to the beach real soon, and bringing some doable projects. After all, I'm sure I'll be in good company. Sarah always has a project up her sleeve!
More gazelle's, doves, figs, in the future!

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June 23, 2009

Beloved Beauties

wip bbeauties.JPG
I might need to stare at this some more tomorrow to figure out what I want to change. Maybe add some white back in. Ugh, I hate when I get carried away. But I'm feeling alright about it, I have more to work on with this theme.

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June 11, 2009

Big Ole Girl

nude step2.JPG
There are some things I love about this progress and some things that still make me go -ick- but that's part of the process. Proportions must get worked out still. I always find it amusing when I do a figure how I can add or take away pounds with the mere application of paint. What's that Big Pregnant Mama? You don't like your thighs? I can help you out, but it'll be forever! You'll be immortalized in paint on canvas! Anyway, it's a rush to paint this big girl. And the colors are so intoxicating. I do need to clean my pallete and brush off more often. Her face gets a bit grey and overworked. I had to get the values down first and then I can go back and put colors down that make the mood work better. If I can keep myself from just working on the figure all the time I will get to the background. I'm going to cut a form out to create a pattern, like wallpaper almost, on the background. I also want to paint curtains perhaps and a chair. Plants of course are already popping up, and details of what kind of plants will have to be decided. I wish I could spend every morning working on her, but instead I have to will my tired legs and blurry eyes to stand and work for a few hours at night until my husband starts turning off lights and goes to bed. I listen for when his toothbrush turns off then I know. Work day is over, until the babe wakes me at 3am.

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June 7, 2009

Little by little


Here are my two smaller projects. The ArtHouse Canvas Project. I have five little bitty canvases that I must paint something having to do with a single word. The first one I did was foam. It's a sea-foam thing. It's fun to work so small, this took me one hour.

My second piece is a watercolor of Eden fitting in with my Song of Soloman theme. I finally had time over VBS week to find the best gazelle images and draw them in. I look forward to amping up the darks and inking some stuff in.

These are the things I'm working on little by little waiting for the rest of my paint to get here from Dick Blick so I can tackle the big pregnant nude!!

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May 27, 2009

The Surface


This comission is one big bad boy. I am excited and exhausted thinking about this thing. I can't wait to emblazen the surface with a sketch of the pregant nude. But first, I had to break up that blank. white. surface.



canvas6 (2).JPG

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May 23, 2009


Here's a sweet picture of Eden B at her Pre-K program. She was in rare form as she stood up front and did ALL the motions and sang ALL the words! I was wondering if she would just be a shy little flower, but she got into it and had so much fun.

eden drawing.jpg

Here's a drawing I'm working on of Eden. I want to continue my Song of Songs theme with this one and put an animal with her like a dove, gazelle, something like that. Eden tends to be my most willing model. Josiah doesn't hold still much these days and Tessa needs some more stability to be poseable. I will enjoy watercoloring this one and beefing it up with ink.

But on the most immediate horizon is the comission that I have hanging around. My friend Bruce from church built me the required size stretchers, and now I have to stretch the canvas over top. Whew! That'll be a work out! But I'm excited about recreating the painting Domestica. I've been browsing through images of the original painting in progress and I think the process will be so much fun to revisit. My client told me that I could make some changes, it doesn't have to be exactly the same, she just enjoys the feeling of the painting. Here's the stretchers hanging out on my easel ready to be dressed.
big ole.jpg

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April 26, 2009

Catch the Foxes

catch the foxes.jpg
This is a bamboo plate I made for CreateHere's Zero Sum show. I'm not sure I'm super hot on it. But getting back into art making is not easy, and any inspiration is coming but the brain and fingers are somewhat out of practice. I do love a few things about this one. I loved researching the laughing dove, and seeing that it is more colorful than the mourning doves we have here. I loved painting foxes! I can't wait to do them again.

In other news, Josiah sang with the 3rd graders and the other Kindergarten classes at Battles Art Night. It was cool to hear all the kids voices. They sang What a Wonderful World. My boy has a beautiful voice.

Josiah made a newspaper hat in art class and painted it pink. I really don't know why except recently, to get under Eden's skin, he claims his favorite color is pink. But when he came charging out of the school holding this pink hat he gave it straight to Eden. She loves it, she's been wearing it every day. It's been good to have these warm days to keep her from burning.

Then there's Tessa, my lean green bean. She's teething I believe. Yesterday afternoon the only thing that would soothe her was to chomp on her Papa's thumb for a good 30 minutes. Much drool, no teeth erupting yet. Josiah had his two bottom teeth by 5 months. I'm ready for the shreaking to be over. At least for a little while.

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April 22, 2009


I posted these pictures last night because I just couldn't go another day without getting something on this ole blog. It's really difficult to blog these days! Not that I don't have thoughts to get down and memories to capture, I just physically don't have the minutes. In fact I might be sacrificing a peaceful shower time in order to blog right now. Tessa is teething, yep, no fun. She's not in the terrible throws of it, but it's definately making nap times and middle of the nights a blast!!
Josiah's year of Kindergarten is coming to an end. I can't believe it! I want him to be in Kindergarten just a little bit longer. I am a little scared about this summer. We can't afford summer camps and there's only so much VBS one kid can take. I've got to get creative. I really really am thinking about doing an art camp. I might ask my boss if we can use the school facilities. That'd be in East Brainard though. But I feel like I'm going to have to make a schedule for what days are what this summer. Monday: grocery store, Tuesday: playground, Wednesday: playdate or other errands, Thursday: long walk or hike Friday: home activity or pool. I dunno, I haven't thought thru it, but if I don't I'm screwed! What do you do with your school age ones?
Every night when I put Tessa down to bed I read my Bible while I'm nursing her. This is highly unusual to my shame. I have never been a "quiet time" sorta person, but reading the Bible is one of the few things I can still do while I'm nursing a squirmy tired 4 month old. I was tapped out, I had no inkling of what I wanted to start reading, nothing leading me to a certain book. Joel had been reading the 2nd chapter of Song of Songs over and over a little while ago. And it was just as the mourning doves were starting to appear. Not much other wildlife in our 'hood, unless you count the happy untrained pitbulls that escape from their trappings every once and a while. So without any real direction I just started to read. Letting my brain sort the "Lover" and "Beloved" role in whatever way worked. Then I was struck by how much incredible imagery is in this book! I mean there are doves all over the place: cooing of doves, doves for eyes, etc. Gazelles, cedars, goats, foxes, sheep, I mean what a visual surplus! So I'm working with it. I'm not sure if the things I'm knocking out right now will be a sucess, but I haven't had an inspiration for much in a while and I'm excited to do some ink-watercolor-washlike paintings with animals. I'd like to keep it my own and not drift too far into a Patricia DeLeon Alfonso style. Even though I love her work!
I am procrastinating the start of a large commission. Mostly because I'm not sure if I want to ship it on or off stretchers. But it will pay and I'm so thankful, so grateful for how God constantly reminds me that I'm doing the right thing. And that He has given me so much. I am tardy in giving back. Time to dig deep.

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April 9, 2009



"Arise my darling, my beautiful one, and come with me. See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. The fig tree forms it's early fruit; the blossoming vines spread thier fragrance. Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me." Song of Songs 2:10b-13

Something about doves has touched our family these past weeks. Joel has been reading Song of Songs and this verse has been one that he has been analyzing pretty consistantly. I told him that we had doves hanging out at our place trying to make a nest. They can't because our house is too new and the slick exterior paint doesn't lend itself to a good twig mounting space. But on days that are crummy I will park in the one spot behind the old Union Gospel Mission before picking Josiah up from school. There are broken window panes that are boarded in from the inside. There is just enough space for a dove or two to nest in the crevice. It's been a welcomed sight to see the urban mourning dove staring back at me. When Joel told our small group about what he was reading and how doves have been showing up around us about the same time my friend Missy said, "You should paint those doves!" I didn't think much of it, I've painted alot of birds and I haven't felt much inspiration for a certain subject. But these birds are pretty in a urban-mutt sort of way. I like to see the signs of spring sprouting around me even if it's trees that are planted in the median, or growing through the side walk. I need reminders of God's love and desire for my heart. The fat dove nested in the broken window pane just stared back at me but it had the quality of a dingy mirror. I don't quite know what I'm seeing, but I know I recognize it. I want to see better. I want the fog to lift completely.

And in that spirit of celebration, the commission of a very large piece has just been confirmed. A pregnant nude for a doola/midwife in the Chicago area. Moola is in the paypal account and research and building begins to start this piece as soon as possible.

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March 18, 2009


I'm working again, here's a sneak peek.

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January 12, 2009

Pan Out

Domestica, originally uploaded by katiek2.

As a visual artist you have to learn quickly the difference between serious clientelle and admirers. I love both. I know that there are many folks I can't afford to support but I'm proud of them and enjoy whatever piece of their craft I can. Whether that's getting free appetizers made by Daniel and his crew at St John's, admiring friends artwork at various festivals (including the Clothesline Show), listening/viewing a friends recent musical endevour, or geeking over a well done website, I love to tell fellow artisans that their work is admirable. But sometimes, especially when we're all feeling a bit of the fear of economic slump, it's just no fun to get your hopes built up by a possible patron just to be let down, again. This does not happen often. Don't think, "Oh no, Katie's examining everything I say when I comment on her work". Again, I love that ANY of you bless me with a comment either here or in person at a show. What I mean is I'll get random internet requests that have a specific desire. I used to get all jazzed and try and accomodate all those desires, now I just wait and see if they'll pan out.
One person wanted a print for a certain price. I said I'd see if I could get the painting printed for that price since she saw that my fellow artists "had prints around that price". Ugh, I tried and failed. It wasn't worth the effort. The patron wasn't going to pay very much for the finished product, and time+energy is money. I would not have profited.
Another request is the instant gratification request. I post something, the viewer comments, "I MUST have it! How much how much how much???" and when I tell them...all is quiet. Yes, my friends, it costs money to get what you MUST have. I know that sounds callouse. But fine art is something that is kinda an investment. I realize that, that's why I don't expect a lot of instant sales. I've worked retail, I know the drill.
The latest request I've been fielding is promising and interesting. Special orders always have a twist, and this one seems like it's worth all the accomodations. A patron of mine (she bought Fawning and Morphing) is a doula/midwife and she loves my Domestica piece. No mysteries, I've had other doula types admire this piece. She wants it bigger, much bigger. I'm hoping everything pans out the way we're planning. There's always an itch in the back of my pessimistic brain that it will fall through. I'll start the ball rolling to copy Domestica at 40"x60", and this patron will have blessed the pants off our single income family in this dry spell. And, thank goodness, it gave you guys something else to read about besides baby, kids and postpartum! Well, the subject of the painting doesn't get too far off track.
ps-- Have I mentioned how GLAD I am not to be pregnant anymore!! I'm looking for my real clothes, the pants I'm wearing (thanks again Sarah!!) are falling off. pps--I also need to mention, since this post is kinda cold-as-ice, that I have been in the process of giving art away. I gave away a piece to my dad, and I have a couple other friends in mind. I've never been much of a 'giver' or 'trader' and that needs to change this year, call it a resolution.

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November 25, 2008

Making Stuff, sorta.

I seriously must give the impression that my daughter just sits at her red table ALL DAY and paints. She does draw and paint more than her brother ever has, but we're entering a very busy period these next two weeks and I hope we can just hold on and not lose it entirely. I am so ready for this Thanksgiving break. Mostly because I get so tired of the school routine. Not so much the morning, but after school UGH. Aweful. Josiah is tired, he wants to play or veg-out. But after giving in to one of those things, I have the haunting thoughts of homework and dinner prep with a tired Kindergartener and a newly napped 3 yr old. Needless to say my bod isn't wanting to be busy, but we plow thru it anyway. I thank God for Josiah, his talents and all he is learning. And even when he's weary I try to remember he needs loving on as much as he needs discipline. He woke up a 5:30am this morning, put on a costume and started playing with Legos. Needless to say I switched off the lights and sent him to his top bunk. What the heck! 5:30!! Yesterday was not a fun afternoon. But now, we have some time to relax. Watch PBS without guilt, make wonderful food together and this big ole mama can snuggle on the couch instead of looking at the clock to get those drawings started that make the sounds of the letters F,W and J done before 5pm.

Cat and I are sharing a booth at Holiday in St Elmo this weekend. There will be a couple other Clothesline artists involved too like Lauren Leutwiler and Amber Cooley. I beat myself up for a while that I wasn't going to have more stuff to show, especially the new Metro Tokyo pieces I really want to get started on. I have finished one of the three I really wanted to do. That's OK. My body told me I could go to sleep instead of sitting up with heartburn and baby kicking me all over trying to paint. I instead ordered two giclees (prints on canvas) of my most popular images. Be Still and Yellow Umbrella. They arrived in the mail late last week and I need to stretch them and add the texture they need. I also ordered cards of four of my Metro images. Yellow Umbrella, Metropolitan, Be Still and Another Paris. I really thought about doing a calendar but Joel (the bread winner) just couldn't jump on board. I don't invest unless he feels good about it too. So come on over! Don't go to the Mall, you know you don't really want to. If you're in Chattanooga for Thanksgiving, make Historic St Elmo a stop on your lazy weekend schedule. You have to kill some time before the Bond movie starts anyway!


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November 19, 2008

Green Tokyo

green tokyo 2.JPG
Finally I am done with this painting!!!! It's 9"x12" acrylic on canvas. And I might tweak a couple things, but I think I'm done. Finally used my time and energy wisely and worked on this while Eden was in Pre-K. And I was hoping to have three of these done for HISE! Crazy!

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November 8, 2008

New Eyes Shop Updated!!

It's Burning, 8"x10" acrylic on canvas
I finally, FINALLY have put my latest Southside pieces up in my sad and lonely etsy shop. This is the work that I showed at this September's Clothesline Show. Check it out, snatch something up before I show it at the very relevant MAINx24. Whatever remains will be shown at the Holiday in St Elmo Fest after Thanksgiving along with new pieces I'm working on: Metro Tokyo.

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October 21, 2008

Meaningless said the teacher

We have been talking about Ecclesiastes in our new awesome small group. It has been a breath of fresh air! Before you think, "Huh, Ecclesiasties? Refreshing?" I know, it has a lot of hopelessness in it, but it gives me a perspective that keeps my eyes looking upward. Today I walked Josiah to school (with Eden) and I prayed as I went to bed last night for God to heal my back. I'm not in constant pain or anything, I'm just so weary of feeling like I was put together like a marionette! My pelvis feels like an independant structure. It's painful sometimes, sometimes I am scared that I will wipe out somewhere that won't be so cool. Did I mention I tripped over a lamp cord in front of my entire Elementary art class a couple weeks back? Joel got me a prenatal massage for my birthday and I can't wait to use it. I want to use it when I feel tired. Walking to school is the best time of day. It's crisp, my body is rested, I love the short jaunt. If I could just bottle that feeling I'd be a powerhouse all day. I talk to Eden about the sky as we walk home. And I'm reminded of the phrase "under the sun" that is used over and over in Ecclesiates. Nothing is good under the sun. But above the sun, where our Lord symbolically dwells, things are not in vain. The truth, the decisions, the love, the hard work are not fruitless.

So I saw that there is nothing better for a man than to enjoy his work, because that is his lot. For who can bring him to see what will happen after him? Ecc. 3:22

I do want to enjoy my work, even though this most recent painting is making me a bit frustrated. And I do love teaching even though I stick my foot in my mouth and I have to deal with upset parents. Thankfully, that does not happen often, and I have a good boss. But yesterday it did happen, and I also got evaluated by my boss which made me a little nervous. No wonder I was so pooped I fell asleep before the end of Heroes. Dern, it's the only thing on TV I like (that Joel will watch with me). But I fell asleep snuggling with my husband. That's good.

My boy Josiah is becoming a lover of writing and drawing. He truly feels empowered. I can't say he loves school, but the fruit of his labor is showing. Being able to sit and enjoy a sunny afternoon during fall break and watch Josiah draw pictures of the family, pictures of superheroes and villians is just better entertainment than much out there. Maybe even than the actual Heroes TV show. Children hold that weight of simplicity and complexity that brings me to my knees again and again. I am reminded that God is watching my coming and going with the same loving gaze. And even if my artwork is meaningless, my work is not. Just like Josiah's chalk drawings don't last very long, but the progress is so heart warming and important.

So even though my back is already sore and tight at 9:30am, I am full of gratitude for another day that might be just comings and goings, but these days are for enjoying and remembering that what is above the sun is our reward. My new friend Sarah (who gave me the nest necklace) said she saw a painting when I was talking about this stuff. We'll see, falling asleep on the couch at 9:30pm is no recipe for productivity. God's grace gives me strength to work.

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October 14, 2008

Finished, on to the next one

that corner done 2.JPG
That Corner. acrylic on canvas. 11"x14". on to the next mini-metro. Burning paper plant is the next subject. I got your attention already!

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September 25, 2008

The Sky Woke Up

The Sky Woke Up., originally uploaded by katiek2.

Here's my humble piece for REVIVE. It'll be nice to help out a great cause and party a bit. As much as this creaky bod can party these days. I mean seriously, I bought myself a hot water bottle today *creak*. It was like over 10 bucks!
Anywho, this is acrylic on a bamboo plate.

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September 15, 2008

The Wrap Up


After a good 24 hours I have regained my composure after the weekend of Our Clothesline Art Show. What a crazy weekend of events! Thanks to all of you that came out to view and celebrate with us our hardwork and our individual methods of communication! We always feel so loved and encouraged by your presence and your reactions to our work. Yet, I could contemplate longer about why I feel things were different this time. I could mope about how I didn't sell what or as much as I wanted to. But in the end I came home from this weekend with good memories. Memories of hanging out with women that I admire for more than their ability to make great art. They are warm, funny, beautiful, versatile, encouraging, and hospitable. I wish that I had more energy and more selflessness to not think about the circumstances and just "be" with this great group.

We had a tremendous group on Friday night. And there are mutterings that the mayor and some big-wig from the Hunter Museum was there. Can someone tell me for sure? Maybe the tragic flaw was we forgot that guestbook on Friday night to keep track? We had a steady flow of patrons on Saturday. But after the day was wrapping up and we saw a few Gallery Hoppers trail in, we started to discuss, like we always do, about "next time". When will "next time" be? What will we change? What circumstances will we overcome? Where is the clientelle we want?

So with a bittersweetness I ended this Clothesline Show. I love showing art to those who might not feel so comfortable walking into galleries around town, but I long to reach out and have perfect strangers by my art time and time again. I long to find new earth to tread. Are our friends pockets only so deep?



I cannot say I am discouraged. I am thoughtful to a painful degree. Thinking not only about the future of my art, but the future that God has laid out for all of us. I find myself wrapped up in thoughts that are too complex and too scary sometimes. I may sound ridiculous, but I am too comfortable. Is it time to acknowledge that in a bad economy my skill is utterly disposable? Gas is $5 a gallon, no money to buy art. Kids are too overwhelmed with other classes, yank them out of art class. I can't afford the future either.

But honestly, a day out of my thoughts is like great cleansing massage or steam facial. Joel, my wonderful, beautiful husband, gave me the gift of time. Time that I could use fresh energy to write my lesson plans Sunday morning. So today I got myself ready for a day of teaching at a slower pace. I had a clear head, and an organized slide show for each class. So from 9am to 3pm I could think about something else, someone else, another generation, another clientelle that I can inspire to use their creativity. And you know, even though I pull my "mommy voice" out for this group, I am equally honored and inspired by these young artists. How hardworking and talented they are. How hard they work for the simple task of pleasing the creative process. They use me up every Monday, but they bring me back to a place of thankfulness where I can have dinner with my family, laugh with my children, and not feel sad or discouraged. Not one bit.

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September 11, 2008

Our Clothesline Art Show

sept 08 poster.jpg
There is alot going on this weekend here in Chattanooga TN. A lot revolving around the city wide Gallery Hop. That's what we've planned! So if you're already on the Southside of Chattanooga for any reason, come by and see us. We're gonna try and top our 200-300 opening reception crowd. Well, not really, but it'd be great to see all of you anytime this weekend.

The Artists:
Maria Cardillo, Amber Cooley, Cat Collier, Ellen Franklin, Valerie Gibson, Elizabeth Gray-Earl, Katie Ward Knutson, Lauren Leutwiler, Sarah Nichols, Carrie Pendergrass, Laura Pettit, Kristine Simpson, Linda Thomas, Heidi Vasterling.

Opening Reception is Friday at 6pm. Saturday we're open from 11am-5pm and Sunday from 1pm-4pm.
There will be many different varieties of art, come check it out!

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September 5, 2008

I could go for this kinda homeschooling!

Eden is definately less of a "action" kid than Josiah. She still gets stir-crazy and loopy when she's bored, but I can accomplish some wonderful homespun fun with Eden. Josiah was never into projects that much, even though I tried over and over. Of course I am so proud of Josiah's latest family portraits. Go take a look at how much hair I have, kinda close to life!

I have been trying to finish up a small portrait of Eden for Clothesline. Dunno how sellable that is, but...Anyway the full portrait turned out bad and I cropped it, we'll see if I use it. So Eden paints Hello Kitty (thanks again for that birthday present Amber) and I am painting Eden!
Our fun craft today (since the Prev's battery is dead) was to make peg dolls. I bought these this summer but I knew that the only time I could truly use them was when I had Eden alone. I mixed skin tones and Eden painted the heads. I put faces on and Eden decided what color and style hair each doll got. We used wool felt odd scraps. I bet other people actually have yarn, but since I'm not a knitter...I cut out odd pieces of fabric and Eden glued on most of the dresses. While she was gluing, I took a little Micron Pen and drew shoes on the stands. My favorites are the fat little feet with flip-flops.

We quickly found a little house and bed for them. Eden took off all their shoes for "quiet time" and squeaked the highest squeaks ever for the dolls voices. Little girls are so comical that way. I had a nice piece of board that looked like a mini dance floor and Eden proceeded to have them dance all around. Looked like a regular "It's a Small World".

Eden is very proud of them, and yeah, so am I.

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September 2, 2008

Calm and Big

This piece is called "Sage and Empty". It's the sixth new piece I've created for Clothesline and I have at least 2 more pieces in my mind that I want to create. But after my midwife appointment today I realize why it's been so hard to be motivated and even get up and around. I guess Tessa (and I) have hit a growth spurt. My pound or two between appoinments was upped to 5 pounds today. Boy I've felt it. I can't complain, even though pregnancy is really easy to complain about. I've developed a hearty appetite and a bad peanut M&M habit these days. I feel better walking Josiah to school, with Eden on my back in a sling. I get a pretty decent work out. It's no bootcamp, but it's good for me. If you happen to catch a glimpse of me during that jaunt to school I'm a lovely sight to see. Usually in just a little bit more than my PJ's, unwashed face, sneakers, pregnant belly and a 27lb Eden on my back. She loves it! She'll hug me like a little koala bear on and off through the walk. And my back is soaked when by the time we get home. Needless to say, I have kinda given up the walk to pick him up from school, it's a bit much for my day. My midwife Laure asked me today if we're going to go with the Dec 18th due date, or the Dec 26th. I am planning for a Christmas baby. Merry Christmas to me!

We got the kids bunkbeds yesterday at IKEA. So we're now somewhat set up for 3 little monkeys jumping on the bed. Yeah, I don't think they're totally asleep yet. Eden has been in a crib until tonight and maybe she's exploring her freedom. Well, I'll just say extra prayers that they will not be little terrors at school tomorrow.

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August 29, 2008


Two weeks til Clothesline and I have 5 pieces I still want to finish. Thankfully, I plan for them to be sketchy, lose and maybe fun experiments with painting with wine and/or tea. I think I need to make the brown houses a bit darker to show which way the sun is hitting. This one was harder than I thought. Glad it's done, time to move on quick quick!!

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August 20, 2008


Thanks again to Mark for taking a great picture. I hate ripping off pics, and I'm ready for Mark to knock on my door and say, "Uh, hey, quit ripping off my pics!"
I love the challenge of painting something as symmetrical and reflective as a car. I see lots of imperfections, but I wanted it to look like a painting still. It's more 'washy' than my other Southside pics, maybe cuz I'm running out of time! Eep!
And seems the comments are messed up, so I'll just feel your comments, good or bad, telepathically. Of course this image is on flickr and facebook, you guys might hunt me down there. I know I had plenty of well-wishings about Tessa, just not here. Dern Moveable Type 4, your cramping my virtual social life!

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July 13, 2008

Clothesline Ladies

gimped group shot.JPG
I'm playing around with the free program GIMP. Since I cannot afford a Photoshop option these days. I'm hoping I can just fudge everything I need to do with this free program. I do like this nifty filter. Now if I can just pull myself up from all the somewhat difficult discussion we had with our Board yesterday. It might just be that I was tired and hungry, but I felt a bit weary and heart sick. I won't give up my role or my tasks, but the debate and discussion just loses my attention. I feel that God is stretching us all as believers, artists, and friends. I did not come home from the meeting with any anger, for that I am thankful, but my emotions were raw. It was not one subject, but many, they are all important and God's grace has showered on all of us. These shows would not succeed without His loving care on all of our lives and our efforts. I believe our Clothesline Show is an important ministry to the community. I have been feeling this importance for several weeks now, maybe that's why the stresses of yesterday discouraged me. But God does not tell us that transition and growth will not be hard. I think I love control, and I have to give that up to my fellow artists, and to Him who gave us the gifts to begin with.

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July 11, 2008

Tokyo with Reflection

Well here it is (click on the image to view larger). I finished it on Wednesday afternoon, so my Wednesday night was very freeing. I then jumped into two drawings for more Jeff Heights houses painted in gouache. I hope I can get them to the point where the Clothesline ladies will have something to look at. I really didn't want to create a dud for Art.a.ma.jig, and this one might not be my best. But I hope it is acceptable. I veneered the edges yesterday while I watched SVU on Project Free TV. Now I hafta screw some screws into the back, that makes me nervous. Hollis Gallery did it for me for the other two Metro's that are on honkin' big panels. I never have a good idea of what to price things for benefit auctions. They start the auction at 60% of the retail price, does that mean what I want? or what the gallery would price it at? You'd think I'd know what I'm doing. Whatever, I'm sure they'll explain something to me today. Now to get brave and drill some holes in the back of my painting. Eeeep!

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July 8, 2008

One of my favorite teachers

As I am working on this flippin' painting for the Fortune themed Art.a.ma.jig I listen to one of my favorite teachers, Graham Cooke. He's hilarious, he's British, and the truth he speaks is so good. Have a listen.

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June 26, 2008

Metro Tutorial on Whip Up!

They asked for submissions, so I gave them mine! My Metro tutorial for the painting Oslo is on Whip Up now. I know it's not crochet, but it's a technique and I hope someone likes it!

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June 25, 2008

Feeling my branches reach up

So it takes until the end of June for my tired self to reach up to that creative place and shake of the dust and dross and decide that just consuming is not OK. If I want to have kids and involve them in what I know how to do and what makes me excited I have to get some fun project stuff for them to do. If you're anything like me, stepping into a craft store is the temptation of a life time. Stepping into a school supply/artsupply/homeschool resource store is even more dangerous! But I restrained myself. I left with only one pack of stickers. I turned down the magnetic travel bingo game, the jumpnropes, the telling time kits, the chia pet heads and just stuck to my original goal: Get the kids some at home projects. They must be age appropriate (i.e. not just something I want to do) and I will not buy it if they aren't into it. We made a volcano today out of self-hardening clay. Josiah has been asking to do this ever since Ms. BethAnn did it at school. And the best part is this is a multi step process that we can do over and over! We paint it, let it dry. We make little trees and houses. Then we add the baking soda and vinegar and let it explode over that over!!! Josiah was over joyed with the science section at the School Box store today and I must admit, I am a science junkie too. I remember my 8th grade Neptune project, ahhhh I loved that Newsweek magazine with Voyager pictures. He wanted the flashy fancy solar system kits and I told him that everything could be done at home. I did find a $3 double sided kit that we could do a mobile with. So we did that after we molded the volcano.
These little peg people are the things I am dying to play with. I just hope Eden loves them as much as I do. For $1.99 I got 8 peg people with stands. I remember seeing on Kiddley, or Loobylu about Amelia J and Claire doing these peg dolls and I think my daughter would love it! Dresses made of swatches of fabric glued on, painted faces, yarn hair. Perfect. I can't wait! They would make great soldiers too....
I listened to a little Graham Cooke yesterday to get my bearings after all the Lakeland busy-ness keeps buzzing all around me. It gave me the itch to start my fortune painting for Artamajig. I can't keep anything secret. I'm hoping that a weekend in Lakeland will inspire me to find some text to add to this one. It's the image of a fortune teller in a dark alley in Tokyo. It has some great contrast. I can't wait to see how it comes out.

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June 12, 2008

Shop Update

I know you all are just dying to see more pictures of my bushes, or a picture of our newest vehicle-The Coppertone Previa! I mean more pictures of my kids making goofy faces and jumping in and out of the sprinkler, that's what blogs are all about right? Well, too many pictures of these things means that I'm probably not doing my other job which is to be a working artist. I do love good pictures of my kids and my plants.
Anyway, I have updated my New Eyes Shop with bits and pieces left over from the Clothesline. Head on over to find super great deals on original art. Above is my Fawning Block Print. Since they are block prints, you can get it in a buncha colors! I hope you find something you just ca't live without.

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June 10, 2008

It's already the Tenth

catch up15.JPG
After last night's Clothesline Art Show meeting I breathed a sigh of relief. I always am unsure what our meetings will be like, and even though I do grow impatient with various subjects, I am very thankful that we are all commited to the group, and last night we also were pretty commited to getting done as soon as we could! That is ideal, especially to keep the patience of our group going and our families from going crazy. I feel like we have very little time to produce a show and the art to go with it, but you know, there's always stresses that go into it, and when everything comes together it's a beautiful thing. I think this past show, although it was fun, took it's toll on all of us in different ways. I feel like the upcoming shows need to be bathed in prayer, and our little issues will be solved.

Thumbnail image for catch up13.JPG

I've been also re-evaluating where and what I need to pursue artistically. I got great feedback from the Clothesline jury back in ummm, March? and I hope to take on the challenge to create more work that they encouraged me to do. The watercolors of shots of Main Street and Jeff. Heights are so stimulating. I sold both pieces that I've done of Jeff. Heights. I got great feedback from those patrons too. I also know the power I have to do the Metro pieces. I feel they offer me a wider consumer base. It's really hard not to just dive in that and swim in the approval of it all. I bought large sheets of Arches paper. It calls to me, asking me to draw out another Southside scene. I am kinda scared. Those pieces are so challenging and I hate to screw up and fail. Especially when I'm tired all the time. Canvases can be painted over, but a screwed up piece of paper that costs waaaaay too much for being a piece of paper is just painful. I've been enjoying the artistic crafts of planting plants, mulching my yard, cleaning (a little) and finding neat things to cook with my CSA food. But it's time to dive in. It's time to collect images, get as authentic as possible. I got an email from one of the managers at Smart Furniture, they want some local art for their walls. If they can take my large "Metropolitan" and my "Rotterdam" piece that would be great! They open in a couple weeks, and I'm hoping it works out. Here, buy this $5000 sofa and it's just a smidge more to buy this original piece of frickin' art! so yeah, it's time to produce that Art.a.ma.jig "Fortune" piece. It's time to not daudle anymore, because it's already the tenth.

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May 13, 2008


may52 (2).JPG
Thanks for coming by the Clothesline Art Show, dudes. I am winding down from the weekends activities. I am very thankful for the sales, and that I warded off sickness all weekend with a little help from my friend...Subway. Yes I am embracing the joys of a pregnancy with the stereo type, PICKLES!

I finished my last day of class today, doesn't mean I'm done with HHL quite yet, I have projects to grade and a closet to clean. I also have this funny, testy problem of popularity! In the homeschool world, my class is ala carte, and they can take it as many times as they want! I was breathing a sigh of relief that I had a years lesson plans already done for next year, but now I might have several repeaters! I guess that's really cool, but I now hafta come up with new, fresh stuff. Tough to be loved.

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May 4, 2008

Starling Darling

Cooommme, come to the Clothesline Art Show and buuuuyyy me!

I have been feeling a bit better in the mornings. Mostly because I figured out a little bit what I want to eat. I want to eat french fries. Yep, no doubt about it. When I'm feeling gross around lunchtime, all I want is something hot, fatty and salty. Although I also found that Goddess dressing from Trader Joe's has an equal amount of satisfaction but not that immediate nausea turn off.

I'm slowly chipping away at my last Clothesline art pieces. I'd like to do one more plate. We'll see how that goes. I have prints to do and watercolor pods. It's all about balancing my energy.

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April 26, 2008

I gave it the old college try


Make Work Grant Essay: Katie Ward Knutson

Provide a detailed description of the project or purpose for which the funds are being requested:
The project I want to pursue is a new body of work that reflects my illuminated memories and the universally familiar things to which we respond. I would like to complete between twelve and fifteen pieces. I would like to focus on the architecture and urban decay of these historical neighborhoods we are building back up. I would like to show a hope and a brightness as things are restored. I would like to show the beauty of Chattanooga by emphasizing the uniqueness of having wooded areas and city so accessible. While using Chattanooga as a central inspiration, I would like to study and experiment with universal connectedness as far as shapes, lines, and creatures. I would like to reflect on the instinct of all of us to look at the very top of a tall building as we walk past it, to look at the horizon as it stretches out in front of us, and the instinct of looking another creature in the eye and identifying with its presence at that point, at that time.

Explain how this will contribute to your own artistic development (the impact and outcome you hope to achieve).
This new body of work would consist of larger pieces and a greater quantity of pieces than I have been able to produce on my own. I would like to explore watercolors and more works on paper. I have been experimenting with this lately and have enjoyed the result very much. I would like to push myself to do large works on canvas as well.

I hope to achieve a level of symbolism and conceptual communication that I have not explored fully. I hope to challenge myself as far as technical skill, historical accuracy, and unique compositional approaches.

I am a mother of two small children. I love my position in life because I feel more settled and more reflective. This opportunity will give me a big step up to create a complete, mature body of work and give me the freedom to experiment without hurting my family’s resources.

Describe how the project will benefit the greater Chattanooga art community.
There are many obvious ways that I feel my project will benefit Chattanooga. I think it will give a very personal testimony to the history and growth of Chattanooga through me, the artist. I have grown up in and returned to Chattanooga with my family to start a new batch of memories. This body of work will inspire us to feel united as a city, but also to unite us with the power of restoration. The hope for the future, making our city great, each resident’s fingerprints; these things will illuminate the good works here.

I hope the drive for restoration will be universal to anyone who views my work and wishes to see any sort of change happen in their city, community, home and family. I would like to reach toward the future with brightness and celebrate the time that has past in a beautiful way.

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April 24, 2008

Wierd days, Good Neighbors

I've been working on prints for the Clothesline Art Show. It feels a little wierd since we have 3 wonderful printmakers in the show already. I use the Clothesline Show to experiment, try something out and see if it works. Last year I tried my watercolors out and they were very sucessful. This year I have a few paintings on bamboo plates and a couple prints on bamboo plates. But since I did a short printmaking session with my students this semester I've got the itch to try prints of my own compositions. I have the beetle and I did one of Cookie that is unfinished, but I kinda like it the way it is. And I have this Fawning print. It's the best compositionally. All I want to do is print it a million times on every sort of paper and substance. Watch out kids, mama might stamp you with a beetle, bunny or deer if you get too close! I feel I am still procrastinating. I see the deadline but I am in this fog and I can't seem to shake it. I think I've been in it since the car accident.

And then yesterday, some jerk stole Joel's bike. In the middle of the day while I was washing the floors for small group. Broad %$^&ing daylight!! And it was an unusual day since almost all my neighbors were gone. He walked right up to our back porch and walked away with it. On top of that he left his sorry crap of a bike leaning up against our house! I couldn't even touch it, how repulsive. So last night we pulled together our game face and had a nice time at small group, then as I washed dishes later, I cried about many things. Our bikes, our van, our debts, things had to come to a head. Joel and I are taking steps toward taking care of all our previous home debt. But the car and the bike, I mean man! What luxuries must we live without! This morning I noticed that my broken bike was also gone. Someone had eyes for our stuff. I have been trembling with some sort of panicky frustration all day. I want to hang out with my kids and be relaxed but I just can't. I have been snappy and distracted. Forgive me kiddos. So I wrote our buddy Rob Simmons the police officer. Then while I was out at the store with the kids, I got calls telling me the guy had come back for HIS BIKE and walked off with it! Thank God, I didn't want to see that crappy thing. My neighbors called the cops, called me, and one of them hopped in his car and took pictures of the guy! Great job Gabe!
My other neighbor Smitty made this make-shift wanted poster. Talk about an aggressive neighborhood watch! Notice our thief has a dad-gumm BEER KEG in one hand! I would have loved to see him trying to ride with that thing. I knew that living downtown could not leave us with the luxury of stuff not getting taken, but man, we have great neighbors. I can't jump in my car and hunt him down, I have two kids! But thankfully, their is a comradery in Jefferson Heights.

It would be super keen to get our bikes back, pitch-fork angry mob style, but from now on I'll get big fatty chains for my stuff and call the cops alot. Also, Gabe's wife Noelle offered Joel a Mtn bike that she had sitting around the garage. I was praying alot this morning, and God has given me a peace that is unexpected.

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April 22, 2008

Work Horse

Read Church1.JPG

taco stand.JPG

I have been holding off on finishing these, mostly just because I have been crazy busy! These are two pieces from my neighborhood. The church at the end of Read Ave, and the Taco Stand on Main. I hope to continue to study buildings and stuff, my technical skill needs more and more practice. I want to get more challenging colors and concepts to compliment these buildings. I feel these two are good, but they are stepping stones to a new phase.

I also finished a bird called 'Winter's Gone'. I can't get it to upload here, I'll put it in my flickr. I am working on a block print of my Fawning composition and a Lino-cut of Cookie. I got tired of cutting the linoleum so I just printed to today to get an artist proof and I kinda like it unfinished. I will make plenty of prints for the Clothesline Show even though we have some great printmakers in the show already. I'm just doing studies of the animal images I've come to love. Repetition is a soothing and rewarding process.

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April 12, 2008

Taco Stands Shakey

I am doing my taxes and I can't believe how much I made last year selling art! I mean, it's awesome, but right now I'm scared I'll be paying out the nose! My hard earned money doesn't come with a W-2. It's all part of me learning how to budget, pay down debt, and eventually save!

This is in progress. The legs on this stand are a bit off. The are like that though. Joel's not so sure about the plates I'm painting on. So prove him wrong my beloved buyers!

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April 1, 2008

I hope it's worth it

The Make Work Grants were due yesterday. Yesterday at 5pm that is. I leisurely got my copies done, made my CD with images, planned my lesson for art class, and hung out with friends on Saturday. Yesterday I left with 2 hours to spare before class to go to Office Depot and get folders to look professional. I can't believe how un-helpful their staff was. They had no idea where I could find a plain, black, two pocket folder with no brackets that didn't have Five Star or kitties splashed across the front. I searched for 30 minutes, probably neglecting my children a bit too much, for those blasted folders. I found them, no help from the staff.

I taught class with about half a brain, I was thinking I needed to assemble my applications and that would ease my mind. I did it during the high school class all the while sharing with them the process. Shouldn't every artistic venture be a learning experience? I left school around 3:20 with the plan to make a B-line for Create Here's office to get that application dropped off. I was so nervous. I didn't want to be, but I knew I had to get that application out my hands to feel better. I also had too much caffiene yesterday, that doesn't help the old nerves. I parked, left the kids in car right outside. I ran into Laura Murray from AVA and gave her a hug. I was handed a check list, "Do you want to run down this list and make sure you have all of these things?" I looked at it and noticed there were things on that checklist that I didn't make 6 copies of. Some things they had not asked for. I felt my temperature rise. I was pissed. Don't they know I have my KIDS in the car?? I can't just "run to copy place". "Hopefully we'll see you before 5?" "You probably won't" I said. I drove home because I had to make 5 more copies of my CD. It took me all afternoon Saturday to figure out how to make CD's on this new laptop. I grabbed my laptop and my stack of CD's and told the kids, "we're going to Grandma's house". Dad has a printer that copies, and the kids would be happy. They wouldn't nap, but they'd be pleasantly distracted. So for the 3 miles between my house and Mom's I called her and said, "I'm so sorry, I didn't want to do this but I'm desperate." I copied 5 more copies of my signature page, W-9, and letters of Reccomendation. My dad copies CD's of his old music all the time and without his help I would never have had a chance. He made 5 more copies for me without a hitch. I was fussing the whole time how I HATED procrastinating and how I know Create Here is new and is fumbling through this process just like me but ARGH! If I had made my copies Sunday night I would have been able to trouble shoot BEFORE 4pm.

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and we were going to have dinner with them anyway. Two hours early didn't seem too bad. I just know how Mom works, especially when she's making dinner. But really, it could not have been an easier problem fixer. Mom had dinner ready to pop in the oven, the kids changed into dress-ups and helped put candles in the birthday cake. Monday is Dad's day off so he was spending his afternoon trying to fix the doorbell, he was glad to stop and make copies. I was able to snatch my purse at 4:40 and say, "I'm leaving, I'll be back!" I ran into Mia (a wonderful portrait painter) as I hustled back into Create Here. She said she finished her application ina weekend. It took me 2 weeks. It's a different timeline when you have little kids to care for. I told the receptionist, "Next time, put this checklist in your PDF file". She said she made it up this morning because of the confusion. Ugh. We're all newbies.

I was frazzled beyond belief. I needed a drink. This morning I'm nursing soreness from being so rushed. I don't think I"ve been that nervous in a long time. The thing is, I hope it's worth it. I told myself I wouldn't kill myself over this thing. I hope disappointment isn't around the corner. But I've been praying that this experience helps me try again and again. It would be awesome to get money. We'll have to wait a month and see.

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March 18, 2008


I have to post my tiniest bit of progress. I can't believe it's been over a week since our jurying critique for Clothesline and I"m finally getting to start some new things. I have a couple sketches for some architechtural "memory" pieces as well. I found these earth-friendly-disposable-bamboo plates at Target on clearance and I almost bought them all up! Perfect for painting on. Cheaper than canvas and paper! This is a WIP so stay tuned to see the fawn emmerge. I do want to keep this very simple with some ancient Asian influence.

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March 6, 2008

The Artwork Cometh

Tommorow I am the joyful recipient of artwork from at least 13 ladies for Clothesline Art Show entries. I am kinda anxious to see how this goes. Put enough women in a room and you get drama. And enough creative women with passions, emotions, and (let's admit it) agendas, you get some unexpected things. I am praying that we can break out of our comfortable places and create new facets of our relationships in order to grow artistically and spiritually. Cat has worked very hard to be the administrator. Not everything is going to be perfect and there are goals that are going to be achieved and some that will not. Each time we have this show we get closer to being a bit more professional, but as Joel told me last night the main goal is to have great art hanging on the walls and to have people show up. The rules for rules sake is not always the goal.
But all in all I am excited because this is a new experience for me, being a juror, hostess, and coordinator of sorts. There are lots of things rattling around in my brain about this event and I'm afraid of how ill prepared people will feel I am. I want to have more compassion, more humility, more respect for those women in this group who have encouraged me to be an artist. Those I have watched from afar and been eager to see what they can do. Seems like so many in my 'hood are buzzing about the "ARTS" like its a nation, a political party, a secret club, a golden ticket what-have-you. We women of the Clothesline are working for this buzz, because it's been alive in us for so long. It's not sparked by whatever big-money foundation is handing out grants it's sparked by Jesus, the one who put this desire in all of us. It won't just go away. But without loving, faith-driven, fellow artists we will be alone with our fragile egos. I want to see all of us get better, not just with art production but with a sense of urgency to create for the Kingdom of God. That means we have to know how to market it, we have to know how to price it, we have to know how to make deadlines, we have to have a current blasted artist statement! It's not about being blown back and forth by a creative breeze (although there must be an important time for that), it's about fine tuning ourselves to be useful tools for Jesus.
So I welcome you artist/tools for the Kingdom to my house. They'll be a sign out front, or balloons or something. I'll be waitin'
You can contact us here

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February 27, 2008

The Faces I Know


Detail #1
Detail #2

This piece is again exploring a new theme I want to take on. I have trouble completely defining it. I've talked it through with Joel pretty sucessfully and then fairly clumsily with Cat.
CreateHere has another art show in March that I'm going to try with all my might to be ready for. Between a funeral, memorial service, teaching school, Clothesline show organizing, small group hosting, baby shower planning and general Mom duties I hope I can have a piece finished by March 5. Whew. But this is how I like to be. I've been slowing down a little too much and it makes my artwork suffer. The March show has a literary theme to it. There were not many quotes left to go from, but the one I picked was from A Lesson Before Dying. It's from page 175 and it talks about fiddling with a radio dial to find a good station. I found some good antique radio pics via flickr so I dove into the geometry of drawing radio dials the other night. I hope I can achieve a good illusion. If any of you have some insight on that book that'd be great because I really don't have the time to read it.
Thanks for all your well wishings for our family. We will say farewell officially to Papa Hull this weekend. I look forward to seeing what his military burial will be like.

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February 19, 2008

It needs something

I think it needs a warm bright color somewhere and definately some cropping. And some interference, mmmmm. But I love this bird and the berries and the eggs. It's just part of my new experimenting and pining for BIG surfaces and areas to paint.

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February 16, 2008

New Generation of Insect

feb home014_edited.jpg
I finished this little guy up last night. This is really different but it's what I call a 'happy mistake'. I had kinda ruined the surface of this paper with too much acrylic. Mixing acrylic and watercolor/gouache surfaces pretty much determines that once the acrylic is down there's no other option than acrylic. I like how this one turned out. You kinda hafta like pink, but the red oxide brown makes up for it. This little beetle ends up looking pretty neat with a think line of blue. I wish you could see that the beige color has a little bit of orange interference on top, it's shiny. Interference is my new toy *smile*. I'm trying to figure out if I should put it in my etsy shop now, or wait til after the Clothesline jurying to have something representative of what I want to try for the next year or so.
feb home017_edited.jpg
I'm still thinking of that grant and have received a lot more confidence about the ideas milling around in my head

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February 15, 2008


Yesterday had the potential of being really nice but it was just ok. Joel and I don't do Valentine's Day. And before you feel really sorry for me I'll say, "As long as he makes some days romantic and sweet I'll forgive him for the faux holiday made up for the end of winter retail slump." Ok, now you can feel sorry for me because I didn't spend any time with my husband on Valentines. I did get to love on my kids alot and have a nice relaxing play day with them yesterday. We walked and had hot chocolate at Niedlov's and fresh peanut butter cookies made there later on.
We played on the St Elmo playground making "family sandwiches" down the slide (me on the bottom, Jos in the middle and Eden on top). I did get to go to one hour of the opening of Heart of the Neighborhood and have a pretty (although not quite stiff enough) drink. Cat joined me since Joel was still at work. I walked home with Cat and met Joel at the door as he went to Nocturne and took tickets. I hung out with my kids and we watched Batman until Grandma and Grandpa showed up. I debated whether I should take my mom up on another hour of babysitting but my weary bones, lack of desire to drink, and the face of Josiah when he said, "Are you going to put us to bed?" They've had too much babysitting this week I think. My neighbor Jan stopped by to tell me my "Bird of Hearts" was the only piece that sold at the Create Here Heart of the Neighborhood Show. Great! Is it God's blessing or the fact that I priced it too low? A little bit of both, that's $65 bucks I didn't have before! Joel called at 9pm from the din of pre party hoopla and asked if I would be staying home. He guessed right. He did however bring the eager Thompson's over to the house (since we are around the corner from the party) to give them some hope of living here? Maybe? Join us will you? The rest of the evening is not worth mentioning. I tried to get work done but was preoccupied with too much dramatic TV and inner spirit churnings of sorts. I do hope your Valentine's day was joyful. It is too much for us to have high romantic expectations, it is, however, fun to cut out big read hearts out of paper and see little children OOo and Ahhh over mylar balloons.

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February 12, 2008

A Good Idea that Pays

I told Cat a while ago that if I didn't want to be a frustrated artist/mama I needed to stop taking showers, never sleep in, never go on walks by myself, etc. Because these activities get me into trouble. I spend that time whether 10 minutes or 2 hours daydreaming, thinking, trying to put together the next good idea. The next inspiration. I love the magazines that are full of great style, wonderful art and fashion, but looking at them too long makes me realize that I am getting frustrated. It's that frustration that there is someone more talented than you are. There are lots of people more talented than me. I know many of them very well. But now my frustration is weighted by a deadline of great worth.

They are giving out money. Up to 20K for one person. Money can grow on trees but you need a kick ass idea to get a basket for that tree. I got my home from the same pot of money and now I have the opportunity to write a grant and get more money for an idea. A great big fat honkin' awesome idea. An idea that I don't have. Man, that makes me want to cry a little. So many of you, my blogland friends, are overflowing with great ideas. This is not how God built me. I am not really a brainstormer. I impliment, I baby step, I learn from mistakes. So far I am growing and changing my style. It's working, I make money making art. But as I said, there are many people more talented than me. This opportunity came about the same time Lent has so I spend time that I am quiet with just God and the dark praying about the future. Can I tell them,"Look, I am talented, I am a mom, I need a financial boost to get that next big project started. Here's what I want to paint."
Cat got to go to the meeting yesterday for the grant and filled me in. They are looking for something really unique. That makes me want to cry a little too. See, I really am not feeling unique. I know many of you readers are huffing that I'm down on my self right now, but this is a cut-throat business. I want to represent something amazing, powerful, techinically wonderful and current. Yet I am flawed and although I am made in God's image I am fighting my way out of a sack of inadequacy.

When I complete a portrait, for example, I am not patting myself on the back normally. One of the first things I do is thank Jesus. Because I don't do this by myself. I do it because God gave me the gift and I am giving it back. Doing a portrait is scary. I'm always terrified of failing.
So what makes me worthy of money that another mother-of-two artist in the Chattanooga area is not? What can I offer that is special, unique, altering to the everyday? I don't know, that's why I keep praying. I tell myself that if I "just didn't have to do _____" I would have great ideas. But that's not how God made me either. He gave me a gift, and he gave me a family. Neither one of those things should fight each other. The approval of man is not what I live for, neither is the accumulation of money, but I do want to have an opportunity to give God glory with a new large body of work. Could that be enough?

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February 11, 2008

What to do on Valentine's Day

I pulled my act together just a smidge in order to get one piece in this show. I hope it's worthy. If you love it come and buy it!

Heart of the Neighborhood 5:00 – 8:00 PM
CreateHere @ 55 East Main St.
Come out for a RedHot cocktail party/art opening/live DJ. Eat your heart out at this show by Southside artists with multi-media, cupid-inspired pieces. Free. Questions? Call CreateHere at 648-2195.

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February 8, 2008

Bunny Money

Another commission! This one is just like Finn, and I love this one. I hope to get some better pictures of it in the daylight today. This ones off to my former Starbucks barista who I got to know and we were totally unaware that we both went to Covenant. And she happened to play soccer with my super SIL. Small world over black and white mocha's.

I am also incredibly thankful today because after having a depressing bill paying moment yesterday, God has blessed us and I sold a Metro painting last night on Etsy! God is good, and He pays attention to all our worries and requests. Hallelujah!

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January 29, 2008

Beautiful Buns

Mary, your bunny's ready!

Here's a finished commission, sorry for the cruddy picture. Ugh, I need Photoshop soooo bad. I like what the salt did in this one. It added some nice texture. This is 11"x8", watercolor on 120lb cold press paper. Go check out my etsy shop. I have lots in there now!

Hello to all those who are visiting from the SewMamaSew blog! I was asked if my Valentine Chain could get included in their post on easy crafts for the lovely holiday. Since then I've been getting quite a number of hits off the good ole sitemeter from seamstresses. I'm sorry I don't sew more, but I paint! Check it!

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January 24, 2008

Updated, now I'm late

I spent most of this morning updating my web shop because I've had some requests for art. So now, my loyal readers, you can view and buy Metro pieces that were at the gallery from my etsy shop. Check the sidebar for my etsy mini for a quick link to the bestest of goods. Remember, I can make giclee prints of this Yellow Umbrella piece, it can printed in any size you want! Have fun shopping!!

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January 23, 2008

"Heart of the Matter" show

My neighbor is putting together an art show at the Create Here office during the month of February. It has a heart theme, and rather than come up with something witty, or a twist on some heart phrase, I thought I'd twist the actual heart shape.
I've felt out of practice. Blocked, if you will. And so although I do like this piece, I feel it reflects some clumsiness. The delicate clumsiness of trying something new. Of using new materials. Of a new season.

This doodle came out kinda pretty. I wanted it to look like a back lot. Somwhere urban but overgrown. Like much of my surroundings these days. The watercolors lead the lines. Defining with ink is so satisfying. Ok, I must go to bed.

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January 11, 2008

Digital Business

I've been putzing around with what to do for our next Clothesline Show's card. The biggest challenge was that the other super ladies involved thought it would be cool (and it is) to have a full oversized postcard that would fold to be a sealable envelope sorta thing. It would still only cost a postcard price which is now, what 29 cents? So the green rectangle will be the front with address and the picture will join on the back side sealed with a sticker. I am no amazing digital media goddess. I fumble and cuss my way through learning this stuff. But once I figure out a couple things I am totally satisfied with the result. After I scrounged for photos I liked. Which this one was taken by Mark Cooley and I snagged it off flickr. I know, Mark can I use your photo? Anyway, this is a draft. I have to run it by the womanly powers that be and see if it's worthy. Another cool thing I like about this is that the decorative flourish on the green rectangle front is a simplified and filtered picture of a light fixture/chandelier at Laura Pettit's (the Sessions) house! It's so cool! It worked great to modify. Her home is such a jewel for this show. It makes people want to hang around and talk and feel all cozy. She has lovely appropriate pieces in her turn of the century home. I have finished the inside too, but since it involves names of artists that need to be invited, judged and approved I won't post that quite yet. So I am laying my skill on the table once again, and yes I put butterflies on it. But it's a spring show and my new version of Photoshop has this cool butterfly brush tool. I really tried to hold back.

Also there's a neat little project that good ole Skip Gienapp is doing for his family. If you feel like contributing and getting his fam their big dream let Skip know what you have to trade.

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January 9, 2008


Ever since we moved from Marietta I have not quite known where these guys went. Over Christmas I took a whole month off of making art (sorta) and I organized like three whole sections of my house. I think my back is still recovering. I hope it's recovering. But last week I went through one last box for the office and found my Brown Cows. I'm putting them in my etsy shop. I also have an invite to another art show at the Create Here office in February. It has a heart them, so I'm not really sure what to do for that, but I need to warm up and start fine tuning some new ideas working for Clothesline in May. If you have a nice crisp Benjamin, go buy some cows.

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December 19, 2007

Were you smart enough to buy art for Christmas?

Now I will not devulge who is getting these pieces, but the giver's are such clever and thoughtful people. Art is a wonderful gift to give. Even Joel is effected by the love that is going in to these purchases. Of course, we are thankful, it's a gift to us too, to be able to sell a little extra over the holidays. Can you believe this giclee is the original size? It looks bigger don't it?

I'd like to thank all of my faithful readers for commenting, it's great to see some of you come out of the cracks to reflect on these things. I really felt heavy that day. Yesterday me and the kids did a few Christmasy errands that involved walking downtown. We got cinnamon rolls at Nielov's, and we took the Electric Shuttle to the Bijou. We spent some quality time in Rock Point Books. I love that store, it's wide open so I can let the kids play (the truck bed is the cest!!) and look at my own stuff on the other side. Of course, I love the kids books the best anyway. Loading the bike trailer-stroller into the Electric Shuttle is quite a task, especially with the lunch crowd from all the insurance companies, so we just walked all the way home! At first I thought I would regret it, that the kids would be mad that they weren't riding the bus, but they were great! I think the sunshine made all the difference. The sun on our faces, the exersize, the funny windows at the EPB. I knew I needed to get out of the house and move, ALOT. The blisters on my little toes are payment for my ambition. It makes me wish I had the necessity to walk more. That's why I long for a grocery store (or ANY practical store) downtown. I'd love to drive less and less.
And on a kinda humorous note, one of my art students tags buildings. Yeah, he defaces property. Hehe. If only he worked as hard on his assignments. He was working on his "logo" in class and I was asking him about it. I asked what it said and he told me "dank". As I was walking down an alley way on the way home I saw "dank" 3 seperate times! Thank goodness I had a camera to record my students "homework".

Again, thanks for all of you that decided to get art for Christmas. I'd say that it isn't too late to order some, but it kinda is. You can call Sandy at the Hollis Gallery at 423-265-4444 and get the thing you desire.

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December 11, 2007

Waiting to stand still

MAINx24 was wonderful. The Coptix party was a blast. And I am so glad to be part of it. Thanks everyone, now I'm waiting for those last few things to be wrapped up, a.k.a. grades for school, and then I'll be full of Christmas cheer. And that's mostly due to all the tacky presents I got from my students and the Christmas CD Bob made for me.

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December 7, 2007

I think I'm finally going to quit

I finished the final piece of art for the Metro Show at Hollis tommorow. If you're not planning on coming than you better change your mind! The last piece has a kinda inside joke, if you come to the show I'll fill you in.

I am so pooped and the action doesn't stop. Tommorow we'll do the family fun MAINx24 and do free carriage rides, the Christmas Parade, the Main Street Mural unveiling and then a good long stretch at Hollis to sip wine, eat brie and chocolate truffles and my Mom's St. Nicholas Cookies. The Southside tree lighting is at 5pm and I would love to swing by there and see the first ever Southside tree lit up. I need to find a handmade ornament to do my part. Then hopefully I can crash until the Coptix Party.

Sunday we have to do the Tykes class at church, so instead of sitting on my butt working on Christmas projects that have been left unfinished for the past 2 years, I"ll be planning an advent lesson for 11 3 to 5 year olds. And wrapping up plans for my last class before Christmas. We'll be doing handmade wrapping paper and some simple origami after the students talk about their self portraits. Monday NRV has a Ladies Night Out Christmas get together at Rachel's House, and Tuesday I have to hang my students artshow and find some prizes.
Maybe by Wednesday the 12th we can get our tree! Oh, that makes me so happy to think about that! Rum and eggnog and schmaltzy Christmas music! It makes exhaling feel so good. I also can't wait to score one (or two) of Amber's handmade owl ornaments for our tree.

I made a modern funky wreath out of mailing tubes. The idea is from the latest Readymade mag. It came out really neat! I don't have any flattering paint for it as of yet, but a piece of masonite to work on and a big jar of elmer's glue connected them just fine. I used my bread knife to chop the tubes apart. I could sand the little tidbits off. I got some of those battery powered tealights at Walgreens and they look kinda neat hiding inside the tubes. I probably won't leave them in there. My house is all about throwing things together these days. And when I slow down a smidge maybe my posts here will be less of a to-do list and more thoughtful.

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November 29, 2007

Can I just say...

chr dish1.JPG
I just got off the phone with Ann Nichols from the Times Free Press! I know I'm a nerd, but getting in the paper feels pretty cool. eep!
Also, in other exciting Knuts' news. Remember that Josiah pretty much knocked his tooth out, well it was a bit anti-climactic because he, well, he pretty much knocked it out. I wasn't looking forward to how long it would take for his new tooth to grow in, and if his other teeth would go all wonky waiting for new tooth to grow in. Happiness, Josiah's tooth is growing in! I can't believe it, he's not even 5! But I'm glad, now I feel like celebrating his new tooth.

After going to IKEA and steering clear of lots of their Christmas stuff I went ahead and decided to get these cute Christmas dishes at Target. So much for self control. And yes, I'm going to type this out because it's TRUE! The latest Martha Stewart Living.....rocks. And Papersource has Taxi Christmas paper and Robot Christmas paper! Oh dear.

I must finish my Rotterdam painting. It needs some varnish and some venner sides! eep!

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More Reasons to Show

Here's the three pieces I've finished the past couple days. I've been working like a busy bee! The first piece is of Jefferson Heights, the next one is an approved borrowed flickr photo of Ft. Wayne TX, the last one is Rotterdam. I am glowing with pleasure from the IKEA frames that make my watercolors look professional, and the wood veneer strips I found to iron onto the sides of my larger panel (door) pieces to give it a framed, whole look. It looks soooo great! I'm not stressed completely, but I'll be glad to have this all over with. There are interviews (yes interviews), and inventory lists, reception drinks, and other events to plan for. I'm so thankful, but very tired!
I want to shout out to my friend Lynn, Happy Birthday! And to my other friend Jen, congrats on another healthy baby girl!

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November 21, 2007

The Advertising

I hope to have these cards on Tuesday after Thanksgiving. But I was glad I didn't have to do it myself. Even though I like making my cards. I need to make the art! I was less concerned about the advertizing since I'll get myself on the MAINx24 marketing flier. But please, come everyone!

The Metro Series: Katie Ward Knutson
Hollis Gallery (Southside)1401 Williams Street, next to Niko's
Saturday December 8th 1pm-5pm

Come after the Main Street Christmas Parade and party with us! Surround yourself with urban beauty in this lovely collection highlighting the Metropolitan in Paris and other public transit shots from Europe. These pieces are sure to send you on journey. We'll be joining the whole Southside of Chattanooga during the MAINx24 event, so drop by for an eggnog latte, hot chocolate and other festive treats!

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November 16, 2007


metro completed 2.JPG
Wow, it's done. I thought I never would. I thought I shot myself in the foot as far as getting the proportions right. I need to varnish it after I do some small touch ups. I can't say I'm in love with it, it's worn out it's welcome on my easel, but it's a techinical exploration, and I'm pleased with it. As I did this one I just realized that in the hot spot centers of NYC and LA my artwork would not have an impact. It takes some real innovation to get noticed. But I am not looking to be in a hot spot. I've been watching Project Runway Season 3 (oh my gosh I love this show!!) and I relate it to the fine arts world. Am I an innovator? Could I be the one who makes attractive things that are also challenging? This is what I want to work toward. The Metros are pleasing, their effect and perspective is wonderful and they send people on journeys to places they've never been. But I'm looking to do something else for a while. Something that's innovative, challenging, and makes the viewing public see the growth. I have a goal to do two more acrylic Metro pieces and then work on watercolors over Thanksgiving.

The Metro Series by Katie Ward Knutson at the Hollis Gallery 1401 Williams Street Suite E-10. The capture of urban beauty featuring the Metropolitan in Paris and other reflections of Europe. Show starts December 1st, join us for an After Parade Party and Opening on December 8th during MAINx24!

If you, my readers can think of a better name for the 'after parade party and opening' than please let me know!! We hope to get someone their to make eggnog latte's!!

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November 14, 2007

I got free stuff!

Remember I told you about the oodles of art supplies I got from my neighbor Rachel? We'll I have some better photos of it all. I went through a bit of it to determine if I needed to throw anything away, so far, very little has been tossed. She had back inventory from her ex's art supply store and it was just too much to hold onto it all. So she called me and asked if I wanted to go through it and see if there was anything I thought I could use. I was tired, I didn't feel like it at all, but I'm so glad I went. Brand, new brushes, boxes of acrylic paint, a gold leaf set, brayers for printing, brand new carving tools, tons of palette knives, itty-bitty tipped illustration pens, silver and gold paint pens (just in time for Xmas), templates for tracing shapes (Cat uses these all the time), molding clay, rapidiograph pen sets, varnishes and mediums for acrylic, did I mention free brushes? Dozens of them?
I'm overwhelmed because I was really worried about next semester and what I would do with my students. Now I think I need to teach a painting class. I didn't even ask and God dropped this in my lap. I'll never have to buy brushes again!

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November 2, 2007


I yanked myself out of an exhausting vacation state while we were in Helen and started playing with the set of gouache paints I got. It started out as just playing and then the design started to emerge. I really like the opaque quality of gouache. I'm hoping to try some Metro pieces with this and see how it goes.

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October 19, 2007

Metro Tutorial

tutorial 1, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Here's the first session of tutorials for my metro style paintings. This piece is a triptych. I ordered this long and skinny canvases by accident, but as alot of my artwork process goes, mistakes are sometimes the best things to happen. I hope that this piece turns out sucessful in pieces and together. Of course I think it should be together, that's how I planned the composition. I've also finished the 2 Lanes piece, and started gessoing a large panel. I would appreciate your prayers as both Joel and Eden have been a little sick this week. Well, Eden's been barfing and sleeping alot, so I guess thats a lot sick. Joel has lost his voice and that's not good when you have to answer phones all day, other than that he feels fine. I have to stay on track with these paintings, and being able to finish them in 3 to 4 days is really good. I hope to open this art show on Dec 1, with the reception being on Dec 8. Create Here is having an event on the 8th called "24 hours on the Southside". We're not quite sure what it is, we just know we want to be featured. I say 'we' because it's Joel's idea. And a good one at that. I hope it works out, and I pray that I will get as much finished for Dec 1st as possible.

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October 17, 2007

2 lanes progress

2 lanes WIP.JPG

This composition is so incredibly pyschologically satisfying. It really scratches some kind of perceptual itch in my brain.---Greg Baus
Thanks Greg for my first wordy review

2 lanes progress.JPG

Ugh. Okay, I've been working with these pictures to make them look accurate and I just can't get it just right. But I wanted to show you what 3 hours looks like on this painting. Doesn't look like much does it? So next time your like, "whoa $400 for that!" Remember what 3 hours looks like on this little one. But of course all of my readers are such art enthusiasts that they don't question that. I'm almost done with this one, I have to go over it with puff paint and create some good lines. Then on to the triptych. And I think I might do a tutorial on the steps I take to do make these paintings and put it on my website. Lynn convinced me to do it. I mean if all these crafty moms can do tutorials for knitted felted appliqued mushroom and squirrel jumpers with matching socks, bonnets and a plushie to go with it, why can't I do one for a painting that only requires a few materials and no machines of any kind! Well, I take that back: a camera and a computer are good to show off your progress and to find and capture images. Personally I don't know what I'd do without either.

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October 12, 2007

Continuing the Series

Today's my 31st birthday. I'll celebrate with Joel tonight, somehow, gotta find a sitter. I wanted to have a party but with my grandfather's passing the memorial service and the hub-bub surrounding it takes top priority. And that's Ok. I can't say I"m not bummed just a little, but good grief, how can you really be selfish about this. I'm a big girl, I"m a 31 year old girl. Sheesh. Looking back at last year, I found out that I was accepted for Arts Move, that has been a killer present that gives over and over again.

I finished the "Oslo" Metro painting last night and after looking through my sources discovered it's actually Paris too. Oops. I mean it's Paris, it's beautiful and terribly photogenic. I do have a couple shots of Chattanooga and Oslo and another couple fun ones from NYC, Fort Worth TX, and Kansas City. I started another paris last night, and a triptych (!!!) of Oslo. I'm really excited about working on three small panels. Here's a picture of the two finished Paris pieces: Yellow Umbrella and Another Paris.

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October 8, 2007

Work in Progress: Oslo

This one is far from done, but sometimes I fall in love with in-between stages.

I'm so pooped from a busy (but happy) weekend, and I would love to get out my tub of acrylics and finish this one RIGHT NOW, but alas, I need to rest from art for a little while. That's silly, because I hardly ever do. Today at school I had to go over new concepts and that is never fun. I had to chew out "the tough kid" today. I am so close to sending her home. That's the nice thing about homeschoolers. There's no principal, just HOME. But it was a good day, no lulls of unplanning. I didn't have quite enough colored pencils though. I think we sharpened down half of the pencils just today. I am in full realization that we will not have enough money for this school year. I will have to get creative toward the end of the year. Damn, I hate that. Art is expensive, even for the thrifty. I have faith that God will make it work out.
It was wonderful seeing my highschoolers turn in lovely charcoal drawings. I also realize that I am not getting my point across to some students who do not do their homework, ever. I mean, if they do they always "leave it at home" Ummmm, that's not cool. I would love to be like, "Well, I was going to give you guys really awesome stuff to draw with today but I left it at home." No I don't do that, I overcome obstacles to get 15lb art history books, posters, piles of xeroxes, 500 pages of paper that I ordered from Dick Blick and two kids with all their stuff to school an hour early so I can make my students day good. Please, do your work, your old enough to read the assignment, good grief! You're old enough to drive. I don't believe your ADHD kept you from forgetting your homework 3 weeks in a row. I don't want to be mean. I want the parents to understand that I am a serious instructor. Science is important, so is math, so is ART! Grrrrrrrrrrr.
I'm done, I promise.
So this piece is the second one in my newest Metro series. It's of Oslo. It's not finished. I hope to finish it tonight, maybe. Then hopefully I'll get to make a panel one of these Thursdays and do a huge Paris Metro. Yummy, I can't wait.

snake chattanooga nature center kids 053.JPG
This is why this weekend was fun. My dad had a concert at Covenant this Saturday night. It's always good to hear him play. I can't help but sing along. I try to stop myself but I just can't. The other great thing was that Kirk got to play with him. I was just struck with the wonder and pride of my family. We're small but we're a force. We're all so creative. How did this happen? And we all work so hard. I realize that I had a very different childhood. And when I hear my dad sing everything from the 70's on, I feel I am listening to an artist statement. One that I grew up living. And when I experience folks that have different view of the arts I feel stunned, and I have to control my urge to call them wierd. As a working creative adult I feel I've carried a legacy of faith in Jesus Christ, a strong work ethic, and a desire to make skillful beautiful things. That's probably why my students tick me off when they don't do the work, and why I can't help but sing at the top of my lungs. I think Josiah and Eden will carry this too. They already show the signs.

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October 5, 2007

Yellow Umbrella

oct 07 038.jpg
Here's the first of the next series. I think it's done. I need to do some texture improvement, that's hard to do at midnight. It was cool to watch V for Vendetta and finish this piece. I love that movie. More to come!!

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October 4, 2007

The Metros are Back

oct 07 029.jpg
I'm painting Metros again. They are for a show in December. I hope to have one humungoid Metro on a panel I make with my neighbor. But until that panel is created, I'll be working on these sellable sizes. This first one is in Paris where the art deco Metro gates reside. They are lovely, I hope to see them in person someday. Ok I will paint now and not stare at this decrepid screen any longer.

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September 25, 2007

Luke's portrait

sept 07 286.jpg
This is finally done!!! I put it to the side when Clothesline started becoming prominent. Jennifer, Luke's mom, is probably one of my first patrons that actually started out as a patron! I really appreciate her admiration. This is now painting #4 she has requested! I also went in today (while the kids were eating Cheerios) and put a small puff painted beetle hidden in the background. I got out my lovely heavy gel medium and put some of my better stencils in the background too, so they're clear, but if you look closely you'll see the letters raised along the surface. It has "my child" and "family" and "yet not one of them is forgotten by God" stenciled around the sides. I must wrap up a few comissions before I get started on Metro's for my show in December. ACK! December! I am already procrastinating! Also I must send off 3 of my watercolor studies to a etsy-er in TX. Amen for cleaning house and selling off what you find!

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September 21, 2007

Cleaning House

sept 07 228.jpg
I realized yesterday that 3 to 4 days a week I do not see my boy all morning! That's really wierd to realize, but in a way it's great because his independance is more and more evident. My mom takes my kids on Thursday mornings to the CDM and I usually use the time to do some deep organization. There's only so much I can do with the kids in the house. Especially since our largest storage space is the closet in their room. I went to work on our office/guest room which is in a constant state of chaos. There have been boxes labeled "art papers" and I've wondered what was in them. So with my kids gone til almost 3 (wow was it worth it) I got my office back! Boxes were unpacked and broken down, things were moved other places and things were boxed for yard sale and the trash. I now have only 1 large Rubbermaid of fabric stuff, and 2 small Rubbermaids with photos in one and glues and chemicals in the other. Of course I still have my hutch that we've had since apartment one. I got 6 red dishpans to cover the clutter. I have one bin with watercolor stuff, another with acrylic stuff. I have a large green bin with frames and canvas boards, another bin with different papers for the computer. I have a Rubbermaid drawer with all the stencils I've used, and images I've used. It's come in handy since I am now painting the Be Still image for the third time! I still would like my birthday present to be a large cabinet from IKEA so my supplies are behind doors. I'd like this room to hold a bed, sometime.

In those "art papers" boxes I found a slew of watercolors from my watercolor class. This is not one of them. I painted this after. This is a father daughter that we knew in Atlanta. I loved how this part of the painting came out, but the other members of the family didn't work out so well. I"m thinking of cropping it and putting it on etsy. I have a lot of atmospheric studies that I did while we vacationed with the Perkins in Helen GA.
sept 07 218.jpg
sept 07 214.jpg
I might get these up on etsy too. There's a part of me that loves doing these studies because the illusion is so satisfying.I put a set of them up on my flickr. Check it out to see whole pieces, these are just details.

In other news I have been cramming to get a portrait done and I just cannot finish it. While looking at the portraits of Josiah and Eden I know why I'm not satisfied with it, I just dread attacking it one again. I just want it to be done! I need the cash-o-la! It'll come together, I just went to bed feeling sick about it.

But here's something I'm very giddy about! My friend Michelle who went to KSU with me has sent me her promo packet to show the Hollis Gallery. I hope that I can get her a show because this new work is soooo cool! Joel bought me one of her faces for Christmas last year, and I love having a piece of hers. Pray that we can get her up here!
LAZY EYE-1.jpg

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September 12, 2007

Planning the Projects

sept 07 163.jpg
Now that one of the most exhausting art shows of my life is over it's time to get back to it and start planning. Today Josiah went to school and I covered some bases. I went to Niedlov's and got paid for a commission. Thank you Dottie! Another fan of Be Still! Then Eden and I walked down to Hollis and filled out some simple paperwork. It was cool talking to Sandi and getting a feel for what needs to be created for my December show. She left the opportunity for an opening reception totally open to me, so of course I'll sick Joel on that for a great idea. Hollis also has November open for a show and Joel and I are trying to think what we can do to help Sandi fill that gap. Hmmmm, any ideas? My Metro I piece sold at Hollis during the Gallery Hop, and that rocks. The Metros seem to be the pieces that I will shoot for for December. So plan to see some more mini metros and at least one large Metro to go in the front window. Mmmmm, nice.
sept 07 162.jpg
Jan and Roger my next door neighbors have a wonderful space in the same building as Foodworks in North Chatt. They are some of the nest neighbors we could have asked for. They are grandparents themselves and very easy going about the kids. We're pretty close to feeling like we could leave the kids with them for short periods. Anyway, we went over to their space where they offered us beers and gave us a tour. They have a loading dock, a place to pour cement, and a mini kitchen. Jan showed us her beloved mitre saw and offered it whenever we might need it. She offered me space to paint if I needed to do something large (say a really large Metro painting). She offered space if my paintings are in the way. She offered to help me patch canvases that have been punctured. She offered to teach Joel and I how to make panels. Like I said, these great neighbors to have.
sept 07 152.jpg
I plan to continue to make watercolors and have them ready for the Chattanooga Market, and if nothing else they will definately be on Etsy. Whatever is left from Clothesline is now on Etsy. Including the Mini Metro: Bus Stop, Fawning, and 5 watercolor and ink studies. I will be making more beetles, more watercolor pods and maybe summore bunnies.
sept 07 164.jpg
And then of course, I have to think of what I'm going to teach all these students I have. That's for another time.

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September 10, 2007

Post Show Lull

sept 07 069.jpg
The balloons have deflated, show cards flop off the wall, empty lemonade cups litter Laura's house and Cat and Suzanne work into thr night balancing the books. Thanks to all of you that come out and showed us love at Our Clothesline Show. I still am in AWE of how much we sold. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that God showered our art show with so much love and blessing. I am truly overwhelmed. *sniff*. God is Sooooo GOOD!! I have been praying for a miracle for our finances as we trudge through our debt due to the Marietta house we worked on and finally sold this spring. We are taking the sacrificing steps in order to throw money at our debt. One of those steps was honored by those of you that bought my work personally. But I also am thankful for all my talented friends like Jen, Cat, Amber, Kelly (to name just a few) who needed this financial blessing as well. We all worked so hard and overcame great obstacles to make brand new work. We had so many other women who were interested in this effort because it's very inspiring and motivating to have so many other women of the same lifestyle and life purpose challenging you to produce. I didn't come home with that much! Art, that is. I came home with 6 pieces out of 23? I think? Pretty hot!
sept 07 111.jpg
I also had a few pieces at the Hollis Gallery for the Gallery Hop here in Chattanooga. I sold one, possibly two pieces! The killer of the gallery is that you give 50% to the gallery. I do like Hollis, and I look forward to December when I will have a larger show there. After this wonderful event this past weekend, I have a better feel for what I need to produce for my December show.
sept 07 059.jpg
Joel is already planning the next "quick show", he calls it. Funny to me after he spent practically 3 days with the kids without me around. And that's no small feat. It was exhilerating and exhausting doing Clothesline, and I didn't do the dirty work!
sept 07 098.jpg
"Figure with Cup" by Trish Rhudy
Teaching today was another act of God's grace. My class of 15 was quieter, worked harder, and produced beautiful drawings. They make me nervous, mostly because of the size of the class. I have such a strong desire to teach them all the in's and out's about art, sometimes I feel like I'm speaking a foreign language. But all in all I"m glad that the business is over and I can sit and watch Battlestar Galatica on my new $40 DVD player, man it's skinny!

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September 9, 2007

Job well done

sept 07 082.jpg
sept 07 078.jpg
sept 07 074.jpg
We're having a really great time and we're selling alot. And when I say we, I mean ME TOO! We're so blessed, so very very blessed. God has anointed this art show and made it a sweet gift to everyone involved. I can't thank people enough. More fun to come...

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September 7, 2007

Tomato Treasure

sept 07 051.jpg
Here's the last one for Clothesline. I was up til 1:30, it's called Tomato Treasure. I got to enjoy the first tomato off of my plant last night. It was very good. We're all very excited about Clothesline and look forward to seeing all of you there. I hope I can make it to the reception on time tonight!

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September 5, 2007

We'll name him Fynn

sept 07 035.jpg
sept 07 033.jpg
Since I've been on this little creature kick in my artwork, I start asking Josiah and Eden what they see. They usually can tell. But today I asked Josiah what this bunny should be named. The other bunnies I've painted have names: Brownie and Cookie. Those beautiful buns are so photogenic and I'm sure I'll paint them over and over. I'm not sure what the name of this one is, and the thought of browsing flickr for his picture is not a great use of my time right now. So Josiah looked at him and said, "We'll call him Phineas, like baby Phineas" Josiah isn't very random with names. He pretty much uses the names that he's heard already. Funny that Phineas is a name he's heard enough to repeat. So we'll call him Fynn. Because I like that spelling, and it gives some homage to poor speckeled and sick Phineas. We're praying for you little buddy!

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September 1, 2007

a great big splat

When preparing for Clothesline I have this rabid feeling that I have to create more and more art. I told Joel last night, "I just can't stop making art!" he grins at me knowingly and says,"Good!!" He's my greatest cheerleader. This little beetle was purely a reference for the other beetles I've recently created, but wouldn't you know, he snuck into my collection anyway. Trying out watercolors gives me a whole new sense of what I love. I love putting a huge blob of watery inky stuff and puffing on it really fast to get the color to move where it will really fast! It usually ends up being a happy surprise how it turns out! Seeing colors bleed into one another is awesome, the art takes on a mind of it's own. The pencil, something I only seem to use during my art classes these days, comes back to me so I can trace out the body of these creatures, produce perfect circles as I trail around a lid or bottle. The frenzy to create is like an addiction. I fear I will abandon my children to it one day. What's the worst that happens? Maybe the table gets painted on when I don't want it to. A drip or three on my hardwoods. My brushes get used as ninja spears for a moment before I snatch them and tuck them away again and again. It's a little bit sad every time I have to put away my art supplies. I know I would love a studio. It's not even close to being financially possible right now.
Clothesline is this week!! I know we are all excited, and I just hope I don't have too much of the post show blues when it's all over. Joel and I are already talking about getting a booth for the Chattanooga Market. I am very pleased that I also have the Hollis Show in December to work for. I would love to start some larger pieces for that show as soon as the Clothesline buzz has worn off.

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August 30, 2007

A saw a sign

sign1 copy.JPG
Look for these signs around town! If you have a business that would like to advertise the Clothesline Show leave a comment or email us at our clothesline. I'm pleased to use this image as so many of you loved it. And we got this batch of signs for free!

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August 27, 2007


aug 07 266.jpg
Oh dear, little Deer. It's hard to find time to rest. But taking a little breather as I look at you makes me remember that I am able to take a pause and dance with some colors and lines. See you at the Clothesline Show!
aug 07 263.jpg

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August 22, 2007

too many words to speak

SPC pattern, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon again for the Self Portrait Challenge and give you this pattern contrast. The shirt I"m wearing is an old school Gap shirt that is a wonderful breeze of microfiber-like stretchy stuff. It's perfect for these hot days when you don't want to bear all. The painting behind me is the mural done at AVA for the celebration of the Market Street opening. It's a happy thing to have behind me as I sit at AVA.

I am so filled with things to discuss from my first day of teaching. What a mind-bender. I feel like a shaking little leaf up there pretending to be an adult. Aren't we all just 15 years old trying to be grown up? It is totally exhilerating and terrifying at the same time. Mostly I hope that these kids like what I"m teaching them, that it makes sense and that I can follow some sort of order. I got 2 hugs from a couple high school students, who have been waiting for someone to have at art class for high schoolers. My second class was a sweet little class of 4 kids 3rd and 4th graders. They were full of stories and ideas. They faithfully did their warm-ups in a concentrated silence. My third class was 14 4th-6th graders. This was the class that worried me. We didn't have enough table space for everyone. But thankfully, the kids were obedient, they loved the idea of an "art experience" and asked me all kinds of questions regarding what would count as an "art experience. Basically, I want all my students to go out and see art and respond to it. I'm glad my tween-ager class loved this idea. I want to make sure that these kids are challenged with each drawing project we do. I want the highschoolers to be prepared for other art classes they might have in the future, I want the parents to see how academic art can be and also be really fun. I also want my superiors to be so happy and proud of these art classes that they want to offer more art in the future. Like ceramics, oil painting, sculpture and woodworking even. I loved one of the questions I got from one of my high school students, "So, how did you meet all these friends of yours that make art?" I explained kinda where the people I mentioned were connected to me, but now that I have more time to think about it, it's by the grace of God that I know these people. The encouragement, stimulus, community they have given me throughout my life is invaluable and I wouldn't trade it for a million friends with money to burn.
In other news, I trucked around with the kids today to various places advertizing Clothesline.

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August 20, 2007


aug 07 224.jpg
Work in Progress for the Clothesline Show. Must rest, long day at school and teachers meeting tonight.

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August 13, 2007

itching in my fingers

aug 07 194.jpg
The Great Artworks I've created this weekend are for the love of educating children. I see myself pointing to these charts and holding them up while explaining what they are. I'm excited about getting the first day over with. That's in a week, and there are many conversations I need to have with myself, imagining that class before me and what I will say. There must be a day of rummaging through my mom's and grandma's things finding still life objects to store for my students to draw over and over again. It makes them so beautiful to be celebrated.
aug 07 195.jpg
But with urgency I spin through the last few things that need to be done for Clothesline. I have found a solution for stickers. Print the damn things myself. So the stickers need to be printed & placed, the addresses need to be finalized and placed, the suckers need to get mailed! After that's done I'll breathe a little easier, so I think. Of course, I always think of doing everything myself. It's just not the way God made it to be. Thankfully, the women that I am in the Clothesline with our trustworthy and share my urgency. So why do I have nerves jumbling when I pace the aisles at Target? Because I can't drag the kiddies everywhere. And boy-o-boy did they remind me today. It's always nice to run into Amber and Oliver though. It makes my mommy brow unfurrow.
aug 07 196.jpg
When I'm home and the afternoon is hot and quiet (accept for the humm of the bulldozers and the knocking of hammers here and there) I examine my plants and sigh that I forgot to get food for them. It's too hard to nuture so many things. And I have the sniffles that make my head feel a little swollen. I am happy to be so busy. Happy to clean off my dining room table and load it with brushes, tubs of paint, stacks of well loved images, splattery rags just for that one little piece of art that I must sell so badly. Getting cash out today for Aldi just made me think how I can't wait til September to sell, I need to sell NOW! God's timing is perfect and I can't be greedy. The opportunities I have this fall are great and they will overflow my creative cup so nicely. Money will come and bills get paid. The buggy at Aldi was more bare than I'd like (I really wanted that lined wicker laundry basket for $6.99), but that's the price of this time of year. Fees and supplies, plant food, glassine envelopes and clear stickers. A room filled with the evidence that I am a jack of all trades. Oh for a wardrobe to Narnia, where there might be many square acres of room to build a studio to keep all this stuff!

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August 10, 2007

the well tended soil

aug 07 169.jpg
Because of a whole morning without my kids yesterday (thanks Mom!!) I was able to knock out not only some well needed house cleaning/organizing I got two paintings done yesterday!!
aug 07 156.jpg
This Mini-Metro isn't quite finished, but it's pretty well done. These will be at your next Clothesline Show at the Sessions House.

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August 7, 2007

the new attempts

aug 07 091.jpg
aug 07 108.jpg
aug 07 111.jpg

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August 6, 2007

to the wire

july 07 264.jpg
It's August and my calendar is filled with days for preparation and production. The parent-teacher day at HHL is on the 17th and there is much paperwork to be done for classes. I also have to gather still-life objects for drawing in class. If there is stuff you'd like to donate for a still-life table please leave a comment and let me know! Things like dried flowers, seashells, figures/figurines, interesting jars, mugs, vases, gourds, candlesticks, small boxes, cylinders etc... This could be a great way to get rid of those ugly wedding presents that just collect dust waiting for you to use them (hehehe).
I also would like to find some posters of artist work. I have some Matisse and some Egon Schiele. It's just finding them that's the problem. I may ask AVA for some former show posters, that's a hot resource.
The Clothesline Show at the Sessions House is quickly approaching. I need to get the last few submissions to local papers. The art cards came before I left for the beach and they look great! The only problem is that we need to make stickers that have the artists names listed. Mark Cooley gave me a great name of a printer on the Northshore, I just have to get all the specs from them. I also have to produce ART! This past week at the beach I brought my watercolors along. I wanted to make some quick more affordable pieces of art for the Clothesline, and practice my water coloring so I can teach it this next semester. I got a things accomplished. I finished a watercolor version of Be Still. It's a great image, I gotta say. I also am working on some watercolor pod paintings. Watercolor is so nice, but displaying them is harder. I'll have to get matt board to mount them on. The Mini-Metros I'm doing are promising either in acrylic or watercolor. The one at the top is the latest. Wish me luck as I make these next two weeks count! If anyone out there would like to spend some time with Josiah and/or Eden let me know, I'd love for them not to suffer through boring errands these next couple weeks.

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July 22, 2007


march07 281.jpg
Hit the New Eyes Shop, there's a sale happenin' RIGHT NOW-ow -ow -ow-www.

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July 18, 2007

I am mostly crazy

july 07 120.jpg
I think that when a week or more of vacation is breathing down your neck that sweet sweet smell of sand and ocean things become very heavy to think about. My to-do list is getting very long since I will be gone for 8 days.

First of all before vacation I am finally getting my kids vaccinations caught up. I have to find Eden's immunization record. Ugh. I find that vacation as a deadline is good in this department. I don't look forward to it.

Our bikes are broken. Joel's needs a part and mine is a mystery as of yet. So I need generous friends to have spare time, or I need to go to Suck Creen Cycle, like yesterday. I also have to find the thingy that holds the bike trailor on the bike, and the cover to protect the kids from flinging dirt.

I need to get clothes together for Mary's clothing swap tommorrow night. This is not necessary, but it will be fun!

I need to order some stickers for the Clothesline cards with the actual participating artists on it, I hope it will be just a little bit cool. I also have to follow up on about 4 or 5 publications for the Clothesline press release.

I need to take 11, yes that's right, 11 pieces of art for slides this week. I have that offer from Hollis which is not quite as daunting as I thought. I realized that the Metro paintings were not at the Hollis Show, YEAH! That means I have two pieces of merit to send right away! Whew. They need several images by Aug 1, and a few pieces for Sept 8. They need at least 6 pieces for the December show. I, I, I think I can do that.

I have to continue to prepare for teaching in the fall. There is the Cirriculum Fair at Camp Jordan on Friday and Saturday. I am going to go and make an appearance. I have 15 elementary students in my afternoon class, the Hilgers will open up another section to accomidate more, and possible move some in the second section so I'll have smaller classes. I have 5 high schoolers in the morning class. I went and took inventory of the art supplies at HHL and now I have a better idea what to use the supply fee for. It did help me to do this, I an scratch a few things off the shopping list. The supplies need to be approved and ordered. I also need to integrate exciting/fun/seasonal projects in with the regular lessons. I want the younger students to have some freedom. And then, of course, I need to plan each lesson. I love this challenge but it makes me feel very nervous.

I want, I need to paint. My mom has offered a day a week to watch the kids so I can paint. I am thrilled with the opportunities I have, and in order to keep myself relivant I must continue to create. Thanks for your encouragement blog-world.

july 07 142.jpg
Here's my next portrait, Luke, Jennifer's boy. I just started it so this is just s snippet.

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July 17, 2007

mini marathon

july 07 137.jpg
After a hearty get together with many heady ideas we wrapped up more steps for the Clothesline. It was great to have Amber and Amy there, our representatives for fine craft. I think the borders are fading between fine art and fine craft, and I'd like that to be evident with the Clothesline Show. Yesterday I was compulsively checking my yahoo email (because that's my art contact address) and I got an email from the art director for Hollis Gallery. If y'all don't remember I showed with them about 2 years ago. They're featuring new, fresh art throught the fall and I will show there in December! Yeah! But here's the problem. They need a buncha images by August 1st and for Sept 8th they need work for the gallery hop! GULP. All my new work will be at the Clothesline Show! It's the same weekend! That means I'm either giving up a great opportunity or I'm working my ass off. Hmmmm, which one will I choose. And I'll be teaching. Some of these dilemas are good, I have really enjoyed doing childrens portraits, but this will force me to make art for everyone. So here's my first affordable little Mini Metro: Phonecall. It's 6x6 and I hope to do a few of them. And I have my eye on a fawn, more bunnies, and maybe another beetle.

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July 12, 2007

Eliana is finished

july 07 107.jpg

july 07 109.jpg

july 07 110.jpg

july 07 111.jpg

Thanks again for all your encouraging words! I am finally finished, I was doing a marathon stretch on this one. The house went unswept, the dinners were late, the children were sometimes not so well supervised, and of course I stayed up til 1am. I pulled out every trick in the book to make this composition work and I can finally look at it without feeling ill. The movement is better, the colors are more unified and the main subject is where your eye wants to be. I enjoy looking at this one, it was a battle but I won and I'm very satisfied. I think it's time to get some slides made.

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July 10, 2007


july 07 081.jpg
Well, I am pretty sensitive about this one, but I am willing to share it's progress. Ever so often there is a piece I'm working on that I struggle with so much technically that I have to pray to Jesus to help me get it right. I mean he gave me the skill to begin with, I need His help to work through every bit. I admit I"ve gotten lazy with this one. I started off with gusto and had a purpose and then got so distracted and this piece was the false start piece to a whole theme I had in my brain then. Now, I have a new theme in mind, but this piece is very important to me. I love the text of the song my dad wrote about adoption, and as much as I dread it, I'm going to have to cut out more stencils to finish this piece. I need to do less doodling in the negative space and put more text in. Because folks, adoption needs to be depicted poetically in verse and in imagery. So if you must critique I can't stop you because I'm posting this photo on the blasted www, but know that whatever you think about it, I"ve probably thought about 20x already. So soak in what you like and look past the unfinished-ness, I'm still chomping my nails on this one. It's like hard to concentrate sometimes thinking about how I will problem solve this one. I had a hard time in church last night, I was flustered about this piece of art, go figure.

The things I do like:
1. Eliana, I love how that worked out, it's nice
2. The hammock that arches from left to right, yeah its a hammock
3. The stenciled letters
4. some of the florals

The things that need work:
1. The blue Sara needs to have her lower body represented, somehow
2. Some color somewhere needs to be toned down
3. I need to put more text possibly across the blue Sara
4. I need to single out the snapshot portrait without being overly crisp.

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July 6, 2007

Returned to Sell

july 07 056.jpg

july 07 053.jpg
Two little pieces returned from the Pink! Show unsold. Boo Hoo, but good for you! They're back in my Etsy shop and they need a home. Of course, you could just wait until the Clothesline, but that's just too far away isn't it?

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July 3, 2007

Back to Work

july 07 046.jpg
I know these shots are a little bit of a tease, but I have been working. First of all, I'm kinda embarrassed that I have had the portrait of Eliana and Sara sitting around waiting for me to finish less profound projects, like.....rabbits. But I am going to finish this portrait very soon!
july 07 047.jpg
I have been adding some fun floral patterns to the negative space and it will freshen up this piece to help me work. I'm still struggling with basic portrait problems. I will conquer them though!!

july 07 048.jpg
And then, there's Luke, the next portrait. I'm finally getting to it Jennifer! I thought end of May would be less busy. tee hee. I love the close up view, I will enjoy his blond wispy hair that close up!

And for Paige and other folks who love to see dancing kids, check out the videos below!

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June 22, 2007

Summer in Paint

june 07 155.jpg

june 07 156.jpg

june 07 165.jpg
They're coming along, they love their bright surroundings. I just can't seem to keep them inside very long. They really love sitting on the porch, I'd love to think it's the pleasant summer temps we've had, but it's the plants I know. They're waiting for the tomatoes to turn up.

Thanks for all the input on the two card prototypes. Seems like my faithful readers and viewers seem to like both cards equally! I do like them both, but the reason I even created a second card is that I wanted something a little less conservative. But the decision will be mine with the help of all of you, if you haven't put in your 2 cents, don't hold back! I love seeing everyone come out of the woodowork!

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June 15, 2007

Get Ready for greatness!

Clothesline2 cardA copy lg.JPG
We're planning again, so get ready to join us on the night of all gallery hopping, stop and see us all weekend! Sept 7-9 check out Our Clothesline for more info, and even though it's slow going, I'm trying to get this in every....single...publication. You'll see alot of us!

**And in case you're at all confused, the Pettit's house is historically called the Sessions House on the historical registry. Laura is finding out more info for me as I have many a press release to accomidate. And what so y'all think of the image? I basically just enhanced a photo of the house. We're going for the house this time because too many artists are involved for a mulit pic card. I'd love some notes. I plan on making a few more prototypes.

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June 11, 2007

What will it become?

june 07 073.jpg
In hopes of getting three pieces of art finished and framed and to Travis in Atlanta by the 18th I have my latest piece.
june 07 070.jpg
It's fascinating how this one turned out. I'm still getting used to it, but I do love it. I hope some happy bidders will too!

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June 3, 2007

Join with the creatures

june 07 014.jpg
Remember these guys! It's Brownie and Cookie! I have been putting some layers on them and Cookie's fuzzy face still needs some work. But I love sitting in the space in between my couch and my dining table where I have an easel and a table so I can be with my family and paint too. I did already splat the floor with paint yesterday. Thank goodness for acrylics, water and lots of papertowels!

june 07 016.jpg
Working on a few pinky pods for the Pink! show in ATL. Can't wait to see what the butterfly wings turn into!

june 07 019.jpg
I also have a portrait to do, I hafta get the right size canvas for it, but Luke's face is up there on my to-do's.

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May 29, 2007

Happy Photo Accident

may07 240.jpg
I love this picture, quite a happy accident. I wanted a quick shot of Eden in her new suit. Although you can't see any of the fun brightness in this shot, it's still a beautiful and eery (almost) kinda picture. I am thankful for my redheads, such a fun surprise. And it makes color accent pictures turn out so pretty. You can see Eden in full color on my flickr.

And thanks again and completely to our Lola for her present of a hammock that we have just now found a perfect home for.
may07 244.jpg

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May 11, 2007

Popped Out Bird

may07 166.jpg
Getting ready for the Clothesline. The Beetle Pod is sold already, but my lovely patron wants it to be in the show. Thanks Jennifer! I have discovered that it is necessary for me to take breaks from my many phone calls about this and that and kick back with my husband, watch a movie, make a little bit of art, and then fall asleep on the couch. This little bird is turning out nice, it's almost finished and then maybe, just maybe I'll stop until I'm in my house. Probably not.

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May 3, 2007

Ticking Clock

may07 019.jpg
I drove down to Marietta Tuesday night and stayed and met 2 freecyclers, the dishwasher repairman, the carpet cleaners, and the movers for an estimate. Whew! It was alot of standing around and waiting. But it ws relaxing as well. Of course Mom and Joel paid for it while I was gone. Josiah hurt his foot doing...I dunno, somethin'. And Eden didn't sleep very well. Joel told me last night as we drifted off to sleep that he was glad I was back because, "someone hs to be the Mama" I guess that's me!

It's hard for me to go back and forth from the old life to the new. There are things about living in the ATL that are hard to leave behind. The stores are better. My thrift store pulled though again as I found 3 shirts, 2 skirts, and 2 pairs of shoes for Eden for less than $5! Nice. I miss the smooth roads. I miss the adventure. I mean because Atlanta is so big, there is no telling how or what you'll run into. I met so many cool people, went to so many interesting festivals, concerts and parks. In Chattanooga the joys are different. Running into people I know from all walks of life all...the....time. My childhood and my kids childhood is colliding on a regular basis. What's nice is that the folks at church are new relationships that begin now, when I'm 30 years old.

I got to swing by my new house on the way back from Marietta last night. The plumber was there putting a faucet on. I got to sneak in and browse around. The faucet was awesome!! Because we requested this certain granite it didn't come with a hole for the sprayer thing, so instead we got a fancy faucet where the sprayer is the front of the main faucet! It looks like the Starship Enterprise is flying out of my sink! Pretty fancy. I really feel amazingly blessed. I mean, I know I'm paying for it big-time, but I feel a smidge like Extreme Home Make-over because it's getting done the way we like it! The mirrors in the bathrooms are round and oval. The light fixtures we chose are so great. Man, I'm ready to live there now!

I was able to go to IKEA and get some frames for the pieces I've done for the Clothesline Show. Check out the clothesline blog for special features I'm writing on some of the artists that will be in the show!
may07 012.jpg

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April 28, 2007

Glutten for punishment

New Bunnies in progress, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Just when I told myself I wasn't going to paint a larger painting right before I move I have. I just can't shove these little beauties onto a small canvas! This means that in order to discipline myself to finish this one I'm going to hafta listen to my favorite cable shows instead of watch them. If I had some great new music maybe I could just kick back with TV off and listen to new tunes, but alas our Napster subscription ran out. The fancy Zen Joel got for Christmas collects dust since we have not a cent to dedicate to the music. Where is the love, huh? Anyway, I have no idea what the next weeks will bring besides the exit of the old and the bringing in of the new. The Cooleys made it into their new place last weekend and I'm already planning the get togethers and kid swapping. When I am in my new place I will not be scouting out a studio spce right away, oh no! Not this mama. I have very little time to spend away from the homefront. I need to be able to put pasta on and throw paint around at the same time. So my dining room table (that we scored for $10) is a little bit marred from artist abuse rather than just faux distressing. That's alright by me. As much as I love nice things, they just won't stay nice very long in my house. The grass will grow back.
When I'm sitting at my spotchy dining table, easel parked next to it, I will be able to paint, make dinner, converse with husband and children, and watch the construction guys finish Phase 3 of Jefferson Heights.
For this prequel to the busy life, I will depict Brownie and Cookie again, with great joy. Their friendly gaze will bring me delight since there is no weight to their watching, just gladness in creation. Creatures that hide some sort of mystery that God whispers to us through fuzzy paws, floppy ears and marble smooth eyes. Stay tuned.

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April 26, 2007


april07 224.jpg
When you are painting critters over and over again you get kinda tired of the same old thing. We'll see how this trippy pink thing turns out, I kinda like it.

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April 25, 2007


april07 206.jpg
I finished my Beetle Pod, now I just hafta make it down to IKEA to get a frame for it. I'd love to hang it at the Clothesline if it doesn't sell before then. I've been looking at the calendar trying to see what needs to get accomplished before we close on our new house. There's going to be lots of babysitting and trips before it's all said and done. My mom and dad are giving of themselves so much so that we can accomplish stuff in peace. It will be quite a blessing, especially for my marriage. It's amazing how quickly a tiny problem becomes a reason for marriage counseling when the kids are underfoot. I have an amazing praise to report: seems the home inspector for our old house in Marietta has found no problems except that the dishwasher doesn't work. Amazing!! After all the "uh-ohs" and "oh-no's" and "I-dunno-Ma'am's" it seems all those workers opinions didn't seem to matter in the end. We have restored that house to a point that it is pretty and comfortable. And I am praising God that the inspector didn't find anything else that we have to fix. The diswasher is a drop in the bucket compared to roofs, porches, chimney's etc. We have not a single dime left to put into this house. We are squeaking into our new home by the skin of our teeth. God just keeps bringing us little bits of money and it comes from my art sales. Little by little. I want to say thanks to you all who have waited until this spring to buy pieces of art. God has given you the desire because this artist needs the money now more than ever. And of course, you need art more than ever (wink). I hope to get a few more pods worked on before my brother and his family come in a couple weeks. Cuz by that time, it's time to pack it up and move it all.

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April 19, 2007


april07 173.jpg
Here's my groovy little bird pair. Super fun and decorative! I'm not sure if I feel that it;s done, but I might put it in my etsy shop anyway.

I'd love to post some pictures of the kids and the fun things we've been doing. But between Uncle Sam and the Clothesline Show postcard I've had no time to blog. I have to exorcise my computer of this new strange Adobe Photo Manager that makes it more difficult to resize pics. I love this one setting on my camera, but it makes huge pictures! I just haven't had the time to figure all that junk out.

But some things that are in the works (besides buying and selling of homes) are a new pod series. These pods are made from hardwood floor blocks from my new house! Pretty neato. I'd like to do more beetles on these blocks. And I have a few sales to report! Becky will be buying my Metro III. It's a lovely painting and Becky has been persuing my art for awhile. It's great to have fans!! Jennifer B. is the lucky owner of the Beetle, for her boy Luke, and she will also be getting Garden Blessing. And I will have the wonderful assignment of painting Luke's portrait. God is good to give me some business these days. Thanks blogland!

And I"m dying to paint a wasp....

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April 18, 2007

How many artist's does it take to get to the Tootsie roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

clothesline 2 copy.JPG
clothesline backside copy.JPG

ELEVEN! ARGH! I'm done! It's too much, almost gaudy, but everyone is included. Next time, it's gonna be simple. Now, should we start a blog?? Because I need something else to do.

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April 14, 2007

Finished:Not finished

april07 128.jpg
The Beetle is finished and will hang in Luke's room....

april07 135.jpg
The Bird Pair is not finished, the flowers and leaves look like skeletons, but soon.

Thanks for all your well wishes for the Normal auction. I sold my Clover with Pods and my Red Berry-Yellow Bird. We'll see how much they went for, I'm not sure how many bids. I'll just await a happy check. So my bird stash is low, this bird pair needs to get finished.

Four Bridges is next weekend and I"m off to work for AVA today. We'll see how much they need me. Might be all weekend! It'll be different to serve the artists instead of be one, but I do really like it. It'll be nice to make others shine. I love festivals, they make you feel so high. I hope that working there is almost as great as being in the festival. Come on down! I've seen some of the emerging artists and a couple are pretty awesome!

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April 12, 2007

To Normal

april07 127.jpg
At the last minute I've been invited to participate at Normal School's Art Auction. I always kinds hesitate to do these things because you have to mark down your work to a level where people will bid on it and hold your breath that it will sell well enough to pay for itself. Even though it was last minute, I felt really good about this. And walking into Normal School convinced me. What a amazing little place. Jellyfish made from deli containers hanging from the ceiling. A fountain in the front hall and a large aquarium full of swimming turtles. I knew I could bring the kids with me and it would be a friendly place. The staff hanging the show was so nice and very appreciative. It was awesome to see some of Lisa Norris' stuff and Judy Condon's work. I definately made the right choice! It would be awesome to see everything I brought sell tonight. I put Jana, Jerah, Reception 3, Metro 3, Clover w/ Pods and Red Berry-Yellow Bird.

april07 125.jpg
Here's the Beetle , he's almost done, I think. I love the paint pen detailing. I'm getting really hooked on it.

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April 11, 2007


clothesline card copy.JPG
Here's the proof of the art show postcard I did. We're having a lovely gathering at Laura Pettit's house and we will fill her home with art. Some hanging on lines, some on walls. All women, all the time. It'll be fun and it'll be two full days. Come and enjoy some casual art browsing. Laura's home is pretty enough to wander through.

And if you are curious to read my course descriptions for the classes I'll teach next year you can continue the reading.... so glad I can chill for a couple minutes and and have a midnight snack.

Continue reading "checkmarks"

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March 31, 2007

Quite a Gift

WIP birdie hat, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I had to share a photo of one of my fun works-in-progress, my bird hat. I'm going to finish it out the same way I do my paintings, paint pen and all. But I wore it around with just the stencil for a while getting the idea to soak into my head. I wore it, also, just long enough to not be able to sell it. Well, I practice on this one and I got another one that's blank ready to be the next little canvas.
I just wanted to thank everyone who came down to see me at Art Moves on Main yesterday. Can you believe the turn out?? It was awesome. And Joel was moaning that morning that "it's not even in the paper!" Sorry for those I didn't get to talk to, but I think I probably talked to more friends than future clients. Not that my friends don't buy, I got a few of those out there too. I got tired of explaining the space to everyone. There is not way I could possibly afford one of those lofts. One of those lofts is almost twice the cost of my house in Jefferson Heights! I'm hoping my house value will catch up real soon. I sold my Yellow Bird Pod yesterday. Awesome, that's $40 I didn't have yesterday, I could pay my baby sitter! I also got a commission, we'll see if it comes through. I wish that I had more large work to show. It's really hard for me to be resigned to all the birds I've been painting! I would feel super great if I could paint some more medium size pieces of rabbits like Good Morning and Cookie. Maybe kids and bunnies and birds? That sounds too much like a Target Easter catalogue ad.
But I was encouraged. Joel tells me it's always good to show my work no matter how old or new. It was great to see Daniel and the whole Coptix crew (did they just come for the MGD?). And Henry was great to see, sweeping the floor for me with his chubby hands, they came up black.
Being the putz that I am, I did not get to see the other artists work. Dude, I didn't even make it to see all the sculptures! I was admiring the dress from afar. So pretty, I can't get over it.
I am so encouraged about my community. The group of women I met with on Thursday night remind me that there is something important about showing. Just showing, Those of you who don't show your work anywhere, not even it the humblest of places you need to, there is no excuse. You need to hear what the huddled masses have to say about your art. And as much as I put my art all over the www, you have to have people see your work in person, pixels don't cut it. I can't tell you how many times people have said, "It's so good to see it in real-life". It's true, the brushstrokes, the texture, your own zoom lense (your legs) these things are important to those people that will admire your art with great sincerity and not just out-click it. This will give people the experience of talking to an artist and seeing who you really are. This will give people that awkward growing feeling of telling others how this art "makes them feel". And as an artist, I would not improve if I did not have people seeing, talking, commenting on my work. I have a long way to go, and after every show I have, I have to decompress and take in what I've been told. It's important, have I stressed it enough?
Well, I'm here at AVA today and the huddled masses are drifting through my door in small singles and doubles. Not very impressive I must say. But I'm glad to be here, again, to talk to people about art. And to sit my tired ass down! After a day of art frenzy and then Joel's joyful 30th birthday party, I'm beat. Poor Joel, he gets to take our tired kids to a big kiddie birthday party today. He'll get his day of rest and basketball tommorow.
Happy Birthday to my mom and my grandma (who's 92 today). I love you beautiful women. My grandma has a bird shirt of her own to wear and celebrate spring.

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March 26, 2007

New Bird, wouldn't cha know

march07 278.jpg
I finished this green and yellow beauty last night. I like it, its different and I hope to finish off all my birds for Friday's artist reception on Main St with pretty paper backing and a ribbon to hang them by.
march07 245.jpg
And my "Welcome Little Pink" is in my shop, check it out!

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March 23, 2007

Welcome a little pink

march07 223.jpg
When I looked at this little bird at 11:30 last night he looked finished, now that the daylight has come I'm thinking he needs some cleaning up. As I sit painting this little guy I'm thinking, "Why am I painting birds and rabbits??" I mean, I did sit down and write a statement about it but I really desire to have some serious work coming out of me. I have discovered that that deep work that comes out takes a lot of time, alot of concentration of emotion, mental process and overall inability to do anything else (including making dinner and washing dishes). I'm not quite at that point. I beat myself up that I haven't finished the Eliana adoption piece yet (what is my problem!!!!) but I shouldn't approach it with such pressure. I should enjoy these spring days and painting birds and rabbits is OK. I would like to finish Eliana for next weekend. I will have my art up at the new and under construction Soho Lofts on Main Street. There will be wine and a charming young man named Joel Knutson to meet and greet. Yeah, I'll be there too being my nervous self. That's Friday March 30th 3:30-5PM. I need to meet with Helen from Allied Arts to check out the space and see how I feel about how much art to bring.

I'm so warmed by the work happening for the St. Elmo playground. Seeing as I grew up around the corner from the Rec Center, and that building was the first place I ever voted. I voted for Clinton (eep!) I don't think I played there very often, I was more of a bike riding kid.

It's a wonderful welcome to spring to have the downtown of Chattanooga blossoming with sculpture and fresh store fronts and to see my old neighborhood get an awesome place to play.
march07 225.jpg

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March 16, 2007

Clover and Pods

march07 157.jpg
Is this done? I dunno. Whether it is or not, it's in my shop! Maybe I'll stare at it a couple days and see if I think it needs any help. This is an experiment in flatness for me. I tried to mke this bunny look less flat but to no avail. And really it looks cool anyway. I really love the clover motif, I hope this midnight bunny has a nice much on those crazy geometric red clover leaves. I think next bunny I do I will use a bigger canvas. I enjoyed getting the whole rabbit in there. This clover patch needs to be varnished and then it's ready for a new home! Buy it here or check it out on my new etsy mini on the sidebar!
march07 153.jpg

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March 15, 2007

The slow process

march07 123.jpg
You might not see too much difference in my updated Adoption piece today, but I did work on it, I did! One of my biggest challenges is that I decided to use this inlaid photo of Sara and Eliana. It was hard to keep Sara from looking like Barbie. (I bet Sara is laughing right now) Well, Sara is tall and blonde and thin, but she looks very human and not Barbie/plastic-like. Sara has a wonderful big smile (that my cousin Sam mirrors quite well) and the teeth! Oh my goodnes, what did I get myself into! I was groaning and huffing in my little art corner last night as Joel watched TV, "What am I doing trying to paint teeth!!" I've been telling my two drawing students that life drawing does still contain a smidge of illusion. If you can suggest that the object is round than that's good enough! And I have sucessfully, in the past, suggested teeth without having to paint every...single...one. Not that I'm truly complaining, I am trying to improve and I will master these teeth, because it is a beautiful part of Sara's personality toward her daughter, I mean, shouldn't all of us mom's have a huge, unrestrained grin for our children? I want to portray Sara's teeth as the evidence of one of these very satisfying smiles. I think I've figured out the shape, the gums, the angles etc. but I have to make it a lot softer, I exagerated the lines so I could get it right, and it does look a bit scary with the big dark lines. Thanks for trudging through the process with me guys.
march07 125.jpg
So besides having to blend all the floral details and add more movement etc. these are my favorite parts. The paint-penned letters that frame Eliana's face and the blueing of the back portrait of Sara.
march07 128.jpg
march07 129.jpg

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March 11, 2007

Adoption: Work in Progress

march07 112.jpg
Sorry for the crappy picture guys, but remember this painting?! I had almost forgot about it. It has been abandoned on my easel while I was makign bunnies and birdies. But I have felt it's pull and I want to finish it, soon! It's in 'the gaudy stage' right now. That's where I have to load on all the images and words and texture. After this, I work on them to make them more subtle and push and pull certain things forward and back.
march07 116.jpg
Hopefully this week, I will have some time to work on this and find more things to push and pull.
I found one of my mom's embroidery books for these little floral motifs. They also are not finished, but I love the contrast they will have with the figures.
march07 115.jpg
So stay tuned, I have been enjoying diving back into this one. Eliana's wonderful skin tone, big letter stencils, heck! big brushes! I've been neglecting my number 8's for too long!

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March 8, 2007

8 days a week

catalogue card.bmp
Catalogue Card Genrator- Super Fun!

I have been heard saying that there needs to be 5 more hours in the day. Today I feel it. My To- Do list is long and full of things that I long to do but there are a series of other things that have to get done for these things to be accomplished. I don't mind having To-Do lists but I do want to have the ability "To-Do" them!! With my boy in Pre-K yesterday, I subjected my poor daughter to wander aimlessly through my workspace while I knocked out a few of the things on the list. One was to write this little statement about my birds and rabbits for Austina and the CCO in Columbus OH. My Sparrow with Blush is going to be put in an auction at the college where Austina works (the name of it escapes me right now). Ohio Dominican University, that's it.

The other weekend while working at AVA I met a couple interesting people. I met the artist Nicholas Bustamante (I love his work) and helped him load all his artwork into his truck. I got to keep one of the show posters (thanks Hayley!). I also got to meet Reid Parish who is in charge of the gallery space at Cleveland State Tech and I had already requested info about exhibiting there. After meeting him, I was sure I could get time on the walls. Seems they are lacking for good space and good art.

A contact of mine from Flickr invited me to be part of Pink! -a breast cancer awareness benefit. That's in June. It's really cool how all my stupid web browsing and blogging etc. is paying off this spring!

march07 092.jpg
And then there are the birds and the rabbits. I really wish I could just pump them out like a machine but alas, I have other responsibilities. I finished a copy of the Sparrow Pod for Heather. Finally finished! It seem like the process would never end, well, I guess it's not quite over. I still have it in my possesion.

The MSA and the Southern Writers Conference are coming at the end of this month and ArtsMove artists are encouraged to participate in the opening event called "Art Moves on Main" which will be an all day tour of the new sculptures going down Main Street. There will be a reception from 3:30 to 5:30 on the 30th and I will have some of my pieces hanging at that reception. I also am going to be featured in the April edition of In the City magazine, so snatch up your copy soon!

There are slides to gather, resume's to type, images to print off, moo cards to order, new paintings to paint, packets to put together, and money to earn! I need 8 days in a week and then I'll have that day for all my stuff to get done.

***I'm also looking for a more affordable website option (I'm now paying $20 a month and then an annual domain fee). And I'm looking to refresh my blog banner and background color. Anyone out there wanna trade web services for physical art? Birds, Rabbits, Pods, Portraits?****

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March 5, 2007

Bunny Progress

march07 029.jpg
I'm not quite sure I like the paintpen outlining all the bunny patches, I think I'll make this one look more like Cookie. I really do like bunnies, I just wish there were more hours in the day to paint them! This one needs more work, stay tuned!

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March 2, 2007

Happy March!

march07 022.jpg
I finished these for an order last night and I do like making them, but I'll be glad to get back to painting. I'm in a big transition lately in my painting style and I wonder where it will go.

I found new jeans at America's Thrift and it lifts my spirits because it seems I've lost a few pounds since I'm living here at Mom and Dad's. Sweet! Size 8! It's been so long! Ok, I'm done with that. At least I didn't show you a picture of me in the jeans.

I had to quick gather and send info about myself for an Arts Move article in the Times Free Press. Maybe I'll be in it this weekend? I'm not holding my breath, but it's a cool thought!

Ok, good night.

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February 26, 2007

More Little Critters

feb07 327.jpg
This is my work in progress. 8"x10" acrylic on canvas. I'm not sure what to name this little bunny. Josiah wanted to name her Cookie, but there's only one Cookie. Josiah likes to say we'll visit Cookie when we're singing along with Elizabeth Mitchell.

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February 20, 2007

Red Berry, Yellow Bird

feb07 266.jpg
Another bird will soon be in my shop. 6"x8" acrylic on canvas.
feb07 207.jpg

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February 9, 2007

Sparrow with Blush

feb07 123.jpg
Thanks for all your encouraging words, sometimes I just hafta get it out of my system. This little birdie is done (before midnight, hooray!) and will be in my shop at 3pm EST. If you are wanting to buy it that's where it will be. This picture isn't the greatest, I'll make sure the shop photo is better, that lower branch isn't nearly that light. I discovered after loading this batch that Josiah's greasy fingerprints were all over the lens, ewwww. I'm sure you guys are kinda sick of looking at birds, I have a great group of shots Josiah took while driving back from Harry's yesterday. A million pictures of his feet, hilarious. But their in those smokin' flamin' Chuck's, so that gives them more interest! Maybe it's time to dedicate a day of the week on new eyes for Josiah's latest photos.

feb07 127.jpgfeb07 128.jpg

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February 8, 2007

A Hater

feb07 101.jpg
There needs to be another 5 hours in the day. Or in the night. I seem to have to sacrifice sleep, well mostly sleep, to be able to create the littlest pieces of art. What do I do if I want to work on something more involved? Bigger? Something I can't hold in my lap while I'm watching 'The Dog'? I feel I need to dedicate some serious time to my serious persuits. There just isn't enough time. And when I do sink alot of time into something it comes out not looking right or not selling. Bleah. I wish I was a photocopy machine that could just produce 10 of the same thing and then I'd have a few hundred bucks in my pocket. Staring down house-fixing debt is scary and $50 here and there doesn't do much at all except remind me that I want to make art. All the time. But I have to love on my kids and my husband and not be a hermit. I have to go to work when I'm needed. I have to make lesson plans, which I haven't felt very prepared for recently. I have to fax this and that for different real estate things. And I have to dedicate time to the kind parents who are housing us by helping clean and have those 'middle of the hall' conversations that don't happen when it's just you. (Maybe some of you do have those conversations with yourself and in those conversations refer to yourself in the third person as "mama" and if so, I don't blame you one bit! i.e."Mama needs a Coffee ASAP!") Today I am recovering from working on this *&%$# bird tha just won't look right. 1am has never been so disappointing. I got the funk, the blues, that revolve around so much opportunity (which I am very thankful for) yet goes unsatisfied. I want to be fair and kind to my family and not take this out on them, so here you go blogland! I am thrilled with the things God has put in my path, now I just have to figure out the time management.

We're making a quick trip to Marietta today to check on the house, pick up art and paperwork, and go to Whole Foods (oh how I miss Thee). Maybe if I tire myself out enough I'll forget about productivity at all and even stop checking my email! Erfff.
feb07 099.jpg
My 1am WIP.

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January 31, 2007

Little Finch Forrest

jan07 185.jpg

Finally this little booger is done! 6"x9" acrylic on canvas. Available at New Eyes Shop.
Josiah is feeling much better today and Eden is not sick! Hallelujah! Thanks for all your prayers!

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January 19, 2007

Little Brown Bird

jan07 127.jpg
Here's another bird for your eyes to soak in. Little brown one. Stenciled butterfly wings, paint pen dots to accent the background. He needs a happy home! Approximately 5"x7".
jan07 124.jpg
Visit New Eyes Shop for all your Bird Pod needs!

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ward christmas 07 031.jpg
I know all my bird fans would like to see 5 more Bird Pods making an appearance right now, and I am working on more. I've been hit by plague #2 and my evenings are made of kleenex, water, Ricola and wrapping myself up like a burrito on the couch. I do want to share with you this cute picture of Eden and my dad. Allison Demoss was so nice to do a freebie photo shoot for us (including rights so no worries). Some of you lucky folks will receive a fam shot from us from this shoot. I also wanted to share that I have been hired by AVA as a flex-gallery assistant. I was hesitant to go into this interview yesterday because I have so few hours to commit to a real job. I am totally convicted about my childrens state of mind and how they deal with being 'watched' all day long. This position is something I have wanted to do forever, this is the job I wanted 10 years ago but was even less qualified for! When I applied for the full gallery assistant job we were still in Marietta full time and it would have been crazy. I guess they picked up on my vibe and hired somebody else. Funny thing, I found out the same afternoon that I was approved by ArtsMove and not hird by AVA! The girl they hired is one of my SIL's friends, a Covenant art grad no less! Crazy town. I met the directors and gabbed a bit with Hayley and Amy about different stuff. I will work every other Saturday and one day a week it looks like. I will help out when 4 Bridges fest happens and other various galas. It's a great opportunity. I'll go in today from 1-5, kids will be fed and put to bed and when I get home they will only have been up for a hour! Perfect. BTW AVA's exhibit now is gorgeous! Nicholas Buntamante, great line quality.

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January 16, 2007

A Good Day, A Great Day

jan07 110.jpg
It's been a good day. Despite the fact that Eden barfed all over me twice Sunday night. She made it all day today, cabin fever and all, without barfing. Joel didn't have to work for the holiday so it was good to have extra hands with the sick girl. Today was a great day because without much time at all I've sold my Sparrow Bird Pod and the Good Morning bunny painting. Yesssss. Also I have added another student to my Tuesday Tutoring. Sarah Demoss. It'll be great to have twice as much coming in from teaching fun stuff with markers and pastels. Thank you Lord. Tommorrows lesson I will use some of young Ava's drawings as an example. Here's to grrreat days! And I'll be making more birds. I have another to post, but I'm tired.


***New Yellow Bird Pod***
jan07 111.jpg
It'll be in my shop today.

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January 14, 2007

Woodland Creature Art

jan07 097.jpg
I've been painting little creatures today. This is Cookie, I found her on Flickr and I just had to paint her. No worries, I got permission.
jan07 098.jpg

jan07 108.jpg
Here's the next clean generation of Bird Pod. I've gotta find more wood in my parents basment to do more dimensional effects. I love the wide sides.
jan07 105.jpg

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January 9, 2007

WIP: Boo-Yah!!

jan07 066.jpg
I guess it's pretty ridiculous to use a title like Boo-Yah!! with a catagory like Fine Art, but that's how I feel about what I got done yesterday. Ever since we got here I've been trudging over to this canvas and sighing at it. I haven't felt the gumption to do anything with it. But yesterday, even with my son knocking at the door and not resting, I was able to knock out the hardest part of the portrait. I have not painted someone of color before. I'm kinda ashamed of that, but there's a first time for everything, no worries. It was harder than I thought! There are so many colors in skin tone, I think that's where many people fail. I can't say that this looks exactly like my cousins daughter, Eliana, but I think I nailed the glowing beauty of her skin.
jan07 069.jpg
Of course, this piece is very far from being done. I want to find a way to push Sara (Eliana's mom) to the background a bit, and give Eliana ground to sit on. I also will do bunches of stuff with the negative space to communicate the amazing gift of adoption. Not just parents and children, but the adoption that we have because of Jesus. Tall order huh? I'm just excited I finally got some paint on canvas. It's been an artistic constipation of sorts. whew! glad it's out.

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January 7, 2007

Get Real

jan07 017.jpg
I started a new little painting with pods and I'll put a bunny in it. Maybe it'll be a stencil like the Bird Pod. I need to tweek the colors up a few notches. Being back in Chattanooga is interesting to read the paper. We hardly ever got the paper in Atlanta, the thing was huge! It's fascinating to read the arts section, where the article celebrates Gallery 1401's latest show about absolute realism. It just confirms the fact that there needs to be a new place for visual art that is modern, abstract and edgey. It's pretty obvious. I don't need to discuss it anymore. On Friday night, Joel and I met Cat and the Pickle Barrel and had beer and pickles and some Pass the Pigs. We were discussing a house warming/art show when we move into our new home. And whether the Arts Move people, family and friends, musicians and restauranteers would want to get in on the event. To me, it's not too hard to come up with some continuity as far as artwork. So much of what I have come to admire in my fellow emerging artists would work well together. My work, Cat's, Jen's, Kelly's, Michelle's, maybe even a male if I find one who's worthy (heh). I do like the Ninja Life that Cat bought from a UTC friend.
jan07 019.jpg
It seems like a good idea to unite our new neighborhood, and it's cheaper than renting a space. Although, I do want to do that to a gallery space especially if our house warming goes well. It was also interesting to talk to Will down at Canvas Canoe about 4 Bridges and the Chattanooga Artist Market being in the same location on the same weekend. I do think that the Market starts the week after 4 Bridges. The Market is something I defiantely want to try this spring. But for now, I have to create art, a good but of it.

jan07 014.jpgjan07 015.jpg
Amy Nichols stopped by the other day with a package from her sister Michelle the gypsy in germany. A cute little bag, a mod scarf and tons, tons of Cadberry chocolate! Mmmmm. Thanks Michelle! Your a gem.

A trip to the CDM yesterday was fun with all the NRV and friends. Cat and the Krings came. It was good to see Amy and kids and of course Josiah was totally jazzed to see Bucky. I have way too many shots of the CDM, but here's a pretty one of my boy.
jan07 013.jpg

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January 3, 2007

Official rejection

dec06 330.jpg
Well, I am a little flattened by the rejection from 4 Bridges Arts Fest. I was really hoping I would have enough. But maybe that crummy booth shot did me in. I can't say I'm not a little sad today, I wish I could bounce back real quick. This is the 3rd time AVA has rejected me. I know I have to keep working and its hard to get those letters, I just had to try. Woulda been fun, maybe next year.

It does warm my heart though to look out the window and see my boy jumping on the new trampoline the neighbors got for Christmas. And have my girl giggle on my lap as I nibble on her nose. Rewards will come.

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November 19, 2006

What! You missed my Show?

This rulz don't it. Ahhh Someday!, originally uploaded by katiek2.

This is an awesome shot isn't it? You guys missed the memo about my show at the High Museum? Well, someday. Not this painting though. This painting, 'Darren's V-neck' was destroyed in a house fire. But I have have a nice slide of it and cards and I'm over it. Glad that my friends are alive to tell about it all. That was years back. That painting wasn't nearly this big either. So here's to tales of the future and what/ where my artwork will be. I'm trying to pysche myself to put more paint down. I started my first adoption piece and another little bunny painting. Man, I'm so pumped about rabbits!! Maybe it'll be my new affordable art series.
I made the long haul yesterday to Rome, picked up my work. My pods (all seven of them) Good Morning and Reception 3 went to Dalton Creative Arts Guild's Small Works Show which starts Dec 1st. I hope all pods sell! The rest of my work came back to Marietta with me, Juden will come up with me to Chattanooga to hang on its desired wall.
So after 3 days of long mommy shifts I gave Joel all day Daddy duty. Felt nice to have so much time by myself. When I'm alone that long, driving in a car in the middle of Bumble GA my fears start to come back. Stress does that to me. I have to keep my mind focused on my goal and on the Kingdom. Cuz even my physical body is not top priority. I am reminded how blessed I am when I look at my kids and how healthy they are and I hear Roseanne tell her stories of tumor removal and nerve damage and broken bones and I realize that God has been very very good to me. At 1:30am I was in bed reading Hebrews 11-13. I love reading about all those guys. It's like a summary of all the nutty things God has asked people to do. My favorite verse is about Abraham. I've been identifying with Abraham for years now.
My favorite verse is Hebrews 11:10: For he was looking forward to the city whose builder and architecht was God
Makes me think about where we will live and how God will provide what we need exactly when we need it.

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October 28, 2006

Beautiful Inspiration

oct 06 228.jpg
I"m not sure what our new home will look like in Chattanooga, it has yet to be built. But I'm trying to remain satisfied with where we are and enjoy my home now. It's hard to enjoy it sometimes when you have to clean it all the time, fix problems with it, kill the bugs that infest it, and be just generally confined to it when your kids are sleeping. But mornings that are gusty and grey are brightened by all the trees and critters that I spy off my deck. Going outside and having a coffee (too strong today) and contemplating the composition of my next painting is not difficult when my senses are full. Joel went an saw Joshi play with Infradig last night. I caught up with Lost's second season and researched photos for my next piece. Have I said how much I love flickr? It's an inexhaustable resource for me. My Metro's , Celebrate Beauty, even my cows were inspired by images on flickr. Maybe you think less of me now that I've admitted a big secret? Whatever, like I'm going to become a photographer exordinare so I have my own huge supply. I ask permission and all, have made some friends that way. It's the negative space that photos do not show me that takes all my creative energy (like the greenery that surrounds Eden).

One of Joel's coworkers is way into horses and I have wanted to paint horses, but not today. That'll wait. Since this coworker now wants a mural on her daughters wall and even though I could get a large sum for doing that, I just don't have the time (or emotional energy) to go to her house and do a mural for her over-sastisfied 8 year old. And after seeing Carolyn's horses at the Chattanooga Gallery Hop I feel the world already has some excellent cow and horse paintings to love.

I am still totally commited to do a piece on adoption. I promise I am not trying to milk all my friends and relatives of their precious savings because I've painted their children, but that's who I end up painting. Their are some beautiful stories of parenthood out there. Some that are new, some well established and some yet to be. I am in love with the concept of adoption. Not just physically but spiritually and how we are all adopted by the One Perfect Father. I'm trying to hash out how I will incorporate the text of both my dad's song about adoption and the Biblical text about adoption. I want to get a thicker layered effect on this painting. As much as I love how Eden and Juden turned out, acrylics just don't have the smooth texture of oils. I guess I'd be the only one to really know since I run my hands over the surface and most folks aren't so inclined to do that. So I'm wanting to have more gel medium and collage elements to this one. Good Morning has so many layers on it that it's nice and glossy and thick.

The huge tree in my backyard, the yard that's peppered with yellow leaves, the birds and squirrels flitting around: these things just have to make it in. My dogwood too, it's a glorious mixture of green and re right now. Mmmm, so pretty.

I've been wanting to share some art of some classmates of mine from KSU. These kids are talented and have a uniqueness you don't always find in students. Michelle Scott had her work at Fat Louie's right now in a show called "All About face" her work is small to average easel size and super affordable! I love how she's painted faces, they are so stimulating and colorful.
Michelle face.JPG
Baxter Crane loves animals and she depicts them quite often. She has a great sense of humor and her imagination hasn't diminished from that childlike state of combining the magical, the everyday, and creation.
"oh dear lord, it's destroyed everything! everyone is dead!"

I'm hoping to do a trade with Michelle sometime. But I'm kinda at a stand still until the Shorter show is over. Crap, I hafta write a little talk thing. What should it be about, hmmmm.

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October 24, 2006

A Machine

oct 06 272.jpg
Yes, I am a Fine Art Machine!! Here's my messy painting "Good Morning". It's been something I've been picking up and putting back down forever. Had to finish it for the Shorter show. The bunnies in my backyard make me happy and when we leave I will miss them. The fence in this painting looks better than the one in my backyard. We have not utilized our large yard for very much but it has snuck it's way into a few of my paintings. I feel like this piece is more of a study, playing with different materials. There's puff-paint, modge-podged string, and with the inspiration of seeing Cat's trilogy in person---paint pen. Right now I spread I nice coat of heavy gel medium over the bunny to make him stick out a little bit.
oct 06 276.jpg
This piece makes me happy. Now to my hot chocolate...

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October 19, 2006

Conquering Foreshortening

oct 06 210.jpg
So I worked through this yesterday afternoon and some of last night. First I realized that as much as I need to get done everyday, it's best to paint when it's daylight for me. It's hard for me to make good decisions when it's darker. I'm really happy with the top of this painting. I love how the tree came out. I think the light is working through the branches pretty well. I cut out leaf shapes from a piece of paper and used it over and over. I love my exacto knife, it's come in so handy, and not just for freezer paper stencils. I like how the blue is cascading down the left side. It works dunno why, it just does. I believe I have established a horizon line and a forground line that help the figure quite a bit to feel grounded. I have to push the horizon line back though so it goes deep deep. I also love the red flowers, but something in that foreground has to change. I dont know what yet. Alot of the background is bright and moving, something (besides Eden) has to be still or it just remains flat and kinda psychadelic. Something must get muted. It's sad to cover bright colors, but in the end the result is more rewarding, those colors do count.

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October 13, 2006

The Best Present, Funding.

oct 06 130.jpg


This program is for the city of Chattanooga, it gives artists incentive to move there by offering them 15K toward the downpayment on a house, 2500 in moving expenses, and up to 5K for special projects etc. And I have been approved for this program. When Joel read about it in the paper we pretty much new it was right for us. It would give us just that leg up to get back into the Chattanooga area. Now we just have to find someone to buy our house. That's the next miracle that needs to happen.

I must say this is a great birthday present. I got funding for my birthday!!

If you know an artist tht would love to live in Chattanooga please tell them to apply. It's a great way to get connected.

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October 7, 2006


oct 06 058.jpg
We're puttin' on our party hats for my opening tonight at Radial. For those of you who are teetering on a maybe, make it a YES and come on down! Joel has been selling me all over town and people are responding. We are looking to have a good group and a fun time. So even though our future is uncertain and our Prev wont pass the emissions test we're having a good time and I will smile til it hurts.

Here's something to wet your whistle. I worked on Eden like mad last night and made some serious progress. It is a bit too busy, I will mask alot still but it's going in a good direction. I tell ya, her arms were so hard, they still aren't great. That right arm alone is worth $200 I worked on it so long!
oct 06 051.jpg

Here's the info for those that might have slipped through the cracks:

"Celebrate Beauty" at Radial Cafe. Come and celebrate the color, the richness of life in it's many facets with the work you've only seen in pictures. Figures, text and abstract negative space all come together with the beautiful texture of paint to describe things we all hold dear.
Artist's reception is on October 7th, 7pm-9pm. Show runs October 1-28.

Radial Cafe 1530 Dekalb Ave Atlanta GA 30307. Radial's hours are 8am-4pm weekdays and 9am-4pm weekends. There will be a large group of Katie's work there. Small and large pieces for sale.

Bring your check books dudes!!
oct 06 061.jpg

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September 21, 2006


sept 06 251.jpg
I've started a portrait of my daughter. As much as I stare at her pretty face every day it's very hard to paint it. I still need to tweek the face a bit. It's a tough angle, it's a little bit of a forshortened figure and her face angles slightly up. But I think I got her features down OK. I miss oils. The colors are so much nicer and more fluid. I am so impatient with them though, it just doesn't work with my painting schedule anymore. Paint and go, paint and go.
sept 06 243.jpg
sept 06 248.jpg

I look forward to getting this one just right.

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September 19, 2006


sept 06 018.jpg
So I've been talking about my 'shows' coming up but I haven't given any specs. Here's some info. October 1-28 I'll have a bunch of my work at Radial Cafe. The opening is October 7th 7-9pm. If you're around downtown ATL come on and join us!!

Legacy Fest is in Cartersville GA and they are having a Patron Show this year. I have been in the fest the past two years but this year I just didn't have the strength. I mean, two full days at a festival is exhausting not just for me, but for Joel and the kiddies (and Cat since she came faithfully to help). So the Patron Show is a great option. I have my most recent works "Juden" and "Celebrate Beauty" in that show.

November 2-17 I have a show at Shorter College. The opening is the 2nd at 5pm and I'll be speaking (eek). I'll have as many pieces that are still around and maybe a couple new ones!

MOCA GA's Pin-Up Show is this week I don't know if I will make it for that, but it's always fun. I'd hafta get a sitter for the drop-off and the opening.

And I got a call from AVA's Hayley Kyle cuz I applied for the gallery assistant position. I didn't get to talk to her, but I know it's 25 hrs a week. I have no idea how I would pull that off, and beyond that, I have no idea how I will be able to leave my kids 5 days a week for 5 hours straight. That's sounds lame but what else do I know? I've been at home for my kids since Josiah was in utero. Strange feeling, I'm asking God to make stuff a little clearer for me. 25 hrs a week does not sound like much, but it's almost all of their active time and I just can't fathom depending on someone else to enforce the discipline and relatively good eating habits that we try to maintain. And I will miss them terribly! Joel wants me to go for it because it's so key to getting where I need to go for my art. Talk about a foot in the door! But is the pay enough? There are no benefits (and Starbucks would have part-time benefit options). But again, I need to ask God what to do and how much to commit to. I might need to do some serious reflection to overcome my "feelings" and do what God requires of me most.
sept 06 084.jpg
AVA also has an event called "Eye Candy" the whole month of December and I'll probably put "the Season" and "Lioness" in that show. They are both pretty well liked and I'd love them to be purchased! Gotts to get that app in the mail by next week.

Check out my website for more events and info or if you've never seen my art before.

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September 8, 2006


juden complete.JPG

Well, I think it's finished. I might do a little masking here an there. The word "trust" is a tad too dark for me, so we'll see. One week man, that's fast. Thats the perk (one of the only perks) of acrylics. I still don't have a title. I will have to go and read the Bible verses that I read for the stencils and think of one. "Juden" is good enough if nothing strikes me, I mean, it is him!

Thanks again for all your support on this piece. I look forward to dialogueing with some of you about this piece. I had a good talk with Cat last night about it, but I'm always interested in why people like it. Cat's take was that it reflects so much relevence to the viewers life and much new art these days is doing the same thing. Elevating the everyday, the urban, etc.

I will have this piece in two shows before Christmas, after that it will probably be sold as a few people have asked me about it. If that's you please continue to contact me. I have the option of getting a giclee (fine art print) that would be more affordable, but it takes time. It's a pretty cool process, its on canvas and everything. I put texture back into it and it's gorgeous! Check my flickr for more detailed pics of this piece.

I'll be up in Chattanooga this weekend to hop with all the galleries. Have a great weekend!

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September 4, 2006

New Work

sept 06 067.jpg
Just like you want a new piece of clothing when you have an important event to go to, I want a new painting for my two fall shows. Of course, it seems ridiculous to be doing this when there are other things to paint. Actually, I have been painting non-stop whether it be my porch or a new work. My kitchen ceiling is stain free and my cement slab screen porch has a newly painted grey floor. Ahhhh, it's cleansing to see smooth painted surfaces. So here is a few shots of my latest.
sept 06 062.jpgsept 06 063.jpg

I'm really excited about this piece. My most favorite part is the stencils I pain-stakingly cut out by hand. I have this photo quality ink jet paper I bought by mistake thinking it was actual photo paper. Not having much decent to do with it, I thought it would be perfect to cut into. Printed my text, watched the Constant Gardener, and cut out stencils. The paper worked great.
sept 06 064.jpg
I also was a little excited and nervous about doing a bird. I need it to be more subtle than it is now, I will probably mask it because the detail is too nice to rub out. This little sparrow was harder than I thought. But when I stick to my methods of bright color underneath, bright outline and layers then it works out. That and the fact I got new little brushes which makes those little lines quite a bit easier. And for your amusement, here's some of the magic happening. hehehe.
Ta Da!

Love to talk about this more but I'm pooped. Happy Labor Day dudes, I'll think of your parties while I paint more of my screened porch.

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August 19, 2006

Bird Pod is UP!!

It's up on Etsy, in a pretty silver frame. You know you want it, it's calling you. tweeeet tweeet tweeet. That's the way I beg in bird tongue. Anyway, I hope to make more bird related stuff. Maybe pods, maybe not. The house always comes first so it makes me glad to finish small things.

Sorry for the crappy photos. I am using the Dino-Mavica until my Canon gets fixed.

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June 11, 2006

On my shoulder

On my shoulder

Originally uploaded by katiek2.

Oh, I should be doing so many other things, like packing up stuff in my garage to take to the thrift store, or scraping paint off of my newly painted french doors, or feeding my daughter dinner (oops). But instead, I have been cutting stencils. A nice busy-hands activity for a day with the in-laws sitting and playing Settlers, and sipping coffee. I'm thinking about doing a repeat of my butterfly onesies but with these stencils. Trouble is, you can only use the stencils once cleanly. They are sooooo incredibly simple and friendly for my kid busy house. A quick press with the iron, a few swabs of carefully applied acrylic paint and let it dry- ta da!! Josiah can watch it from start to finish before he even thinks about touching. If you are thinking of trying it I suggest Veer for nice illustrations and trace it right off your computer monitor! Ok, now to make the Sunday night pancakes.

Check out more fun stencils here

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June 2, 2006

Tormented and Calm

So I got myself into a hairy conversation on a forum about art and the 2nd commandment on CC's alum site. Shoulda known when good ole GB was posting a controversial topic I should run, run far away. But no! I am an artist! I believe in defending an artist's rights! I do not believe it is wrong to paint a picture of Jesus. But according to this article, I am wrong! I wrote that I felt stupid because this debate makes my head spin. And without insulting me, GB told me I had not read enough, studied enough, and said that my artwork would suffer if I did not do those things. In another sideways manner, he told me that I was doing my children detriment by not reading them the Heidelberg Catechism. Well, how does he know what I read them. He probably wouldn't like to know were I stand on speaking in tongues either. So after I was very very angry and fumed, felt inadequate, felt betrayed by the only denomination I've ever known, cried in protest I went to sleep and woke up to realize that God had made me to be an artist that wants to redeem the art world and there will be Christians that stand in my way as well. I'm not going to fight with GB, I will be kind and do my thang. I will try to read more so I will not feel so stupid next time around.
ritz drawing in.JPG
My mom come down today to bring me stuff and to find a good pair-o-shoes. It was a happy reunion with some of my work I haven't seen since October. It's hard though, it gets sent away so that it will sell and become a joyful work of art to someone else. I literally went around my whole garage, which is walled in all around, and nailed nails to hang all the paintings that have been sitting in a corner harboring the millipedes. It's kinda crazy really, seeing all my paintings hung salon style in my garage. The colors are consistent, the nudes look nice next to each other. Believe me, I've hung as many paintings as I can inside my house were the climate is more controlled, but one runs out of room! I have the possibility of a show at Radial as early as July but it's set now for October. In November they will be at Shorter College. In the in between periods I visit with them like children who have left the nest. I examine their texture, remember their flaws, but mostly I sigh that one day they will be gone forever and I will not welcome them home again. So I touch them and move them from one room to the other (maybe to my garage salon). If you want to see all my art in one place, nows the time to do it!

I have 5 new pods up in my etsy shop. For those of you that like "Pod with Stencil" these new ones fall in that vein. I doubt that these will sell quite as well, but maybe I'm wrong! I know Lynn likes 'em and several kids in my art class liked them. So the more artistic eye may be drawn to these. I try to make my pods "buyable", sweet, aestheically neutral so more of the general populous will pay for them. The ones with stencils are a bit more graphic looking, kinda sci-fi.

Also, I have entered a new realm of distraction, quite hesitantly I might add. I have decorated my boring diaper bag with a hip, detailed POD STENCIL!!
june 06 014.jpg
Yes, folks, the Lash Pods grace my bag and I have created a whole strip. If you like the way they look, maybe I can decorate something for you!

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May 5, 2006

New Pod Batch

may 06 025.jpg
may 06 027.jpg
may 06 028.jpg
may 06 032.jpg

Look for them soon in my etsy shop.

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May 1, 2006

Art for Mom

Why not get Mom flowers that can hang on her wall? Sweet, colorful, cute ones full of expression and character? How 'bout 3?

april 06 035.jpg
Glowing Pods has sold, but check out my etsy shop for more available.
Here's a preview of the ones I'm working on:
april 06 133.jpg

OK, Joel and Josiah went camping Saturday and that left me mucho time! It's amazing how little you have to do when all you have is your 1 year old to take care of. No hubby coming up with random tasks, I could have a one track mind! No toddler to grab things, I could leave my wine glass on the table all night! I must say that 24 hour period was very very quiet, almost uncomfortably so. I watched MY movies, and went whereever I wanted to go. That's Joann's, Staples, and Moe's cuz heck no I wasn't cooking!
april 06 128.jpg
It was very nice to have one on one time with my daughter. Every once and awhile I think about preschool for Jos and think it would be good for me and Eden to have time just us. That's if I could ever ever afford it. But it was fun playing with her. She is so close to walking and talking. Her little voice makes me so happy. I can't wait to hear the things she wants to talk about. She sleeps so much when Josiah isn't around too! I mean Sunday we slept in til 8:45!! Amazing. I am taking a break from formal painting and trying to get Eden's baby book done(?) for her first birthday....next week. HA! If I win Joy's contest Eden will have one killer layout for her book. Because of my paper swap partner Jen and her generous supply, Eden has some nice accents that I don't have to create! I'm so stingey with those fancy papers, I rarely buy them. I figure, I can make those patterns myself. The next step is to make my own rubber stamps. I allow myself 2 new stamps a year. I got a cool target Jasper Johns style stamp, and a line of stars, and a stamp for a friend.

Thanks everyone for your kind words after my bleah day. It's never fun to get rejected, but I have many opps to be thankful for and many artsy things to do just this week! It's a blessing that my Be Still piece didn't make the show because I was able to get it to Gallery Street this morning for a giclee for the Perkins, and the original to the Wiegers sooner than I thought!

Another thing I was totally obsessed with this weekend was the Covenant Alum Community site. Wow, it has gotten huge in like 2 weeks! very cool trying to bustle through all the names and remember who everyone is. I mean, I am connected with so many CC grads already that this is just another perk to finding more old friends. If you went to Covenant, even for a little bit, and haven't signed up yet do it! And find your friends!

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April 28, 2006


april 06 108.jpg
You know you've had some of these days where even though it's perfect outside and you want to be in a good mood you just can't get there. I'm coming down from a week full of expectation and coming up short. I know this might sound wierd and a little bit arrogant, but it's totally freakish that none of my work got into the KSU student show. They usually make phone calls letting you know where you can pick up work if it doesn't get in, and if you got in. I might have not made the trip to campus yesterday if I knew none of my work got in. Kudos to my fellow students who got awards and got multiple pieces in. Good job!! But I can't help but feel inadequate. As I listened to the juror explain why she chose what she did I felt validated, just a little. She was looking for more conceptual and maybe more studeous work. Some of the work was VERY student like, but others were very well thought out. I tried to be a good sport, after all this is just my student show. Rejection is never fun, and when I found out that Sarah also got rejected I didn't feel so bad. The work she brought in today was beyond cool Oh, man I'm gonna haveto give paper cutting another try!

It's good to see Ari and Tim today though. They were both at my house when I got home from class. It's good to have friends around you, even if just for a moment, on your blah day. I look forward to giving Ari some art for her generous time loving on my kids while I went to class.

I thought briefly about going to class this summer as well, but I just can't see how I can squeeze a semesters worth of work in 8 weeks, it's just too crunching. I want to start some sewing projects, design Eden's quilt, do some artwork that's different like more watercolors or mini art, maybe work with paper mobiles more. Joel and Josiah will go camping this weekend and Eden and I will hang out and hopefully I can get housework caught up and some non-toddler friendly projects started.
april 06 135.jpg
My painting Garden Blessing looks more sci-fi than beautiful. I ended the semester with a whimper. Celebrate Beauty ended on a good note, but still needs some work. It could go in a cafe/restaurant setting very well. I hope the meeting at Radial works out. I have grown a bit sheepish about diving into another gallery since Hollis was such a bust. That might sound ungrateful, but it was, it was a bust. Nothing was sold and nothing was advertized. I could have done it better all by myself. So called "gallery representation" sounds so great coming from my professors mouth, but in the end it doesn't do much for me. I have realized that my inspiration needs a boost. I have decided that I shouldn't try to start something new until after I get back from my LA trip. I need some refuelling, a concept, a dream, a spiritual charge to communicate. I filled, FILLED journals in Norway and now I am grasping at straws. I don't want to putz around anymore, I have to have a vision. Lord, bring me that vision. I've been praying for it.
april 06 136.jpg
The problem with trying to market yourself is that you leave little time for inspiration cuz you're always thinking of what you've already done. Time to grow and move and perhaps paint less and realize more.

I'll enjoy my break from school. I will enjoy my baby girl turning one, I will spend time with my family, I will vacation in CA and see good friends. And what I create in this time will be relaxing. Thank God!

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April 26, 2006


april 06 119.jpg
Celebrate Beauty cropped and altered, I think it's almost done, it's supposed to be by friday morning. I'm thinking about adding extra canvases to make a multi paneled composition. Oil and acrylic on canvas, it was about 34"x38", now it's 28"x 30". I think it might be crooked, and the colors in this picture are wierd, that's what I get for not using photoshop to help the contrast. Give me notes peeps!

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April 11, 2006

Pods and Progress

Pod Show copy.JPG
pod show2 copy.JPG
All these pods are available for sale!! Some are already in my shop. Click on the pics to see them larger.

april 06 046.jpg
Garden Blessing in progress. This pod painting is big folks!

april 06 047.jpg
My class is participating in the "Art of Dining". We paint on plates and they auction them off. Its at a pretty reputable gallery. I just hope I can get this one done for the deadline on Friday.

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March 26, 2006

Chuck hates kids?

march 06 160.jpg
I got kicked out of the Chuck Close exhibit on Thursday. I went for toddler activity and was told by the front desk that the preview for Chuck Close and Gee Bend Quilts was opening for members and I should check it out. We did our normal activities and I asked Josiah if he wanted to see some art,"Sure" he chirped. I hit the 3rd floor and we cruised on into the permanent collection. I had to quickly grab Josiah's hand so he wouldn't touch anything even though some of the paintings look alot like the walls at the Chick-fil-A playground. We went through the first room of Chuck's work and I realized that there was Chuck! Talking to a newspaper chick. Very interesting, I thought. We went through the second room and beign sneaky I took this picture. The guard approached me and I said,"Oh, I'm sorry, am I not supposed to take pictures?" "No pictures and no kids." he says. WHAT! my whole being was completely shocked! I was so embarassed, and then the guard adds, " I'm sorry it's his rule." It's Chuck's rule?! Wait, I saw him on Sesame Street a little while back. We walked back to the permanent collection and talked with the guard there who we made friends with walking in. She apologized and advised us that we should talk to guest services and tell them what happened. I was so upset though. I felt like crying. I definately wasn't rational enough to talk with guest services. I was being persecuted for having children. I am an artist, an art student, a member of a public, learning facility for the arts, and I will probably never see the Chuck Close exhibit because I will never make the trip without my kids to the High. It's not that important to me. I was so outraged. I'm not one to butt heads with authority but I definately will be talking with guest services to ask them if there is a way I can ever see the exhibit. I mean, at what point are kids not kids? 7, 12 years old? Is a class of 20, 7 year olds better supervised than my 2 children (one of which is strapped down)? I just need to figure out what that guard meant. And when I do. I'll let y'all know.
march 06 159.jpg

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March 23, 2006

Coming Soon!

blur fier1.jpg

On Saturday, come eat some yummy lunch at Pangaea and check out my class' art. Some is good, some is OK, but there's free wine! I mean wine at 1pm, that's what art is all about. My pieces Metro 1 and 2 will be there for sale. Here's the back of the invite, you can check out the names. Pangaea is located at 1082 Huff Rd Atlanta GA 30318..

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March 18, 2006

Dot Com

I have a website! Pretty Simple right now, but it'll do for my class show. Hopefully something prettier for the future. But for $10 a month, I'll use it until I can afford the time for more work with html and learning. But it's more pro than giving out my blog address to potential clients who really don't want to see pictures of my cute daughter.
march 06 079.jpg

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March 3, 2006

Metro II

art 075.jpg
I took it to class today after working madly after church last night to make it prettier. The thing was suffering badly. I just cannot paint with a muted pallete! Unheard of! It needs a few small tweeks, but I'm feeling good and ready to start another Metro piece. Celebrate Beauty got some good critique. Mostly the kids just ask me what I use to do all the funky things to my canvases. I got some fresh eyes on it and some nice art studio light *smile*.

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February 20, 2006

Oil Paint Nip Tuck

february 157.jpg

Here's my latest. Doesn't have anything like a title, because it's barely on the canvas. I battled with this canvas and it's still pretty gross, but I was really wanting to make it collage-like anyway so mabye I can cover up the boo-boos with some paper and stuff. I had the hardest time with the face because the original picture has the womans face pointing upward. I didn't mean to make her confrontational, but it works. I had to keep moving her eyes, eybrows and cheekbones around. I think I finally got the structure down but she needs some serious touch-ups. Just stuff like shading and muscle configuration are still way off. It's a bit grotesque to keep wiping of a face and put it back on, makes me feel like a plastic surgeon. Here's some detail:
february 161.jpg
Check out more detail here.

Got a phone call from Brian Taylor, assistant Prof of Art at Shorter, and he has scheduled me for a November 06 art show. I'll be showing with an alumnus (?) Martie Moore who teaches here in Marietta. Of course, being a college they plan really far ahead, but it's still very exciting. I have to give an artists talk. So mark your calendars! November 2-17 Katie Ward Knutson at Shorter College! Wonder what pieces will be around by then!

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February 9, 2006

Back to Oils

art 074.jpg
My first painting back to oils in a couple years. Actually since Norway. It feels good under my brush. This is for the Blur show at Pangea. And I feel it's more than halfway done.
art 072.jpg
I pretty much just started this one, but it's also for the Blur show. It's got a different movement to it, but both of these images are from metro stations. So I guess they will be Metro I and II.

Been listening too Sarah Groves "Add to the Beauty". Pretty much on a constant loop while painting. When my dad gives me a CD to listen to that he thinks I'll like he's pretty much right. I recommend this CD for anyone who loves lyrics, loves to sing at the top of your voice along with your music, and wants to find fresh, non-cheesy music that celebrates Our Creator God. This album is all about the Kingdom. "Taking our Church to the Moon" is a sad and funny song about the church of today and not the Real Church. Please enjoy. I will warn you, it is a woman singing, so it could be girly for some of you macho dudes who miss your Metallica. Inspiring though, and brought me back to a place I needed to be to worship and paint simultaneously.

Just Showed Up for My Own Life
I'm going to live my life inspired
Look for the holy in the common place
Open the windows and feel all that's honest and real until I'm truly amazed
I'm going to feel all my emotions
I'm going to look you in the eyes
I'm going to listen and hear until it's finally clear and it changes our lives

And last but not least, congrats to my friend Jennifer Kring (on the right, Lynn will be a few more days) who had her little girl on Tuesday night. Welcome Lavender!
december 043.jpg

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January 30, 2006

postcards from the crafty

the beauty

Originally uploaded by katiek2.

Well since Cat posted her card this is one of mine. I already received a happy message from one of the recipients. the theme was chinese new year, year of the dog. I did a whole sheet of watercolor pods, cut them in ten pieces and then glued little doggies of felt in the enviroment. there's opal, philip and reggie and their adventures in the big pod garden. check the whole set here.

I have received 3. The first was kinda forgettable but Josiah likes it. The second was a beauty from Sweden with cool wallpaper and "Godt Nytt Ar" on the front. The one I got today had a card and an awesome zipper doggie pouch! So cute! Pictures later.

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January 16, 2006

Mom's Pods

So as I think about what I want to work on this semester in my Independant study for school I think about two things. I think about doing more paintings of kids/babies in unconventional space. I also think about experimenting with watercolor more.

I wanted to get my parents these awesome knives for Christmas and it turns out the seller is a putz and it's taking forever to get these knives. For all I know they're lost in the Atlantic floating on a pallette. Anyway, when I realized they weren't going to get here for Christmas I quick did a painting for their face-lifted dining room. Here are Mom's Pods:
december 106.jpg
They came out really pretty. It's on a 12"x16" cold press paper. I get sick of doing pods sometimes, but they are very therapeutic and flowers make people happy.
december 108.jpgdecember 107.jpg
Here are some details.

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January 9, 2006


It's really cool when you can sit on your butt watching CSI and sell some art at the same time. I love you www! I love you Etsy!

I sold my slide series on Etsy yesterday. It's 4 watercolors I did for class. They're all postcard size. They sold for $100. Joel thinks that's too cheap but it's $25 a piece. The pods only cost $20 with shipping! Buy some pods too! New ones for sale! Also, new baby wool felt headbands and accessories! Yeah, so I better get the slides ready to ship.
slide1.jpgslide2.jpgtube slide.jpg

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December 7, 2005


december 010.jpg
Unfinished but strange, my latest painting Prophecy.

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November 16, 2005

Art Overload

I wanted to share a whole lotta art I've had sitting around waiting to be scanned. There just doesn't seem like enough kid-free hours in the day to spend in the office these days. Especially since Eden B. naps in here. But enjoy, feast you eyes, comment and if you have any desire to posses, please drop me a line!
Clouds, so many clouds, I'm weary of clouds.
A still life of driftwood done in high contrast
koolaid and curry1.jpg
Playing with food as paint. It wasn't as fun as it sounds. Curry, koolaid and chocolate smell wretched on your brush.
chocolate curry and koolaid.jpg
More food. This one is stickier.
tulip poplar.jpg
Another still life of dried tulip poplar seed.
I am so pleased with this one! This is what I love about watercolors! This is my classmate Lauren. Her brush was molding tonight after painting with koolaid on Monday. ewwww.

I will be loading more art onto my flickr account. Some will probably appear on future entries so look out! Including Josiah art and a special new friend I got in the mail *smile*

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November 14, 2005

Do It!!


My assignment for my contemporary art class was to find instructions from the "DO IT" website and follow them in a public place so, perhaps, an audience would see it and react. There wasn't much of an audience unfortunately. I thought it was fun to do. I had to do something that I could involve my kids with and I wouldn't be too embarassed. I decided to write a poem in toothpicks. The assignment also stated that I was to do it on KSU campus. Yeah right. It's hard enough to get there without the kids. I hate dragging them there, it's tough. So we went to Marietta Square and did it. There's the train slide and hopefully I could construct the poem with Eden on my back. She's a backpack girl these days. The Latino families that were at the playground pretty much ignored us entirely, too bad too. I got a long stare from a bench sitter and a smile from a man passing by. But it's hard to tell if they react to the event since me and my kids can be an event all by itself. It was fun though, Josiah was thrilled to repeat all the letters I was constructing. And even more thrilled when I read it back to him. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish. This one has a little star, this one has a little car, Say! What a lot of fish there are! When the wind blew good it pretty much destroyed all my work. Oh well, the point was the process. Josiah was very upset and wanted to reconstruct it. I put it back together one time for a picture the second time I left it alone and let Josiah play with the sticks. He was very happy when he made a 'V'. It's his favorite letter these days. Hmmmm, could it be because of the flying 'V' guitar?

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November 7, 2005

Better Prints

ritz recp 3.JPG

It's handy dandy that Wolf Camera can take my slides and put them on a CD so I can have the best in both worlds. Here's a much better picture of Reception 3. I'll be putting others up on Flickr.

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October 21, 2005

It can be done

If I ever wondered if I could finish 2 paintings in one week now I know. I completed my watercolor assignment, albeit it was slahhhh-peee. I disgust myself with how nasty it was. drips, drops and crookedness. I turned it in, got one good remark, and I'm certain I'll at least get a B. The projects this go around were sad. 4 students didn't even turn it in! So I felt better, I was starting to dream up disaster stories to tell my prof via email so I could get out of this assignment. It's OK, I can file it under "to chop up later".

I finished my cathedral piece. I was going to call it Be Still and Know but now I'm sot so sure. The tug is that my paintings in no way speak of being still. This one involves drips and splashes, quick marks with the puff paint an gestural stick people. The only this that is still is the composition. I finished this one after hitting repeat a few times on The Shins New Slang (I am such a junkie for that song!) setting the painting down on it's back and doing a Pollack across the top of it. Whippee, Whapow! Goes the paint with a gentle splash landing. And I then know. People ask, "when do you know when it's done" It's relief. Like a long drag on a cigarette, or for the more health conscious- the feeling after you run in the cool morning. All the weight just falls off. I had have of my load fall off yesterday around 6:45pm and the other half just fell off and hour ago I guess. My first two thoughts after completing this piece in record time were, "I love you" and "Thank You Lord!" I am so thankful for what I have. And I am thankful that I can worship with a brush in my hand. That I can display my feelings from my heart, down my arm, through my brush as a color. I just want to cry. Some work, I'm sorry to say, I am so sick of when it's done. I can't wait to get rid of it. But others, like this one, and Lifeblood, Crowned Nude, Gideon's portrait, there are probably others, these paintings are beloved. They can surround me my whole life and I will always love to look at them, and touch them. I remember how God helped me complete it. That He took away my selfish desire to make something for me and He turns it into time for Him. I'll hand this beloved painting to KStout at Hollis tomorrow and who knows, it could be going home with someone else tomorrow night.

Since the image loader is acting up, check out the pics on flickr.

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October 17, 2005

God gives Great Answers

As I was getting ready for the Fest on Friday I had to punish Josiah to stay in his room at naptime, and I had to let Eden scream for a few minutes b/c it wasn't time for her to wake up, or eat, and at 5 months she knows what her thumb is for. But I hated it, in fact, the tasks on top of usual caretaking and discipline made me ask God the question: Lord, am I doing the right thing? If not, please tell me! Well, I got out of my blue funk, and went about the preparation for the fest. october 064.jpg Our whole little family stayed late Friday night setting up the tent, the grids, and fastening my paintings tight. I stayed up til 1:30am prepping stuff for the next day. Cat joined us for set up on Saturday and we enjoyed coffee, biscuits and cheese grits from the lovely people at the Fest. By early afternoon I had noticed this woman, dressed very nicely, going in and out of my tent. I thought she was going to buy something. Cat and I made eyebrows at each other in recognition of something good about to happen. Then I realized she was going to Lifeblood, and it made me a little sad, because I really don't want to sell it anymore. I love it, I think I'll keep it forever.
october 073.jpg
I had sat down to enjoy a few brief moments with my daughter to nurse her when I saw the woman again. She was accompanied by the director of the fest, Kate, and Shane MacDonald from KSU.
october 067.jpg
I heard them talk a little bit. This is what was awesome, beware bunny-trail: My painting Jana always gets ooo's and aah's. It has gotten kinda irritating because I did the painting like 8 years ago and I want people to like my newest work! The director said "This painting is amazing!" She was pointing to Jana (Ugh, I thought). The nicely dressed woman said "Yes, it is BUT...." and she spoke softly about Lifeblood, things I did not hear (Yeah! I thought) Then I heard them say, "Too bad she's not here for us to congratulate" that's when I spoke up and said, nursing baby and all "Here I am, I'm here" All 3 congratulated me and hurried next door to give the 3rd place ribbon (very cool jewelry, I scored some earrings). Since I was nursing I didn't see what award they gave me. I was dying of curiousity! My neighbors Teresa and Anthony had become quick buds and he came over to say good job. I asked him to tell me which award I got (I tried not to get my hopes up). When he said Best of Show I just about died. I kept all my excitment inside. I still can't believe I'm not completely floating about it.
october 077.jpg

I must say though, the thrill kept Team Knutson in good spirits when our Camry died on Joel that same night. He went to Jadon's birthday party with Josiah and he called me at 7pm to say they couldn't get the car to start. After the dinner and awards ceremony Cat and I drove to Roswell to pick up Josiah and wait with Joel for the tow truck. We are 90% sure it is the timing belt. It could be much much worse. Also after I won the award, Joel moved Lifeblood to the front so people would stop and look (it soooo worked) and in the process a gust of wind knocked over a bunch of stuff and Attention got punctured! Nothing was going to burst my bubble though. I can work with it. I've dealt with worse losses than this.

The prize is just for that one piece. Where as they also gave 1st 2nd and 3rd to whole booths. But I do believe that Best of Show is the top award. They also gave a Best of Show to a 3D artist as well. I had met the guy handing out the awards earlier and when he called my name for the award (he said Knutson right--score!) He asked if he could give it to Eden who was dozing in the Bjorn strapped to my front.
october 075.jpg

I said sure and the envelope was tucked inside the back of the Bjorn--hehehe. Everyone laughed. Quite appropriate, I won an award for my portrait of Josiah. Babies are my life right now, homemaking is what I love to do. And my art is what I have to do because God gave me a pretty good answer and a push forward this weekend.
october 076.jpg

"Faithful, you are faithful, I have found nothing but good in your heart. Loving, you are loving, I am in love with the way that you are. Thankful I am thankful, I had been running away on my own. And then you found me, oh, how you love me, I know you'll never leave me alone." ---Enter the Worship Circle

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October 16, 2005

Can You Say.....BEST OF SHOW!!

I finished up the Cartersville Festival 34/84 tonight and I won Best of Show for my piece Lifeblood. Super excited, and $600 richer. I also sold a pod piece for $50 to the Bartow Arts Guild and it might end up on the t-shirt for next year. Very fun, more info later. Enjoy the prize winner. It's great, I got moola for it and it still gets to hang over my couch.

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October 3, 2005

What do you represent?

Ad Reinhardt cartoon.bmp
My art history prof showed us this cartoon recently. I think it's great! It's by Ad Reinhardt an Abstract Expressionist in the 1950's who did large color field paintings. His most famous paintings being huge canvases that are just black. I think I saw one either in Chicago or San Fran. I don't remember. I'd like this cartoon on a t-shirt.

I wrote small paper (it's late) for today about survivor art from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Man, I got an emotional history lesson. You see pictures of the mushroom cloud and all but this art is amazing. hiroshima panal.bmp
The writings that are with it are gut wrenching. Check out all the panels here. They are incredible and it took this couple 30 years to make them. They really made me wonder, our generation has never seen a war like this. Not to belittle what's happening in Iraq, but man. What do y'all think about nukes? I have never had a strong opinion, but the stuff you hear ever so often doesn't make you comfortable. This isn't be any means a political blog but what are we required to do, especially as Christians? That's my question.

I watched the movie Crash last night and other troubling things entered my brain. It sends me into a whirlwind of prayer for the future. It makes me desire to worship and ask God for wisdom. It makes me think of my children and pray for their spirits to be moved. I hope my children step up even more than I ever will. I want to challenge myself, and in turn challenge them to be bold, brave and sacrificial. In these days of racism, nuclear weapons and international impact what does my faith require of me? How can I hold onto a great hope when horrible things happen. When they might happen to my children. I give it over to God again and again. I haven't thought of myself as an overly compassionate person, this I do not admit with pride. But how is my destiny, my purpose going to help those in need. Those without hope. Our Heavenly Father must speak to us, or we are no different than those affected. Our foundation must be Him, and He is the only one who is strong.

In other art news: I went up to Chatt, met with Katie at Hollis and dropped off stuff for slides and stretching. I'll go back up to Chatt on Thursday to pick up stuff. Katie was glad to see so many pieces up close. It was encouraging because I physically cannot paint as fast as I would like. I'm pretty sure she won't want Cows. But she liked Father of an Absent Son, Harvest, Domestica, and of course Reception 3. I told her to keep whatever she wants to hang for the show. I hope I come home with something! I'm not worried though. I counted how many pieces I might have for the fest and it's over 12, that's plenty for the tent. Ultimately nothing will really sell there, so Katie won't mind if I keep some for the fest. Of course not the ones that she absolutely loves. I'm in the fest for fun, connections, free food, and sales of cards and prints. I've ordered a print of the Season from Gallery Street, that will be a $300 print opposed to the $800 I want for the original. I also would like to print mini posters of some art work, maybe print to order for $20 a piece? We'll see. My time, of course, is precious. I'm just glad that at this point, I do not feel I am deserting my kids. I always need to spend QT with them. They are such a gift, and no art show in the world will make up for loss of time with them while they're little. I praise God for my kids.
september 023.jpg

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September 29, 2005

Chocolate Milk

Thanks to all for your responses to my Cows. When I finished it on Tuesday night, I felt very good. I was not hurried, unlike my other assginments this semester, and I put the last few grass sprigs on the piece before sitting down for a celebratory Harp.(It's so nice not to be pregnant). At my class last night I was feeling anxious because there are so many different painters in my class. So many of them are very good. We all are good at something. We were to put our painting up on the bulletin board along with the others and our orignal photograph.cow seg copy.JPG The assignment was to duplicate it as well as we could. I put mine right in the middle. I have no fear of critiques. I tried hard, and if the prof had something harsh to say I probably need to hear it. And also since Molly said such nice things about my piece I wasn't feeling as worried, Thanks Moll! Robert looked at my cows and a happy grin spread across his face Where's Katie? He said. I raised my hand and he said Don't you just love Cows! I mean, I know y'all don't want to admit it, but there's just something about cows! He said it reminded him of chocolate milk. Mmmm. He also said I should enter it in the student show. Well, we'll see about that. I dunno if I want to pay to get the Cows mounted if I can sell it before then. I'm such a money grubber. Actually, I like my cows. I've said it before, I'd like to paint them again.

On a lighter mommy note. Thursdays in September have been nice because they have had music in Marietta Square at lunch time. Since Joel scored a bizillion Chik-fil-A coupons on ebay(and as we know Chik-fil-A always takes coupons, even expired ones) we swing by, get some discounted chicken, and go see the music. september 039.jpg
Well, every week has been a keyboardist which isn't so bad except the guitar player last week was much much better. His name was Dominic! and he had a two necked guitar, a trendy look, and played a bright blue digeridoo! Josiah had a blast, I could barely keep him still to eat! This week was another shmaltzy keyboard player. The kids still loved it and danced around in front of the stage. I was joined by Ian and Ava's mom (I'm terrible I never ask names) and we had a good team effort going Could you watch her for me? Can you see his head? Oh! there he is... But I forgot to post pictures from last week. I'm still trying to get support to tell me how I can load movies on here. Cuz I got a neato movie. Fun times.
september 038.jpg

I'm going up to Chattanooga tommorrow to get 4 paintings stretched, and up to 9 paintings photographed by the bestest framers ever with the bestest prices and that oh so family like feeling---Framewrights. There's a testimonial for ya! Somebody Google Framewrights, see what comes up! Ah, very little homework so I can plan for the big things to come. Also, I don't really know how it works, but I think I have a mailing list thing on my sidebar now. So if you want invites and info to shows and festivals submit your info there. Groovy.

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September 22, 2005

Like the Second Helping Thanksgiving Plate

This week I got what was coming to me. Several of you guys in blogland have commented in the past How do you do it? You're Super Woman. Not really. My super powers have been very affected by some real life kryptonite.
Not only am I a mother of two small kids, going to 2 college classes, having a show in a gallery, and a festival in October, but I have a cold, and a husband to love and house to keep. This week has been hard. But I have asked for it. For every bit. Every Sunday at church before the offering we say a thanksgiving prayer. This prayer includes "As we receive today's offering, we are trusting God for jobs and better jobs, raises, bonuses, salaries and commisions...debts paid off, expenses decreased, blessings increased...checks in the mail, finding money, inheritances, favorable settlements...Thank you Lord for providing for ALL my financial needs that I might have more than enough to give back to the Kingdom of God and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ." I can't remember the whole thing. If you have a problem with the fact that we should ask God for these things than I'm sorry, but I believe that our heavenly Father wants to give us bread and not a stone. And He wants to do freakishly cool things for us to remind us that we are His, and of course, be miraculous to someone else by giving them money.

So anyway, Katie Stout calls from Hollis gallery to inform me that I have a potential sale of a piece of mine and also might have a commission for 2 more like it, a series if you will. I also need to get my butt in gear for this group show. I got my contract from Hollis and in it Katie wrote me to tell me that each artist in this show needs 8 to 10 works on the wall. This means I need to get her 2 or 3 more pieces before the 21st of October ideally the 1st of October. Sheesh. I have completed Domestica and Reception 3, but I'm thinking Domestica won't make the cut. Two more to produce. Reception 3 is also very small, therefore having 3 more available by this date would be better. Also my artist statement and bio has some boo-boos in it from Katie's editing that I'll need to fix. No big thing though.

I continue to struggle with my watercolor technique, although I'm feeling a bit more confident that I will have the practice under my belt to do the monochromatic project we have to do by next Wednesday. I'm doing some cows, they're so happy for me *grin*.

I got the paperwork for Festival 34/84 in the mail today and all the ideas for profiting off of my skill go buzzing through my head. I have art cards, I have potential for a giclee of The Season, but I'd like to have posters. I was hoping I could find a way to make them $10, but now it's looking like $25 is the cheapest I can charge for a poster, a 16"x20" poster. Jana was just such a hit last year, I feel I need to represent that work with a bigger print. My wallet isn't that flexible. Brainstorming with Joel gave me some more realistic goals.
1) make one giclee of The Season, since the original is at Hollis 2) make one poster at Kinko's and take orders for more, using a possible wireless connection at the fest. 3) Sell the cards I have and not order more. 4) make a mailing list from this blog, anyone know how to do that on my sidebar? Bob?
5) Get 4 pieces to Framewrights, maybe more for stretching and slides.

I'm just praying that I won't have a huge Art History test the Monday after either one of these events.

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September 21, 2005

Reception 3

Almost done, needs some masking and some layers.
art 066.jpg
It's 12"x12". kinda fuzzy picture, sorry. This one will be in Chattanooga for the Oct 21st opening.

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September 19, 2005

Domestica Finished

september 002.jpg
My second pregnant nude. Not sure if this one will end up in Chattanooga or not. But enjoy the domesticness.

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September 10, 2005

Art Studies

nude watercolor.bmp
I'd love to paint with watercolor like this!

The downside of being a mature college student is that my art history text book from Survey 1 and 2 is too old. I searched the world over for the book that I'm supposed to have the last 2 chapters read for a mini-test on Monday. No luck. It costs over $60 bucks almost everywhere. For 2 chapters, UGH. So I'm going to bite the bullet and chance that I'll do fine with my 10th edition rather than the 12th.

I have a response paper as well, should be kinda fun to write. I just have to look over plates of a modern artist and write a short response on what I think. Now if I only could get an hour without the two kids to get a book from the library.

My watercolor prof has an opening in Provence town Mass. No class on Monday. My assignment for Wednesday is to get a photo good for a monochromatic composition. "Moderately Complicated" my prof says. Maybe I should make it blue for my mom's poor jaundice dining room.

Katie Stout at Hollis Gallery has confirmed October 21st for a Women's show. I should figure out how to make a mailing list.

So much to do no wonder I feel the need to unwind. I've felt majorly stressed the past few days. God help me to be kind to my husband and have patience for my kids.

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August 28, 2005

Hard to Suck

It's hard to suck at something. Especially when you're an artsy fartsy I Can Do Anything first child. I enjoyed my first week of classes, it'll be a challenging semester. I forgot how much studio classes just wipe me out! Not just because they are all 3 hours long, but because it uses up so much of my mental energy. Thinking and thinking, what to do next, how are they doing it, I can do it better etc.. And then there are the critiques! Whew! It's intimidating. I will be doing a lot of praying about my Watercolor class. I suck at watercolors. Just trying to do a simple value scale is soooo hard. What it takes is unlearning. I have so much untrained skill under my belt that I have to unlearn some of that to limber up for some new stuff. And Watercolor is breaking me in hard. It's completely different. I was painting these little squares going from dark to light and trying to keep it even and I botched them all. Finally I asked my Prof to help me. So embarassing to need help! I wasn't the only one, the other oil painters in the class were grumbling too. Our first assignment sounds really fun, if I ever get a hang of the medium *sigh*

I dropped off my paintings at Hollis Gallery Saterday. Good to talk with K.Stout about the what-nots. The paintings I dropped off were The Season, The Faroes, Lionness, Seated Nude, Nude with Orange. So if you're in down town Chattanooga, my piece, The Season, should be hanging on the wall as we speak. There were some in's and out's that were a it unnerving, but I think I'll get paid what I'm worth, and hey, it's just plain exciting!

I got to hang out with my bestest bud Cat C. last night. I loved seeing her new art. Totally consistant, and beautiful! If I had had my camera I'd have snapped a few shots for yoooz guys. Her bird and fish are gonna fly, she could just do those and make money. But I love her exploration of mediums and her lovable shapes that combine into recognizable forms. It's like she doesn't start out with an image she starts out with shapes. Very pleasing. Her clipboard pieces are the bomb. She got my kids some special presents, little birds by tania. very sweet, I love to look at them.

I played around with photoshop this weekend haven't used it creatively in a while. Some bad pics become interesting:
august 106.jpg
august 104.jpg

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August 9, 2005


art 064.jpg
It is in the "gaudy stage". It will need some subtlizing, but I like where it's going now. Like I said, it's flat as can be.
august 016.jpgaugust 017.jpgaugust 018.jpg

Title of this piece not to be confused with this band, or this company, but you get the idea.

Thanks to Bob and Jeanette who did a mini commercial for my artcards available on etsy. Need a present? How 'bout some blank cards from one of your favorite bloggers?

I'm awefully excited about my seemingly simple purchases today. I got a new caulk gun, two pieces of plexiglass for an overdue new palette, and two pieces of masonite. A 2ft square piece is only like two or three dollars! This will be an adventure.

If anyone has photos to share with me of low lit interior spaces with glasses and or candlelight that have a warm cozy feel please comment and I'll email you, I'm looking for good photos and I've used others photos before with great success (thanks erbs and cat and Ms. Gypsy and rogers').

If I made small posters of my work would y'all be interested?

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August 2, 2005

Art Cards Available!

For those of you jones-ing for some Katie Ward Knutson original art but can't foot the bil...yet, I have the solution! I have had cards printed up and I am in the process of coming up with the best ways to package them. Until then, if you just want to buy one you can now have a direct link to my online store through etsy by hitting my button.bmpbutton. If you really like what you see I can get art printed in various ways on various things, like say... a shower curtain.

Anyway, just check out the side bar for the link to my store. The cards I had printed were: Jana, Seated Nude, The Season, Darren's V-neck, Crowned Nude, The Faroes and Lifeblood.

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Self Portrait Tuesday

august 012.jpg

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July 20, 2005

One thing I do

pregnant nude.jpg
Whew! She looks bloated! But I guess you are when you're that pregnant. Can I get a witness? I do think the proportions are a bit off. I wanted to work with more of a fleshtone. But I still think part of her skin will end up Scarlet or Cobalt before the piece is done. I like the tones on Vessel. And the closest I get to skintone is in Lioness. The Naked Ladies are taking over my house! They are around every corner. You wonder how Joel can stand it *wink*. Maybe it's cuz I paint in the buff (just kidding, although the heat, plus no clothes fitting, makes you think about it).

I have heard about this byFaith mag that all my Pressie friends are talking about. I guess I don't give it a second thought because I don't consider myself a Presbyterian anymore. But I really do hold many of the same beliefs, all the important ones. And I would sprinkle my kids if I had a place to do it. I'm glad I grew up in the PCA until I turned 16 and then no one knew what to do with me, heck, I didn't know what to do with me. I'm not "heady" enough to be a Presbyterian. When I read blogs that discuss doctrine my eyes begin to blur. I can't keep up with those guys, their vocabulary is too big. I guess my faith is expressed less with heady discussion and more with experience, testimony and revelation. It comes out more when I'm singing with my kids or painting with my brush. I try to keep from blatantly writing Biblical text in my paintings but I just can't help myself. faroes.JPG
The Bible is a sword and I want my work to have weapons hidden in every layer. All this to say I liked this article in byFaith, I think all Christian artists should read it. It wasn't a news flash because I grew up in a family that walked this everyday. That's how we ate and had a roof over our heads. I do think the PCA gets it even though they might talk about it a little to much and not fully comprehend the power it has. Influence is a good word, but I like Power better. God bless 'em.

And I do love Frances Schaeffer:<"[I]t is part of lostness of modern man that they no longer see value in the work of art as a work of art. I am afraid, however, that as evangelicals we have largely made the same mistake. Too often we think that a work of art has value only if we reduce it to a tract. This too is to view art solely as a message for the intellect."

tell 'em my man!:
“Christian art is by no means always religious art, that is, which deals with religious themes. . . . This whole notion is rooted in the realization that Christianity is not just involved with “salvation” but with the total man in a total world.”

art 054.JPG
I did this one while pregnant with Josiah, I'm thinking about finishing it.

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July 15, 2005

Lioness Complete

art 046.jpg
Here it is, another nude. Acrylic on Canvas 28"x22". Needs to be varnished.
Details on Flickr.Sorry for the lop-sided picture my LED screen is broken on my camera, argh.

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July 12, 2005

Where's My Sleigh?

First of all let me say a big public thank you to the guys at Coptix that gave my blog it's stylesheet makeover. I love having two sidebars, less scrolling. Thank you, moocho!

Last night I was checking out our ebay goods for sale to see how we'd done. I went to Paypal to check out who'd paid already. I came across a strange thing, $115? What's this? I clicked on the transaction and recognized the name, Zellyn Hunter? I did some frantic clicking trying to figure out what was going on. Oh my goodness! Zellyn and his wife Bevin had bought my Reception II painting off Etsy! Wow! That's awesome! I was as giddy as a school girl when I went to my Etsy shop to see that it was no longer listed, it had sold!! Hooray! Etsy is a great thing for artists. It take less commission than galleries, and the folks going there are looking for artwork and hand-made goods only! And to top it off, Angus and Claire Hunter's son and his wife had bought my painting! Did they know me! Was this a mercy purchase(believe me it's happened, thanks Mom!)? I wrote them back to tell them who I was, what I thrill! I love knowing where my artwork is going. Especially when it's out there on the www and friends by my work by a fluke! Cool, God is so good. May it bless their home, I send my blessings and hard work with it.
july 016.jpgjuly 017.jpg

So my hallway is full of brown paper packages, from kitchen knives to fine art. I need a sleigh! I love using my "Mail Art" stamp, I have a reason to use it. Just think, you could be the lucky one receiving artwork in an oatmeal box.

Here's my girl all dressed up by her brother:
july 009.jpg

News from my hubby that actually happened last week: He went to interview at a mortgage loan office and they are willing to take him on. This means that he will not be quitting his old job until he gets some good leads flowing. But if you are in Georgia and want to buy a house drop Joel a line, he'll get you a great loan. He especially wants to help young families. This is an answer to prayer because this position comes with no quotas (sp?), he can work as much or as little as he can. But he wants this to be his gig, he wants to say farewell to insurance billing *yuck*.

Artist Euphoria: Puff Paint is good:
july 011.jpg

Mommy Delight: A boy and his potty
july 010.jpg
I promise Josiah will appear on this sight with his pants on someday.

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June 27, 2005

New Nostalgia

june 065.jpg
Josiah at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. I enjoyed many a watery hug.

Another thing I enjoyed while in Chattanooga was one of my former Prof's shows. Michael Holsomback had a show at AVA and it had some wonderfully large paintings that made me feel very at home, and hopeful. I felt that in a strange way both Mike and I were moving in a similar direction tell me if you think so.
june 071.jpg
june 073.jpg
not sure what the name of this one is. oops
june 075.jpg
"Lonely Girls I"

I was also able to get some good paint for a good price at Art Creations in Chatt. and so I hope to be posting pictures of the nude I started in progress now that I have the colors I have been lacking. Check out my flickr account for more pics of Josiah at Coolidge and Mike's work.

One more picture of some of the cool duds I wore as a tot. Mom let me go through them and either take some home, or take pictures. Some of the stuff is so cool! I'll put the rest on flickr too.
june 083.jpg

And Congrats to Josh and Linda Green on the birth of their daughter Ella Rose this past week. As far as I know she was a nice average 7 or 8 lbs! Good Job guys!

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June 23, 2005

Paintings and Sand

I was hoping that I could go to get my "Father of an Absent Son" painting from school yesterday, but my prof said today was better. Oh Well. prof.bmp
That just meant that I would have o bring the circus with me. It's OK, she's a grandma, and a seasoned one at that. She talks about and loves her kids/grandkids. She also expressed desire to meet Eden. So in we came, into the art building, Josiah making comments through the whole place. Prof Griffin seemed to enjoy the tornado I brought into her office. I tried to keep Josiah's hands off the slide reels. She offered to help me take my painting to the car (although I was prepared to do it myself). She gave me a hug, and wishe me luck, she even helped Josiah into his seat. Best of all she told me that I obviously was dedicated to my art, and that I could do [all of it] if I really wanted to. I told her I did. I'm very thankful I know that there is one senior art prof at KSU that doesn't mind the chaos of kids in their students life, in fact not only not mind it, but thinks it's normal. *whew* but I'm glad it was a short visit.

BTW this could be the package waiting at your doorstep if you make the decision Ms. Erin Petrella did!
june 056.jpg

boy in sand.bmp

I drove around forever looking for this playground. It's smaller and more contained than the big nice one we usually go to. There have never been any kids playing on it when we've gone which is kinda strange. Josiah's favorite part is the sand! It's surrounded by play sand and I just let Josiah get crazy dirty. Clean-up was a bit insane, but my kids were very accomidating and I sit here blogging at naptime with more of my senses than I expected.

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June 13, 2005

Vessel Finished

art 008.jpg
Well, it's done, took me long enough.

Michelle I need your address

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June 9, 2005

My Crowded Studio

And I wonder why it takes me a long time to get stuff done? This was the scene today as I painted...
art 003.jpgart 005.jpg
art 006.jpg

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June 7, 2005

Vessel Renewed

I set a small goal of just trying to paint starting in June after Eden was born. I picked up my brushes yesterday and got a smidge of inspiration. Sorry if the pregnant nude form offends. If so hit your back button. I'm not up for discussion, it's my art and my blog. Here's a sample shot of 'Vessel':
art 002.jpg

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May 20, 2005

Good Composition

In my search for images to put on canvas this pleasant scene invaded my hectic afternoon. I've become quite a camera-girl while nursing!
good comp1.jpg

You might not think it's very extraordinary, but the warm colors and placement of objects makes it a great subject to paint without adjusting much, and these days the less adjusting I have to do the better.

Even though I will probably not pick up a paint brush the whole month of May, I am working, thinking and studying what I will do next. It's not my exhaustion that hinders me, it's making dinner, or doing laundry, or running errands that keeps me from working.

BTW, made it to Lowe's today with both kids, in the cart, no tantrums and it even downpoured rain on us! Josiah thought it was fun, Eden just soaked herself with spit-up.

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April 15, 2005

Another Student Art Show

I skipped a whole week of school this week. I was having annoying contractions on Tuesday, and yesterday was a lecture I didn't have to write a paper for. But Wednesday I went to the opening of the KSU Student Art Show. It was a bigger deal than I thought. They were also giving out scholarships. I instantly was disgusted at myself for what I had submitted, and started feeling the disappointment rise up inside of me. I left the house saying, "I should stay all of 45 minutes, I'm not gonna win anything." and Joel said," You never know" yeah yeah.

I'm not going to go into a fit about it on my blog because dern-it I'm 28 years old and you don't want to hear me whine. Maybe some of you will get the unique opportunity to hear me whine about it in person. So that's that.

One cool thing was the judge gave a rather long explantion as to why he chose what he chose. It was very interesting. His main focus is on folk and outsider art, he is a photographer by profession. But I have never heard a judge talk so long about why he loves judging, why he choses things and added encouraging words about why certain things didn't get in or didn't win. I still felt the people who won were part of the graduating seniors clique and I guess my sinful snobbery wanted to chisel into that without studying any further than I have on my own.

The artwork was very good. Some beautiful pen and inks with coffee done by a morbidly obese student in a wheelchair. Loving drawings in white on black paper. Some thought prevoking sculpture. As I whimpered to Joel on the way home he said, "Well Kate, isn't it good that there is a challenge? Wouldn't it have been worse if you were better than all those graduating seniors?" yeah yeah. He's totally right.

It was photography winner's birthday that day. She's a skinny little thing with short blue hair and a spikey black belt, oh, and lip piercing. Buddy Holly frames and a floppy hat. Her peppy attitude diminished her rough style choices. Her photos were good, dreamlike and technically well done. When she went up to get her award somebody shouted,"Happy Birthday Amanda!" and she chirped as she fell back into the crowd ,"yeh! twenty-two!" yeah yeah.

I guess I get sad when I feel I have decided to do something totally different with my life. I hear Amanda say she's 22 and I sigh because I realize that I won't have that college experience again. I missed it, or at least cut it short. Believe me, I did what God wanted me to do, and I am now. These feelings are temporary and I spent time yesterday painting as I will when I finish this post. I will call Katie Stout and Hollis and set up a meeting time. I have been so blessed. I hope Amanda uses that $100 gift certificate well and continues to take pictures even when she's a mama and her roots have grown back in. As my professor told me: Life happens and you can't stop everything to be an artist, but and artist will always be an artist no matter what time of life they're in.

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April 11, 2005


homeshots 142.jpg
So I finally did something with the negative space in this painting. I've actually done a little bit more than this picture shows and I'll probably work on it a little bit more tonight since Joel is in school so late on Mondays. I'd like to blend the window pane in a bit to the background, and I've put my back fence in the outside view out the window, it's blue. For the longest time I was trying to think of what I should involve the figures hands in, since he's obviously doing something. I decided to stick with the picture I took it from, he's playing with a game of magnets. I'm very hopeful I will finish this piece by the 28th for my class presentation. I'm enjoying this piece so much, and I think it will help me finish the Vessel painting since my senses are refreshed with practice. What d'ya know.

Got a phone call while we were eating over priced McDonald's at the Zoo on Saturday. It was from the KSU Visions commitee, they're the ones who decide for the student show. I've become very interested in why jury commitee's pick the pieces they do, not just for the awards but for the general entries. It's been a while since I've been out right rejected, which is nice, but when I submit a larger quantity of pieces (3-4) I'm interested as to the couple pieces of mine they do chose. For the KSU Student Show I had to submit pieces that could fit in the Camry, and pieces that I could do without when I show Katie Stout from Hollis Gallery my work in person. So I sumitted Attention, Quiver and Arrows, and Community. homeshots 091.jpg
On Saturday they called to say I got 2 pieces in: Attention and Quiver and Arrows. It's strange since I questioned the other 2 pieces but not Community, I guess I just think it's an overall unified piece compositionally. It's a piece I could see hanging almost anywhere. Attention is 5 years old, and Quiver and Arrows could be considered a bit sentimental with all the kiddies in it. I love them both though and have confidence in all of them. We'll see if I win anything. There were quite a few entries, especially paintings, and the commitee probably had an exhausting task of making sure everyone was involved who could be.

The News:
1. Sam Ward, my cousin, has just been told he has cancer. He rushed into the ER and the cat-scan discovered a mass in his abdomen. The docs have given him good reports that it's operable and controllable. But I'm praying he doesn't need anything, that God would make the mass dissapear. He and his wife are around 30 and were in the process of adopting a Chinese girl. This cancer would stop that process. Pray! God Heal Sam 100% and may the adoption process continue, even speed up! God can do it!
2. My son has pooped in the potty three times in the past 4 days. He's getting interested and I'm happy! It really is work for both parties, not just his interest.
3. My midwife gave me a good report today. Negative GBS test, which is wierd cuz I was positive with Josiah. She also guess-timated that little girl Eden is only 6 1/2 lbs now. That's nice since it pretty much seals it that she'll be under 9 lbs. Thank you Lord!

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April 7, 2005

Bag O Tricks

So what is in my bag of tricks for today?! Well, I wish I could share with you all in blog-land my big Phat bowl of Cadbury Mini Eggs but alas they will be consumed by her-preggie-ness. What I can share is an update on my art project which I am still puzzled by what to name it. It will be a loaded image, and I don't want it to stray from what Chagall would do. When I can chisel into the negative space I will feel much better...
chagall progress 10.jpg
Sorry for the glare, I haven't taken the time to hold my camera still enough without a flash. I need to take the sucker outside. But when I have to print them off for class I'll Photoshop them a bit.
fake smile3.jpg
Here is my son's fake smile. I can't get a picture without him doing this now-a-days. Maybe if I went back to my manual K1000 Pentax for a while I'd get some beauties. Now that it's lighter outside the twilight should be excellent for manual cam shots.

I'm skipping out on Art Fest. It's just too much, and since the Volvo was the only car that could hold my paintings and easel that pretty much decides it. What I'd love is a nice little pick-up truck. But I ain't hoping and praying about it. God takes care of us so well. I will drop off work tonight for the KSU show. Should be interesting to see what the competition is like.

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April 6, 2005

The Dead and the Living

Well Joel informed me yesterday as I was readying myself for class that our Volvo is indeed dead. And we both feel the same way, maybe it won't be a bad thing. Yeah I've gotta pick him up from work, or go a while without a car, but these days are approaching where I will be moving much slower. Lord knows my bladder tells me not to move at all-UGH. Little Eden just sits there. Enjoy little girl, the world awaits you.

Katie Stout from the Hollis Gallery called me twice yesterday while my phone baked in our functioning car--the Toyo Cam. She said she was interested in, "My abstracts and my nudes." crowned nude.jpg
Well, nude, singular. I haven't painted nudes in a while because nobody wants them except galleries that want "the classics" hanging on their walls. The only other nudes I've painted since 1998 are sold or in Norway. I called Katie Stout and talked with her and she is interested in representing me as an artist in Chattanooga. That means consistent viewing, sales (hopefully!), and recognition at hoity-toity parties. Galleries are tough because they tell you what they like (retailer criticism) and will show what they like. I told her, "Hey I'll work on some nudes if you want to show them." I mean, heck, this is the goal. The bummer is the money. When my Crowned Nude sold at Gallery 1401 back in '01 it sold for $1100, I got $625. This is the norm. They get 40-50%. But this is exciting. She said I was soooo talented. the faroes.jpg
She said she loved my Faroes piece as well which is encouraging because it's closer to what I am doing these days. I also told her my friend Cat is around the corner at the Grand and does cool collage (props to my friend who showed me the place). And Katie Stout sounds eager, eager for change in that gallery. So bring it on, I'll be that change (and I'll take cat with me cuz she deserves it BAD).

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March 30, 2005

Progesterone and Paint

vessel crazed.jpg
Here's Vessel in it's Crazed state. It is still not done. I find with my warm up pieces I have to work twice as hard (don't worry Michelle, it doesn't drive up the price). The piece becomes something I never imagined. Folks have asked me if I receive prophetic pictures. I would first think, no, but then when I actually think what I do and how I do it, it's not research or random it's something, so yes, I probably do receive images prophetically. You guys work it out in your own doctrine. This piece has taken so much of my energy to work out unity and symbolism and to keep the color scheme the way I want. A lot of my "mistakes" find a happy home and maybe even become genius because I roll with them. I've had to rely on that something that God has given me to work out the problems with this piece. I'm glad I know it's bought, because it helps generate what kind of images and emotion I insert. All I know is that I've added height to this canvas with all the many layers.
chagall progress 8.jpg
This the the beginning of my final art project. We were assigned either a creative project or a research paper (hmmmm, which one...) Actually the history majors didn't bother messing around with the creative project. I guess term papers are in their blood. I'm doing a painting in the style of Chagall. I've chosen to work with his earlier semi-Cubist period right after he returned from Paris, or while he was still in Paris. the poet.jpgsoldier drinks.jpg
It might not be his mature style, but it's closer to what I enjoy painting. What I love about Chagall's work is the warmth of subject matter: animals, lovers, rabbis, flowers. Their is so much added into his pieces that he puts their just to please himself, no one else. He was a happy man, in general. Although I don't think any Jewish artist could possibly live through both World Wars and still produce happy art during that period. I feel I naturally have some Chagall in me because of my inserted images. For this assignment I just need to be a bit more intentional with the technical side of my painting. Blending more (like Chagall) and adding the images the way he would and of course no text (which I do sometimes way too much). When I first started painting I was more gestural with what colors and how my brushstrokes worked with figures especially. But I've toned down a bit, started using more realistic colors. When using Chagall as an example, I have to revert to more abstracted color. Painting faces green and blue instead of the more skin friendly colors yellow, red and orange. Also grey seems to be a color Chagall likes quite a bit. I painted this over a still life I did back in '98. I just can't justify buying new canvases when my older paintings are so bad, or amatuer. I just read about how Picasso aquired a Modigliani painting and since he couldn't afford canvas painted over Modigliani's piece. Jerk, he was more famous than Modigliani could dream of being in his lifetime and the poor kid died at 30 of TB!! Modigliani was one of those people you love to hate though. Cocky, melo-dramatic, would hang around the same haunts waaay too much, would pay for things with drawings. It's like, "he's so annoying why did he get all this talent" that's what I think when I read about him. But I digress...

I think my teacher would like it more if I painted in the later Chagall style. I told Joel this last night and he said, "Kate, it doesn't matter, you're gonna get an A, paint what you want." My teacher does like me :)

But just in case I have to insert a goat into my painting like the Master Chagall, Josiah and I did a study today across the way from our house. Goats in Marietta? It does happen.
march-april 101.jpgmarch-april 103.jpgmarch-april 102.jpgmarch-april 104.jpg

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March 21, 2005

Happier about Art

march-april 095.jpg

I have finally come over the hump of discouragement with this painting and I am feeling the sense of success. This doesn't mean I'm done, I just forget how hard it is to whip out a painting when I haven't done one since September!! It's like jogging in the Spring when you've spent all winter couching and eating Christmas cookies. But yes, I feel happier. And just in time, my teacher gave us our assignment for our final project this past Thursday. I've been anticipating it since I'm sooo doing it early! I mean it's due the 3rd of May and I could be huffin' and puffin' a baby out by then! I still think it'll be the 9th though. The assignment is to do a creative project in the style of a 20th century French artist, or an artist who spent much of their professional career in France. Like Picasso (Spanish), Brancusi (Romanian), Giacometti (Swiss), or Chagall (Russian Jew). And write a 3 page paper with sources. Piece-O-Cake! I'm actually looking forward to this! And although I usually seek out the more obscure artist to duplicate I think this time I'll go with Chagall. chagall paris window.jpg
His work is so beautiful, challenging and I find a kindredness with him as he uses so many images of faith, family and small town life. We're not to do a copy, but a work in the style of the artist and take pictures of your progress. Hey, I do that already!! I have to have an outline of what my project will be for Thursday. It's fun, I've got homework!

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March 16, 2005

What do ya do? White it Out!

Here's an update on the Vessel painting. I haven't gotten to work on it alot lately but I'm beginning to feel a bit more inspired. I was down on it because it wasn't going to a nice place. My fellow artists will understand this sentiment. You work so hard on something and then it stops, unfinished, and you know that where it is is not the end. So this is when I do something drastic. Caulk is usually what I do when I'm on a role. Painting over 50% of the painting is what I do when I'm tired of working on the same things and not getting anywhere. It helps to keep you from hating it altogether! People might ask,"When do you know when it's finished?" It's a brief moment for me when I look at it and say,"Yeah. OK. I can't wait to never see it again." Putting a coat of poly on it seals the deal (no pun intended).
art 009.jpg
Things I think I'll change/work on sommore:
I want to greatly improve the gravy boat at the bottom-man, I am a terrible drawer!! I want to bring life to the tree, add some greeny-green. Maybe bring more personality to the preggy figure in the middle, add face, hair, light clothing. Beef up some orange and blue parts. Can't get enough of those contrasting colors!!

In a fit of bravery (and so my husband won't bitch at me anymore) I spoke to my prof. last night about my physical state and some possibilites of showing my work. She fascinates me as to her life story, what she chose to do. But anyway, there is an all student show coming up in April although I've seen no paperwork for it anywhere, sketchy? Yes. My prof has shown her work very recently and also has organized several galleries in her lifetime. I thought I'd ask her about some realistic places to send a professional portfolio packet. I've already sent 4 off. To Alcove, Gallery 1401, Hollis Gallery, and St. John's Restaurant. I also want to have a meeting with the manager at Octane seeing my friend Erin practically lives there and asks me everytime I see her if "I've talked to Tony?" I want to be realistic above all. I'm not going to print out tons of pictures and pay the postage just to get shot down by hoity toity places. I want recommendations. But I didn't get that last night, I think I put her on the spot a bit. I'll make a packet up for her to see and maybe she can mull about it for a bit. We did get to have a nice chat about my being pregnant and how she was pregnant 3 times while getting her undergrad and grad degree. She was married at 18 and at that time her prof's frowned on a pregnant woman being allowed to go to school, "What is your husband thinking!!" She told me she could hide 2 of her pregnancies but the third was not so easy. It was cool to chat, she encouraged me to not be in a hurry and to enjoy life to it's fullest. We discussed how important it is to be a mother, and how it's impossible to take the artist out of you even when you've got little ones. Such a difference from my prof at Chatt State. Ugh, she was a crazy, feminist looney bird!! Unstable, lacked confidence, sickly and on top of that she was divorced 3 times!! Didn't seem like her lifestyle was condusive to her artistic leanings. Joel agreed with me and said that this prof could be more of a mentor. "yeah," I said,"but usually prof's like her are so busy you're lucky to get the 10 minutes I got yesterday." None the less, it was a great boost and I will work on Vessel this week to reflect my new excitement with school.

I wrote an email to my fam and fam in law and some other friends that are considering visiting in the next month or so about our schedule. Oh my Word! I had no idea how busy we were! There's like something every day! Whether it be school, or required events, or family or friends visiting. I got a flier in the mail for a free Art Fest in Statesboro on April 9th. The catch is that the application was due the 8th of March and I received the flier on the 12th! Hah! So I sent it anyway, maybe I'll get in! It's free, it's one day and heck, we had nothing planned on that day!

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February 25, 2005

Working more layers

art 001.jpgart 002.jpgart 003.jpgart 004.jpgart 005.jpgart 006.jpg
It's actually changed a little even from this, I think this is Wednesday when I took these pictures. It's been boredom and the fact that my boy has let me sleep in a little (til 8:30am) although he does still wake every night at 4am to get his diaper changed, wierd. I like where this is going, but it still needs help. My drawing skills are aweful! The bottles are truly lop-sided. That's what I'll take next semester- Advanced Drawing. My coffee colored walls really aren't attractive against this painting either...
art 007.jpg

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February 23, 2005

Layer 4

homeshots 054.jpg

Another gaudy layer that will give just the right amount of richness to the finished product. Thanks to those who have responded so well to this piece it helps me get off my preggie arse and work on stuff.

homeshots 050.jpghomeshots 052.jpghomeshots 053.jpg

For Andy M: How I am creative every morning: Oatmeal volcano w/ Kix
homeshots 051.jpg

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February 14, 2005

Why am I awake?

Yesterday I spent a long, much needed social period at a church baby shower. There will be many of them the next few weeks. But because of the exertion it took to be out from 10 to 5 I accumulated symptoms that have been hitting me full force. I really don't like to bitch about pregnancy. I like being pregnant. But it seems worse this time in certain aspects. My body is reminding me of what I went through to recover from Josiah. Those things were not fun. But what I hate the most is that I am a thankful, blessed healthy person who just happens to have ailments that are mysterious and only attributed to pregnancy. I was wishing yesterday that this little girl would come, NOW. But I need to be careful what I wish for. I hardly slept at all last night. Get this, you know why? I had a headache induced by lack of water. I know it. A dehydrated headache. And the 2 Tylenol I took for it didn't help a lick. Thankfully we had some Gatorade left over from the stomach issues our family has had and that seemed to help the gross feeling. But by the time I was slowly drifting and feeling good, Josiah wok up and needed his pants changed. Go figure. I forgot, I forgot how difficult it is to feel good in your last trimester. As I'm telling these women yesterday about Josiah's birth I'm remembering what it takes. I'm starting to realize it's time to stop sailing. Time to stop drinking coffee and coke altogether! Time to tote my water bottle with me into every place and room I enter! Time to do my cat-stretches and most importantly, time to baby myself. Go to sleep earlier, take more naps, take more baths, don't go out for as long as possible, spend more time outside, spend more time snuggling with my son, reading.
homeshots 035.jpg
Here's my latest piece "Vessel". This is just layer #3, which tends to be a bit gaudy and not very fine tuned. I have more text to insert, and I'd like to keep the painting white with the orange peeking out. What does the word 'vessel' mean to you? I'm trying to uses the many images it can incorporate in this piece. I never think I can totally stray from figurative painting, but still life is very challenging.
I have 12 weeks before this little girl's EDD and I really want to finish at least 3 paintings. Of course I am babying myself now, and going to school. Which remindes me of the horrid review I have to do on Ingres and Delocriox for tommorow's class. Dude, there's a reason I took 20th century art!! Snooze! Portraits of Napolean and Lady Independance freeing France. UGH. Neo-Classicism, wretched.

I bought my daughter's baby book yesterday and finished the name page. In order to do this I was harrassing Joel to help me decide on the middle name. We are finally going with Eden (Paradise) Berit (Glorious) Knutson (son of Knut). And of course this finalizing means that I made a title page for her book with this name and I ain't changin' it! Unless I get negative remarks from Scandinavian friends about the accurate meaning of the name. Whatever...

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January 21, 2005

The Flesh

I have to leave my house 1 hour before my class starts at 6:30 in order to get there without having a heart attack. This is mostly because I am 6 months pregnant and hauling my butt across campus in the cold makes for unpleasant panting and some cramping. That's Atlanta. I'm not getting on 75N or 285, the reputable gridlock captains, I'm just driving down Ye Ol' Barrett Parkway and waiting for 15 minutes in a parking garage for someone to give me a space. I wonder if I could get handicap priviledges? Oh for it to be like Publix wherer they have "expectant mom" parking...

So my last entry I said I was going to that reception on Wednesday night. I didn't, mostly because the Flesh is weak. I will have to fight extreme exhaustion eventually to just make it to class at all. It is good for me though, it means that twice a week I'm getting about 10 minutes of cardio that I wouldn't have done at all. I guess I should be thankful. But I did go yesterday with Josiah in tow to the Library Gallery and (after being accousted by an AJC salesperson) got to get a sneak peek at what we were to hear lecture about that evening. I don't want to stoop to the level of complaining about my prof because I'm over all that, but she's got a full plate this year and she's kinda absent from our class. For example, we discuss the place and agenda for last night's lecture on Tuesday and go over where it is and that it is required, we will have to write a paper on it etc... I find the lecture hall (the 4th place I've had to find for class attendance already this semester) and see that I have ten minutes. I run into another girl from my class and we exchagne pleasantries until we realize it's 5 past and no one else from our class is around. We go back to the Library Gallery where everyone is. Ugh! I don't like it when I don't know where to go and there are no directions, no people, no one to guide you the right way! But no worries, we attended the full lecture. I took notes like mad because we had a paper due on these 3 French artists, they were speaking with no amplification and with strong accents, had no set lecture for us, and we were sitting on the floor of the gallery, a non-classroom setting. I wanted to make sure I had tons of info to go from because I wasn't sure what I could or couldn't understand. It was comtemporary art, bizarre, minimalist, no point, performance art. I took a lot of notes.

A couple of the pieces were quite beautiful:
[this is not Anne's photo, this is the Freud Museum]
freud hall.jpg

Continue reading "The Flesh"

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January 19, 2005

I heart School


I guess it's just going to take me a while to get jaded toward the ritual of school, but it's feeling pretty good now! My teacher finally got us our syllabus, after two classes without, and did a run through of what's goin' on. It looks like other than reading a lot of text that we may or may not discuss, most of our work is based on attending art shows/lectures and writing small summaries on them. Reading the arts section of the NY Times and a research paper, instead of a final exam, which is good for this pregnant mama because I can do it early! It seems that every third class our actual prof will be lecturing, on the other days we will be required to listen to other people lecture, or view art shows during our class period. The perks of a night class!! So scratch boring, repetitive lectures! Tonight I am going to attend an opening reception that is optional for our class but we can get extra credit for a short paper on it. The reception is for Process and Perception: Contemporary Works by Three French Artists. It goes from 7 to 9, but if it's just a reception than all I'm going to be doing is browsing around and drinking punch. Joel is like, "Yeah, go!! Get out as much as you want!" My husband longs for me to get out more, I'm such a nerd. Tommorow I also have a lecture, "Contemporary French Art"- International Panel Discussion. What's also great about these lectures is that I find my way around campus, and find out where all the lecture halls and galleries are. There is a student show open to anyone at KSU in April and Joel is like, "Dude! Get on that boat!" Ok, maybe not his exact words, but that's his tone, always.

As we were taking notes on the "Monuments of the Third Republic" last night, my teacher asked how many of us were Studio Arts Majors. Out of a class of over 24, only 5 of us raised our hands. Can you believe it? All Graphic Arts and Art Ed. Joel and I are curious how good the art will actually be coming out of KSU. I must admit I kinda don't care. I have never been one to find the bestest art school and run with them. You get enough of that competition in the real art world without getting graded. I also must say that I am so happy I have 3 years of college under my belt so I can jump into the classes I really want to take. Jenny G told me her schedule the other day and I realized,"Yes, no more English Comp, Western Civ, Psych 101, or Global Issues." I am an upper-classman--phew!

But I had no idea that going to school would put me in such a great place. I feel charged!! I was about to take my boy back to the hospital yesterday, he was driving me nuts! And I just kept telling myself,"Katie, you need a nap, some tea, and a good 2 and a half hours away from your boy!" That did it. I was chatty and happy and ready to read about Fauvism and Dada for another couple days while wiping my hands free of pasty oatmeal and kid snot. So bonus, I'm going to an art reception tonight. I don't know anyone yet, and I feel a little wierd: insecure and out of the loop, but it's what I need. Going to the movies is a temporary high, going out to eat sometimes makes me feel bad, but this is a gift- it exercises my brain and hopefully will lift this creative cloud off of me. I mean, I have a show I have to be working towards! YIKES! I also must admit that gestating this time around just isn't enough to bring great joy and mystery to my life. I love feeling Eden squirm in my gutt as I'm writing about the Great Exposition of 1900, but I know what's going on. Part of the down-side of being pregnant is it's a constant reminder that you are not your own. You are a mother, for a long, long time. You will always be that, everything else takes a back seat (as far as great ambitions go). I thought, "Yeah I can do all this," but in fact, it's not always easy for your heart to decide that. See, I will always feel the most complete when I am with my husband and children. Why should I feel different? It's a gift God gave me and some days I need a break (cuz it's hard hard work) but over all it's a joy that can't find a substitute. It's life, it's the real world. When you're in college you keep thinking about the real world. Now that I'm back I realize I have the real world and I need a break from it, but I'll always be there, matured in the real world.

Enough Yappin'
storytime drawing.jpg
Today's Story-time drawing

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January 6, 2005

A Bachellor's in Fine Arts

I am 28 years old. I was married when I was 22 and have 2 kids (one in the tumm). I have no paying job, I'm a full time mommy. Phew! Yet last night as Joel and I ate our Chicken Divan we talked about my BFA. We examined the course listings and thought out what would be excepted and what would not. I have 99 credits, 3 1/2 years of college, and Associates Degree in Arts and the HOPE will cover 127 credits. Only 123 are needed for my BFA yet I will have to take another 54 (?) in order to graduate. 6 of those credits are foriegn language. Too bad Norwegian probably won't fly here in Georgia . If only I was in Minnesota. We moan about why there aren't more options at night or on the weekends. But why the heck would a working adult be going for a BFA? That's why all those healthcare and business admin. classes are offered at those times. A BFA. Wow. One day I will have one. And on that day I will walk across a stage with kids 5 years my junior, possibly pregnant again and wear that stupid hat and sit through a gazillion other names until they call mine, "Kathryn Ward Kutson" yes, they will say it wrong.
Joel just shakes his head and says, "you're going to be such a better artist!" He's right. Not because I don't have the talent, or knowledge, but because I will have hours and hours and hours of painting and drawing under my belt. Practice makes perfect. Some souls do not need a BFA to become very very good artists. But I was born to be a great student, I love being a great student, so why not go to school?

I was at the bottom of the registration list. Last priority. And so the class I wanted was full, closed. But I did what I could. I got ahold of the prof (can you believe it?) and she asked me what Art History I had had, "Art Survey 1 and 2"
"Perfect!! I'll fill out the forms and get them in first thing tomorrow morning." There you have it. This pregnant 28 year old non-grad mommy is going to take 20th century French Art this Spring. Let's hope Eden comes after my exam.

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December 7, 2004

Begynne a sier liksom Jul

Now that's a Norweigan translation that I butchered. Take a guess Folks!! Here's some photos of my Christmas faves. I have put a dent in decorating (no tree yet) and I've "got the fever" as Joel says.MVC-035S.JPG This is my origami wreath. Green paper balloons wired onto a floral wire form ($2.29) and red "pointsettas" to fill in the holes. Green paper on the back to cover the mess and tah-dah! Green and red art paper Christmas!

This is the Filipino Nativity my mom-in-law gave me last Christmas. It's so cool! Although Mary is way taller than Joseph. I love that they are multicolored, not just beige or red and green. Note my make shift stable with day lily stems and a broken star ornament (a past project).

I bought some baubled grape things that were in Chirstmas colors for 40 cents a piece and tore them apart and made candle rings. These are the 'happs' in Norway for any special occasion and I always knew I could make them! These are simple and baublely, but they go well with my deco's. And notice the framed Christmas card on the stand, it's from Beth and Jeff Rogers. One of the coziest Christmas card pictures. I kept it. Hmmmm.

I know Cat wanted me to post my garlands made out of origami balloons, I will one day, but my camera ran out of juice.

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November 9, 2004

The Family Jewels

Sorry I've been absent, and I still kinda am, I'm getting ready for a last minute Christmas Bazaar this weekend. necklace4.jpg
I'm doing my jewelry which Joel affectionately calls "The Family Jewels" hehehe. I really hope to make some money, I think I will, it's just hard to know what the crowd will be like: Suburban Moms with lots of cash, rednecks looking for angel ornaments, teenagers that just want to cruise around and eat funnel cakes and slurp frappacinos. We'll see, I'm trying to cover my bases (without the angel ornaments).

Still not feeling the little bun move around yet, sometimes I think I do but not to consistently. I'm feeling good though. Just getting fatter. In the back of my mind I am worrying about too much weight. I am praying that I will not have another 10 lb baby. If you think of me, pray that God will be merciful, I don't think I'll have as many options this go around as far as complication intervention.

Saturday Cat came and graced our little fam with her presence. She had to take slides of my tent with her stuff in it. It was a nice afternoon and to top it off we went out to eat! Yeah! I love going out to eat, I never knew how special it would be for me. If you want to make me happy, take me out to eat! Cat is such a great playmate for Josiah, he belly laughs with her every moment they play.
pumpkin patch4.jpg

Josiah has been having a bit of a diaper area problem. On Saturday Joel was so concerned about Josiah's "equipment" like it was swollen, infected, something aweful that I made a Dr.'s appt for yesterday. Drove an hour to ABC Peds (Joel's Dad's practice) to have them tell me what I already knew. Not a yeast infection, everything looks OK, Baking Soda bath, diaper cream, let him run around necked etc..... But I'm sure every father has a special concern for his little boy's "equipment". I don't know what it's like to have that set up so beyond the obvious signs of infection and rash I wouldn't know what's normal and what's not. I didn't mind the trip, it was good to get the clean bill of health, yet again. I praise God for my healthy son. Since we've had a bit of rash concern we've been using the plastic dipes. I forgot how easy they are. I must say, it's nice to have a laundry break. I might not be such a hippy mom when I get closer to my due date. The cloth dipes will always be there and sometimes it's worth saving energy and discomfort by using the horrible, plastic, earth killing, money wasting, chlorine soaked, symbol of all that is wrong with baby care diapers. *Off the soap box*

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October 18, 2004

Tales from an Art Fest

This past weekend I had the priviledge of being part of Festival 34/84 in Cartersville GA. I didn't sell a thing, but that's not what I thought would happen. I don't feel like my art is "buy it right away" art. I loved hearing what people had to say and some really loved certain pieces.

The shining star of my booth was 'Jana'. Everyone loved it. One of the other artists (who won an award proudly displayed under his name tag) recognized it as a Chuck Close technique.jana.jpg
I told him, "I wondered when someone would pick that up!" It was like I had a 3D picture in my booth or something! Everyone was ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over it. It's from 1998! Someone please buy it! I don't want to move it anymore!

The weather was nice, the art was high calliber and the hospitality to the artists was crazy! They had free full breakfast on Saturday morning, free water and sodas all day long. Which was quite sweet: two boys pulling a wagon asking "Do ya want a drink? There free!" Saturday night, Cat and I went to the reception and dinner for the artists. It was catered awesome BBQ and open bar!! Yeah, I'm pregnant, bummer. I asked if they had water and the chic pouring the wine said no! Smoked Gouda, Brie, crossants, homemade coleslaw and BBQ. That was definately worth my booth fee.

I met some cool artists. I had a potter next to me, and a couple of photographers across from me. The funniest drama was the jewelry chic next to me whose work was eh, OK but not great. She flirted with so many guys. One of them kept coming back and coming back. She finally turned him down. She also attracted very loud and very rebelious teenage girls, who hung around her tent and never went away! There were glass blowers/jewelry makers that brought a 2 year-old with them. His mama was the glass girl. Little Oliver would appear occassionally with one of the other glass guys. He would laugh as they tossed him in the air and gave him piggy back rides.

All and all I loved dialogueing about my art with so many folks. I was dog-dog tired but I felt satisfied. Similarly to how I would feel after one of my dad's conventions. Of course then, I was selling a thousand dollars worth of stuff. I met some Shorter College grads who really liked my art and we talked for a while. They came back around with this other guy toward the end, right before I was about to pack up. Turns out he's an Art Prof at Shorter and he wants to have a show of my work at the school! I got his card and everything! That is satisfying.
Also the pottery lady, Patty, her husband does framing and stretching of canvases, and maybe slides! He's cheap and in Woodstock! That's nice.

It was awesome having Cat around to talk to and take care of Josiah. He had so much fun with his first best friend. So much fun, I don't think he was to thrilled to spend all day with me!

I'm sure there's lots I'm leaving out. But my typos are getting more evident so I better have some down time.

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August 21, 2004

Request for Art

I've had some requests so I'll post these images again since almost ALL my archive pictures dissappeared. ugh. This piece is called Quiver and Arrows.

It features my son Josiah, Katlyn Worrell, and Amy and Michelle's little sisters whose names I have already forgotten.

Sorry for the cruddy pictures. I haven't been able to afford slides of my latest works yet. Maybe you guys could start a "I love KWK's art" fund.

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July 18, 2004

One of the Hardest Things

This is one of the hardest things I have ever painted. I can't say I'm even satisfied but I know that I had to fight this battle and I won. Let me know what you think, what ya' like.

A lot of research went into this painting. First of all I wanted to use Psalm 127. It's been important to me. Not just because we are restoring a house (physically and spiritually). But also the importance of children to me. All the children that surround me. I'm sure many of my readers can relate. Yeah, so arrows and quivers come to mind visually. Then there's this picture of Jos brushing his teeth in Joel's arms.MVC-048S
It's his first haircut picture. I got the 1000 patterns book and had to use it. I went a bit nuts and covered up most of it. But those of you lucky enough to see it in person will see the evidence of them. Michelle posted pictures of her little sisters and since Michelle takes lovely photographs it wouldn't be too long before I would find one that I liked enough to paint. She told me it was OK. MVC-049SI don't know their names though? Michelle what are your sisters names? The little toddler in the corner is Katlyn Worrell. When my photos came back last week this photo of her had to be done. In my studies for this piece I found a cool website where the quiver and archer picture came from. Pretty dern interesting. I will get slides and digitals made of this piece this week. I will enter it into a show.

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July 12, 2004

A Little bit of Freedom

Friday Joel gave a wonderful gift. He said, "Kate go out and do something, all by yourself and I'll put Josiah to bed." See, we hadn't done anything all week. No small group, no dinner, no trip to the hardware store. All evenings at home. And it had taken it's toll. I was weepy by friday night. I was going to try and go to Intermezzo with Jenny because Jon now works there and we can get a discount. But she was off with Holly scouring the racks of some poor Old Navy store. I went to Borders. I got a latte, I got a big ol' stack of stuff to look through, and I read it for about 2 hours. It was very nice. I got an expensive mag called Modern Painters. Very cool. And a book I just couldn't justify leaving at the store called 1000 patterns. (Cat, you'd love it!)classic_motif It's a little bit of history and a lot of designs broken up chronologically, and by region. The classical world ones are perfect for scanning, printing and making stencils. Which I did last night and added some kick butt effects to my father/son painting. Ohhh, it's so nice. I felt like I was back in Lauren's art class doing mono-prints. And I got my hands super messy without any caulk! I'll post photos when I'm closer to the end.

Saturday we went to the Griffiths apartment and went swimming! Hooray! It's been so long in this hot hot sun. They have a pizza by the pool thing every month. The Worrel's came and Holly and Henry. Holly sporting her new skirt (not from Old Navy). Emma couldn't join us, she was with her dad. Josiah had so much fun, I can't wait to take him to the beach. He didn't want to ever get out.

Sunday was another great service at Northgate. And the inspiration continues. Tonight we're going to go to the South Cobb Arts League Mable House Show. I hope to work a few shows in if I can get slides. I'm tellin' ya' I'm going to have to drive downtown to get lousy 5 dollar slides made!!

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July 9, 2004

Beads, Bulbs and Paint


Joel and I have been working on the house again. It needs it! But also we have been trying to get an edge on extra stuff. Stuff like my art, the future all that good stuff.
What we've been doing:
1. Joel has finished our baseboards and one window trim in the LR and next is the crown molding.
2. Joel has patched the hole that the plumber made in our kitchen ceiling because of the broken pipe. Cut the ceiling up more, made a drywall patch, mudded it. And the beauty of it all is no sanding because the ceiling is textured. Fun texture spray is the next adventure.
3. I have installed 2 1/2 light fixtures. We've had working electrical fixtures in the kitchen for a bit, but haven't commited to light fixtures. Now the extension cords are gone and we have a pendant light over our kitchen table (which I worked on for over an hour yesterday but Joel had to finish it), and a track halogen over our kitchen work area! Yeah! We also have ridded ourselves of the old lady lookin' fixture in the hallway and got a nifty one! It's hot work, changing light fixtures. It's sweaty.
4. I pulled out my box of decorative stuff and realized unless I have shelves everywhere I can't put any of this stuff out because Josiah will tear them all up. I also am sad that i haven't invested in nice big pictures of my family and friends to hang up and down my halls. *Sigh*

I'd like to comment to those of you I have on my blogroll that do not post often at all. I will remove you! I understand that some of you are writing thesis' and others have more exciting lives than I, but I'm tired of clicking my back button to see the same opening sentence over and over!! Ok I'm off my soapbox.

Loobylu had a CUTE link to share today. Here's some nuggets:alienpuppy

Check out Bob's blog to join a cool contest.

I can't wait to take Josiah to the beach. I was also looking forward to spending time with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law who are coming back from Manilla to set Amy up at Covenant. I feel like Jos is bored sometimes, but there's not much I can do about that.wood_chips1
I took him to Laurel Park today for an hour and a half. Boring for me, fun for him. peek_a_porchI wish playing in the back yard or on the deck was an option but the bugs are murderous. He's a chic magnet though--At the library he met a forward little girl named Debbie. She's of Caribbean decent I believe. She had a lovely ladybug dress and silk flowers on her shoes. At the park today he met Jordan, a 13 month old little thing with a Chloe like smile and little denim bloomers. She was fascinated with Josiah's "throwing wood chips" technique. It flashed through my mind: Do I want my son to marry a girl named Jordan? I'm wierd I know.

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July 1, 2004

Darren's V-neck

This painting was destroyed by an infamous (yet somewhat providential) housefire. Not my house. Yeah, I'm sad but I have this, a beautiful image of it, and all of this work that is so many years old is already kinda gone to me. Enjoy these images, I know I will.

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June 30, 2004


I finally found a happy place for my older work. I have slides of them and that is comforting, but now I have got prints of the slides and even better, a disk of them. This will come in very handy for business cards or non-slide event applications. Most places still like slides but some except other media. So check out the photo album: Early work. When I say early, I mean 1998-2000. If anyone has a desire to buy this work I'd be glad to sell it to ya (if it's still available) at dirt cheap pricing!

In other news:1987600-R1-E006
Kirk and Sarah Ward leave for St. Louis. I got to see them on Saturday and say buh-bye.
Somebody's pregnant. It's not me!
I have lost 5 lbs! Hello 126!

My projects list shifts yet again. Every time we get our World Perks Visa bill Joel and I talk about money. Mostly like, "How can we get out of this *yeah we'll make it* mentality?" Now understand, Joel and I have never had much debt in 5 years of marriage. Praise God. And we are just now experiencing what it's like to not have 2 incomes. But if I got a job other things wouldn't happen, like my art for example. I know that sounds stupid maybe to some, but I have had so many prayers, so many words, so much from God that tells me that to not work in the creative would be against God's plan for me. Joel feels this even more so than I do. So that being said, at the same time we talk about "how did we spend this much" we're also talking about "Let's do this festival, how much is a tent?" We believe more than anything that God will provide for us, even if we're poor for awhile. And we believe that it's healthy to spend money toward my artwork in order to reap the fruit God has intended for us.

My projects list:
1. I need a widget-something that I can make for festivals that is beautiful and cheap.
2. Painting: Josiah and Joel
3. Painting: Canopy sky/Landscape (Nude? Hand/Arm)
4. Make business card/ artist postcard
5. Website

Whew! Not easy. But I've got to do my art some justice. I hope to get some new Josiah pictures up, he's so hard to photograph now that he's so active!

The latest about Josiah:
His favorite things- his cap "hat!", the box fans "faaan!", kicking balls, playing chase around the couch, his new yummy Annie's bunny crackers, scrambled eggs, making duck "waaak" dog "vuff" and cow "mmm" sounds.

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June 11, 2004

Mass Production

Here's the first sorta serreal piece I've done. It definately is my style but I added layers that are more out-o-the ordinary for me. It's a reflection on how difficult it's been to get a new idea. I'm tentively calling it: The Tale of an Artist Clouded.artist_clouded
I was talking to Cat about a festival concept. I want to enter a festival here in Marietta and I need a good, idea that is tasteful, beautiful and QUICK to make. So my first idea was to go small. As my close friends can tell you, I rarely paint much that's smaller that 18x24. My most recent painting of Josiah being 48x48. That's an average large painting in the art world, just big enough to not fit in your family sedan. I had a few small canvases, which Artist Clouded now rests upon. So I'll gobble those up first. I also plan on working on several pieces at once. Even though acrylics dry real fast, they won't be fast enough for me this time!! I've wrapped canvas around about a dozen blocks of wood from my hardwood floor project. None of them are bigger than a few inches high/wide. I painted them all sorts of colors and look forward to attacking them several at a time with similar techniques as my much larger works. Caulk too.
My brother Kirk and his new wife Sarah are visiting us this afternoon. kirk_and_sarahThey have never seen our house, and are moving to St. Louis at the end of the month. It will be fun having them around. And having an excuse to not cook, and go out to eat!!
I'd like to thank you guys for the encouraging discipline advice. I needed to regroup and realize that even though all my projects (listed above) are exciting and will stimulate my senses, my #1 job is being a mama and I love that! I've been having fun with Josiah in the mornings! This new schedule is kinda exciting. It gets me going for the day and by the time he takes a nap I can get to all my projects. I've also noticed he sleeps longer now! He's well feed and milked and has a toasty room (thanks to no AC) He slept from 12:45 to 5pm yesterday. That's a bit too long. But it was good cuz we spent the evening at small group until 10:00pm.
If any of my readers have a clue as to how to put together an artist promo packet for galleries please let me know! I am looking at what forms of media I need to come up with to create those things.

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June 2, 2004

Lemme Have it

Alright here it is, my first commisioned piece. Let me know what ya think. It's for Andy's Gramps so I need it to be what he would like. Let me know what should change! More Color? Less Color? Darker?
I wanted to give it a reflective mirrored look with the white masks, like when you look through a window and there is all this reflected light. I tried to make it as happy as possible. Because the actual photos are not happy. And the older photos are REALLY hard to paint because they have no definition. I have lots of phrases in it because Grampy has lots of journals.

"the distance, a dance" "we rub noses, we brush cheeks" "all beautiful you are my darling, there is no flaw in you Song 4:7" "she looked, another face" " were she someone else, she is not someone else, she is ruth" "her children arise and call her blessed Prov 31" "father take this cup" "beloved" "daughter, friend, mother, wife, lover, coach, partner, believer, teacher, grandmother, great-grandmother"

By the end of this week I'd like to have it on it's way.

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May 24, 2004

On a mission to commission

Here's what the new naked Ruth project looks like. I know Perkindom is waiting with anticipation. It's a bit Munch I know-maybe that's my Scandinavian influence. *Shouts to Sofia* It will be much more layered. That's why I call it naked.
Joel's boss also wants me to do some sketches for there physical therapy office. Like the diagrams you see on posters. I'm not so good at that. And from what Joel has said about his boss he might not want to pay me very much/at all. Not good. So we'll see.

Also sorry for the boring banner, I will work on a new one. The one I just put up was looking a bit too fuzzy.

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May 4, 2004

Maybe I suck at this

It's been the weekend and now it's the week and I'm finally getting back to my Grandma Perkins project. The thing is it's not working very well. See, I'm used to painting from photos, photos I've taken or found the composition to be great. This project I have loads of info but not any good composition photos. So I thought I had a good idea and I put it down but now I'm like butchering a portrait of young Ruth Perkins! More white, more pink, some yellow...some dark red. ARGH! I'm not a portrait painter, if I've gotten away with it it's not because of portrait talent. Yeah, I've painted almost everyone I know but they don't come out looking like the individual. Now it's really important, I mean I'm getting paid, and I want this to go faster! Ugh. I'll be alright. I have hope. I have hope that grandpa Perkins will love it no matter what. He's quite an artist himself and if he figured out this blogging thing he'd be great at it along with some clever scanner collages. I'd love to capture all that. Lord help me. I was determined to make progress this morning but now it feels better to sit and blog and eat guacamole. mmmm expensive avacadoes.

This weekend:
1. Love Actually- actually a bad movie!
2. Thrifting for ebay scores
3. Settlers with the Griffiths and Billy
4. Christ the King service and new members lunch

At VSN Jon and Kate said goodbye. They are going to Fuller in the fall and I'm very happy for them. All day yesterday things seemed lighter, easier. jon_and_kate_mSomething was broken when they stated their intentions. This weekend was the leadership retreat and Joel and I didn't go, where checking out of VSN. More than anything I hope that through Jon and Kate's big decision the Atlanta Vineyard would only handle ministries that they love and are commited to We are not stepchildren of our heavenly Father we are heirs with Christ. I think Jon and Kate know that in every part of their being and that's why they had to go. Amen. I'm glad to share a chapter with them and I'll miss them. I pray that God will use California as an awesome time of their lives full of learning and love for the Kingdom. WOO HOO Maurer's!!

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April 30, 2004


Ahhh, now that I have folded clean diapers, put my boy to bed and cleaned out the diaper pail I sit down to bloggity-blog. It feels oh so nice to put your hands in filth and know that after the grossest things possible you can leave with freshly bleached toilet, diaper pail and antibacterial hands ready to slap on some froo-froo lotion and type!

underpainting Yesterday I started my Perkins project (with a splitting headache mind you!). I sifted through the many volumes of info to come to a point where I could apply some underpainting bits. I put on the First Circle and hit repeat on number 4 and went to it. I've decided to do a tryptich. I think it's the best to encompass all the phases of youth, love caretaking and death. Between this project and going through my great aunt's stuff makes me feel like I need life around me often. That life is my son, walking, talking and whose hair is unbearably long.


My great aunt's stuff is very fascinating. She has a box full of pictures for decorating wedding invitations and a bunch of photos from an art show. I inherited a handmade brush holder roll made from a old raincoat it looks like. I hope to use it regularly but the brushes will probably end up jammed in the old applesauce jar. As I've already mentioned she has all these old school books. One of which didn't quite make it through the years but I do have the cover. Interesting that the forward is by Norman Rockwell.how_to

I need to work on Jenny's mobile for her birthday present. Her birthday was two weeks ago. oops. Once I get that in a form of some sort I'll post it!!

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April 21, 2004

Mighty Warrior

Happy Birthday Gideon Perkins!


Little Gideon is a year old today. This portrait is the second work I've done in my attempt to have a series called "Infant". Now don't get me wrong I know that judges don't dig babies, and I'm far from the classicness of Cassat BUT I am headstrong about this theme because it is what my life is now. I have volumes of photos to use and I am determined to capture a tasteful, beautiful, challenging body of work that is not sentimental but instead uses the image of an infant to symbolize the many things youth is. You can read my artist statement if you so desire:View image
Here's some details. I have included some symbols from the story of Gideon in the Bible in Judges 6 and 7. There is a sheep skin, a torch, a clay pot with flame, an altar of stones, a sword and the verse that says:
When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon he said, "The Lord is with you, mighty warrior." Judges 6:12

But it is mostly in portrait style. Black background, and smaller compared to "lifeblood" View image
it's only about 16x24. The photo is a bit dark and I had no time to invest in great photography so if any of you have a chance to see it in person check it out. I'm sure this painting will find a happy home with Gideon Perkins. I just have to make sure I get a slide of it before it goes to NY without me.

Josiah says: Thanks Gideon for being my friend and I'll miss you while you're in NY. May our paths cross soon!


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April 20, 2004

Lots of Images

This weekend was an interesting one. Lots of things are milling in my head because of the time spent. So how I react to these events needs to plant in my brain so I don't forget, so I remember how to put it all down into a body of work. I wanted to hurry through a bunch of paintings so that I would have at least ten for a submission in June, but now I'm realizing the process cannot be hurried. Especially when there are things that make life so rich, and I have not chosen to be one fo those artists who is a slave to art. I have chosen to have a life that art reflects. That might mean that I won't be as sucessful, or that I won't improve my techniques quite as fast. But there are many things I am besides an artist and those things might not be as glamorous but they are very important. What I do feel is that I have a lot of images in my head and heart and if I can retain them all then that will be grand.

On Friday we went to a tiny church called Northgate. They were having a conference about empowering children for the ministry. What we found was that Josiah, although very important to the kingdom, wasn't old enough for this conference. I spent the whole time in the nursery with other parents of toddlers talking about parent stuff. But it was a cool experience, and the other parents were very inviting and kind. I would definately go there again.
On Saturday we went to my great aunt's memorial service. It was quite an ordeal because both functional cars were in somewhat of a perdicament. I won't go into it it's kinda embarrassing. But we were late. It was a short and beautiful service. My Aunt Phyllis was a great lady. It's strange after all those things that annoyed me about her I found that she was alot like me. She kept boxes of photos she wanted to paint. She kept ideas for decorating wedding invites and a whole notebook full of calligraphy type fonts. I was able to bring some of her things home. I have the box of painting ideas. And a stack of books about drawing and painting different things. I don't know if I'll use the books to learn stuff but the pictures are great! Perfect clip art! Being in Chattanooga made me excited about my brothers wedding!
On Sunday we went to Jason Upton at Christ the King. He's a great musician, worship leader, poet and pastor. He uses many lyrics that burn pictures in my brain. Maybe it was that God was there with us in that church and was emparting things to everyone. I'm not about to become a Jason Upton groupie.
I saw:
1) water breaking from the center moving in both directions, lots of foam.
2) a crowd, many faces, joined together shouting.
3) capturing the features of a child and adding dimension to the space around that child, not space or perspective but other images. symbols, light, shapes.
4) Landscape with dark clear sky and trees abstracted to have long long roots that never end.

I will reveal my latest painting tommorow.So stop back by and give me a comment or two. I look forward to starting a new painting for Andy. His grandmother passed away a couple days ago and I will be starting a memorial painting of her greater years. I'll enjoy that but I can't start for a little while yet, it needs to be done before the Perks go to NYC for four months!!
Image: My great aunt's first oil painting when she was 12 years old

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April 12, 2004

Driving to all four corners

Friday I went to my disasterous opening reception for the NCAL Spring Show. Now I know I am a bit delicate about shows but this was totally not my thing. It's a good place to start but it is not my crowd, at all. My paintings stuck out like a sore thumb! Lots of lovely work: portraits of little girls, boats in the harbor, birds, fruit, flowers, my work was none of these. I can't complain though, they put my work in a good spot to be seen- and oh my are they visable. Not many are the same size as "lifeblood". And I got a lovely purple ribbon.ribbon.jpg But no connects were made, I didn't feel it was really worth it. After three weeks I'll get my work back. There is a show that I think is in November at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. I need my slides ready by June 1st. If I can get my work back from Norway I might have enough to submit. I also have some personal connections I can investigate.

I've got a comissioning from Andy Perkins for a piece for his grandfather. I hope I can finish it sooner than later since it is of a grandmother that is fading away slowly. Exactly the same way my Aunt did.

I have started another painting, it might be a self portrait but I dunno, I just started texturizing the painting. Caulk and the perfect sticky black masking tape I got at Dick Blick.

Here are the flowers I'm making for my bro's wedding: blumen.JPG
Saturday we spent the day with Joel's Aunt Charlotte and her family. They were here visiting Oma and Papa in Jonesboro/N.Augusta. It was good to see them. It was great all of them, including Tim, throughly enjoyed Josiah. Played with him, held him and observed diaper changes (haha sorry Tim!). We were able to pick up the riding lawn mower, our yard is a bit of a thicket at this point. Thanks to John and Jenny G for the use of their Element. It was fun to drive!

Sunday we accomplished the amazing task: We finshed our floors. Three rooms in our down stairs are now covered with a beautiful reddish finshed solid hardwood. All we need to do now is put T molding in between the rooms and fill in knot holes with filler. Baseboards and quarter round will soon follow. But our couches can now emerge from the basement! And Josiah can crawl (or walk) where ever he wants. I'll post a picture when the wreckage is cleaned up and the floors are in their glory!

And yes Josiah started walking last week! We went to visit the twins Jed and Ben and he toddled righ tup to them. I guess Mom and Dad just aren't interesting enough but a captive audience of twins gets the first steps. Time to get a baby gate or two!!

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April 8, 2004


I guess my head has swollen beyond all help because I really thought that I would do better for the NCAL Spring show. Maybe I'm just the newsie and judges don't vote for newsies. I got an Award of Merit- which is a....ribbon. I guess I should be grateful, I mean I could have gotten a call that my work was rejected.
lifeblood.JPG"Lifeblood" was the lucky recipient. I mean y'all tell me if me work is mediochre! (I mean the photo is mediochre, unless you click to see the full thing!) I put a price tag of $1400 on "Lifeblood", now I'm feeling insecure. I don't have any education, and although I've told myself in the artworld it really doesn't matter now I think it does. I've been feeling sad because I really wanted to win a larger prize. But my greatest hope is to sell something, but I feel like that won't happen at all. Pity pity pity party...

Also, my loving sweet hubby Joel has booked a beach house for us for our 5 year anniversary. He wants to leave Josiah with someone during our long weekend. Three nights, 4 days. I am having the hardest time working that out in my mind. We've left him with a sitter like, 3 times maybe and he's 15 months old. We've never left him overnight. I would ask my parents except they are taking care of two old people and wrapping up the thirds estate! I'll probably ask anyway. Our other option was to ask Cat to come with us. But her recent email announced she's going to see her beau in Hawaii like four days before, she'd never take that much time off work.

Also none of my jewelry etc. sold on ebay. bummer. So I'm a little unhappy, I hope that I don't take it out on the people I love.
Image: my son's abstract art. maybe he'll win first prize!

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April 2, 2004

Caulk and Cockburn

This week has been all about getting ready to submit three paintings to the North Cobb Arts League show. I needed to get two paintings framed and I was hoping that I could get someone to do it for me, but when I took my work there they gave me no realistic option better than my Home Depot lattice painted black. I did get my large painting "Lifeblood" restretched and they very nicely covered the back and put wire on the back. Ahhhh. SO all I needed to do was coat the front and make it shiny. I painted the lattice for the other smaller paintings: "Faroes" and "Attention". I pounded out my Artist's bioView imageand statementView image. I must say that it was an anointed time because in the past it's taken me days to write those things. I started another painting yesterday that was smaller, and I'll keep that one under wraps for a bit because of it's destination.
det_1.JPG det_2.JPG

I had a bit of a caulk-tastrophy with it. I have been recycling canvases for many years now. In fact I don't remember the last time I bought one! But whatever was on this canvas did not want to be covered. As I love using masking tape, I was masking away and to my horror when I pulled off the tape the black background came off with it. So, my solution is to caulk, caulk and caulk some more. Now half the painting has a rough caulky surface. But it's cool, I had half of myBruce Cockburn collection to help me along.
I let Josiah crawl around in all the dust and grossness yesterday so I could get stuff done. I would take occassional break to dance for him or stick him on my shoulders and bounce around. He was very obedient, considering there was a red hot construction lamp, rusty nails, dry wall chunks, etc....

Went to Judah Maurer's birthday party on Wednesday night. The moments are just as much fun the third party around, and I remember seeing Judah just minutes old. The exchange of maternity clothes made me a bit nervous.

So as I have been on the "get my work out" boat, I have been surfing the web looking for groups in Atlanta that would be having some upcoming shows. I found a few interesting things:
1. B Complex: Estrofest sounds very interesting. It might do good to have a Christian artist at that show that isn't afraid or isn't full of hate. But I missed the deadlines.
2. Fifth Class: The Fridge Show sounds cool. I would love to hang work on a fridge door!
3. Eyedrum: I'm sure there is a strong community of artists and that they do alot of shows but it rubbed me the wrong way in so many ways. I couldn't understand it at all! Totally different vocabulary!
4. Shed Space: This sounds like a really cool project. I still was a little confused as to what you have to do as the artist.

I stayed up way too late looking at all this stuff.
Image: New Eyes

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March 25, 2004

The Spring Roars!

I'm so happy! My dogwood tree is blooming! It's right next to our back deck and it's buds are opening!
Our backyard is growing quite rapidly, blanketing a lot of it with violets.
I've spent the past two days with Jenny G doing mom and wife stuff. I enjoy so much driving to her and John's apartment. They live in Midtown, and even though the traffic is always unpredictable, I love to drive into the downtown area. I feel like I'm catching a major currant merging with I-85 and seeing the tall buildings at the gateway. Probably my second favorite place is driving (swiftly) under Spaghetti Junction. I probably like these places because I dislike 285 so much and it seems to be the only way to get many places. Bummer. It's really beautiful architechture if you stop and look up. I always tell myself that I will take some photos one day.

Still haven't decided on Prophetik shirts. Just aren't that appealing this time.

I'm thinking of putting some of my back stock jewelry on this blog if anyone would be interested in seeing it. I want to sell it all. I might just go straight to ebay. I also have a shot of my origami flowers for Kirk and Sarah's wedding in a month.

Here's a business card idea, call me paranoid, I really didn't want to show my address and phone number. Gotta love Photoshop!business_card_demo2.jpg

This weekend is busy so I'll leave you now with another picture. Josiah in his cammo shirt.

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March 23, 2004

It just ain't a good painting without a lot of chaulk!!

I used the caulk gun on my latest work and had alot of fun. I know you're really supposed use like "artists plaster" or whatever it's called but since our home is a regular hardware store I knew I had an unopened tube of caulk waiting to be used. I did highlights, masked squares, squiggles, and beautiful thick raised lines. Joel came home the day I had been caulking and took one look and said, "WOW!" Now I know my hubby loves what I do but he hasn't talked about it a whole lot. Sometimes I have to ask him, "which one is your favorite?" I'm always surprised by the answer. I never waiver when people have asked me (over the past 8 years I've known Joel) "is Joel creative too?" I always say yes, he's my best critic.

My Favorite tools to create a visually challenging 2D piece (and make it a little 3D):
1. Wide masking tape (wide is good so you can tear it down the middle)
2. Tile Caulk (in a gun is best)
3. Puff Paint (black and primary colors)
4. letter stencils
5. a straight edge of any kind
6. black poster paint to create a black canvas


OK help me decide which Prophetik shirts to get. I'm such a girl wanting to shop all the time but this stuff is free for me so any suggestions would be appreciated. The psuedo punk side of me likes the Enemy shirt, but not in pink, the asphalt artwork doesn't show up on the website. The Survival shirt is cool art, for sure. The Oxygen shirt also doesn't represent well on the site but it's cute (I'm glad I have the catalogue in front of me). A lot of the girls shirts are so cutesy, which is not what I thought Prophetik was going to go for, but there demographic is probably younger than 27 year old me, so that's why I like the guys shirts better. I can get up to four shirts for practically nothing. Let me know guys what you think!

So yesterday I went on the search for a good framing place. I found a good one but for what I want (and got at Framewrights in Chattanooga) it would cast me up to 600 bucks to get three paintings framed and one of those restretched! ARGH! Two are small like 20x24, and the one I've been posting is 48x48. The last time I paid for framing it was 2001 (a week from 9/11 actually) but out of 4 paintings total I got 3 paintings framed, and two restretched all for under $200. Marietta Frame and Art was SO helpful but the frame they could order for me was 14.50 a foot. My big piece takes around 16ft of frame. They told me to do what I've been doing and get lattice from Lowe's and paint it black. When I think about the shows I've gone to the abstract modern art is either not framed or framed with crude stained, or painted wood. But man, I've been spending too much time with tools and nails and wood, my hands are falling off from all the abuse they've gotten! I wanted somebody else to do it this time. I still might, It would cost $50 for my two small pieces to get the lattice frame treatment from Marietta Frame and Art. I got till April 2nd to get stuff ready. I will need to finish the piece I've been posting so I can at least get it restretched, that might be all I do for that one. Put big fatty gallery style stretchers on it-ahhhhhh. beeee-u-ti-fulll!

I'm also still toying with cloth diapers for Jos. I've got about 7 CPF's and I've got my eye on a large Mother-ease lot and Polar Babies covers Buy it Now on ebay. I also will need liners (to soak up everything a disposable would) and some cloth wipes (disposable wipes don't do the job anyway-I need Brillo Pad wipes man!) Poor Josiah, his bumm is gonna be a science experiment for a few weeks while I gather stuff and get brave.

Image:Kirk's jewel boxes

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March 18, 2004

Peppered with Projects

Monday we drove down to Jonesboro to visit Oma and Papa Hull. It was a sweet time. Oma recently had back surgery for Siatica (?) yet she was her chipper self preparing us a lovely meal and they were delighted to see Josiah eat with his hands and scurry around the kitchen floor. It is quite evident these days that it takes very little effort to bring joy to grand parents (and great grandparents).

I got an email from Marco at Prophetik about the Spring 2004 line which I have one shirt, "Birds". It is a tiny smidge of my design but all in all it's not. He offered a free "Birds" shirt or one of equal value of my choice also another $50 gift certificate. So Joel and I will be sporting some hip urban-like shirts. Here's some designs I tried to submit to them and they didn't use for Fall 2004 line.


If you want go to Prophetik's website and let me know which shirts I should pick.

I've been pretty loyal to working on two projects. One is my painting which I've had progress pictures up so here's the latest one.


My second project is for flowers! I'm going to make origami red, yellow and orange flowers for Kirk and Sarah's reception. While shopping for paper to make flowers I saw a flier for the North Cobb Arts League. They're having a show on April 10th. I'm going to enter, now I just need to find a framing place.

And after being left out of the loop I finally found out last night that Levi Hoar was born Tuesday! Joel just forgot to tell me. Congrats Adam and Shiree! Almost 9 lbs!

Image: Kirk and Sarah

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March 16, 2004



I took advantage of the pretty day yesterday to paint outside. Josiah had fun playing on the deck and trying to eat as many sticks and gumballs as possible.

I mostly worked on the hands and feet. Baby features are harder than I thought! I am so used to painting waif-like people that chubby hands are trickier. Not quite there yet. I am pleased with the river rock bottom half and the branches. The ambiguity of where the braches start and stop is appealing.

I want so much to have new work to get out there but the progress is so slow. I have been thinking so far ahead that I am not enjoying it as much as I'd like. It is work but I's like it to be worship too, that means concentrating on the process. The process is where the Creator meets you and gives you His hands.

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March 10, 2004

My latest Work

This is what I've been working on lately

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March 4, 2004

Beautiful Head

No time to write right now but I would like to share my favorite picture from the last two months. I finally developed my film.

It's Josiah's beautiful head.


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February 23, 2004

Getting Limber

We've gotten back to normal finally! I've always thought that we were a resilient family as far as health but I guess I don't remember what it's like to be a one year old with a sick tummy. Thanks to those who have written and given advice! Josiah had a great day today he didn't act sick at all! And all I have to do now is get him back on his schedule. But that's not what you want to read about!!

I got my garage organized and I have somewhat of an artists studio. I'm kinda excited! I pulled out my new easel and took one look at the instructions and said, "Maybe some other time." It's more hardware than I thought an easel had. But having a whole two car garage to arrange stuff, it's awesome! Of course jammin to Laryn Hill sure helped.

I also found my slides- my ancient slides- so I can send in my application to the Georgia Arts Registry. As I went through my paintings it felt good to calculate what I was going to do next with them. Get different ones framed or restretched. And the hope that I'll have some time to start a new series of work. Don't worry I'll keep you posted.

Joel is going with our friend John G to talk to our pastor Jon tommorow. I hope will go well, we've got a lot to talk and pray about. It sucks having to have these confrontations. It feels easier and easier every day to see the future of where God wants us, but that might be because I haven't seen anyone in awhile.

Image for today: Artist Studio Chattanooga Valley

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February 22, 2004

Using those New Eyes

So after a relaxing Sunday with no real appointments to fill the family stayed home most of today. I can't think of any other way to get Josiah back 100% than to treat him gently. It was beautiful so we went outside and Josiah got to practice one of his favorite words "ball" a lot as Joel tossed his ball up onto the deck and Josiah and I tossed it back down. Great to have warm sunny days. And Josiah didn't throw up at all today. Hallelujah!

Joel continues to talk about changing his employment options. He works in a closet of an office with no windows. He hopes to work part time or maybe from home. Both of us think that I should get a part time job. But both of us also know it won't be easy for me to decide- I'm a bit picky, even if it's 10 hours a week. I guess I need to really bite the bullet.

Part of the reason I started this weblog is because I want to start up my creative juices to come up with projects. I love to paint and am educated in the fine arts in painting and I'd like to get the work I have out there, in galleries, on peoples walls and money in the bank as little as it might end up being. So when I bring this up with Joel it becomes a platform for him to remind me that I always talk the talk but never walk at all. I'm a terrible initiator, in almost anything. But one of my first steps is to get my slides filed with Woodruff Arts Center's Georgia Arts Registry. It's free, it's relitively painless and I have all the stuff I need already. I am a bit wary of submitting slides that are old, like 3 years old or more BUT I gotta start somewhere and maybe my next venture will be to get my 8 paintings back from Norway.

I'm ready to start some new patterns. I'm going to try to get up before Josiah wakes up to exersize. I'm going to start painting again- I've gotta set up my easel. I'm going to organize my paperwork and the boxes in my garage. I'm very ambitious.

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February 18, 2004

Graphic Rejection

So this lovely model is not wearing one of my designs but she is wearing something I like a lot. I dunno- it's a bit to rich for my blood though $30 wholesale cost. These are from the Fall 04 line. I love the glowing dots. This company is very cool. Authentic people, great artists and they have a message I agree with. I don't know if their site is updated but Prophetik is worth checking out. I own shirts from three years ago.

They keep contacting me to send them designs. I love working on them and challenging myself but I always fall short. Maybe I'm just not close enough to L.A. maybe I'm not urban enough. I know I like more colors than they do. It challenges me to work. I really need to!!


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